Whammy Bar

Whammy Bar


Backyard Beer Tasting at the Maple Corner Community Store
Saturday, May 7th 4:30-6:30
With hosts David Ellenbogen, John Rosenblum, Betty Copeland, Mike Woodfield, Ram Verma and Olivia Gay

Although the Whammy Bar is still closed*, we're happy to offer you tastes of some delicious beers from Vermont breweries Burlington Beer, Four Quarters, Foley Brothers, Green Empire, and Mayflower in Massachusetts. We’ll start with a pilsner, then some India Pale Ales and end up with the ‘Shot in the Dark’, combining Mayflower Porter, a shot of strong 802 Coffee, and capped with a splash of delectable maple syrup from down the road at the Kents’ Corner Sugarhouse.

We’ll have the special treat of hearing the local band Broken String with JC Myers on guitar and vocals, Sid Morse on bass, Paul Knight on mando and Patty on vocals and hand percussion. They do a mix of bluegrass, old timey, and country music. We appreciate them volunteering their time and talents!

*Since the bar is closed, we're sorry we won't be able to sell full servings of the beers. But we are working to do so in the summer. Look for news of re-opening the Whammy Bar in future posts.
Beer Tasting with Host David Ellenbogen
Saturday, May 7th 4:30-6:30
MCCS Backyard or Whammy Bar
If the weather cooperates, we’ll have the special treat of the Broken String playing from Patty Morse’s deck above the backyard. This favorite local band includes JC Myers on guitar and vocals, Sid Morse on bass, Paul Knight on mando and Patty on vocals and hand percussion. They do a mix of bluegrass, old timey, and country music. We appreciate them volunteering their time and talents!
Looking for a Mother’s Day gift? How about something from
Sarah Russell Pottery? https://www.facebook.com/sarahrussellpottery

The Maple Corner Community Store is lucky to carry Sarah’s handsome wares with their strong lines and vivid colors. Near the store, her studio is in the house where Sarah grew up which makes these artworks local as well as lovely. With a variety of items and styles, you’ll find just the right gift for Mother’s Day or any other occasion. Come on in and check out Sarah’s work!
MCCS Beer Tasting on May 7th at the MCCS

Yes, a tasting for beer lovers! Self-described beer nerd, David Ellenbogen, will lead us through sampling several delicious beers as well as the ‘Shot in the Dark’, a specialty drink combining stout or porter, strong coffee and maple syrup. We are lucky to carry fine very local products to use: Kents’ Corner Sugarhouse syrup and 802 Coffee as well as the tasty Mayflower Porter from Massachusetts.

Saturday, May 7th from 4:30-6:30 in the Maple Corner Community Store’s backyard, if weather permits, or in the Whammy Bar. 31 W. County Rd, Calais, VT. For more information, call 802 229-4329 or email [email protected]. See you there!
Our friends, Hannah and Ben, took sandwiches up Spruce Mountain the other day before the snowstorm: piled-high veggies and cheese, and the tasty turkey reuben both on Manghi's whole wheat. It WILL be nice weather again so stop by the MCCS for a picnic lunch! (And you'll be glad to hear that the parking lot has dried up considerably!
Hope to see you at the Whammy Bar for our two upcoming samplings of the all-new Holiday Wine Collection.
Thursday, Dec. 9th from 4-6 pm with co-hosts Theis Bergstrom, Carolyn Herz and Eric Small
Saturday, Dec. 11th from 4-6 pm with Theis Bergstrom and Heidi Thompson.
(Vaccinated only, please. Masks on except when sampling. Thanks!)

Shout out to Bob Hannan for his great wintry wine poster!
Come on over and try some wine!
This Saturday in the Whammy Bar at the Maple Corner Community Store, co-hosts David Schutz and Susannah Blachly will be pouring samples of the MCCS Holiday Wine Collection from 4-6 pm.

It's Wine Weekend at the MCCS Nov. 19-21 - these wines and all other in-stock wines are 10% off!

Plus we have a recipe from Marialisa Calta to hand out. Maria offers Sparkling Cranberry Sorbet, a light, refreshing dessert for your holiday table using Petulante Naturel, one of the MCCS Holiday Wines.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Maple Corner Community Store!
Thank you from the Maple Corner Community Store!

I'd like to thank everyone who helped make the recent wine samplings a success! From Theis and the store staff to wine reviewers Rod Buck, Cristin O'Donnell, Eric Small, and Artie and Nancy Toulis, all the preparations went so well. Theis and Eric Small did double duty as hosts along with Carolyn Herz and David Schutz.
I did a host stint myself which was fun, and it was great to spend time with people in the the Whammy Bar even in a modified way.

We especially thank all the folks who showed up to sample the first-ever MCCS Holiday Wine Collection. If you didn't make it, there's another chance to sample the Holiday Wine Collection before Thanksgiving with hosts David Schutz and Susannah Blachly on Saturday, Nov. 20th from 4-6 pm in the Whammy Bar. (Masks except when sampling and vaccinated only, please)

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks again to all! Olivia
Maple Corner Community Store is now open for curbside orders
Monday through Saturday 9am to 5pm.
Please call or email us your order for pick up anytime we are open.
[email protected]
To look at our inventory and for updates check out our website:

When ordering please include:
1. The items you would like to order
2. How you would like to pay for your order
- Please do not send credit card information over email, if you email us your order and would like to pay with a credit card, please call us with your credit card information.
- If you are paying with a store account, please make sure you have a positive balance.
3. When you would like to pick up your order (Please allow at least half an hour for us to fill your order, unless we state otherwise).
Thank you for supporting local businesses through these difficult times!!!!!
We are opening back up for curbside only orders starting tomorrow (tuesday November 17th). To help curbside ordering go smoothly we are asking for all orders to be emailed or called in between 9am and 2pm Tuesday through Saturday. Your orders will then be ready for pick up between 3pm and 6pm the same day. We will be closed on Sunday and Monday for some cleaning and planning for the following week. Please feel free to email or call with any questions or concerns.
Things to remember when calling in or emailing an order, please specify:
1. What you would like to order.
2. What time you would like to pick your order up between 3pm and 6pm.
3. Your name and your credit card information for payment.
If you already have an account with us, and would like to pay with that, please keep your accounts prepaid and not dip down into negative at all. Thanks for hanging in with us through this difficult time!
[email protected]
Just want to give everyone a heads up, we just closed the store due to some Covid-19 staffing protocols. We hope to re-open as soon as the management and board feels it's safe. Hopefully that will be in the next few days with curbside ordering only. Stay tuned for more information on that! Access to the post office will be during post office hours, M-F 9am-1pm and Saturday 8:30am-10:30am.

The Maple Corner Community Store & Whammy Bar is a small, community owned business in the heart of M

Photos from Whammy Bar's post 01/14/2023

Saturday night: Tim Brick with special guest opener Sarah Bell.


Chad Hollister tonight 7:00.
Come on out, have a beer, listen to some great tunes...and buy a hat!


Open Mic tonight 6:30.
I really hope these guys show up again!

Photos from Whammy Bar's post 01/11/2023

This week.
Thu: Open Mic
Fri: Chad Hollister
Sat: Tim Brick and guest Sarah Bell

Photos from Whammy Bar's post 01/07/2023

Tom and Ethan Azarian tonight 7:00


Friday night, Red Hot Juba. 7:00
...and it will be red hot!!!


Open Mic Tonight

Photos from Whammy Bar's post 01/02/2023

Thu: Open Mic
Fri: Red Hot Juba
Sat: Tom and Ethan Azarian


2023. The Whammy Bar is now in it's 11th year of bringing great music to Central Vermont.
This week:
Thursday: Open Mic
Friday: Red Hot Juba
Saturday: Tim Azarian and Family


We're closed tonight. See y'all in 2023.


Friday Night: Root Bound. 7:00
Musicians Ally and Jeremy Tarwater make up the acoustic folk duo, Root Bound. Originally from East Tennessee, they draw inspiration from their roots in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, playing modern, classic, and original tunes in a fun and folksy style.


Open Mic tonight. And as a reminder...due to the newly imposed rules, burning your guitar during your performance is no longer allowed. Sorry for the inconvenience.😉


See you Thursday at Open Mic...let's see that new Christmas present!


The Whammy Bar will be closed tonight due to the storm (we currently have no power). We're also closed tomorrow for Christmas Eve.

Stay safe...see y'all at Open Mic next Thursday!


Hey Whammy Fans...y'all better come out tonight because this is the only day this week we're going to be open. We're closing Friday due to the storm (stay safe out there). Then closed Saturday for Christmas Eve.


Friday, Dec 23rd....oh, this is gonna be good!


Last Chance wraps up a great weekend of music at The Whammy Bar tonight. 7:00
Foot stomping Old-time trio with Katie Trautz (fiddle), Jenny Monfore (fiddle, banjo), and Chris Hollis (guitar, banjo and occasional triangle)
Last Chance plays Southern Appalachian fiddle music. Their infectious dance music comes from years of playing together informally, and is always reminiscent of the late night jam sessions and good time parties the trio adores.


Hey Whammy Fans...due to the storm, the regularly schedule band will not be able to make it tonight. The good news is that The Jaded Ravins are filling in! Come on out, get cozy and listen to some great original music. 7:00
w/ Jaded Ravins


Tonight: The June Morse Christmas Carol Sing-A-Long. One of our favorite nights of the year. 6:00


This week:
Thursday: June Morse Christmas Carol Sing-A-Long. 6:00
Friday: The Knotty G's. 7:00
Saturday: Last Chance w/ Katie Trautz. 7:00


Hey Whammy Fans...don't forget this coming Thursday, one of our most special nights of the whole year. The June Morse Christmas Carol Sing-A-Long.
(Open Mic will return on Dec 22)


Tonight, If You Must Know! Join us in welcoming Rachel Clemente on the Harp and Dan Houghton on the bagpipes for an evening of Celtic Folk tunes.

Our soup of the day is Spicy Kale and Chorizo. Also of note, our Dolmas are now served with a tasty Tzatziki dipping sauce.


Friday Night: Tim Brick.


That Guitar Face Video 12/08/2022

That Guitar Face Video

Open Mic Tonight. Bring your guitar face.
"When your face does stuff, it just sounds better"
This video never gets old.

That Guitar Face Video Guitar Lessons with me, Jesse Phillips.Go to here:http://www.twitter.com/jessedeanriverohttp://www.jessedeanrivero.com

Photos from Whammy Bar's post 12/06/2022

This week's line-up.
Thu: Open Mic
Fri: Tim Brick. (Straight Up Country) https://www.facebook.com/tim.brick
Sat: If You Must Know. (Traditional Scottish)


David Karl Roberts sings for you. 6:30
David Karl Roberts


Tonight. D. and Cookie. 7:00


Open Mic tonight!! This week would have been Jimi Hendrix's 80th birthday...bonus points for anyone that plays a Hendrix tune tonight.

Photos from Whammy Bar's post 11/29/2022

This week:
Thu: Open Mic
Fri: D. Davis and Cookie
Sat: David Karl Roberts (David Karl Roberts)


Did you know we now have a soup of the day on the menu at the Whammy Bar? Come on down tonight for a Sea Shanty sing along and a piping hot bowl of Italian Wedding Soup!


Black Friday got you stressed out? Come to The Whammy Bar and wind down with some foot-stomping southern Appalachian fiddle tunes by The Spring Chickens.


No Open Mic this Thursday...closed for Thanksgiving. But come on down Friday and Saturday.

Photos from Whammy Bar's post 11/19/2022

Wonderful night with Montpelier duo Andy Pitt and Jess O’Brien, two local gems we look forward to having back!

Come on down Saturday night for Litvar Band and Junes.

We’re gradually expanding our canned beer list to ensure we have something on hand for everyone. We’ve added Dirty Mayor, Second Fiddle, and Heady Topper.

Next weekend we’ll begin offering side salads to go with our delicious panini menu as well as having a soup special available most nights.

Photos from Whammy Bar's post 11/16/2022

This week.
Thu: Open Mic
Fri: Andy Pitt and Jess O'brien
Sat: Litvar w/ Special Guest Junes


Saturday night, one of my favorite musicians to ever grace the tine Whammy stage...Marc Delgado. We don't usually book the solo singer-songwriters, but this guy is so good we can't resist. Great original tunes and an all-around nice guy. Come out and show the Whammy love!

Check him out here:



A truly awesome night tonight: Brass Balagan with opening act Marie Hamilton. A big brass band under a tent just outside the Whammy back door. Yeah...this band:


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Halle and Louisa!




31 W County Road
Calais, VT

Opening Hours

Thursday 5:30pm - 10pm
Friday 5:30pm - 10pm
Saturday 5:30pm - 10pm