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As a medical massage practitioner, business owner Stephanie Ashton wanted to be sure her online presence and digital design were in good hands.

Through our consultative approach, she can rest easy knowing that we care just as much for her and her business as she does her clients.

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I have been a patient of Stephanie's for a year. I started during COVID the first thing that I noticed was Stephanie was very vigilant about keeping me safe from COVID she took my temperature and blood oxygen level before I walked threw the door then had me wash my hands. She always wears and mask and disinfects everything after every session.

My insurance does not pay for this so it is all out of pocket for me, I have gotten massages for years now with my chiropractor but nothing compared to the way I felt when I left my massage with Stephanie.

I would tell Stephanie where I was feeling pain and she quickly found the exact spot that was the cause and concentered on that area. When I leave I always feel better. At times Stephanie would notice something I had not known was bothering me and at first I was slightly annoyed she spent time in the area but it soon became apparent to me that she was right and again I felt so much better.

I have suffered from back and neck pain for years but this is the best I have felt in years. Stephanie applies the right amount of pressure and gets in to the exact areas that are bothering me.

I consider Stephanie to be an honest and smart who I respect as a person and a professional masseuse. I should mention she is much more then a masseuse you see in the mall, she knows her stuff and has many credentials to prove it, but to me the proof is how I feel when I leave.

Since I am a massage snob I think I know a good massage, it is the one thing I do just for me, my time is valuable I don't waste it and I make a point to see Stephanie every Monday after work.
I began seeing Stephanie Ashton several months ago for several carpal tunnel syndrome. I have been suffering from carpal tunnel for years and over the last serval months my symptoms became much worse. My hands throbbed during the night causing me to loose sleep and my hands were extremely numb most of the time. I work in dentistry so my hands are my life and thats how I earn my living. i saw orthopedic doctors and surgeons who told me my only cure was surgery. I did some research on my own and I found Stephanie at By shear Design who came highly recommened and I then began medical deep tissue massage therapy. I can honestly say that not all my visits were pleasant but after only a few visits I did feel better, ALOT BETTER!!!!! And after a couple of months my carpal tunnel symptoms have disappeared. I still see Stephanie for ther ailments like my shoulder troubles, low back pain, the usual aches and pains we all experience as we get older and from our daily routines. Stephanie is also a physical therapist so she understands our bodies really well. She is also an amazing person and she you feel comfortable. She is worth the time and the money. So gratefull to have her in my corner!!
I'm sure u will be a huge success. I really need u in PA! 😄 I'm a disaster. Lol.

Provide Medical Massage to customers who have chronic and or acute conditions. Often times my treatments can delay or avoid surgeries and op**te pain killers.

Stephanie Ashton is a talented Licensed and Certified Massage Therapist. She also is Certified in Medical Massage, and is a Licensed Medical Pracitioner. She specializes in deep tissue, sports and medical massage. Stephanie can help people with chronic needs. She is also a Physical Therapist. Stephanie’s 15 years of physical therapy experience and extensive training in manual therapy techniques, p

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AshtonHealth, LLC updated their business hours. 04/25/2022

AshtonHealth, LLC updated their business hours.

AshtonHealth, LLC updated their business hours.

AshtonHealth, LLC updated their website address. 04/25/2022

AshtonHealth, LLC updated their website address.

AshtonHealth, LLC updated their website address.


Upper body scapula stretching, compression to help decrease stress in occipital region. .


Hairy getting light treatment.


It’s time for Hairy to get work done!


Hearing birds and crickets in the background. Relaxing massage today while focusing on swelling, low back, Midback and cervical neck tightness.


Treating lymphedema. Both legs are swollen, very mild cases. Patient is inclined in table to reduce swelling.


Tree of life. This picture is used in my office to help instruct the nervous systems with patients that have radicular symptoms in upper or lower extremities.


This is an example of a 90 minute medical massage. Client has me focus on variety of body parts: low back, glutes, hamstring, so forth. We do cupping, graston, rock taping too when needed.


Here is a thoracic - lumbar stretch I perform for some of my patients that can’t stretch particular lower back muscles efficiently on their own. It can stretch the Lats, QL, paraspinal and glue muscles.


The Thomas stretch- a patient of mine asked me how to do a hip flexor stretch at home without hurting his knees.


Body work for a patient of mine that just competed in a UFC competition. He was guarded in his rhomboids, UT, mid trap, lower trap, lat, and flute mms. A blend of hands on and theragun are used to soften the tissue and increase blood flow. I realize I am “staring” at the video often but for me it’s rewarding to see what I am doing for my patients. You can give yourself feedback looking into the “mirror.”


This is a treatment I performed today for someone who works with small children. She has frequent headaches and muscle tension. I performed a mixture of cranialsacral work, external TMJ release, MET to align aspects of the cervical spine; c2, c4 on c5 and 1st rib stretching. Other videos to come.


Anatomy of where Thoracic Outlet Syndrome starts. (TOS); where a group of disorders occur if blood vessels and or nerves in a small space by your collarbone and 1st rib get compressed. This can cause radicular symptoms down an upper extremity. .


My 2 favorite employees. They work very hard to help provide excellent patient care. Medical massage available in Woodbridge too. If Burke is to far for you, and you live local- please contact me to book appointment in Woodbridge. Seek website:


Here is a variety of home Covid tests-
By surprise-
In previous post there is a new one? Not sure but best to be safe and also ready when needed. . Woodbridge or burke locations for my services.


Just received another form of Covid test kits. Interesting brand.


Patients have asked me what CBD topicals I use for inflammation. Here are examples. These are “THC” free- per ingredients. I do not sell them. However, I use the topicals ONLY per patient request or by permission. When asked, I suggest the patient to purchase the item themselves and bring to their appointment. There is not extra charge. I use these topicals when I suspect inflammation and find GREAT results. RTC impingement, headaches, sciatica and so forth. -scented


An article/video talking about Sacral Iliac Dysfunction (SI JOINT); a problem that I see amongst many patients I see everyday. A condition I learned to treat while working full time in Physical Therapy as a PTA. Getting your LumboSacral area assessed is important for pain free sitting, standing, exercise, sleeping. This can be corrected using my MET technique and performing stabilization exercises.


I need more help with getting insurance to reimburse for medical massage patients. Is anyone aware of signing contracts or using more NOI, tax ID stuff?


Trying to release CTS syndrome symptoms by using graston/Gua-Sha. I also treated the neck area which the symptoms are caused by a pinched nerve. Graston and cupping. Passive and active stretching used.


New table finally arrived!!!!! Comes with a table warmer, and light dinner. Old table has been removed. Very comfortable and moves in different ways to help provide more therapeutic care.


Thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) is a condition in which there is compression of the nerves, arteries, or veins in the passageway from the lower neck to the armpit. There are three main types: neurogenic, venous, and arterial. The neurogenic type is the most common and presents with pain, weakness, and occasionally loss of muscle at the base of the thumb. The venous type results in swelling, pain, and possibly a bluish coloration of the arm. The arterial type results in pain, coldness, and pallor of the arm.


Here is the anatomy of the anterior (front) portion of the cervical spine. Where the pen is pointing shows the nerve branch; where you can have Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS). A treatable cervical condition.


Treating RTC tendinitis with a mix of cupping, graston, rock strap and joint stretching. movement.


Medical massage available in Woodbridge too. If Burke is to far for you, and you live local- please contact me to book appointment in Woodbridge. Seek website:


Coming soon, hot stone modality to soften trigger points.


Are you hurting from shoveling snow? Come see me for back pain and now in Burke Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.


Another example what I can do at my office is correct gait and correct forms while performing gym, plank, UFC activities.


Looking for an RN, NP, PA, DPT acupuncturist to work in office performing dry needling/Botox/health screening- assessments; physicals. If interested, please contact me phone/email.


Gift certificates for the holidays.


New location. Feel free to see website for all information. Also seeking another healthcare practitioner to team up with. Can be a DPT, PA, NP, acupuncturist. .


For those who haven’t been to my Woodbridge office, this is a view of what it looks like. It is different from my Burke office however for those who live in Woodbridge, Lakeridge areas - it’s a place where I can still perform treatment with same services.


As I was organizing my office today, I ran across books that I had to study from while attending the NVCC program to get my LPTA Associates degree and practice as an BSLPTA. This is a great book to study from and now we have the internet lol. I still use this book for my patients.


Free test kits at Fairfax county libraries.

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