Barre Unbound by Bri

Barre Unbound by Bri

The Barre Unbound Method is a low impact total body workout that combines strength training with tra


I am deserving of blessings. My life is filled with abundance. 🤍

I’m really working to improve my manifestation process. I work to begin by taking deep breaths to center myself. I visualize a bright, warm light surrounding my body. For me, this symbolizes positive energy. As I breathe in, I envision my goals clearly and vividly. Sometimes, if they aren’t clearly defined, I envision the life I want. It helps clarify things in my mind. I feel the emotions associated with achieving them. With each exhale, I release any doubts or negativity. I picture my life elevated, filled with joy and success.

I take my time, and allow this to open me up to a renewed sense of positivity, hope, and confidence.


Today is the day! My first class and y’all, I’m really excited. Since getting back into teaching I’ve been searching endlessly for a soft place to land. A community of people who are motivated not just by the physical benefits of fitness but the mental and emotional benefits. Mind + body.

I’m excited for this journey, and looking forward to meeting and reconnecting with so many beautiful souls! 💕

My schedule is below (all barre):

6:30pm (express 45mins)


📍Lyon Park, N. Pershing
🔗Link in bio to sign up


Finding joy in all the things ✨💕

Photos from Barre Unbound by Bri's post 11/13/2023

Happy heavenly birthday to my beautiful mother. Miss you every single day! ♥️🪽

Photos from Barre Unbound by Bri's post 09/21/2023

A progression of happiness. 💕

Happy to be alive and celebrate another year around the sun with my birthday twin! ♥️🎂🎈🎈

39 feels great! 🙏🏾


One of the reasons I love group fitness is because it brings people from all walks of life together; it builds community and connection.

My goal for every class is that each person walks away feeling stronger than when they entered the room. Mentally, emotionally, and physically!

Join me next week!
Sunday @ 9:00am ♥️

Link in bio


Years ago, I discovered my love for teaching, and it's a feeling that has only grown stronger over time. There's something truly magical about being part of each other's wellness journeys – a journey towards strength, balance, and overall well-being.

So mark your calendars! Starting Sunday, September 10th, I'll be leading a Barre Strength class at 9:00 AM, and I can't wait to see your smiling faces at FLEX Arlington . Whether you're well on your way on your fitness journey or just starting out, this class is designed to challenge and uplift you, all while having a good time! We keep the energy high.

Click the link in my bio to secure your spot! See you on the mat! 💕

**First class is FREE with code UNBOUNDWELLNESS


Let’s gooo! Barre TONIGHT @ 5:30pm


Barre Strength TONIGHT @ 5:30pm. Let's move and show our bodies some love.

Location: Burke Commons

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Happy birthday to this beautiful soul who keeps me laughing and on my toes every single day!!!! I love how caring and confident you are, and how you choose, every day, to be authentically you. I’m proud of you bug! Eleven looks good on you! ELEVEN! 😳🥳♥️




Another time around the sun, and this one was a DOOZY! The older I get, the more grateful I am for my life, and those in it. Here’s to another year!



Barre Unbound takes on St. Louis! 🥳

I’ve thought long and hard about how I want to continue to be present in the world of barre. What makes my practice special and different. And I how I want to continue showing up, and creating space for humans who look like me.

On 10/22-10/24 I’ll be leading training at . I’m so SO excited to bring my style of barre to this wonderfully inclusive space.

Barre Unbound is more than just a fitness class. Through meaningful movement, we find our internal and external strength. We overcome hurdles and push our limits.

Feet on the ground, head to the sky, heart open, and mind present! 🙏🏾♥️


We’ve decided that we’re traveling the world… where should we go next? 🌎 ♥️

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I’ve been in education for a long time. I’ve also spent a lot of that time wondering how much longer, or whether it’s something I’m truly passionate about.

Honestly, this is the best part. The connections I’ve made, and maintained with my students over the years… it’s the best.

Keeping in touch, staying connected, checking in… has helped me see why I work in schools. Why I’ve committed to education for so long.

This profession is exhausting, and it can be ruthless at times. But the rewards can be this sweet. Hanging with my honorary college student who I’m so so proud of, and love BIG time! ♥️

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In honor of Margarita Escarfullet, the woman who raised me, and taught me how to live and love. This one was a long time coming, and I’m grateful to carry her with me, everywhere I go. I woke up feeling protected and wrapped in strength. ☀️

Thank you for bringing her to life. You are a blessing, and absolutely amazing! 🙏🏾


“THE SUN. It symbolizes happiness, strength, and vitality. Even at 93 million miles away, it warms, illuminates, and energizes us. Making us feel our best and brightest.”


Do what fills you up, and fills your cup!

Teaching barre gives me LIFE, and I’m excited to be leading class with these talented women. 75 minutes of fun!

Can’t wait to see you there. Link in bio to register for class! ♥️

Photos from Barre Unbound by Bri's post 06/08/2021

DOUBLE DIGITS! My girl is TEN! You blink, and just like that, a decade has passed.

I’m constantly amazed at how wonderful this little human is. I’m grateful to have her- the universe knew what it was doing! ♥️


I’m committing to accepting myself as I am each day • unapologetically ←
𝒯𝒽𝒶𝓉’𝓈 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝓀𝑒𝓎!

It can be difficult to let go of worry, care, and the need to appease others. We sometimes feel pressure to show up in a certain way that makes those around us feel comfortable.

I’ve felt that a lot lately. When people ask how I’m doing, I feel the need to say, “Great! or SO much better!” Even if the day isn’t so great, and even if I’m not feeling well at all.

We may feel like speaking our truth, and accepting ourselves as we are will somehow translate to some sort of burden on others. When honestly, we should feel empowered to say how we feel, and take the good with the bad.

At the end of the day, It’s not my job to make people feel comfortable. Its not your job either. That’s too much pressure to put on ourselves!


They say a daughter is someone you dream with, laugh with, and love with all your heart. We talk about all the things, she loves to ask all the questions, and it’s pure joy watching her grow up and explore life. 👯‍♀️


The man, the myth, the legend! This is my Nephrologist, Dr. Peng. We’re bff’s. He manages my kidney function, medication, and has a wonderful bedside manner. I’m grateful to him.

He brought me back from who knows what. He likes to say “it was really really bad... but you’re making a miraculous recovery...” Honestly, it was quite literally the worst and scariest experience of my life. As black women, often times our feelings, our symptoms, or illness isn’t taken seriously. We are often dismissed and minimized. Forced to just toughen up. Dr. Peng takes my condition seriously. He follows up regularly. And guys, I’m getting so much better- and bonus, he lowered one of my med doses today, which means it’s a really really good day! 👏🏾

Don’t mind my crooked mask... I was laughing so hard because he thought I was weird for wanting to take a picture with him. 😂🥳


*No Caption Needed*

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“Find out where joy resides, and give it a voice far beyond singing.”

What brings you joy?



“I don’t think people realize how much strength it takes to pull your own self out of a dark place mentally. So if you’ve done that today, or any day, I’m proud of you” ♥️

Photos from Barre Unbound by Bri's post 04/01/2021

Recently, someone asked me: “what brings you joy?” It took me a split second to think of a response. Honestly, living brings me joy. I have good days and bad days, ups and downs, like everyone. But the fact that I’m alive and well brings me absolute joy. When the bad days hit, I focus on living boundlessly. I try to remember how limitless my power is, how resilient I am, and how far I’ve come. That’s what living unbound means to me. Knowing that there are no barriers. There are no hurdles I cannot jump over. And you know what, I believe that about all of us. I believe we all have the ability to live a limitless life!

It’s been about 4 months since I’ve taught a barre class. I’ve been “out of the game” for what feels like forever. And let me tell you… I’m SO excited to get back at it. This go round is hitting different. Moving my body isn’t just about getting in shape. It isn’t even about building physical strength. This time around, I’m letting go of body goals, and focusing solely on my mind. I will use barre as on one of the many tools I’ve acquired to help me overcome any mental & emotional barriers that present themselves. I will continue to increase my capacity to build internal strength, awareness, and resilience.

I invite you to join me!

I’M BACK, friends!!

And I must say, as scary as the journey has been, and still is at times, I’m ready and I’m excited. I still have a lot to learn about my body. But I’m diving in because ultimately, this is what my soul needs right now. I’ll be teaching my first official Barre Unbound: Virtual Barre Strength class, Monday, April 19th @ 5:30pm (est), and it’s dedicated to anyone out there who might be recovering from (or overcoming) illness, injury, ANYTHING. I want you to join me in celebrating your strength, regardless of where you might be on your journey.

Can’t wait to see you soon! ♥️


Home from the hospital! 🏥
A month ago I woke up with swollen ankles. I had no idea what happened. I thought maybe I rolled it while working out. A little RICE, and still puffy. No change. About two days later my legs exploded with swelling. 30 ponds in a matter of days. I decided to go to urgent care and get checked out. Several blood samples later, I was asked to schedule a biopsy for possible kidney damage.
Christmas Eve I went in for my biopsy, and received the news a week later that I was being diagnosed with a form of Lupus Nephritis, and Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS). I’ve never had any major health issues in the past. I didn’t understand what was happening to my body at all. After weeks of no sleep, immense swelling, joint discomfort, I at least knew what the cause was. The problem was the damage these illnesses had done to my kidneys. Normal kidney function or glomerular filtration rate (GFR) should be about 107 for someone my age. When I was admitted into the hospital, my kidneys were functioning at an 8- final stage kidney failure leading to possible dialysis or need for transplant.
I honestly can’t describe the nightmare it has been. To go from the healthiest I’ve been in years, to the sickest I’ve been in my life has been soul crushing.
As a wellness professional, fitness Instructor, mom, woman, human; it hit me hard on so many levels. So I hid. I was embarrassed. Ashamed that this was happening to me. I felt like I had done something wrong. Like I could have prevented it some how. I know that makes no sense logically, but when your body is fighting against you, it’s hard to rationalize these things.
Today is better. I’m working on building my strength and finding my way along this new path. It’s a new year, and literally a new me. I’m learning a lot about my body, my physical needs, my limitations- but most importantly, I’ve learned so much about my internal strength. This has been hard. But I know I’ll be ok. Lean on your people when s**t is rough, accept help, love yourself.. these are all the things helping me stay afloat. I’m grateful I can walk today. Baby steps. 🖤


Wrapping up 2020 has been an uphill and frustrating battle. I went from super healthy and active to physically shut down in a matter of two weeks. I’m currently fighting progressive kidney damage that has been debilitating to say the least. While I feel like ending the year on this note is a little sad, I’m looking back and I feel immense gratitude for all the little moments before this that made my mind, body, and spirit strong enough to push through this hurdle. I can’t train right now, but I will get back, and I will be stronger than ever. I can’t teach classes right now, but when I can, they will be 🔥. Sleeping is rough right now, but I look forward to sleeping through the night again in 2021.
We all experience trials and tribulations. I never thought I’d be here. I don’t know how it happened. I’m fighting for my health every day and trying to keep my mind in a space of healing because that’s simply all I can do.
As I look back on the year, I have to acknowledge the good; no matter how bad things are today. So, I can truly say I’m grateful for what my body can do- I know how strong this vessel is. I am also blown away by the amazing community of people around me ready to drop everything to help take care of my basic needs. I wouldn’t be surviving this without them.
They say the comeback is greater than the setback, right? Well, I’m looking forward to a MAJOR comeback in the coming months. And I wish nothing but love, prosperity, and above all else- good health to all of you.🤍


When posed the question in a recent reel “what are you building towards?” The FIRST thing I thought of was: strength, stamina, and an undeniable belief that I can do hard things! ALSO the undeniable knowing that I am the deliberate creator of my destiny.
It’s been a hard year for many. Filled with loss, illness, pain, and stress. But it’s also been a year full of enlightenment. Discovering truths, purpose, power, and an unshakable focus on what matters most.
Even when doubt creeps in, even when I’m not so sure, even when I’m feeling down... my courage remains!
Looking forward to closing this 2020 chapter and moving into 2021, where INSPIRATION is a VERB! Not just a warm & fuzzy feeling. Thanks for putting that in to words for me. It really resonated. 🤍🤎


My daughter started a gratitude journal about a week ago. Mainly because things are so crazy right now, and have moved far from her “normal.” I felt she needed to really sit and focus on the good things around her, while recognizing that it’s not necessarily ideal. My counseling team also introduced gratitude lessons to our middle school students last week. Teaching gratitude in a culturally responsive way.
The moral I found is that no matter our circumstance, we can still find things (and people) to be grateful for- and that’s a blessing.
So, today, I’m thankful for the amazing humans who woke up and worked out with me this morning, my adorable pit bull who snuggles with me every night, my beautiful daughter who is hilarious, and nature for bringing new life and energy into this world.
Things are far from ideal, and I recognize that this has been a difficult time for many. I hope we’re all able to find a little light today, and in the days to come.
Happy Thanksgiving, friends! 🤎🤍🍁

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I’m committing to accepting myself as I am each day • unapologetically  ← 𝒯𝒽𝒶𝓉’𝓈 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝓀𝑒𝓎!It can be difficult to let go o...
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