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SuperMedia Content Disclaimer: In business since 1996, HMC Paving & Construction Company is a full-service paving contractor specializing in driveways, parking lots, and subdivisions.

We are also experts in street patching, gravel work, curbing, grading, asphalt sealing, excavating, and demolition.


Like concrete, asphalt must cure to reach its full strength and durability. Most asphalt paved surfaces can be used within two or three days, but it may take 30 to 90 days for pavement to cure completely so it can be sealed.


Derived from the Latin, gregare, to herd, “aggregate” describes collected materials. In our industry, aggregate refers to the sand or gravel added to cement to make concrete and mortar, or the sand and gravel added to asphalt to make what is known as “asphalt cement.”


If you’re running a warehouse that deals with chemical substances, you may find that spills can leave your floors crumbling in certain areas. If you need to maintain a smooth warehouse floor, we may be able to help you repave it.


Heat and cold cause things to expand and contract, including the ground underneath your driveway, which can cause cracks in rigid surfaces. Fortunately, asphalt is strong and durable, which means it can take the movement and resist cracking.


We recognize that every business will have slightly different paving needs than even other businesses within the industry. Whether you need a simple parking lot repave or something far more complex, we’re always happy to help you make it happen.


Did you know that early cars were remarkably sensitive to the elements than modern vehicles, with their open tops and fussy engines? This is one of the reasons why parking garages quickly emerged with the rise of the American automobile versus parking lots.


All asphalt begins as black. Over time, the materials oxidize, causing to acquire a grayish cast. If you want to restore that clean, black look and the surface is not damaged, a good asphalt seal coat will do the trick.


While the initial installation of the pavement on your property may have been a relatively quick and convenient process, repaving rarely works with your schedule quite so well. Rest assured that we’re always available to apply the sealant that will keep your pavement strong for years to come.


Like concrete, asphalt can be stamped and colored to emulate other materials. The look is achieved by pressing wire templates into freshly applied asphalt, leaving an impression that mimics brick, stone or other paving surfaces. A colored sealer is applied for greater realism.


Are you concerned that the crumbling condition of your back patio could cause someone injury during one of your summer gatherings? Remember, having it repaved is a relatively fast and easy process that we may be able to have complete before it’s time for your next gathering.


One of the great things about pavement sealing is how it makes your faded and dull surfaces take on the sheen of new pavement. If you’re trying to refresh an area in addition to protecting it, our pavement sealing could serve dual purposes for you.


When was the last time you looked down at your driveway when you got out of the car? If it’s been a while, you may want to take the time to inspect its condition. Having problems repaired or paved over early can help keep them from spreading to the rest of the paved surface.


Bitulithic pavement is a form of bitumen and aggregate, formulated and patented by Frederick Warren in 1900. This formulation became so popular and widely used, many people referred to all types of asphalt pavement as “bitulithic.”


It’s important to remember that not all paving work has to cost a small fortune. If we have ways to help you keep costs down during your project, we’re always willing to share those with you.


Many customers like to have their driveway finished, in order to improve the look and increase their home’s value. As for what results to expect from them, depending on the type of driveway and the materials used, some variations in texture and color will be seen, which is completely normal.


Asphalt is so quick and easy to install that it can really save on construction costs. In addition, it dries relatively fast, minimizing both labor costs as well as closures of roads and highways.


The first true asphalt roadway is believed to have been laid in the United States around 1870 by Belgian chemist Edmund J. DeSmedt. This sand mixture was laid in front of the City Hall in Newark, New Jersey and was patterned after a natural asphalt pavement laid in France in 1852.


There are many different factors that are going to affect the service life of a protective pavement sealant. These include the amount of UV light exposure, traffic volumes and loads, exposure to petroleum products, thermal expansion, and the presence of water.


Traditional coal tar pavement sealers are made using the by-products produced when coal is burned to create coke for steel manufacturing processes. Today, many sealers include polymers that readily bond to the pavement surface and improve durability.


The first impression of possible tenants or customers of your business is the parking lot. Is it maintained? Does it look nice? Safe? Most people assume that if you take care of your parking lot, you also maintain the apartments or business well too.


What is HMA? The acronym stands for hot mix asphalt, and it refers to a mix of roughly 95% stone, sand or gravel bound together by asphalt cement. Asphalt cement is a premixed combination of asphalt and aggregate.


In order to make sure that the pavement sealer achieves a good bond, thorough cleaning of the surface is important. In addition to clearing away weeds, debris, and dirt, the area is given a good power washing then allowed dry completely.


It’s important to remember that you don’t always have to have bricks laid by hand in your driveway in order to get that appearance. Let’s talk about alternate methods that can give you the appearance you want for a better price.


We help prevent the edges of your new driveway from cracking by beveling the sides with an angle sufficient to diffuse the pressure. You can take a further measure by making sure that the ground next to the asphalt is seeded or sodded.


Asphalt sealing is not just for residential use. If you own commercial property, you can increase occupancy in your buildings by sealing the parking areas. Having a clean look makes the building more appealing to potential tenants.


“In the very midst of the city, the ground was covered by some dark stuff that silenced all the wheels and muffled the sound of hoofs. It was like tar, but Papa was sure it was not tar …” (Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little House on the Prairie)


The freeze-and-thaw cycle wreaks havoc with pavement. Water seeps into the tiniest cracks in the pavement and expands when it freezes, breaking down the material. When pavement is sealed, water runs off and does not have a chance to pe*****te.


Why resurface your company parking lot? Studies indicate clean, tidy and well-maintained entry roads and parking areas make a positive business impression on first-time visitors. And as the business adage says, you only have one chance to make a first impression.


One option when it comes to asphalt parking lot replacement is a technique called pulverizing. Here, a reclamation machine is used to grind up the asphalt along with a percentage of the base to create a new base over which the asphalt can be laid.


While it may be a common practice to let people park on the grass surrounding your new retail building, this isn’t always a good long-term strategy. Ultimately, installing a paved parking area will provide a better impression of your business and improve safety.


It’s important to remember that the condition of the outside of your building is just as important to your corporate image as the inside is. If you have crumbling paved areas, having them quickly repaired can help you avoid sending the wrong impression to potential customers.


The frequency of sealing your driveway or other pavement depends on the weather patterns, how much wear and tear the substrate is subjected to, and if it is made from asphalt or concrete.


With the passage of time and the effects of wear and weather, the aggregate in asphalt is exposed at the surface. This causes the pavement to appear gray rather than black, but having it resealed will protect the surface and restore its color.


Cold milling removes a preset amount of pavement, creating a carefully graded, textured surface free from lumps, ruts, cracks and other flaws. A popular way to refurbish parking lots, the surface can be left as is or finished with a fresh asphalt top coat.


Although anyone can get their hands on the basic equipment needed to pour a driveway, you won’t always get the same level of workmanship when you do it yourself. Let us show you what a difference using a professional can make.



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