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Do you do graduation pics. Will you message me a quote
Annie, you my dear are amazing. Thank you so, so much for Hats pics!!!
I just saw a witch breastfeeding style shoot! You are sooo talented! My eyes teared up!!! I looked and saw you aren’t close to me . If I were in the same state I would drive to u..
I was interested in finding out some prices for family pictures, please 😊
Only one spring session left!!! Message me or the page to secure your date!

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Operating as usual

Photos from Louise + Co.'s post 04/11/2022

So I really didn’t feel like I did THAT many sessions while in Hawaii… maybe that was because I had the time of my life with everyone :)! But man oh man… i’m still editing, and all these galleries have pretty much the same due date- so I can officially say that I really did in fact… take 30 sessions in 8 days. haha But seriously how amazing is that?!!! What a blessing ALL of you are :). I get to just relive our time there everyday, and I honestly don’t really want the sessions to run out 🙈 so here’s some pretty mid morning b&w’s of @sunnyluns. Who’s hopping on the next round of July sessions?! 🤍


A little dip after sunset 🤍


Quiet moments in the morning 🤍🤍

Photos from Louise + Co.'s post 04/06/2022

Still swooning….🤍

Photos from Louise + Co.'s post 04/03/2022

sending out galleries like crazy y’all- so keep an eye out the next ✌🏼 days! On another note…there’s big news coming soon for this little business of mine! Any guesses 😘?


As a sweet client of mine said.. it's a whole vibe. And I couldnt agree more. Ugh.. nope. not me wishing I was exactly where this photo was taken.... Where is the place that sets your soul on fire?


Just day dreaming over here…


Some babes under the banyans 😘 @lekamkf


That sunset though....

Photos from Louise + Co.'s post 03/17/2022

How am I ever… going to pick favorites from any of these sessions?!
We landed in LA yesterday and after a hectic day finally made it to our room. Today’s for exploring and more photos- but definitely waking up missing where we’ve been the last 10 days :( the one thing that helps is knowing we’ll be back!! I’m going to open books for Hawaii again in a few weeks but would LOVE to hear from y’all what month you’d prefer!!!! :) Have the BEST day my friends!


I’m officially.. a palm tree girl. 🤍


I honestly have to put a shout out to all of the wonderful people I’ve gotten to photograph since I’ve been here. Y’all are seriously top tier, good as gold, the whole wam bam shabam (if that’s a thing lol) I’m constantly impressed by every single person I’ve photographed this trip. I cannot wait to start planning the next one already!!!! Now the big question is… how soon do I open books up again.. ;).

Photos from Louise + Co.'s post 03/11/2022

@autumn_cathey this girl is literally one of my new favorite humans.
And what girl doesn’t need a self love photo shoot in the @hibisskiss.love.tub. I.am.Obsessedddddd🤍

Photos from Louise + Co.'s post 03/11/2022

Hawaii.. I love you.
@skyeforsman you are perfection.

Photos from Louise + Co.'s post 02/22/2022

I get asked a lot from my couples about weather on the wedding day. I know there’s a lot of anxiety over not getting the perfect weather, what we will do for photos, etc. but seriously friends DO NOT worry. We are going to be gifted whatever weather, and whatever acts of nature that we are meant for. Some of my absolute favorite wedding days have been the unfavorable weather conditions because it pushes us to get just a litttttle extra creative. My couple here wanted a nice mountain view but we were met with fog so thick you couldn’t see each other at times… and let me tell you— the fog was pure magic 😩🤍 Also… although I hate feeling soggy lol I think rainy weddings are so romantic… maybe I’m crazy for that one. Happy monday y’all!!

Photos from Louise + Co.'s post 02/20/2022

Excuse me while I swoon over these two 🥺 and the waterfall… and the rainbow. I mean come onnnn 😩😩🤍

Photos from Louise + Co.'s post 02/12/2022

I want you to remember that you’re perfect the way you are. Your here for a reason and there’s so much that life has prepared. I hope you get up for those sunrises always reminding yourself that each day is a fresh start. Breathe… you are truly worthy of all the good things. But most importantly… go easy on yourself my friend. You got this 🤍


2022 for me is going to be a year of growth + change. Taking on less, giving more, finding peace with myself and grace even when I don’t feel worthy of an ounce of it. I’m looking forward to every mountain, valley, pasture, river, ocean and every grain of gosh dang sand I get to roam. Love you all ✌🏼


Do y’all ever just get in this in between phase of life… where you think you know what you want… but you question if you really do? Or your waiting for something life changing to happen but your at a stand still until it does…being at the mercy of it? And in this season of waiting your desperate to “grow where your planted” knowing “your exactly where your supposed to be” “live for today, don’t be wishing life away for what tomorrow’s supposed to bring”?
Well I’m right.. there..with you. I’m a chronic wanderer, and it’s always effected my life in many many positive ways… but has put me in a tail spin of depression and confusion more times then I would like to admit. Friends I’m hoping and praying that whatever discontent you have in your life, that peace overflows and it shifts your focus. I hope for you that you dare to dream, dream bigger then your circumstances, and always take time to wander, the worlds too big and beautiful to box yourself in. I hope you value your heart and give yourself grace. I hope you recognize we are far more alike… then we are different, experience all kind of folks.. find common ground and plant seeds of friendship in unfamiliar soil. I hope you drive the distance to watch a really good sunset. I hope you breath deep, and have an aura of kindness for everyone that crosses your path. We are all in this together… truly. It’s ok to have a bad moment, a bad day… but don’t you dare unpack and live there. We got this 🤘🏼


When you spend your morning with @iambrandiharvey you know it’s gonna be a good day 🤍
Also- WOW is the only way I can describe this coming year. Almost fully booked and I couldn’t be more stoked about it. Love you all + I hope this week all the good things happen for ya 🤍


And were out ✌🏼 Next stop MT babyyy!!
stylist: @alexismayphoto
models: @camille.kwasniak + @austinjones18


These next couple of days…. are slow, and needed. Life is such a ride y’all, and reflecting on this last couple of weeks and heck.. even this last year I can see so many blessings, and every one of you has played a big role in that. So thankyou thankyou 🤍 2022 has a lot of adventures in store and I am SOOOO pumped. Check my stories for editing orders and dates ✌🏼

Photos from Louise + Co.'s post 12/28/2021

Montana Montana… I’m headed for my last session before a 15 hour Oklahoma bound drive + it’s a mix of emotions for sure. Montana stole our hearts + so did the people. The perfecctttt reset + time with family. ✌🏼✌🏼 MT we shall see you soon 🤍

Photos from Louise + Co.'s post 12/28/2021

Someone tell me how I’m ever going to pick favorites from all these MT sessions?! ❄️ Just be prepared for a winter wonderland overload. @maryemilyb


I’m ready to hit the road again 🤘🏼
I’m considering opening up a workshop in a few different states. Would anyone be game for that? Somewhere tropical (take a wild guess lol) is where I’m planning the first one! DM me your thoughts and where your attttt 🤍Go vote in my instagram story friends ✨

Photos from Louise + Co.'s post 12/10/2021

Heading out in ONE day for Montana sessions. Ahhhhhh. Keep my little family in your thoughts as we drive for 3 days with a toddler + corgi pup. Thankfullyyyy we are no stranger to long drives + traveling, but still- ya never know 🙃. That being said I will continue to pump out galleries for those of y’all that are waiting but I will be taking a few days with family + friends to put the phone down and ask for your understanding 🤍
Also… how stinkin precious is Jill + Adam 😩🤍


Am I obsessing over everything from the shoots on Monday…. yup. Am I sorry about it/ will I stop posting about it… absolutely nope. Montana Sessions start in one week my friends and I’m so stoked!! Can’t wait to squeeze all my soon to be friends + play in the snow🤍

Photos from Louise + Co.'s post 12/07/2021

i meaannnnn….
yesterday + these two y’all. freakin P.E.R.F.E.C.T.I.O.N

models: @cali.marca + @georgiia.gracee
workshop: @alexismayphoto
florist: @studiowildefloral

Photos from Louise + Co.'s post 12/01/2021

What my mind has felt like lately, a big ole gosh dang blur. Thankful for good family, good horses + good people, cause lord knows I need all the good & understanding I can get these days 🙃🤍. But in other newsssss Kerra + Joeys little elopement in the smokies was everything. Swipe away friends✨


I crave this kind of peace on the daily...
I wish I could take all the credit in the world for this coloring but truth be told 99% of it was straight out of camera. And the silence y'all... you could've heard a pin drop. Here's your reminder for the day to slow down, there's an awful lot you could miss. 🤍

Photos from Louise + Co.'s post 11/24/2021

@samci.v can I just photograph y’all forever?????….
Little update on galleries: My schedule has not slowed down yet, and life certainly hasn’t either so pleasseeee give me every ounce of patience you got🤍lots of photographers have photographed their last weddings for the year but i still have 4 weeks of them left. On a side note- I’m BEYOND blessed by you all for that 🤍 next years almost full- and holy wow it’s gonna be a good one 🤘🏼

Photos from Louise + Co.'s post 11/17/2021

Just playing with a little light 🤍.
And ummm… excuse me @kristinmarshall_ could you be anymore gorgeous?!

Photos from Louise + Co.'s post 11/17/2021

~Nancy + Kong~
How I was able to pick just enough to fit into 10 slides is bananas. This day was beyond perfection🤍.Nancy…you have a piece of my heart forever sister. I’ll be you + Kong’s cheerleader for life 🤘🏼

Photos from Louise + Co.'s post 11/04/2021

It was like…the sky lit itself on fire then put itself out all within a 30 minute window. Sometimes … I can’t believe the places I get to see with strangers that become friends. 🤍🤍 (double post because I cannnnnn)

@meredithanneblackburn this night was something wasn’t it?!



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