Brownsburg Fire Territory

Brownsburg Fire Territory


I've never really understood fully what a Hero is until these last few days. The Bible says "Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for their friends" for the last few days I've met some heroes. They don't know me but each time they enter my room they are saying "Heres my life, I care for you" they are young 22 year old nurses just getting their life started, Drs , paramedics, fireman. They don't know me but they know the illness I have can kill them and yet they still came. They are risking their lives to save mine. I have a bad case of Covid. Yet they didn't hesitate. When I got here I was surrounded by several nurses examining every part of me risking their lives to fight and save me from an illness that has already killed thousands. Thank you Brownsburg Fire Department for saving me. Thank you Dana at Hendricks Regional Health for insisting I call 911. Thank you to all the workers at Danville Hospital where im currently at for risking their lives to save mine. You are my Heros
Thank you to the Ladder crew and Medic crew for the excellent service, care, compassion and empathy you provided and showed to a relative of mine in need this evening. BFT is second to none and I am proud call you friends. Be safe!
Public Safety Officials. The ONLY way we can reduce su***de as # 1killer of Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighter and apparent EMS personnel is a paradigm shift on First Responser Chaplaincy:

Police Chaplains
Fire Chaplains
EMS Chaplains
Disaster Response (NVOAD Attached)

Want to learn more? More coming... or contact me at [email protected]

Jeff Wolfe
First Responder Chaplain Division
Spiritual Care Association
(317) 238-9393 (mobile)
(212) 641-1111 (main office)
[email protected]

I want to thank all the brave men and women of the brownsburg fire department for a wonderful water rescue of my wife . only pride was hurt . no more boating for her .lol great job.
Brownsburg Fire Department Blood Drive
World Trade Center Memorial
Friday, September 11, 2020
7249 Arbuckle Commons
Brownsburg, IN 46112
If you are stuck at home and want to learn more about the weather, the National Weather Service has compiled a list of weather education resources, here:

For information about severe weather, the Severe Weather 101 site is a good place to start:
Thank you to the crews that responded to my house tonight for checking me out and giving me peace of mind. Please know how appreciated you are. 🚒🚑
My name is Shane. I live ALL the way over in NJ. I just read about your men/women helping out a little boy named Tyler, who was denied entry to see Santa, due to his service dog.

I just wanted to say. Thank You, for your generosity, compassion, and heartfelt caring in making a young man's Christmas brighter.

Well done Brownsburg Fire Department. I'll have a special thought and prayer for you and your families. You've made my Christmas a little brighter as well.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Be safe and God Bless.
Hey Brownsburg Fire Department! Just ensuring you enjoyed dinner on Friday from Boulder Creek. Thank you for looking after our community! ❤
We salute the the Brownsburg firefighters that are not homophobic, like this one.
Thank you all again for what you do for our community! Your training and dedication to the safety of us all makes you the best ever!! You are appreciated more than words can express and I will always have your back plus be 1 of your strongest supporters! ❤
(Originally posted on October 12, 2019 on the Brownsburg Fire Department Page)
THANK YOU 😁 Brownsburg Fire Territory for using your specialized equipment today about 11 a.m. to get me out of my vehicle after another vehicle crossed the center line and crashed into my car!! Being pinned in my car was very SCARY!!! You guys were just GREAT!!!! 🥰❤️😍💞

And what a pleasure it was to meet you all at Station 131 on the following Monday!! Truly thankful!! Hugs all around!!!!😁

ISO Class One Fire Department located in Brownsburg, Indiana. Advanced Life Skills (ALS) Emergency M

Photos from Brownsburg Fire Territory's post 02/02/2023

Brownsburg Fire Territory celebrated their employees in conjunction with the Brownsburg District of L4406. This was the resurgence of our awards ceremony that have been absent for a few years.

Because of our sponsors, we were able to provide a great event with excellent door prizes. Thank you to everyone who took the time and effort to make this a great event.

First Due Company
Griffith Farms
Cornerstone Flooring
American Family Jeff Rieser
GNC Plainfield
Lucas Oil Products
Don Schumacher Racing
FGF Brands Inc.
John Force Racing
Graham Rahal Racing
1-800 Board Up
Superior Garage Door
D&E Printing
Team Blu Print
Bill Estes
Tory’s Treasures
Chef's in Motion, Inc.


Thank you to Big Bear Biscuits for having us in for your Soft Opening 1/30, 1/31, and 2/1.

We appreciate you letting us take part in your delicious menu. What a great place with many options. We look forward to becoming regulars as you open your doors to the public.


Roads are ICY, use caution when traveling this morning. Especially on the county roads.

Photos from Brownsburg Fire Territory's post 01/26/2023

Roads are slick this morning. It’s deceiving so use caution during your travels.

A-Shift started their day yesterday and ended their day today with motor vehicle incidents. Neither had injuries to report.

The daylight photos are from Wednesday morning and night time photos from early this morning.


Awards, elections, promotions, and appointments are all part of the fire service tradition and leadership.

Station 131-A is celebrating a recent election where one of their own was re-elected at President of Hendricks County L4406.

Normally Fire and EMS personnel celebrate with a big cake, but today they made good with what they had available since they didn’t get out much this morning due to weather and runs. Professional Firefighters Union of Indiana


Exciting news for Pizza Hut fans!  The Brownsburg Pizza Hut is currently training their staff for an anticipated grand re-opening soon.

To make it even better they dropped off some of their fresh baked pizzas to our crews during afternoon classroom training at Station 131.


Career Search

We are hiring:
Public Education Manager Deputy Fire Marshal


How to Apply
Apply Online and scroll to the above titled job posting:

Career Search


Some Brownsburg history shared with us this morning.

Battalion Chief Miller was at Avon Sports Apparel where they used to make patches for various departments in our county including Brownsburg Fire.

Photos from Brownsburg Fire Territory's post 01/20/2023

Keith Rinehart received the Fire Employee Of The Year from the Town of Brownsburg for 2022.

This was done by a vote of employees as organized by the Town of Brownsburg for each department within the town.

Photos from Brownsburg Fire Territory's post 01/18/2023

EG131 and LD131 putting up a new ramp and railing for a citizen they respond on frequently.

Sometimes customer service extends beyond calls. However, like anything, things like this do not hinder run responses. They just get finished around runs.


Brownsburg Fire Territory Offices are closed in observance of MLK Day today.

Though signed into law in 1983, Martin Luther King Day was first observed in 1986. However, it was not until the year 2000 that all 50 states officially observed the holiday.

Here we are 55 years after his passing and his messages are still used as lessons to generations and applicable to society as a whole.

Photos from Brownsburg Fire Territory's post 01/14/2023

Crews are now cleaned up from the incident on 56th Street over I-74 in Brownsburg.

The street department is supposed to treat the ice reported on the bridge. However, as temperatures remain at or below freezing, it is advisable to use caution.


Fire and EMS crews are on the scene of a motor vehicle incident in traffic on 56 street on top of the bridge over I-74. 

When traveling tonight, be advised the bridge is covered in ice. Once things are cleaned up, the hazard will still exist.


When dinner time preparation goes beyond teamwork and involves downright passion!

A-Shift 131 will be eating good tonight with L-131 going beyond the call of food prep as they gaze seemingly into space.


Gas leak inside a home being renovated on North Grant Street.

Significantly high gas readings in the area caused N. Grant to be closed and houses in close proximity to be evacuated.

Gas levels are now reaching zero as of this post. Crews working with gas reps on scene while residents return to their homes. The road will remain closed until all work is completed.

Photos from Brownsburg Fire Territory's post 01/11/2023


Trash fire at 534 N Odell garbage is blocking the road. Trash truck was smoking and dumped the bed as crews responded.

Crews are on scene as of 09:00.


A late 80’s gem with former Chief Tom Drake’s buggy pictured.

Thanks to Joe Pritchett, former firefighter for Brownsburg Fire Department before moving to Pike Fire full time for over 30 years.


As part of Firefighter Cancer Awareness Month, another update as provided by the IAFF and their extensive cancer research for our industry.

These are some of the cancer risks for female firefighters in the industry.

Through our increased medical physicals, scans, and blood tests we have been proactive in attempts to catch cancer early for all employees. BFT provides annual physicals versus bi-annual physicals as is recommended.

Photos from Brownsburg Fire Territory's post 01/07/2023

We appreciate the invite to Future Stars Racing Open House by Briana Mulvihill, Team Coordinator. Great event and opportunity to see a business in action within our community.

To top it all off, Mr Al Unser, Jr wanted to race our fire engine. If he can race at 220+mph at the motor speedway, we are pretty certain he can handle our fire apparatus governed at 67mph and weighing approximately 50,000lbs +/-.


January is Firefighter Cancer Awareness Month. This weekend we will highlight the risks and challenges of women and cancer while working as firefighters.


C-Shift crews wrapping up a precautionary investigation from reports of gas odors in the building at our Brownsburg WalMart.

Photos from Brownsburg Fire Territory's post 01/06/2023

131-B had a station tour for a local Boy Scout group Thursday evening.

it is always a pleasure to have an opportunity to inspire young boys and girls through experiences like these.

Photos from Brownsburg Fire Territory's post 01/05/2023

BC130-A exploring new opportunities to train officers and command staff from the “hot seat”.

With a combination of videos, fire training programs, and PowerPoints, a dark barn with a computer and HD Projector provide lifelike views from which to practice radio traffic and rapid fire decision making before a real response.

Photos from Brownsburg Fire Territory's post 01/05/2023

Residence fire tonight.

Crews made quick work of a recent fire in Brownsburg and these images show the progression from arrival, command, attack, safety, overhaul, and decontamination. We appreciate the mutual aid from Washington Township/Avon Fire and Pittsboro along with RSU32.

It takes a team to succeed.

Photos from Brownsburg Fire Territory's post 01/04/2023

While 131-B was at Back 9 Golf today ( .indy ) enjoying some golf related fun, M131-A was working through their lunch.

It’s all about perspective and balance. Enjoying ourselves outside of work balances the rigors of the job.

Balance is key.


Stay safe tonight!

Remember all the bullets fires up will come back down!

Find over head cover if needed!

PSA from Brownsburg Fire Territory


Be safe tonight.

Call a friend or family, wait for your ride, have a designated driver, keep your first responders from having to respond due to a poor decision.

Happy New Year Brownsburg.

Be responsible and stay safe this New Year’s Eve. Plan to get home safely before you go out. Do not get behind the wheel of a car if you have been drinking.

Photos from Brownsburg Fire Territory's post 12/30/2022

NO ICE IS SAFE ICE. (Ice is not safe)

With warmer temperatures after arctic cold days, expect ice to thaw at a rapid rate.

With predicted temperatures over 50deg for the next several days, the warmer water below the ice and warm temps above the ice creates a recipe for disaster. Watch your children and pets over the next several days and educate them of the dangers.

Brownsburg Fire Territory is trained on A-Shift today for such emergencies, but being prepared and not needed is ideal. Stay safe!

Photos from Brownsburg Fire Territory's post 12/30/2022

Crews wrapping up at Walmart Brownsburg.

Fire alarm with smoke coming from the rear of the building. Turned out to be undetermined issues with a rooftop unit.

Photos from Brownsburg Fire Territory's post 12/29/2022

L131-C crew participated in a Pub Ed detail this afternoon with Deputy Fire Marshal Schlageter.

Topics included ice safety and a demonstration of the equipment used in the event of a rescue.

Photos from Brownsburg Fire Territory's post 12/28/2022

Prodigy Burger Bar is opening up at 773 E. Main Street, Brownsburg, Indiana I’m January of 2023. Today they dropped off samples at HQ.

After their stop by HQ, they called and offered dinner to each firehouse over the next 3 shifts. As always, we appreciate our community businesses and their support of public safety.

Check out their Grand Opening - January 4, 2023.

Photos from Brownsburg Fire Territory's post 12/26/2022

A- Shift dispatched to the bus barn for an alarm earlier today.

On arrival, found a hot water line had burst in the ceiling.

Crews shut down the water flow and cleaned up the residual water.

Photos from Brownsburg Fire Territory's post 12/25/2022

Santa found his way to Station 133-C.

LT D.Ross sent these images of the crew opening presents before settling in for the day.

Images like these trump any graphic we could make. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone in our coverage area.


L131-A was called to Boone County last night to assist on a residence fire.

Cold weather firefighting presents challenges well beyond suppression alone.


E133, M133, M131, E132 are all out on Motor Vehicle Crashes. Confirmed, it’s slick.

We have shared tips and warnings all day and the temps are dropping and ice is currently forming.

Use caution while you are traveling and limit travel during this transition to freezing temps as able. If you are involved in an MVC, be civil, be kind, and most of all be patient and we are driving on the same ice…


Please consider these tips and resources by the Indiana State Police in light of the bad weather predicted.


Be prepared by downloading the INDOT Trafficewise app. This app gives you the most up-to-date, real time traffic conditions, severe weather alerts, and allows you to check pictures of interstate conditions through INDOT cameras.

Travel Safely!


Preparing for the repercussions of extreme cold and ice.

If you find yourself without power during a winter storm, take steps to stay warm and safe. Learn more @

Photos from Brownsburg Fire Territory's post 12/21/2022

Thank you to Brownsburg for the food tray donations to each shift for Brownsburg Fire Territory…

Your support is always appreciated.


Evidently Santa decided Station 132-B made the good list.

Station personnel were excited to see the big man on a surprise visit this afternoon.

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E133-C responding to an assist person call today. Part of the job that never gets old.
Brownsburg Fire Territory has had contractors out working on footers, welding steel, and preparing the training grounds ...
Training to reality as L131-B responds to the report of a building fire in Avon.
Just a couple firefighters standing by at an active gas leak. BFT has responded to a number of active gas leaks recently...
Sunset on 9/11/2021
Thank you to those who made the Brownsburg 9/11 Monument possible…
B-Shift Car Fire, E133-B



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