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We are specializing in a full line of architectural, commercial, and residential signs, trade show exhibits and large format printing We are New York City’s printer.

As a family owned and operated business, we produce the ultimate in printed products with the latest in materials and high resolution digital techniques. Our work is displayed prominently all over Manhattan and the surrounding areas in some of the most prominent locations. There is no job that is too challenging. Our clients have relied on us for the following products and services:


Operating as usual


We Can Create Custom Protective Screens for Any Store

Templates aren’t always enough. If you want a perfectly-suiting sneeze guard, you should order a custom one. Fortuna Visual Group has its own manufacturing unit that produces unique guards every day.

We can help you find the most suitable option. Our designers can offer you a variety of shapes and sizes.

We create high-quality polycarbonate and plexiglass guards to protect clients and cashiers. We chose plexiglass because of its optical clarity and toughness. The screen guarantees a reduced risk of infection without undermining communication.

You can order any protective screen. We can fulfill custom orders. They will meet your needs (size, installation, etc.). Fortuna Visual Group produce plexiglass shields for:

● Grocery stores;
● Retail outlets;
● Private banks;
● Optical stores;
● Gas stations;
● Pharmacies.

We manufacture anything from traditional glass sneeze guards of all sizes to sneeze guards for cars. We provide free estimates according to the sent pictures or make a conclusion when visiting a facility. You will have a sneeze guard installed within five to seven days.


Retractable Outdoor Awnings: Why Use It?

Whether we’re talking about a patio awning or a front door awning, you will find an awning to be convenient and useful. The benefits speak for themselves. They are outlined below:

-Protection and Safety – An awning over door, window, or patio protects the area from sun and rain. It will prevent water from penetrating any cracks, and will, therefore, keep your house dry and reduce the risk of potential damage.
-Enhanced Comfort – What could be better than enjoying a cup of coffee or a good book on a sunny day outdoors? A retractable awning for deck shades the area, protecting you from the sun’s scorching rays.
-Reduced Bills – According to a study from the US Department of Energy, a retractable awning for house causes heat loss to decrease by almost 80% and decreases heat gain by 65% on south-facing windows, with a decrease of 77% on east or west-facing ones. The ROI won’t make you wait long.
-Aesthetical Outer Design – Window awnings for homes are a perfect creative final touch. Their eye-catching custom designs will help your house stand out from neighboring properties. With a wide variety of shapes, colors, and designs, you can create a unique decorative solution.
-Affordable Area Management Solution – Outside awnings can be free-standing constructions.


Metal Awnings

New York is where you’ll live through bouts of mixed and unexpected weather no matter what time of year it is. It is pretty hard to predict the weather in this region as snows, rains, and even harsh hot sunlight are common. The best way to prepare for this mixed weather of NYC is by installing a metal awning.

A perfectly constructed awning with the right size and dimensions can be installed anywhere. The construction of metal door awnings and metal window awnings has been a trend for decades. If you like to experiment, you can even get custom metal front porch awnings, saving you from unexpected rains during your yard parties. If you have a fairly strong greenhouse or garden shed, there’s a good possibility we can make an awning to match the space. You can also try a standing seam for it.


Retractable Awnings in NYC

A retractable awning provides an aesthetic touch-up and functionality to your residential space. Awnings are available in a wide range of sizes, projections, colors, and mountings. Our residential awning services make it simple and economical to get a great-looking, high-quality outdoor awning or patio cover for your home.

Residential and retractable awning opens and closes so efficiently that they bring beauty and flair to your home terrace or patio. Awnings have the ability to convert a plain structure into a work of art. The key is to select colors and fabrics that complement the finish of your residential building.


The List of Materials We Provide for Your Custom Outdoor Hanging Sign

Aluminum – aluminum hanging signs can be seen around a lot. The reason is quite simple – it’s cheap, convenient, and, most importantly, it works. We provide you with five thicknesses to choose from, according to your wishes, location, climate, or installation location. Any geometric shape is possible!

Brass bronze – if you want your custom outdoor hanging sign to be polished like a mirror, then brass bronze is your choice! Plus, over time, bronze will give you a bit of natural green patina realness.

Copper – copper-made outdoor hanging signs are fancy, relatively cheap, and they deal with the task of drawing attention just fine!
Stainless steel – also quite a popular choice, as it is very durable and reliable. Plus, steel will always be trendy.

Acrylic – an acrylic hanging business sign creates a smooth and modern look for your company. You can create your own, absolutely unique acrylic signage. Size, color, shape, style – we will help you at each stage.


Which Decor Do I Need For My Ceremony?

Signs and banners are very commonly found at many events in recent times. It is important to have detailed signage at your event because it gives your guests an idea of where to go and the various events that would be happening at your wedding. You should make a list of signs for your wedding as it helps brings order to your big day! It adds a touch of class and finesse to your event, welcomes your guests, directs them through the events of the ceremony, and sharing of the wedding menu and drinks. You can choose any theme you want to achieve.


Uses Of Custom Made Awnings
For a long time, people used coverings to ward off different kinds of weather. These old-style covers are renamed as awnings in today’s new age era.

Typically, placed above a window, a door, or above the area along a sidewalk. Awnings are used for several reasons, such as Sheltering a front or back yard, Expanding a dining or entertainment area, patio awnings, and shading a window or door. The most common places where an awning is used are:

-Business Offices
-Retailer Stores
-Shopping Malls

Custom awnings are made, fulfilling numerous demands of customers. Many people will demand standard size, but there are still many with a particular application. Custom designs are made for places such as:

Historical buildings – It can be challenging to find “off the shelf” products that appropriately fit historic buildings during renovations. As such, we often get inquiries for custom retracting awnings to go on these buildings as their design and shape often warrant the extra work.

Kitchen Vent Hoods – Interior designers frequently come up with new and unique ways to showcase kitchen islands. There are many incredible products we have seen that are explicitly created as vent hoods for kitchens.

Unique structures – For a typical 2500 square foot house with a standard double door entrance, you can undoubtedly find several excellent choices in standard-sized impressive awnings. There is a good chance for commercial buildings that you will need a product custom designed as the standard product just won’t fit.


Window Graphics

Vinyl is also extremely popular for window graphics. Custom printed window prints are durable and can be easily removed without leaving a sticky residue that normal stickers often leave. Vinyl prints are customized to wrap around whatever window surface you are seeking to put a decal or print on. Because of the precision vinyl prints offer, they are great for displaying business hours and contact information on windows. You need important contact information like phone numbers and websites to be clearly and precisely cut. Vinyl is perfect for these types of graphics.


Types of Storefront Signs Printing

There are a lot of different types of storefront signs. Here is a shortlist of the most popular and cheap storefront signs:

Illuminated signs
Pole signs and more

Fortuna Visual Group is one of the best storefront sign installers in Brooklyn and New York districts. Don’t hesitate to call us for a quote or a free consultation!


Types of Hanging Business Signs

There truly are a lot of different types of custom outdoor hanging signs in New York including round blade sign, wood blade sign, illuminated blade sign, custom metal hanging signs, exterior hanging signs, swing sign, restroom blade signs, swinging shop signs, blade exit signs, and many more! Let’s take a closer look at the most popular signage types:

-Round blade sign. Standard blade sign with a round form
-Wood blade sign. Such custom outdoor hanging signs are specifically made of wood, which creates an absolutely unique look.
-Illuminated blade sign. One of the most beautiful types of hanging business signs; as the contour of the sign, or the letters, or logo is illuminated by LED lamps.
-Swinging shop signs. Somewhat like the combination of a blade sign and a swing sign, it is attached to a horizontal pole, but the sign itself is fixed to the hinges. Wind can make the sign swing, drawing more attention, and creating more of a mysterious look.


How We Create Store Window Design

We fabricate for you:

At Fortuna Visual Group, we do all our work in house. We treat all our projects with the utmost care and continue striving for the best until we are sure we have achieved it. To fabricate your ideas, we have a team of expert fabricators who know what they are doing and know their way around vinyl on all surfaces. We understand that when it comes to laminating, printing and laying color digital graphics, you deserve only the best. Our expertise on matters of the resolution, file preparation, and color management are the reason that we have always received a satisfied smile from all our clients.

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137 18 Street
Brooklyn, NY

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 5pm
Tuesday 9am - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm

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