Body & Feet: Dr. Eugene Shapiro

Body & Feet: Dr. Eugene Shapiro

Welcome to Body & Feet, a comprehensive podiatry office located in the Brighton Beach area of Brooklyn. For over 25 years, Dr. Eugene Shapiro has been prov

For over 25 years, Dr. Eugene Shapiro has been providing excellent podiatric care to his patients in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Our state-of-the-art office is equipped with the most modern diagnostic equipment and Dr. Shapiro has the experience to treat all of your foot care needs. We provide a full range of clinical podiatry care, including the treatment of foot and ankle conditions

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Besides a sports injury, uneven ground and improper footwear are often to blame for a twisted or sprained ankle. |

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At the office of Body and Feet, you can count on receiving skilled and compassionate treatment. Patient care and comfort are our top priorities, and we're always on hand to address any questions or concerns. |

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Did you know that babies and young children have flat feet? However, most outgrow them as the arches in their feet develop. |

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By promoting the proper alignment of the structures in the feet and working like shock absorbers, orthotics can improve foot function, restore balance, and enhance sports performance. They can also help alleviate foot pain and knee, hip, and back discomfort. |

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Your feet are the foundation of your body, supporting and balancing your weight and giving you the ability to move from place to place. Remember to provide them with the care and attention they need! |

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Prevention is the key to reduce the risk of a plantar wart and keep the virus from spreading! Wear sandals or flip-flops in locker rooms and around public pools. Never share footwear, change your socks daily and keep your feet clean and dry. |

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As specialists trained to diagnose and treat issues affecting the foot, ankle, and associated structures in the lower leg, the office of Body and Feet is well equipped to address a viral, bacterial, or fungal foot infection. |

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Even though as many as ten percent of people exhibit a heel spur, only one out of twenty (5%) experiences any discomfort. |

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Foot infections and their consequences are the leading cause of hospitalization for diabetics. At the office of Body and Feet, we work hand in hand with diabetic patients to develop a comprehensive foot care plan. |

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As medical specialists, podiatrists undergo extensive didactic and clinical training in all aspects of foot health, function, and care. |

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Whether it's a question of improving foot support, preventing a foot deformity from getting worse, addressing a gait issue, or reducing discomfort, foot orthotics provided by a podiatrist can help. |

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Metatarsal fractures account for 5 to 6% of all fractures and are among the most common injuries to the foot. |

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"The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art." —Leonardo da Vinci |

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If you're experiencing itching, burning, or stinging sensations between the toes or on the soles of your feet and cracked, blistered, peeling, or inflamed skin, you may be suffering from Athlete's Foot. To confirm the diagnosis and get the care you need, contact the office of Body and Feet. |

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Rest assured your treatment is in the best of hands at the office of Body and Feet. We provide patients with the highest level of care from diagnosis and treatment through recovery and rehabilitation. |

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One way to avoid foot injuries is by taking the time to warm-up and stretch your muscles before exercising or competing in a sport. |

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Remember, if you have diabetes, it's essential to protect the health of your feet. |

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Remember, sharing shoes and socks is never a good idea. The germs harbored in these items are highly contagious and a common source of infections. |

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Odor-causing bacteria love damp, wet feet that are covered by socks and shoes. With 250,000 sweat glands in each foot, it's no surprise they can get so stinky. |

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Here's what parents need to know about flat feet in children: |

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Maintaining your feet for the long run depends on how well you treat and care for them today. |

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Think twice before buying a pair of flip flops or high heels. Wearing either of these shoes for prolonged amounts of time can take a toll on the health of your feet. |

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What puts the spring in your step? The answer is the arches in your feet! |

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How does foot health affect spine health? Faulty foot mechanics have far reaching effects, producing imbalances that cause back pain and dysfunction. |

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Here's a tip for preventing foot injuries or falls: Replace your athletic shoes when the heel or tread has worn down. |

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The tendons in your feet and ankles are particularly active. They not only support your movements as you walk, run, jump, or stand, but they also provide your feet with balance and stability. |

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It's about foot health, not fashion! While high heels may look attractive, a 2 1/2-inch high heel increases the load on your forefoot by as much as 75%. |

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Wearing shoes is hardly a new idea. Evidence of early footwear can be traced back 40,000 years. |

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Even the smallest blister, sore, or cut on the foot can pose a tremendous risk to a diabetic. At the office of Body and Feet, we provide the skilled and experienced care required to help patients with diabetes maintain foot health. |

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Taking proper care of your feet is essential to your overall well-being. At the office of Body and Feet, we offer a comprehensive range of services and welcome patients of all ages for care. |

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Issues affecting foot health and function require expert care. At the office of Body and Feet, we use the most advanced technology, and sophisticated treatment methods address all your foot care needs. |

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Sometimes foot pain can indicate the presence of an underlying medical condition such as lung disease, cardiovascular disease, or diabetes. At the office of Body and Feet, we provide integrated care to support foot health and your overall well-being. |

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You don't have to be an athlete to get athlete's foot! Close to 70% of the population will get it at some point in time. However, keeping your feet clean and dry and wearing shower shoes around public pools or locker rooms can help prevent this annoying condition. |

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While some foot infections quickly respond to treatment, others are more resistant to care. At the office of Body and Feet, we provide skilled care to help prevent, treat, and resolve foot infections and defend against any complication that may arise. |

Podiatrist Dr. Eugene Shapiro ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ · 301 Ocean View Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235 08/09/2021

Podiatrist Dr. Eugene Shapiro ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ · 301 Ocean View Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235

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Excellent service! We walked in in a lot of pain and walked out being helped with outstanding care and exceptional expertise. Recommend Dr. Shapiro to anyone! Thank you!
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