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2021 Ford Expedition
Whelen Engineering Company, Inc. Core with SoundOff Signal and Abrams MFG lights.

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Quick video of some Abrams MFG products - the Focus 2X on the bottom of the window, and the Bold-12 modules on the side of the plates. Get yours today at Connecticut's only Master Dealer, Fleet Warning Equipment!
Check out our latest project on our YouTube channel - this Honda Pilot was equipped with Feniex Industries, Abrams MFG, and Whelen Engineering Company, Inc. equipment. Check out the video, tell us what you think, and don't forget to subscribe to our channel!
Install by Supreme Led Lights
Nothing like a well-lit truck. This vehicle features a blend of Feniex Industries and Abrams MFG lighting, and covers every angle you could possibly need.
Front - Abrams Focus 2X dash lights, Flex-6 grille lights.
Sides - Feniex T3 modules
Rear - Abrams Focus 600 Lightstick, Abrams Blaster-12 hideaways
Install by Supreme Led Lights
This upfit was the second vehicle we’ve done for this customer. And we mimicked the first with some additions. All the lighting is from Abrams MFG with the exception of the interior bar. Flex 12’s mounted behind the grill on custom brackets, 12 LED HAWs in the fog lights, Flex 6’s on the running boards, Focus 400’s in each side window, and a Focus 800 in the rear windshield. We replace the reverse lights with 360 hideaways And installed a light flasher alternating them with the LED tail light rings. All of this controlled by a Feniex Typhoon Handheld. We also upgraded the first vehicle adding the running board lights and taillight flasher. Overall a very nice and well rounded package and we wish them years of safe service.
can you post a video of focus 800 flash patterns...
Abrams led's
Our latest install is for a local funeral home and brings back some Purple and white lighting from Abrams MFG. In the front we installed 4 Flex 12 grill lights (2 purple 2 white) behind the grill and a set of purple blaster 120’s in the fog lights. We topped it off with a flasher that alternates between the DRL ring and High beams. A custom purple/white interior bar is mounted in the windshield and a pair of Focus 400’s are mounted in the rear side windows. In the rear we put a Focus 800 stick in the window and a pair of Blaster 120’s replacing the reverse light bulbs. We controlled all of this with a Feniex Typhoon handheld and a Hammer low frequency siren.
I just joined the Abrams family as an independent sales rep and am thrilled to bring their products to customers here in Kentucky. There is a big need for high quality low priced emergency warning products in these parts and Abrams brings just that. I just got my Dodge Charger Pursuit outfitted with the Abrams logo and it looks great!
has anyone had a issue with the controller saying the lights are on but they aren't? one of my ally lights is stuck on and nothing else works have had the 37' light bar for about 4 moths no issues until today
Rocking my Abrams Thunder Eye 48" light bar on my '96 Ford F150 at the scene of a Car vs Motorcycle M.V.A. here in Portland, Oregon. I absolutely love this thing and looks amazing at the same time! (P.S. the guy was fine, minor injuries).
Quick build for now. More to come soon. Very satisfied with light output and quality. Customer service is outstanding as well. Flex 12

For all your emergency lighting and equipment Almost immediately after Abrams inception, we gained major market share, forcing the emergency vehicle safety equipment industry to lower their prices.

This drop in cost to consumers accelerated sales of emergency vehicle safety equipment and brought increased safety to roads nationwide. Touted as the best and most cost effective emergency vehicle safety equipment provider, Abrams has greatly aided in reducing vehicle accidents and pride ourselves with having the highest quality of customer care in the industry. In doing so, we have the industry

Operating as usual


Great install by Code 3 Complete!


Great time at #PFE2021 !

Visit our booth to see some NEW Abrams products !


City of Savannah Georgia

Great install by our friends at Universal Safety Solutions


Happy Thanksgiving!



Only @ Abrams MFG! The brightest Purple Strobe lights. Visit us at Abramsmfg.com to find out more information

Abrams led's


Rocky Mountain Phoenix Atlantic

Great install by Rocky Mountain Phoenix Atlantic in Canada. This is our new Canadian Demo Vehicle with some new products installed.

Check out our new products installed on this Demo vehicle is the Abrams Cobolt 6X Series Running Light & The Astro Series Programmable Switch Box.

Front Intersections - Abrams Blaster 120 Hideaways - White.

Fog Lights - Abrams Flex 12 Red / Flex 12 Blue

Grille Lights - Abrams Flex 6 Red / Flex 6 Blue

Behind Grille - Abrams 100W Slim Siren Speaker

Hood Mount Lights - Abrams Flex 12 Blue/White / Flex 12 Red/White. White color is for the scene light mode.

Upper Windshield - Abrams Focus 1X Red & Blue Dash Light.

Side Rear Window - Abrams Flex 12 Red/Blue Dual Color Grill Light

Rear Window - Abrams Focus 800 Red/Blue/Amber Traffic advisor light stick.

Rear License Plate - Abrams Bold 12 Grill Lights Red/Blue.

Rear Side Pillar - Abrams Blaster 120 Red & Abrams Blaster 120 Blue Sureface Mount Hideaways.

Side Running Lights - Abrams Cobolt 6X Series Red/Blue/White Running Lights.

Console Mount - Astro Series Programmable Switch Box.

Stay tuned for new products being released very soon!

Check out the video below.

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Check out this 2019 Tahoe Demo unit Rocky Mountain Phoenix Atlantic had the opportunity to upfit for Market Challenger Incorporated! Warning is provided by a red, blue and white Abrams lighting package and complimented with a siren and 2, 100 watt, speakers. Other police equipment includes a vehicle specific Lund console and "the loft" rear overhead carbine and shotguns storage.


Wishing you a Happy Holiday and a joyful New Year. Best wishes from your friends at Abrams MFG


As the holiday season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and those who have helped to shape our business. It’s been quite a year for us all! We hope that 2018 has been just as memorable for you, your colleagues and your loved ones. We look forward to working with you in the years to come.

Happy Holidays!
The Abrams Teams.


Happy Hanukkah from all of us at Abrams MFG to your beautiful families. May these eight days of celebration bring peace and joy to your household.


Featuring the latest products, services & technological advances needed by law enforcement and security professionals.

​On Tuesday & Wednesday, June 26th & 27th, 2018, Abrams MFG will be at the 32nd Annual Police Security Expo which will take place in the “state of the art” Atlantic City (New Jersey) Convention Center. This is the Industry’s longest running, most respected, and best known “product based” showcase.

more info @ http://www.police-security.com


We must feel pride in inheriting the legacy of the heroes who brought us honor and freedom. Today is the day to remember and thank them for their sacrifices. The staff at Abrams MFG salutes these fallen heroes, and wishes everyone a wonderful Memorial Day.


Wishing all out Jewish customers a Happy Shavuot!

Please note, we will be closed on Monday, May 21st.


My 2018 Demo Truck Abrams and Feniex Lights

Big shout out to - Anthony (AJ) Edgar @ CWLSI in Central Indiana for sharing this video with us!

Front Fender Flares - Abrams Blaster 120 Amber/White and Red/White
Headlights - Abrams Blaster 360 Amber in Turn signals and White in Headlights
Grille - Abrams Edge 3 / 1 Amber / 1 Red
Behind Grille - Abrams Focus 400 Amber/White (Changed Head Locations)
Windshield - Upper Abrams Focus 2X Amber/White Lower Abrams Slick Eye Interior Visor Bar Amber/White
Side Headache Rack - Lower Abrams Flex 6 Amber
Rear Headache Rack - Middle Abrams Focus 800 Amber/
Taillights - Brake Abrams Blaster 120 Red Reverse Abrams Blaster 120 Amber/White

Check out the video below.

Current Build Sheet Front Fender Flares - Abrams Blaster 120 Amber/White and Red/White Headlights - Abrams Blaster 360 Amber in Turns White in Headlights Gri...


Fleet Warning Equipment

Fleet Warning Equipment Thanks for sharing this great install of our Flex Series LED Grill Lights!

Another install completed, featuring all Abrams MFG lighting - what do you think?


Abrams MFG wish to extend our greetings to all our Israeli friends and customers and congratulate them today celebrating their 70th Independence Day!


May God Almighty protect and bless this land with peace and its inhabitants with lasting joy and reigns all over this nation


Wishing all our customers a happy Pesach!


Please Note:
We will be closed the following days.March 30th - April 6th.
We will be back to work starting April 8th, 2018 at 9 am.


Abrams MFG New Product

FLEX3 Series LED Grille Light Warning Light,

Check out the FLEX3 Series YouTube videos:
Unboxing: https://youtu.be/oyb9A1RlMGo
Flash Patterns: https://youtu.be/eUM6Yf8r_Zg

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Wishing our customers a Purim full of celebration and fun!

Please note, we will be closed on 03/01 & 03/02


Abrams Flex12 LED Grille Emergency Vehicle Warning Strobe Light

Abrams FLEX12 LED Grille Surface mount light 360° View


The Abrams Flex 12 LED High Intensity 12 LED Light head is the most versatile emergency vehicle strobe warning light offered in the market. The unit is compa...


Wishing all our customers a Happy Presidents day!


Abrams BOLD 12 360 View

Abrams BOLD12 LED Grille Surface mount light 360° View

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The Abrams Bold 12 LED High Intensity 12 LED Light head is the most versatile emergency vehicle strobe warning light offered in the market. The unit is compa...


Abrams Ultra Compact 100 Watt High Performance Siren Speaker

Abrams Ultra Compact 100 Watt High Performance Siren Speaker 360° View

SUBSCRIBE HERE >> http://www.youtube.com/c/AbramsMFG

The sleek design of the SPX-100 speaker features industry leading Neo-driver, which is known to deliver a robust low-frequency sound. Made of corrosion resis...


Abrams Flex12 LED Grille Emergency Vehicle Warning Strobe Light

Abrams Flex 12 LED Grille Light Head 360° View

SUBSCRIBE HERE >> http://www.youtube.com/c/AbramsMFG

The Abrams Flex 12 LED High Intensity 12 LED Light head is the most versatile emergency vehicle strobe warning light offered in the market. The unit is compa...


May 2018 bring new happiness, new goals, new achievements and a lot of new inspirations! Wishing everyone a year fully loaded with happiness.

Happy 2018 from the Abrams MFG Team!


There are many gifts under the Christmas tree, but the best one was probably purchased from Abrams MFG!

Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas!


Abrams MFG wishes you a warm and wonderful Hanukkah filled with love and laughs!


Abrams MFG Black Friday Sale Starts Today!

Sale Starts: Thursday 23 Nov - Ends: Monday 27 Nov.

Save 25% on your ENTIRE ORDER on All Abrams MFG Products!
Visit www.abramsmfg.com to get 25% OFF your entire purchase!

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Wishing you a picture perfect table with a positive mood on this holiday Season, Happy Thanksgiving


They fought fearlessly for the national pride. They served till the last breath. We salute and respect the spirit, that binds our nation together.


Coming Soon!!!
Abrams MFG Focus Series Traffic advisory Light Sticks!
The Brightest Lightstick on the Market!

Soon to be available in a variety of sizes and color combinations!

Stay Tuned!


Abrams MFG will be closed from the 4th of October until the 16th of October 2017 in observance of the Jewish Holiday Sukkot.



Thanks, Steven Micheal Adams! Your Abrams MFG lights are looking great!! We look forward to seeing how the lights will look with the crystal lens! keep us posted!

Abrams 48inch light bar and Abrams 360 hide aways front and rear synced to control box , got brand new after market crystal lens coming in that will reflect my Abrams 360 better


Congratulations to our lucky WINNER!

Congratulations to: Eric Robicheaux
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Wishing all our Jewish Customers a Happy New Years and a Shana tova!
*Please note Abrams MFG will be closed from September 19-24

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Abrams Siren Speakers - extreme enviromental testing
Abrams ThunderEye 48" LightBar




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