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Just read a moving miraculous story attributed to the book "Heroes of Faith" and am wondering if it is true and what happened next. How can I find out?(story was of the Jewish baby hidden in a coat and raised by the Polish woman who stole it)
Good afternoon. Please tell me, do you have a scroll of Esther that is not more than 8 cm high? Maybe modern on paper. I have a case of the 19th century, but I can not find a scroll for him. Would buy with joy. Sincerely.

Mekor Judaica is your reliable Judaica source for all your Judaica needs Tallis, Teffilin, Kippot, Tzizis, and for all Occasions; Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Holidays, Gifts, Toy's, Books and Workbooks.

For all customs Sephardic and Ashkenaz. Mekor Judaica, the foremost name when it comes to Judaica, is located in the heart of Flatbush, in Brooklyn. It boasts a magnificent showroom of over 5,000 sq. ft. in which the aisles and shelves are stocked with the most beautiful work of Jewish art. From the latest books, to dvds, to Jewish crafts and gifts, thousands of items are precisely displayed. Have

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Mekor Judaica Millennial Kosher - recipes reinvented for the modern palate

Millennial Kosher - By Chanie Apfelbaum On Special $25.99 One Day Sale Buy Now! The creator of world-renowned kosher food blog, Busy In Brooklyn, Chanie Apfelbaum makes her cookbook debut with a collection of modern, cultural, trendy, and bold dishes that reflect her passion for reinventing traditional foods with a Millennial vibe.


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Real Life Kosher Cooking - By Miriam Pascal

The Most Popular and exciting Kosher Cook Book, Now Only $26.29.


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Mekor Judaica A Tapestry of Stars - More Stories of People who Light up our World

New Release: A Tapestry of Stars by C.B. Weinfeld True stories that light up the dark! Meet some of the stars of A Tapestry of Stars: The two girls willing to risk their jobs so a woman can be at her husband's deathbed The young college student stuck in Budapest, searching for a phone - and her id 06/02/2017

Mekor Judaica Mastering Relationships - The 4 elements of connecting with anyone

New Release: Mastering Relationships by Mordechai Weinberger LCSW Fire. Water. Wind. Earth. Understand the four elements - and you will better understand others, and yourself. Master their secrets - and you will master your relationships. Rav Chaim Vital, Rambam, the Gaon of Vilna, the Aruch Hashulchan and the Baal H


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Mekor Judaica Mishloach Manot | Mekor Judaica

Order Your Mishloach Manot We Will Deliver It To Friends and Family.


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Mekor Judaica A Yiddishe Kop - Visual Brainteasers for the Keen Eye and Sharp Mind

A Yiddishe Kop - Now In English!


Wishing everyone a good Shabbat Rosh Chםdesh Shvat.

שבת שלום ומבורך שבת ראש חודש שבט. 01/24/2017

Mekor Judaica Books and GIfts

We are back! After a long hiatus we are back to update this page with exciting information, promotions and new items.

Keep your dial set right here at Mekor!


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How about you advice the president how to Govern this country? You think he would listen to you?? just as President Clinton did to Menachem Genack any other President Can listen to you!! for sure you would need to have the right view on things!! Like what?? Read Here


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Latest Models!! - More Coming....

Latest Models!! - More Coming....


Have you ever heared the name Gilad Shalit ?? Have you Ever Heared the Name Gershon Baskin? what do they have in common? who negotiated with the terror group to free Gilad? Check it out a Novel book but still a real story!! You remember it!! But you dont know the Secrets of the Story!!


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NEW: the First Volume of the Exploring Sires was the only book interesting for young and old, starting from Todlers, all the way up the Guys with the Canes!! 10/07/2013

Judaic Books, Garments, and More at Mekor Judaica - Home

October 7 2013 - 7 Days passed in October that makes 7 New Items @ Check it out Mekor Judaica is your reliable Judaica source for all your Judaica needs Tallis, Teffilin, Kippot, Tzizis, and for all Occasions; Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Holidays, Gifts, Toy's, Books and Workbooks. For all customs Sephardic and Ashkenaz.


Harav Ovadia Yosef Zt"l have left us, but he also left a huge collection of Seforim Books, and more!
He's main Sefer is the Chazon Ovadia!



1973 Coney Island Ave
New York, NY
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