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Todd Talbot's home on Okanagan Lake will be a passive home. He is building it himself with some help from friends. The details of insulation levels, airtightness and window/door qualities will exceed current code (his choice). This will be an amazing home when completed. The pre-finished fir on the inside looks amazing sitting on pre-finished Glulam beams.

Todd Talbot
Clay Construction Inc.
475 High Performance Building Supply
Shaun St-Amour
pro clima
Daniel Preston
Passive House Canada

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BC's energy step code requires a greater level of air tightness so that by 2032 all homes will be step 5 achieving 1.0 ACH (Net Zero) or 0.6 ACH(Passive House).

To put this in perspective a finished home have had the following ratings:

Older draughty homes were 12 to 18 ACH
Average new home in Vancouver 6 years ago 5.5 ACH
R2000 requires 1.5 ACH
Net Zero requires 1.0 ACH
Passive House requires 0.6 ACH

It is imperative that in tight homes, fresh air is brought into the home through an HRV or commonly known as a fresh air machine.

Congratulations to Shaun St-Amour for his hard work and expertise in achieving 0.64 ACH 50 with only the exterior air barrier installed.

475 High Performance Building Supply
pro clima
Clay Construction
BC Housing

For those builders and homeowners who desire to eliminate air leakage at the ceiling, look at the details on our Shaughnessy home. We installed this high performance air barrier named Intello Plus and corresponding Vana Tape is offered by 475 High Performance Building Products. Intello Plus is a smart vapour barrier allowing for drying in both directions. This is part of the solution that will deliver a healthy, comfortable and efficient home to our clients.

475 High Performance Building Supply
Vancouver, British Columbia
Shaun St-Amour
Daniel Preston

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For those builders and homeowners who desire to eliminate air leakage at the ceiling, look at the details on our Shaughnessy home. We installed this high performance air barrier named Intello Plus and corresponding Vana Tape is offered by 475 High Performance Building Products. Intello Plus is a smart vapour barrier allowing for drying in both directions. This is part of the solution that will deliver a healthy, comfortable and efficient home to our clients.

475 High Performance Building Supply
Vancouver, British Columbia
Shaun St-Amour
Daniel Preston

#housingexcellence #netzero #netzeroready #netzerohomes #passivehouse #passivehaus #highperformancehomes #airtight #airtightness
Join our Women's Council for a Site Tour of BCIT's High Performance Building Lab on May 4.

Learn more: https://chbahomebuildersassociationofvancouverhavancanada.growthzoneapp.com/ap/Events/Register/aPoMqbdr

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475 High Performance Building Supply
BCIT: British Columbia Institute of Technology
Die Woodlawn-Seniorenresidenz mit 80 Wohneinheiten im Stadtteil Woodlawn Heights in der New Yorker Bronx wurde auf einer zusammenhängenden Reihe leerstehender Grundstücke errichtet. Jetzt bietet sie erschwinglichen Wohnraum, der nach Passivhaus-Standards gebaut wurde sowie eine Vielzahl an grüner Infrastruktur. Gemeinsam mit unserem Partner 475 High Performance Building Supply konnten wir mit unserem fast 9 m langen Glasdach PR60 im Eingangsbereich zur hochleistungsfähigen Gebäudehülle beitragen und den Bewohnern reichlich Zugang zu natürlichem Tageslicht verschaffen.

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Presented by HAVAN's Women's Council, join us at the 2022 Industry Tour hosted by BCIT, to learn about tools and technology, and connect with the experts to be part of the changes in the industry.

Register here: http://ow.ly/3Oy150IHVFT

Thank you to event sponsors:
475 High Performance Building Supply
BCIT: British Columbia Institute of Technology
The BC Energy Step Code puts British Columbia on a path to meet the province’s target that all new buildings must be “net-zero energy ready” by 2032.

With the recent and future changes in the construction industry, education is more crucial than ever for both industry veterans and the younger generation.

Join us at the HAVAN Women’s Council Industry Tour hosted by BCIT to learn about the tools and technology, and connect with the experts to be part of the change.

Learn more: http://ow.ly/gz3x50IxmLe

Thank you to Event Sponsors:
475 High Performance Building Supply
BCIT School of Construction and the Environment
Join us next week in Arvada, CO to talk Passive House alongside Emu Systems, AE Building Systems, 475 High Performance Building Supply, and other #PassiveHouse experts! This event is FREE to attend. More information below!
Join us at BUILDEX Vancouver at the Vancouver Convention Centre on March 23rd & 24th, 2022. @BUILDEXshows is Western Canada’s largest forum connecting the holistic building industry. Interact, learn and discover the newest innovations from a market in constant transformation.

REGISTER NOW FOR FREE: https://www.microspec.com/reg/BXV2022/

We would also like to give a special thanks to our sponsors for their steadfast support and for helping us fulfill our mission of promoting high performance building materials, products and technologies at BUILDEX Vancouver.

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Look at how well things are moving along at our Pilot Project in Englewood with Sterling Builders! This will be the first PHI or PHIUS multi-family (duplex) in Colorado. It's located in climate zone 5 right next to a busy highway, so this is just another value point of building a better building envelope by implementing Passive House standards.

@shape_architect on instagram
475 High Performance Building Supply
Alpen HPP

The intent of our Pilot Program is to provide builders with construction instructions and details for assemblies and junctions that tie climate-specific performance criteria with cost-effective build strategies, using the international Passive House Standard as the benchmark. Learn more in the link in our bio, and follow us to see the progress of this and the other projects in our #emupilot program.

Learn more about our Pilot Program: https://emu.systems/systems/pilot/

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We tried out a new product this week. Check out pro clima AEROFIXX caulk gun. 475 High Performance Building Supply
Air tightness is the low hanging fruit and the most essential area to manage when building healthy, comfortable and efficient homes. When homes are airtight, fresh air needs to be introduced into the home via an HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) otherwise known as a fresh air machine. An industry maxim states, "Built tight, ventilate right". A well thought out wall assembly will be vapour open and will allow water vapour to dry to the interior and exterior. I cringe when I hear builders who proudly state, "I slash the poly so the wall can breathe." We can do so much better. This home used a smart vapour retarder which helps keep the wall assembly vapour open and thus dry.

Products used:
Vapour Retarder
pro clima Intello Plus

pro clima Tescon Vana tape

Above products can be purchased from 475 High Performance Building Supply. Website: https://foursevenfive.com/

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A superior wall assembly will be air-tight and vapour open with minimal thermal bridging making the home healthy, comfortable and efficient. One approach is to use the Proclima product Intello Plus and Proclima's Vana tape. We will finish with an airtightness under 1 ACH with continuous air barriers on the interior and exterior of our North Vancouver, British Columbia home. Thank you Shaun St-Amour for your coaching on the small details.

475 High Performance Building Supply
pro clima

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Greening Homes recently welcomed reps from 475 High Performance Building Supply to one of our projects - a whole home retrofit of a century old property. We are a big fan of 475, which supplies essential materials, building components, and knowledge for durable high-performance, Passive House and zero-energy buildings.

They reviewed with our team some of the trickier details of this project and helped us find the best solutions for some of the tough spots. Thank you 475 High Performance Building Supply!

475 High Performance Building Supply (475) provides essential building knowledge to architects through On-line social networking, in support of our sales of best-in-class materials and components to building professionals.

Operating as usual


How To Use The AEROFIXX Spray And Seal Airtightness Tool.⁠

The AEROFIXX spray and seal application tool makes quick work of difficult and hard-to-reach air sealing jobs. It connects to standard compressors to easily apply liquid-applied airtight membranes anywhere from wall or ceiling surfaces to hard-to-reach gaps. The AEROFIXX is for use with VISCONN and VISCONN FIBRE sausages which is compatible with both interior and exterior application. VISCONN can be applied to CMU, masonry, and junctions, and cures into a flexible air barrier, forming seamless, durable membranes.⁠

Click the link in bio to watch the full vide on AEROFIXX. ⁠


475 High Performance Building Supply updated their website address. 08/05/2022

475 High Performance Building Supply updated their website address.

475 High Performance Building Supply updated their website address.

Timeline photos 07/28/2022

Join our team and change the construction industry towards and better building! We have several open positions between the US and Canada, take a look at the links below for the different positions:⁠

- US: New England Product Consultant (https://foursevenfive.com/careers/)⁠
- Canada: Canada Tech Sales Associate, Western Canada Product Consultant (https://foursevenfive.ca/careers/)

Photos from 475 High Performance Building Supply's post 06/27/2022

The teaser for an upcoming episode of Colorado Voices on Rocky Mountain PBS features a mighty fine Passive House project in Colorado Springs.

Just a short walk from Garden Of The Gods park, this picturesque location had a panelized assembly set down in just a few days by the skilled and experienced Collective Carpentry team. Architects Bronwyn Barry and Andrew Michler (featured in this interview) designed a prime example of what we could be replicating across Colorado and throughout North America as the demand for Passive House grows. ⁠

To all our Colorado-based friends: make sure to watch Colorado Voices: Building Back Better after the Marshall Fire airing June 30 at 7 p.m. on Rocky Mountain PBS.⁠



Timeline photos 06/17/2022

475’s US operations will be closed on Monday, June 20th in observance of our newest Federal Holiday: Juneteenth (Emancipation Day). Our Canadian operations will have normal business hours. ⁠

From CNN Wire:⁠
“You might see another red, white and blue flag flying today over state capitols and city buildings.⁠

That banner with a bursting star in the middle is the Juneteenth Flag, a symbolic representation of the end of slavery in the United States.⁠

The flag is the brainchild of activist Ben Haith, founder of the National Juneteenth Celebration Foundation (NJCF). Haith created the flag in 1997 with the help of collaborators, and Boston-based illustrator Lisa Jeanne Graf brought their vision to life.⁠

The flag was revised in 2000 into the version we know today, according to the National Juneteenth Observation Foundation. Seven years later, the date “June 19, 1865” was added, commemorating the day that Union Army Maj. Gen. Gordon Granger rode into Galveston, Texas, and told enslaved African Americans of their emancipation.”


We are looking for a Rockies Region Product Consultant. Come work for 475 and make Passive House a reality in the Rockies! Apply at foursevenfive.com/careers

Timeline photos 02/22/2022

Just one week after launching our on-demand course offerings on our site, we have a new video just added. Jeremy Latriano presents High Performance Roof Daylighting.
Thermal bridging, overheating, cold air convective currents and air / water leaks can dampen or destroy the gains of free daylight and visual comfort. In this presentation Jeremy covers design considerations for roof daylighting of all types and sizes - commercial or residential, flat or pitched roof, light tube or wall-to-wall roof glass.

Find this an our other on-demand courses on our site... just take a few seconds to complete the form for access to the page.

USA: foursevenfive.com/on-demand-courses/
Canada: foursevenfive.ca/on-demand-courses/


This shot from @lehtodesignbuild - 👏👏👏

Photos from 475 High Performance Building Supply's post 02/18/2022

Repost from our colleagues @lamilux_uk
Here is a remarkable example of how the LAMILUX Glass Roof PR60 system can achieve almost any bespoke shaped glass roof solution. This impressive domed rooflight, was installed at the 5* Fairmont Windsor Park Hotel which opened its doors in January this year. The hotel is described as a luxury retreat from the city with a strong focus on health and authentic wellness.
The faceted domed rooflight was supplied complete with framing detail, to fix to the faceted perimeter upstand, and consists of 64 glass panels giving an internal span of 8.5 m (28 ft).
See @lamilux_uk for full case study

Photos from 475 High Performance Building Supply's post 02/15/2022

We want to send a belated Valentine’s Day card to everyone involved in this project because we love it. Mixing high performance with natural insulation is where it’s at. @alpenhpp windows Pro Clima tapes and membrane from 475, a little wood and a lot of straw is just about all you need.

REPOST from our buddy Lucas
Stoked to be providing scientific guidance at another one of the amazing projects from @natural_building_works

Window detailing becomes particularly nuanced with high performance strawbale homes, but it is oh so worth the effort.

This shows the @moll_proclima system of sill tape followed with for exteriors and for interiors. The black colored Exo has a higher perm rating than the white colored SL to limit moisture loading around window frames while encouraging outward drying. Both Contega tapes are stretchy, which is critical in this case. They are also covered in a protective surface fleece that integrates well with plaster finishes.

Btw the last photo won’t make sense to most people, but I hereby dedicate it to Ray 😇🤓😂

Photos from 475 High Performance Building Supply's post 02/14/2022

Great example here reposted from @shedlightly -
One of the opportunities of using high performance tape for window sealing: pre-taping.

When you set them up ahead of time it’s easy to knock them out. Plus chances are your airseal will be better because you had access to all sides of the window before it went in the wall.

Our install crew prepping and setting @vettawindow on our Watershed Cohousing project in

Photos from 475 High Performance Building Supply's post 02/09/2022

We're heading to the Energy Design Conference & Expo in Duluth, MN February 22-23 to present with @emuenrico of @emubldgscience on Building Passive House in Climate Zone 6 & 7. Who else will be there to brave the cold with us? Anyone in the area have a project going on they'd like to show off?⁠⁠
We know we can count on Tim Eian of @testudioarch - makers of the Good Energy Haus you see pictured here - and if you don't know that project, check out our blog post on it: https://foursevenfive.com/blog/good-energy-haus-as-a-case-study-and-beacon-for-sustainability/

Photos from 475 High Performance Building Supply's post 02/04/2022

Ever have trouble explaining the benefits of high performance building to your clients? Do yourself a solid and watch this episode of @homediagnosistv from Grace and Corbett Lunsford. They are a master class in communicating these complex issues in a way the public can understand.⁠

As they say, airsealing is of primary importance...⁠
“not only because it’s inexpensive, needs no maintenance, and uses no energy, but also because it has a superpower: it controls all four of the elements of home performance.”⁠

They go on to name those 4 elements are:⁠
- Heat Bleed⁠
- Airflow & Pressure⁠
- Moisture⁠
- Air Quality⁠

The term "heat bleed" alone is genius. Can we all start saying "heat bleed" in place of "thermal bridge" when talking to homeowners?! So quickly, people can see: of course I want to stop the bleeding!⁠

The episode also features our own Johnny Rezvani @475.supply and Matt Risinger from @risingerbuild as contributing guest. Bookmark the YouTube link, watch it this weekend, catch it on PBS, and pass it on!⁠

Link to the episode is here:

Photos from 475 High Performance Building Supply's post 02/03/2022

While typical constructions have a multitude of compromising penetrations, the air barrier in a high-performance construction should continue uninterrupted. Here's what we recommend to make it quick, easy, and durable:⁠

Cable connections: KAFLEX gaskets. ⁠

Pipe/Duct connections: ROFLEX and ROFLEX SOLIDO gaskets. ROFLEX has a flexible rubber sleeve that fits around the pipe/wire and can easily accommodate any movement while maintaining an airtight seal. ⁠

Read more at the link in bio, or copy and paste below:⁠
foursevenfive.com/blog/5-steps-for-sealing-intentional-holes-in-your-air-barrier/ (US)⁠

https://foursevenfive.ca/blog/5-steps-for-sealing-intentional-holes-in-your-air-barrier/ (CA)⁠

Photos from 475 High Performance Building Supply's post 02/02/2022

We’ve been following the project from @macht.architecture - can’t wait for the next installment.
・・・REPOST ・・・
The entry way at our project. Now imagine a Japanese garden and walkway, with black shou sugi ban walls on each side and a rusted metal box above.

Yes that is a 14’ wide by 10’ tall window that is R10 Uw not just Ug. @enersigngmbh @enersign_us The windows took forever to get, but wow, we are impressed with the quality.

Photos from 475 High Performance Building Supply's post 02/02/2022

Before, during and after on a favorite project of ours: from barn to brewery, the @fourthpigconstruction retrofit for @goodlot.beer in Caledon, ON. ⁠⁠
A great example of "stitch taping" to support the weight of dense-pack behind INTELLO PLUS, a great service cavity example, and just an overall fantastic retrofit, from an old barn to high performance commercial facility. ⁠⁠
INTELLO PLUS is revolutionizing the North American construction industry. No other product provides the same level of vapor control, airtightness and resilience for your high performance projects. Our INTELLO PLUS Resource Library puts our best resources on its use into one place. So whether you're just getting started with INTELLO PLUS or are a seasoned veteran, we think you'll find something to learn. ⁠⁠
Click the link in bio or copy and paste below:⁠⁠
foursevenfive.com/blog/intello-plus-resource-library/ (US)⁠⁠
foursevenfive.ca/blog/intello-plus-resource-library/ (CAN)⁠⁠

Photos from 475 High Performance Building Supply's post 01/28/2022

Talk about - we have some real ProClima art here. It would give even @shaun_stamour a run for his money. This image came to us from Cillian Barrett - low-carbon builder extraordinaire in Gunnison County CO. The artist is Architect Halley Renee Anderson, who made these brilliant envelopes out of SOLITEX MENTO WRB (get it? envelopes?), which housed a card made from cork insulation. Slow clap 👏👏👏 that’s next level.

Photos from 475 High Performance Building Supply's post 01/27/2022

*Fighting Climate Change With Straw Panels⁠*⁠⁠
This prefab project in Leyden, MA was a labor of love for the owner/architect, Michael Dobler. He recruited local GC @holdenbuilders and project management support from @buildhelm. @newframeworks provided design consultation, as well as the pre-fab straw /Gutex wall panels. What sticks out is the team’s resourceful approach to creating a home with lower energy use and carbon output.⁠⁠
According to New Frameworks, “While the footprint is on the smaller side, the project goals are ambitious with regards to toxicity and embodied energy of materials used along with New Frameworks' typical high-performance standards.” The team selected building materials from Fakro skylights, to Pro Clima membranes and tapes, and Gutex wood fiberboard. Outlines of the project details can be found in this spot-on piece from JLC Live.⁠⁠
For more on this project, check out our Project Spotlight at the Link In Bio, or copy and paste below:⁠⁠
foursevenfive.com/blog/building-panels-with-only-wood-straw-and-smart-vapor-control/ (US)⁠⁠
foursevenfive.ca/blog/building-panels-with-only-wood-straw-and-smart-vapour-control/ (CAN)⁠⁠

Photos from 475 High Performance Building Supply's post 01/25/2022

It’s our mission to change the way people build in North America. A part of what we do is give away our best informational resources for free. 475 has complete guidance for 9 different assembly types - we call our system the ‘Smart Enclosure’. Each Smart Enclosure book combines the best of our design recommendations to offer a 21st-century guide to holistic high performance building. This is a toolkit that can help you maximize the positive impact of your building projects: providing optimized comfort, safety, energy efficiency, and negative carbon emissions.⁠

BEST PART: it's a free resource to anyone that could use it. Click the link in bio or head direct to our site to read more and download the details:⁠

USA: foursevenfive.com/smart-enclosure/⁠
Canada: https://foursevenfive.ca/smart-enclosure/⁠

Photos from 475 High Performance Building Supply's post 01/25/2022

Repost from our own @475.west.iannimmo on-site:
Had the pleasure of visiting a CLT project last week. How about that window buck?!

The CLT panels were built in Oregon by @drjohnsonclt and they also installed the self adhered waterproofing layer from @475.supply, nice work team!

Nice work with the installation by @carpentryplusinc as well!

This week the woodfibre, rigid insulation board will be installed adding to the already wood rich assembly. Lots of carbon stored up in this one!


Happy Friday - this stylish infographic was found on the wall of @alpinemodern
In case the text is hard to read, it’s a scale from TALK to WORK, from left to right, shapes are: CHARLATAN, MARTYR, and HUSTLER. It’s a thinker… thought you might appreciate it.

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Big shout out to @DolphinInsulationInc - a Massachusetts-based high performance insulation company we've worked with for...
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As the weather gets colder, we’re reminded of one of our favorite on-site project videos, released early this year. @the...
*SOUND ON*  Way back in the summer of 2014 we had just started selling FRONTA QUATTRO, the all-black membrane for use be...
INTELLO X is a robust exterior grade vapor variable air barrier. It offers the highest level of protection for insulated...


Pro Clima air sealing and v***r control membranes, tapes, adhesive caulkings and gaskets. Lunos e2 decentralized high efficiency heat exchange ventilation system. Fakro triple glazed skylights. Passive House Institute PHPP. Gutex wood fiberboard.





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