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Greenfeld Judaica added a View Shop button to their Page. 04/16/2021

Greenfeld Judaica added a View Shop button to their Page.

Greenfeld Judaica added a View Shop button to their Page.

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The Kabbalah Coloring book features Fifty different illustrations, with Hebrew letters, sacred geometric patterns, symbols and mandalas for you to color, accompanied by explanations and guided meditations.


Only one of these beauties left!
Come to the store fast to get it before someone else does!

Only one of these beauties left!
Come to the store fast to get it before someone else does!

Stories of Tzaddikim Paperback - 120 Volume Set - Machanayim
Now: $195.00


The 39 Melochos / 4 Volume Set English - NEW REVISED EDITION


Nach Pe'er Vehadar - Mikraos Gedolos / 13 Volume Set 89.99!!


My First Parsha Reader on Chumash / 5 Volume Set $99!!!


2 volume set now only $14.00!


Our grand hey teves sale is here! 11/11/2020

Dinner Done - Practical Recipes for Your Busy Day "What's for Dinner?" Is that the question you hear, night after night? And often, are you simply stumped? In this epic collaboration, the team behind Between Carpools, the popular lifestyle site for busy Jewish women, brings you the cookbook you really need with easy-to-prep dinner recipes your fami... 11/11/2020

MiddosMan Volume 6 - Perfecting My Patience Book and Read-Along CD

New in the midosman series! Perfecting My Patience - Book & Read-Along CD MiddosMan is an exciting, new way to introduce young children to the concepts of middos and Torah values. MiddosMan uses warm, relatable characters, exciting, easy-to-understand stories, and real-life practical middos lessons. MiddosMan combines stories,... 11/11/2020

Eight Special Nights

New chanukah book! Twelve boys and their rebbi hide in a cave, learning Torah with great sacrifice. Will the Greeks find them? Who rallies the Maccabim and how? What is the secret of kiddush ha-chodesh? How will the Beis HaMikdash be restored? Relive the battle against the Greeks and the miracles of Chanukah with Naft...


Adar joy in our store 01/08/2020

לקוטי מוהר"ן ג' כרכים

Today was the yahrtzeit of R' Nosson Of Breslav who is responsible for printing all of R' Nachman's torah.
The new Likutei Moharan published by Pe'er Mikdoshim is still on sale as part of our big hey teves sale. מהדורה חדשה מפוארת ומאירת עינים מנופה ומתוקנת, בתוספת פיסוק וניקוד, פתיחת ראשי תיבות, חלוקת קטעים, כותרות באור, מראי מקומות, הערות וציונים והשוואות להרחבת ופרוט המקו...


Click here for the sale page! 09/12/2018

Stuffed "Kaparos" Chicken Get your children used to performing the old Jewish custom of Kaparos with this stuffed chicken.


Some good deals on 3 weeks and 9 av titles

03/28/2018 12/22/2016

Aluminum Hanukkah Menorah with Multicolor Inlay

Reg price: $39.49
Now: $32.00 Enlighten your home this Hanukkah when lighting this classy aluminum menorah with a multicolor inlay. Its classic yet contemporary design makes it a lovely piece. 11/15/2016

Multi Colored Hanukkah Candles / 44 Candles per Box

Only $1.25! Kids just love these brightly colored wax Hanukkah candles! Burning time is about half an hour, and the 44 candles per box should last you throughout Hanukkah. Just Perfect!! 11/15/2016

Inflatable Lawn Menorah Indoor Outdoor Decoration with Night Glowing Lights Share the miracle of Chanukah seven feet of inflatable goodness. This outrageously awesome blow up Menorah decoration is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use so you can either brighten your home, school, Chabad house and shul, or bring the Holiday of Lights to the streets. This fun and funky Meno... 06/09/2016

Energy - Eli Marcus CD Get your dancing shoes on... Following the success of 'Dovid Hamelech', Eli Marcus is back with a new CD titled 'Energy'. Non stop dance music collected from some of our favorite songs of today and yesterday. Music arranged and conducted by Yoni Eliav from Israel, featuring top Israeli musicians Dor... 05/19/2016

Meshorerim Choir Vocal Classics 6 CD The famed Meshorerim Choir is back with an all new album Vocal Classics 6, just in time for sefira! Presented by Chaim Blumenfeld and arranged by Aba Berkowitz, the album features some of this years biggest hits including; Shloime Gertner's Neshuma song, Boruch Sholom's Vayechili, Levi Falkowitz’s N... 05/19/2016

The Jewish Crusader One boy. One girl. One unforgettable story. The peace and quiet of the village was once again disturbed by Yechiel’s antics, and Gittel his sister comes to his rescue again. But what can they do when their village is destroyed by marauding Crusaders? How will Yechiel escape from their camp? And why… 02/04/2016

די דרייסטע פחדנים - אידיש קומיק
yiddish comic book 09/10/2015



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Adar joy in our store



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