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This week we start up classes at The Berkeley Carroll School, Williamsburg Northside School, Cobble Hill Playschool and PS58. We love partnering with these amazing schools. Welcome to our new students, and welcome back old friends - we look forward to an amazing semester!
Jocelyn joins forces with Kristin Brady, director of Cobble Hill Playschool to give a talk on Playful Parenting. Child's Play NY teachers play with your kids while you get practical tips on how to harness your kids imagination to make your life easier! #play #actingonimagination #parentinghacks
Hello everyone, we are a brand new children's fitness center located on Smith Street. We plan to open our doors in May and are looking for the best ways to spread our name and provide FREE fitness classes within schools and child care centers. Please like our page for continued updates on our construction and check out our first location in Park Slope. If you have any suggestions on who to reach out to, please comment below. Thank you!

Cobble Hill Playschool Cobble Hill Playschool is a Reggio Emilia inspired program and draws on several leading models in early childhood education.

We understand the individual needs of our students and help them make the most of their individual abilities and ways of learning. Our goal is to develop the child as thinker-confident, curious, and ready to take on challenges.

Operating as usual


This is the final week of Enrichment Month, CHP's annual Spring fundraiser. This year, 100% of the proceeds from Enrichment Month will go to support CHP's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative. Contribute or see the teachers’ wish lists here:

DEI Coordinator and Narcorns Teacher Kelsey shares why diverse materials are so important:
"From a very early age, children begin to explore the world around them through pretend play. They start adopting roles of characters they have observed and one way of them doing this is through doll play. When children have access to dolls with a variety of different skin tones, it provides them with the opportunity to play the character of someone who may look differently than them. This is creating the foundation for children to develop the important skill of empathy."

This year, CHP has embraced this critical work, and we couldn't do it without you. Thank you in advance for your support!


You did it! Thanks to everyone who participated in CHP’s 21 Days of Equity Action Challenge. But don’t let it end there! Please check out our #DEI page ( for additional resources for kids and adults, and a recap of all the 21 Days of Equity Action challenges (including links to videos and articles). #DEIatCHP #21daychallenge #diversity #equity #inclusion


Day 21 of CHP’s 21 Days of Equity Action Challenge: When and why were “white” people invented?
“When the first Africans arrived in Virginia in 1619, there were no ‘white’ people there; nor, according to the colonial records, would there be for another sixty years.” - Theodore W. Allen

Very few people understand when and why “white” people were invented. Read this article ( to learn how our current polarized moment traces back to the divide and conquer strategy that led to a subset of people being labeled “white” people. What are the ways people who believe themselves “white” continue to work against their own interests. #DEIatCHP #21daychallenge #DEI #diversity #equity #inclusion


Day 20 of CHP’S 21 Day Equity Action Challenge: Do you explicitly communicate the values that your family upholds?

You may believe things like Black lives matter and love is love but do you communicate these values to your children? We often believe that our values will be instilled in our children by our actions but it is equally important to talk about why these values are important to your family. Check out the DIY family values chart at and create one of your own with your kids. #DEIatCHP #21daychallenge #DEI #diversity #equity #inclusion


Day 19 of CHP’s 21 Days of Equity Action Challenge: Do you call out or in?
“We can change this culture. Calling-in is simply a call-out done with love. Some corrections can be made privately. Others will necessarily be public, but done with respect.” - Loretta Ross

"Calling out" is best when something unambiguously wrong has been said. "Calling in" is an invitation for further discussion. Calling in is best when well-meaning people unknowingly say something insensitive. How have you broached the issue when someone has said something harmful? Listen to Loretta Ross on “calling-in” ( and consider times others have called you out or in. #DEIatCHP #21daychallenge #DEI #diversity #equity #inclusion


Day 18 of CHP’s 21 Day Equity Action Challenge: Do you seek out Black history learning opportunities throughout the year?

It can be easy to fall into the trap of talking about Black history with your kids only during Black History Month. It’s important to seek out and expose our kids to the rich history of Black culture throughout the year. Right in our backyard we have the Weeksville Heritage Center, a cultural center dedicated to Weeksville which is one of the largest free Black communities in pre-Civil War America. Have you been to Weeksville? Have you heard of it? Check out their website to learn more ( The center hosts several child-friendly events throughout the year. #DEIatCHP #21daychallenge #DEI #diversity #equity #inclusion


Day 17 of CHP’s 21 Days of Equity Action: Are you keeping your world safe from microaggressions?
“No matter how confident people from marginalized or underrepresented communities feel about their identities, microaggressions create unsafe spaces and make individuals feel like perpetual outsiders.” - Mira Yang

The most common cause of microaggressions is lack of understanding. The more you learn the less likely you are to commit them. The article “21 Racial Microaggressions You Hear On A Daily Basis” on BuzzFeed covers common microaggressions. Any surprises? Have you spoken or been hurt by any of these? How would you respond if you witnessed a microaggression today? Think about real life as well as social media. #DEIatCHP #21daychallenge #DEI #diversity #equity #inclusion


Day 16 of CHP’s 21 Day Equity Challenge: How do you introduce learning differences to your children?

As you all know, our kids often pick up on even the smallest details. It follows then, that it’s not surprising when students become aware of children who learn differently than others. Although it may feel difficult to speak about these learning differences with your kids, by doing so you are instilling in them acceptance and compassion. Watch Meet Julia on A video about Julia, Elmo’s friend who is on the Autism spectrum. Did your child have any questions? How did they react?


Day 15 of CHP’s 21 Day Equity Challenge: What is your role in the pursuit of life, liberty, and justice for all?
“White supremacy is creating an ideal of a society and using the state to enforce it.” - Ravyn Wingz

Listen to the quiet power of Ravyn Wingz ( as she reminds us of how long, how creatively, and how peacefully Black people have been fighting white supremacy. What will it take for ALL of us to get life, liberty, and justice? How do you see your role in that struggle? #DEIatCHP #21daychallenge #DEI #diversity #equity #inclusion


Day 14 of CHP’S 21 Day Equity Challenge: What is intersectionality?

It can be easy to view different types of oppression as separate issues siloed unto their own. The truth is, all types of oppression are intersectional. This means aspects of a person's social and political identities combine to create different modes of discrimination and privilege. In order to fully understand a person's identity you must consider how intersectionality affects them. Read the article “11 students explain what being queer, black, and proud means to them” on #DEIatCHP #21daychallenge #diversity #equity #inclusion #intersectionality


Thanks to all the Narcorns, Bears, Crocodiles and Chicken Nuggets who came out to Coffey Park for Earth Day Park Cleanup. And thanks to @brooklyncoalition for hosting.


Day 13 of CHP’s 21 Day Equity Challenge: Do you expose your children to communities that look different than yours?

It can be easy to stay in your comfort zone by not venturing out past your own neighborhood. However, it’s important to expose our kids to places and faces that may not look like theirs. To this end, join us today Coffey Park in Red Hook for an Earth Day Park Cleanup. The event will take place Saturday at 10:00 a:m. We will meet at CHP to walk to Coffey Park to play, hang, and clean. No supplies necessary!


Day 12 of CHP’s 21 Day Equity Challenge: Do you know what ableism is?

Ableism is discrimination or social prejudice against people with different abilities. Although there are laws in place to protect people from this type of discrimination in school and the workplace, many of these instances of prejudice come out in the form of unintentional miroagressions. Read Words Matter, And It’s Time To Explore The Meaning Of “Ableism” on to learn more about this topic. #DEIatCHP #21daychallenge #diversity #equity #inclusion


Day 11 of CHP’s 21 Day Equity Challenge: The Science of Melanin

This week, dive deeper into the science behind melanin to further your child's understanding of skin color. Start by explaining that melanin is a part of your body that determines if your skin is darker or lighter. People with darker skin have more melanin than those with lighter skin. How much melanin you have in your skin depends on where your ancestors came from. People who came from places that were closest to the equator, and therefore the sun, developed more melanin so that their skin could be protected from the strong sun. Explore where your family is from on a map. Is it closer to the equator or further away? What does your own skin look like? Does it match up with this explanation? Share your experiences of this discussion with your kids with us. What questions came up? #DEIatCHP #21daychallenge #DEI #diversity #equity #inclusion

And check out the Sesame Street video on Explaining What Is Race? as a discussion starter.

Our Story

Cobble Hill Playschool is a nationally accredited (NAEYC), child-centered preschool that has been serving Brooklyn families for over 40 years. Masters-level teachers and art professionals comprise our experienced faculty. Our play-based curriculum and robust arts program represent the best of developmentally appropriate preschool practice. In our mixed-aged classroom, children work side by side, learning from one another and encouraging each other. CHP's cooperative structure creates a wonderful community of families, encourages meaningful parent involvement, and affords an incredible classroom ratio of 1 adult for every 4 children. At CHP, our goal is to develop the child as a thinker – confident, curious, and ready to take on the world.



CHP was established in the early 1970s by a small group of parents who wanted a high quality co-operative preschool. Originally known as “The Co-op,” we incorporated in 1993 as a not-for-profit corporation and became known as the Cobble Hill Playgroup, Inc. We are now in the process of changing our name to Cobble Hill Playschool to better represent our commitment to a “play”-based education for preschool children.



93 Rapelye St
Brooklyn, NY

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