SK Warbasse Pharmacy

SK Warbasse Pharmacy

In S&K Warbasse Pharmacy you will get your prescription medications or buy over-the-counter products.

We are a full-service pharmacy supplier specializing in Durable Medical Equipment, Compounding, Blister Packaging of Medication, and Homeopathic Remedies. S&K Pharmacy and its sister locations are a home medical equipment supplier whose objective is to be a responsible provider of quality equipment, surgical supplies, and respiratory therapy to sick and disabled patients in their place of residenc


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We offer benefits for our clients, who register for getting new Rx or refilling active one. Register your prescriptions today and get high-quality pharmacy services and save your time to manage your treatment plan.
371 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235
Call us +1 718 743 1600 📞
499 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224
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🇷🇺 Частая смена погоды, вода, ветер и сухой воздух вытягивают влагу из кожи. Из-за этого кожа начинает шелушиться, появляется сухость и чувство стянутости. Чтобы этого не происходило, за кожей нужно правильно ухаживать, питать ее и увлажнять.
Для увлажнения и питания сухой кожи лучше всего подходят растительные компоненты и жиры: масла какао, авокадо, косточки некоторых ягод и фруктов, ши, оливковое масло. Сегодня эти ингредиенты не нужно искать по отдельности. Они содержатся во многих современных средствах для сухой кожи, которые одновременно увлажняют, питают и восстанавливают липиды.
Вот несколько советов, чтобы ваша кожа не становилась сухой и стянутой:
📌Пейте больше воды;
📌Увлажняйте воздух в квартире;
📌Не принимайте горячий душ и ванную слишком часто и реже умывайтесь горячей водой;
📌Не забывайте о витаминах и минералах для кожи.

🇺🇸 Frequent weather changes, water, wind, and dry air draw moisture from the skin. Because of this, the skin begins to peel off, dryness and a feeling of tightness appear. To prevent this from happening, the skin must be properly looked after, nourished, and moisturized.
For moisturizing and nourishing dry skin, plant components and fats are best suited: cocoa butter, avocado, seeds of some berries and fruits, shea, olive oil. These ingredients do not need to be searched in isolation today. They are found in many modern dry skin products that simultaneously moisturize, nourish and restore lipids.
Here are some tips to keep your skin from getting dry and tight:
📌Drink plenty of water
📌Humidify the air in the apartment;
📌Do not take hot showers and baths too often and wash your face less often with hot water;
📌Don't forget about vitamins and minerals for your skin.


👁In the US, approximately 120k are blind from glaucoma, accounting for 9-12% of all cases of blindness. Talk to friends and family about glaucoma. If you have glaucoma, don't keep it a secret. Connect with social media groups about glaucoma for regular updates on research, treatments, news and information.


Our best wishes for New 2022 Year for our customers! We wish you were healthy and wealthy in 2022. 🎄⛄🎊


We are grateful for your hard work! Happy New 2022 Year! 🎄


1. The number of people testing positive has risen in areas of South Africa affected by this variant.
2. It is not yet clear whether Omicron is more transmissible.
3. It is not yet clear whether infection with Omicron causes more severe disease compared to infections with other variants, including Delta.
4. Preliminary evidence suggests there may be an increased risk of reinfection with Omicron.
5. Vaccines remain critical to reducing severe disease and death.
6. PCR tests continue to detect infection, including infection with Omicron.
7. Corticosteroids and IL6 Receptor Blockers will still be effective for managing patients with severe COVID-19.
8. Recommended actions for people by WHO: The most effective steps individuals can take to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus is to keep a physical distance of at least 1 meter from others; wear a well-fitting mask; open windows to improve ventilation; avoid poorly ventilated or crowded spaces; keep hands clean; cough or sneeze into a bent elbow or tissue; and get vaccinated when it’s their turn.

Who Is at High Risk for Severe Coronavirus Disease? 12/28/2021

Who Is at High Risk for Severe Coronavirus Disease?

Who Is at High Risk for Severe Coronavirus Disease? Who Is at High Risk for Severe Coronavirus Disease? Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Linkedin Share on Pinterest Share via Email Print this Page Reviewed By: Lisa Maragakis, M.D., M.P.H. Some people are at a higher risk for serious infection if they catch the coronavirus that causes COVID...



We wish you the most beautiful holidays this year! Be healthy and wealthy. We are thankful for your loyalty and happy to serve you next year! Happy Holidays! 🎄🎊

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😀Our working hours:
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Our Locations:
371 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235
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🇷🇺 В S&K Pharmacy вы можете приобрести безрецептурные препараты, импортируемые из стран СНГ. Наши фармацевты помогут подобрать необходимое средство для лечения. ❗️Обязательно консультируйтесь с доктором перед применением лекарств.
🇺🇸 In S&K Pharmacy you can purchase non-prescription drugs imported from the CIS countries. Our pharmacists will help you find the right medicines for your treatment. ❗️Be sure to consult your doctor before using any medication.
371 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235
Call us +1 718 743 1600 📞
499 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224
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🥶Let's talk about allergy to cold!

The uniqueness of allergy to cold lies in the fact that it can occur not only in winter but also in summer - for example, if a person is caught in a cold stream of air from an air conditioner or bathed in low-temperature water. But at the same time, urticaria may not pour out from some contacts and manifest itself clearly in others, although there is an interaction with the cold in both cases.
Today, the exact causes of cold allergy are unclear. But it is known that the cause of the development of hives can be increased stress levels, reduced immunity, prolonged work in the open cold air, smoking, wearing out-of-season clothes, and an unhealthy diet.
In addition, doctors recommend observing the following rules to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction during the cold season:
- to reduce the time spent in the open cold air;
- use a nourishing cream before going outside;
- use more gentle detergents for the skin to avoid drying out;
- dress warmly and do not neglect hats and gloves;
- take a warm shower and wash your hands with warm water only;
- eat right and avoid cold food;
- take medications against allergies as prescribed by a doctor.

Diabetes and Vision: Understanding the Link 12/15/2021

Diabetes and Vision: Understanding the Link

Diabetes and Vision: Understanding the Link Uncontrolled blood sugar can affect you from head to toe—including your eyes. Here’s what you need to know.


We work fast and accurately 🏃🏃‍♀️


Winter Illness Guide 12/09/2021

Winter Illness Guide

Winter Illness Guide If you’re coughing and sneezing this winter, how do you know if you have a cold or something more serious? This guide to winter illnesses from Johns Hopkins Community Physicians will help you diagnose and treat what’s ailing you.


🤔It's easy to get lost among a large inventory of OTC flu and cold medicines. So we have found a straightforward cheat sheet if you got a cold and need first aid. However, you have to call your doctor if you feel sick. You have to stay home and wear a face cover if you need to go outside. 😷


😆Use our service of Medication Blister Packing and Pre-Pour.😉
S&K Pharmacy
371 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235
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499 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224
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👫With proper treatment, education and HIV/AIDS information, it is possible to stem the effect of HIV/AIDS and help people live long, healthy lives. At S & K Pharmacy, our mission is to make this as simple as possible 🔴
371 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235
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499 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224
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No-Fault Pharmacy insurance coverage a.k.a. Injury Security (PIP).
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📌The cold and flu season is running. But, do not forget that only three ways will help you avoid hard sick: washing your hands, staying home if you feel sick, and early vaccination. It's not late to get a flu vaccination by December 15th.
371 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235
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499 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224
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Thanksgiving Day is here 🍁


November is pancreatic cancer awareness month❗
S&K Pharmacists work to ensure proper:
📌Drug Selection
📌Compliance (taking medications properly)
📌Adherence (taking medications for required duration)
📌Medication packaging, labelling, dispensing, storing, and education
Our pharmacists also work to prevent:
📌Adverse drug interactions
📌Drug duplication
📌Adverse side effects
Our staff make sure to stress and explain the importance of the treatment plans.
👩‍⚕️Contact Us or Visit our locations in Brooklyn:
371 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235
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Pancreatic Cancer: Experts Answer 10 Commonly Asked Questions 11/24/2021

Pancreatic Cancer: Experts Answer 10 Commonly Asked Questions

Pancreatic Cancer: Experts Answer 10 Commonly Asked Questions Pancreatic cancer is the fourth most common cause of cancer death in the United States. While great strides are being made in the search and treatment of pancreatic cancer, there are still many questions about the complex disease. Jin He, M.D., Ph.D., surgical oncologist, provided responses to frequ...


Enzymes are natural biocatalysts that are produced in the cells of all living organisms. Their task is to convert the body's food into energy and make it so that energy is used for its needs.
Digestive enzymes are protein structures that contain various amino acids. But if you do not delve into the chemical composition, digestive enzymes are substances involved in the digestion of food. They "disassemble" any food into essential elements and help us absorb nutrients.

Holidays' feasts are coming. So we should think about avoiding overeating and how to help our body if it happens. You can get a free consultation at our pharmacies:
371 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235
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👧👦As kids grow, they need to get adequate nutrients that help build strong bones, such as calcium and vitamin D. Moreover, iron, zinc, iodine, choline, and vitamins A, B6 (folate), B12, and D are crucial for brain development in early life.💟
371 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235
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499 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224
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Cough is a faithful and frequent companion of colds. Cough is a rather unpleasant and loud symptom of such common diseases as tracheitis, bronchitis, tracheobronchitis, bronchiolitis, pneumonia, and others.
Liquid forms of drug release are absorbed faster in the gastrointestinal tract than classic tablets, which take some time to dissolve. In addition, syrups do not irritate the gastric mucosa since many of the auxiliary components in their composition have an enveloping effect.
Experts distinguish two types of syrups - for coughs and coughs.
It is based on the type of cough, its localization, and the cause of its occurrence. Thus, syrup should be chosen by the tasks solved by syrups for and for cough can be completely different.
Cough syrups (for dry coughs) should provide a quick onset of action and maximum effect after the first dose. By blocking attacks of a painful dry cough for a long time, such drugs help a person lead an everyday life during the day and at night provide an opportunity to get a good night's sleep. These syrups do not cure cough but are explicitly aimed at suppressing it.
Cough syrups (for wet coughs) should have a complex therapeutic effect: reduce inflammation, relieve swelling and spasm of the bronchi, thin phlegm, and stimulate its discharge. An additional advantage will also be that the drug has antimicrobial and antiviral properties.
There are four basic groups of medicinal syrups used for coughing:
Antitussives - blocking, suppressing coughing, or softening mucosal irritation during coughing. Used for dry cough.
Mucolytic - thinning phlegm, reducing its viscosity, thereby contributing to its better discharge from the bronchi and lungs. They are used for wet, unproductive cough.
Expectorant - stimulating the active excretion of sputum and cleansing the lumen of the bronchi. They are used for wet, productive cough.
Complex action drugs - possessing a set of effects: mucolytic, expectorant, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, and several others. They have a predominantly combined composition and are used in the treatment of wet cough with sputum.
❗️You should always consult a doctor for advice before taking medications.

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