The Archive Factory

The Archive Factory

The Archive Factory digitizes images and documents for business and institutional clients. We also create digital signage systems and web galleries.

The Archive factory is more than a professional image and document archiving service. This kind of work is perfectly suited to perfectionists -perfectionists on the high functioning end of the autism spectrum. A comfortable environment at the shop and digital work that can be done from home make this perfect work for young adults on the spectrum. George Greene has extensive experience with still i

Timeline Photos 03/21/2016

We also do digital signage aimed squarely at small businesses in MN. We make it a no brainer for you to update content by yourself and we have affordable hardware platforms.

DSCVR Virtual Reality Headset for Smartphones 02/18/2016

DSCVR Virtual Reality Headset for Smartphones

The Google Cardboard concept is pretty cool and brings 3D to your smartphone for way less than the fancy headsets. This is the sturdiest one I've seen at a low price.

DSCVR Virtual Reality Headset for Smartphones Take Off on an Unforgettable Virtual Reality Adventure with This Powerful Headset


For institutions (and for consumers) a big impediment to starting a digitizing project is that it appears to be a much bigger project then it usually is. Simply starting will give the project momentum. And make your life easier -an institution might start with the most requested archival material or the material most likely to have commercial value. Consumers may want to digitize their oldest photos first while family members are around to identify people.


XCSOURCE Blue 4in1 Fisheye lens + Wide Angle lens + Macro lens + 6x HD Super Macro Lens + Clip...

Here's a cheap and nifty add on for your phone that gives you a wide angle lens and two macros that clip onto your smart phone for around 8 bucks!"

XCSOURCE Blue 4in1 Fisheye lens + Wide Angle lens + Macro lens + 6x HD Super Macro Lens + Clip... Feature : - Compatible for 95% mobile phone & tablet whose cameras are not bigger than 13mm diameter - Strong: Made of top-grade Aluminuim - Lens cap to avoid damage to either lens - Portable and detachable, you can take photo with your devices at any time - Having fun with photography that you n...


Besides digitizing photo and document collections, we also build turnkey digital signage systems that are inexpensive and easy for anyone in an organization to use and update with simple text entry.

The FUS Archives 10/02/2015

The FUS Archives

10,000 pages of sermons from 1910 to 1965 digitized and loaded onto a custom website for our client.

The FUS Archives The Humanist Archives at FUS including the collected addresses of Rev. John Dietrich and Rev. Carl Storm.

Timeline Photos 10/02/2015

After a bit of adjustment, I fixed this picture I took at Bodie, a ghost town in California. The original was almost black.

Lightroom tutorial: Tethering a Camera to Lightroom 10/02/2015

Lightroom tutorial: Tethering a Camera to Lightroom

Lightroom Tip: Adobe Lightroom can control or "tether to" your camera. Hook up your (supported) camera via USB and launch Lightroom. Choose File/Tethered Capture/Start Tethered Capture. Give it a moment to see the camera, then click the shutter on the camera, onscreen in Lightroom or on your remote. You can apply filters (I like Autotone) and set metadata to write to each file.

Lightroom tutorial: Tethering a Camera to Lightroom Colin shows you how to tether a camera to Lightroom so that your photos appear directly on your screen while shooting. for 12 hours of Lightroom training htt...


Found Gems: A current audio digitizing project has some hidden gems: usually after the program material we're looking for we've found audio from a previous recording. So far: live radio recordings of Louis Armstrong and The Andrews sisters, a Kentucky Derby and a town hall forum with Hubert Humphrey on the economy during Truman's presidency.


Here at the Archive Factory we're digitizing 65 year old reel to reel tapes and dealing with the choices made back then on recording media. To save a buck, some cheap tapes are now almost disintegrating. Tape just a few dollars more is still in excellent shape. Note: this applies to optical media, USB/chip media and hard discs -BUY QUALITY MEDIA!




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