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Do you have any products that will fit '90s DC Direct action figures? Thanks
Are y'all still in business?
Love the product and I’m sure times are tough for you just like everywhere else, but, any idea when TMNT classes might be back in stock or ready for pre order? Or at least cases that could fit the 1988 series?
Good Morning Toy Shield? Is there an ETA on when you will be getting in more TMNT1 cases?
I received a damaged case on February 4th. I've emailed twice, sent a FB DM and used the contact us form on your website since that day with no response to any of those methods. What does it take to get some customer service please?
Greeting Toyshield! Question do you have cases that fit the TMNT Next Mutation Series of Ninja Turtles? Been looking for a case for my Mikey and I am super impressed by your cases. Keep up the great work!
Do you ever plan to make cases that work for specific g1 transformers like:

Optimus Prime
Ultra Magnus
Sky Lynx
Six Shot
Both original and reissue of these:
The cassettes
Minibots like Bumblebee (also g2 versions)
Box sets like Devastator

I know acrylic ones exist but are expensive. I expect there is demand to not only house the originals but also the knock-offs that now exist.
Please address this issue. I was hung up on by the gentleman when I called???
I ordered 100 cases on Jan 4. The tracking is not uploaded on the webpage. It states that the item was not accepted by usps. As we all know, this is not good when this happens. We have waited over 10 days for a valid tracking number.
Just got my cases! They are fantastic! Look great on figures. Well made. I will be buying more as needed. Do a great job! Here’s my only “complaints”. The TMNT1 case, it is hard to get DC toy biz to center. Looks nice when in. Just hard to get centered. It was a bit difficult to get the large stack, 50, to separate with out bending the bottom of the case ever so slightly. And my last is that the x-men case does not fit professor X. His bubble is too large. However, I highly recommend the cases. Awesome case at a great price.
Fantastic cases! Look great. Fit great. Great price.
And for honesty. Disappointed in trying to get DC toy biz centered in TMNT1 box. Difficult but nice once in. Hard to not stretch the case when taking apart a large stack of 50. And x men case does nothing fit professor X. His bubble is too large. Overall. Fantastic!!! Will be buying more as I need.
Do you have vintage tmnt in stock. On your site it says in stock. Will you have more than just what people preordered? thanks

Providing protective action figure cases for MOC toy lines, including Super Powers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more coming soon.

Operating as usual

2021 Toy Shield restock Status Updates! – Toy Shield Protective Cases 10/07/2021

2021 Toy Shield restock Status Updates! – Toy Shield Protective Cases

We've been getting a lot of messages about status updates! Here's the latest...

2021 Toy Shield restock Status Updates! – Toy Shield Protective Cases 7 Oct 2021 2021 Toy Shield restock Status Updates! by admin | posted in: Uncategorized | 0 It’s been a while since we’ve posted any updates, unfortunately it’s because it’s been a while since we’ve received any updates. About a year ago we placed our order with our manufacturer, unfortunat...

Status overview 01/12/2021

Status overview

Since we get a dozen or so messages a day about tracking not updating, we decided to do some digging on the matter. Turns out there are many issues with scanning, some are USPS employee related and some are network related. When the network is down for a particular region, even if the package is scanned it will not update a status. This could explain why several of our packages don't get scanned when they are picked up, and some packages have no updates at all even to the point they are delivered. Here is a link to the USPS outage map for the USPS network:
Cities that show recent outages are likely worse off with tracking updates and overall deliveries than other cities. Keep in mind, even if you don't live in those cities, if they have to pass through to get to you, then you're still effected.

It turns out it's not just a problem with the scanning, this year in particular USPS has experienced a rampant backlog. Here are a few articles (there are pages of articles, this is just a few) that talk about the issue. To summarize, COVID and the holidays has caused the delays. Yes, holidays, meaning there are items shipped in December that still have not arrived yet! Reports of USPS workers getting COVID, but also COVID being responsible for people Christmas shopping primarily online this year which is a double-whammy with limited staff.

We're happy to see some customers getting cases quickly, and we were initially concerned about the customers that have not gotten theirs yet but we've learned that this shouldn't be much of a concern as delays right now are unfortunate but expected. But please be assured that we are on top of orders, and they are shipped out within a day or two of being placed (some delay on weekend orders) and a "Pre-Shipment" status was shipped but likely not scanned when it was picked up.

Status overview Realtime overview of issues and outages with all kinds of services. Having issues? We help you find out what is wrong.

[12/30/20]   We're a little behind on messages. We apologize and we'll get you answered very soon. Thanks for your patience!

[11/14/20]   Update on TMNT1, PM1, MTB1, and TMNT2 pre-orders!

We finally got customs release (took over a frustrating week) but they are being put on the truck on Monday and headed to our warehouse. Which means preorders will start shipping out next week! We'll start in the order they were placed so if you've recently made a preorder then bare with us a few more weeks on this, when these arrive we'll be kicking these out as fast as we can.

Another thing to note, the prices went up dramatically for us in all areas (materials, manufacturing, customs fees, shipping) so unfortunately we will raise the prices on these *a little* just to get it back where it was for us. It won't be drastic and we're only changing these 4 products, we appreciate your understanding on this. 2020 was not nice to industries that effect our business unfortunately. This change will happen when we officially move these from "pre-order" to "in-stock" on our website next week just to give our followers a last chance to buy them at the old pricing. (And whatever stock is left will be recalculated to fit our margins and increased).

We appreciate everyone's support and patience and understanding. We had no idea this reorder would take a full year to get. You all have been awesome and I'm excited to show you more sizes we've been working on!


Guess what? We're only 5 weeks away from these being back in stock so we opened up pre-orders on the site for TMNT1, TMNT2, MTB1, and PM1


Update for products: TMNT1, TMNT2, PM1, MTB1

With all the bad news we've been getting this year, we finally got some good news! Took longer than planned but the order is almost ready to ship to us from the manufacturer. In about a week we'll open the website up for preorders so you can get yours shipped first from the new batch. The wait time on preorders depends a lot on shipping slowdowns but it's looking like around 5 weeks. Thanks for everyone's patience on this!


Very first look at a few new sizes we're working on. The Hot Wheels case you can stack 5 in one case or 2 in one case with artwork visible. Don't get too excited, they're not finished yet, but this work in progress should be finished soon. Just working out a few design tweaks before giving final approval. Even more sizes on the way, will post previews as the samples come in!

(No updates yet on PM1 or MTB1, other than we are waiting on them from our manufacturer. I know this is off topic but it's our most asked question so we thought we'd preempt it 😅)

[02/08/20]   TMNT1 update!

Our Turtle cases are now back in stock - but - new orders will still take about a week to ship out. We're spending all weekend and most of next week fulfilling backorders (about 100 different people waiting on packages as of this morning) and we're shipping everything in the order in which they were placed. If you placed your backorder in December then you'll get yours first! 😁

Sorry if we are slow to reply to messages, we have our hands full but we're not ignoring you. More updates coming soon!


We've been getting a lot of inquiries on timeframe for restocking our TMNT1 cases.

Figured we could use some customer feedback on this one...

Long Story...
We are working on 8 new sizes!

One of our new sizes for Jurassic Park toys will feature a hang tab on the top like usual AND on the side for the carded dinosaurs so they can be hung up landscape orientation. This might seem like a simple concept, but this has caused a bit of a slowdown at the manufacturer. We submitted revisions to the design earlier this week and we have to wait for samples to approve for mass production. Every time we submit revisions, it's several weeks before we get samples.

We love keeping prices low for our customers so we try to save freight costs by shipping everything together. It might not seem like a big deal, but sometimes our freight bills can be as high as $7500! Which has an obvious effect on product price to the customer. Because of this, a while back we told them to ship the next order of TMNT1 cases with the new cases so we'd have one freight bill. But with the delays on the new products, it keeps delaying us getting in our TMNT1 cases.

The Question to our buyers...
Is it worth the wait to keep the prices down? Or should we go ahead and have them ship the TMNT1 cases separately to get them faster? Without getting freight quotes first, we can only estimate but it might raise the price of the cases another $0.85-$1.25 each case.

I like having the prices low, which is why we live with these delays, but we've been getting several messages about it and the original manufacturer target date we had is way overdue so I figured I could at least post the question and get feedback. Until we approve samples we're happy with on the JP cases we can't really give an estimate, but as of the email we just got from the manufacturer it's looking like January is realistic and December is the earliest. Shipping separate would bring them here end of October or early November.

Sorry this was so long. Thanks for the feedback!


Toy Shield Protective Cases - Retro Super Hero Commercial Parody

We LOVED playing with toys as a kid. But now as carded-figure collecting adults you can't play with them anymore, right? WRONG! Granted, the plot lines in your role-play may be a little more adult-oriented, but that's just life. No matter what you decide to do with your toys as adults, keep the carded ones protected with Toy Shield Protective Cases! We hope you enjoy our retro-commercial parody and be sure to check out for more information.


Turtle power, they're back!


New TMNT1 cases coming soon. How soon? Well I took this picture a few minutes ago. After I unload what's being stored in the warehouse, the rest are going to the toy store to fulfill backorders. We're starting with the oldest orders first and working our way forward. You'll get a tracking number in your email as we get the orders filled. AFTER backorders have been shipped we will put them back "In Stock" on our website. Thanks everyone!

[05/31/18]   TMNT1 size back in stock very soon! Next few weeks we'll have a definite date. Manufacturer told us early to Mid-June.


30% Off Coupon Code: BlackPOP
Starting Black Friday and Ending on Cyber Monday, get all FUNKO POP and HOT WHEELS sized cases at 30% off using coupon code: BlackPOP. This is stackable on top of our already calculated quantity discounts!

Our Funko POP cases are extremely sturdy and the only case on the market that features a hang tab so you can hang them on the walls.


The new Deluxe Size Hot Wheels protective cases are finally here! Holding much more than just the Hot Wheels sizes, also fits some DC die cast and other smaller figures. The measurements are posted on the FAQ page. Many other sizes available for several toy lines. Order yours today!


Say goodbye to shelving for Funko Pops! Toy Shield raised the bar with their FPOP Shields, making them extra strong at .5mm (not the cheap .35mm or .4mm you find on auction sites and competitors sites) and these are the ONLY cases on the market that feature a hang tab... so display options are not just confined to shelf space any longer! For ordering information visit

Also, a shout-out to our distributor Vintage Toy Mall who let us borrow a handful of their POPs for our wall-hang demo photos. All of these and more are for sale at Vintage Toy Mall in Oklahoma!

[09/17/17]   We're caught up! All backorders and preorders have been fulfilled as of today. Thanks for your patience while we got caught up last week! 09/15/2017

FAQ’s – Toy Shield Protective Cases

We have updated our FAQ page to include measurements of all sizes of cases to better help you decide which cases you need. Check it out at


A glimpse at the new protective cases from Toy Shield. In stock now at Like, Share, and Tag your friends... we want to know what sizes you're most excited about! 09/06/2017

Toy Shield Protective Cases – Designed by Collectors. For Collectors.

Those of you with backorders and preorders on the truck is arriving tomorrow with the new shipment. New sizes shipping out by the end of the week!


Check out the new and improved Toy Shield website!
Has a peek at our new products, arriving at the end of the month! New size cases for Masters of the Universe, Princess of Power, various TMNT sizes, various Toy Biz sizes, various Kenner Batman sizes, Kenner Real Ghostbusters, Funko-Pop cases, Deluxe Hot Wheels cases, and more!


The Toy Shield booth at Vintage Toy Mall, come check out our upcoming product in person!


We're setting up a booth at Vintage Toy Mall to show off our upcoming sizes. Still a work in progress, but here's a quick preview. More to come soon!


Thanks Beven Davey for the pic, great setup and glad you like the cases!

I made a order probly 6 months ago or more and must say how pleased i am with your product. I was happy with the service also, being a international customer i was struggling to get a postal quote, however i messaged and got a reply with ok the hour with a fair postage quote. These tmnt cases fit my bucky o'hares with no problem and enhance my collection by lightyears. Totally recommend. I would love to see some reaction/starwars sized ones or even MOTU. Thanks again and expect a new order from me soon.


Come see our booth at Smallville Comic Con! Made a few improvements to our booth from the last few shows we've done.


Protective case alert! Big things coming later this summer, lots of new sizes. Watch the Toy Shield page for more announcements!


See you all in Smallville! 10 days away and counting

We welcome Toy Shield Inc to the show! Toy Shield sells protective cases, vintage toys, comic art & proofs, posters, prototypes, and other toy related items, including a giant selection of Kenner Super Powers products. Thier protective cases feature "exact fit" on Kenner Super Powers and Playmates TMNT, where they fit securely with no wiggle room and feature a full size display window for superior presentation. They will be featuring previews of sizes for over a dozen more toy lines at Smallville Comic Con available later this summer. Get your protective cases to protect your collection at their booth June 11-12, Advance passes on sale now @


Toy Shield TMNT Tuesday! TMNT orders of 10 cases or more will receive an additional free case!! Today only!


Toyshield Review for Vintage MOC TMNT

Stumbled upon a video review. Glad you liked the cases!

Here is my review of the Toyshield Protective cases for mint on card vintage TMNT Figures


Come see our booth at Dallas Fan Days! We're booth #61.


Keep your figures safe by eliminating the gap! Especially during shipping or accidental drops, having a figure case that's not a tight fit will cause the figure to shift from side to side inside the case and damage the edges and in extreme cases (from personal experience) the jolt will cause the weight of a heavy figure to pull the bubble right off the cardback. "Like" our Toy Shield page for upcoming product updates. We mind the gap, you should too!


Toy Shield wishes you a Wonder-ful New Year!


Our booth at last weekend's CollectorCon in Tulsa. More shows coming up to be announced!


I feel like I'm constantly singing this in my head anyways. Check out this TMNT collector page, loaded with radical stuff!


Toy Shield is casing and pricing, getting things ready for the upcoming CollectorCon in Tulsa on Dec 13th. See you there!

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Toy Shield Protective Cases - Retro Super Hero Commercial Parody



Case: Super Powers
Case: TMNT



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