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Look what's coming! I'll have only 5 realistic santa/elf cams with the first round! don't delay getting on the pre order list.
santa cam realistic looking camera 25
Glitter ornament 15
Acrylic round is 10 FREE shipping.


Second round. YES you can change your pom pom color to ones I have available orrrrrr! Just a few days extra If I need to get a color I don't have!!!! Also another surprise in store for ya'll here shortly stay tuned!!!


Newest addition to Sarahndipitees! Ya'll have been waiting patiently and I'm 3 hours last posting so I'm offering a b1g1 for the next 24 hours.
These are customizable on the white part and you can choose your color I'll be loading additional ones as well


I know I am late with my post but i had only 2 comments/guess so both will get a Freebie of the new item i am launching!!!!! stay tuned for the new item release here in a bit!!!


Saturday evening is being spent working on this pile for my new drop on Monday!!!
Any guesses as to what I'm up to ;)
Cross posted winning answer may get a freebie all guess valid until I launch Monday!!!! Have ans many as you want ;)


Just FYI***
Moving forward in my business
I spend a lot of time creating designs that are used once, so unless you want to pay for it to be exclusively yours I will be posting on my etsy site!!! I have had so much interest in them I have decided to move forward it also allows me to keep my cost of products made on the lower end. I have been calculating shipping and materials and I'm usually upside down in the profit margin.

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More Happy kiddos!!! each with there 1 of a kind custom shirts and in the babies cases onsies

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I have 1 black matte color changing mugs available for design and shipping immediately after its at least a 2 week wait before I will be placing a bulk order!!! Grab it today!!

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From a satisfied customer
Thank you Sarah E Ryan for the amazing shirts and cups if anyone wants customize shirts, cups bags, anything you can think of she is the girl for you. She does amazing work.

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Another ready to ship keychain!!
These were personalized to the specific recipients.

Photos from Sarahndipitees Krafting Korner's post 10/13/2022

Another keychain ready to ship! This one has the glow beads and the image glows as well
PM to order yours today!!!
15+shipping for these guys

Photos from Sarahndipitees Krafting Korner's post 10/13/2022

Have a personalized keychain ready to ship
Congrats to graduates of 2023 Snoh
15+shipping double sided and customizable


I'll get better photos soon but here is 1 finished product!!!
Glow in the dark beaded keychain!!!

Small blank customizable 12+shipping


Ohh the pretties have arrived can you guess what they are for!!!??


Now offering glow in the dark personalized keychains
$5 + shipping

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When trying out different shirt brands my kids sure do get alot made these are nice sporty dry fit they work great for single color designs

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Couple more shirts ready to be shipped!
What can I make for you?

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Was a busy day today. We ended the night with
Have 3 shirts in process finished both designs all ready to press tomorrow, the 3rd is another hocus pocus shirt for my daughter since her sweatshirt was to small.


Thank you so much for allowing us to make your shirt.

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Tried some new techniques today I think I like it!!
These are unclaimed
**White is an adult Medium
**Purple is Youth XLarge


Look how adorable this Lil birthstat bunny is.
Super excited I got to make it for a friend's new addition to her family
I have something in the works so I'm not limited to just bunnies.


Look how our elf will be arriving come December 1st ! A personalized Cocoa mug.
No eld no problem still work wonders for those brisk days
I will be opening up pre orders to get your mug in enough time to arrive with the elf!


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Spent most of my day trying to organize images and get fonts uploaded to my design space, however I managed to knock out 1 shirt
It is a youth size 10 for Rhilyn she has been waiting forever for it in her words

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I have to give a big hand to image designers I made some school spirit designs today. It's no easy task. At least for me it's not lol. All in all satisfied.
What school colors or mascots would you like to see?

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Youth M pressed and ready to be shipped! Hope she loves it!
I spent 7 hours of my day finishing a project I started 18 months ago! Feeling pretty fantastic!
I did get a coffee mug done as well however since it's a personalized one and they choose not to have an online presence for their children I'm respecting that and the recipient will be happy with her mug/mugs


I don't EAT 14 out of 60 items. It’s your turn. Use an 🤮 to mark what you will not eat.
A few I haven't tried what about YOU?

01. Miracle Whip
02. Mayo
03. Pickles
04. Black Jelly Beans
05. Pineapple Pizza
06. Sardines 🤮
07. Oysters 🤮
08. Sushi 🤮
09. Candy Corn
10. Vienna sausage
11. Brussels Sprouts
12. Mushrooms 🤮
13. Liver 🤮
14. Circus Peanuts 🤮
15. Bologna
16. Black Olives
17. Green Olives
18. Blue Cheese 🤮
19. Fruitcake 🤮
20. SPAM
21. Cabbage
22. Potato salad
23. Eggnog
24. Black Coffee
25. Anchovies 🤮
26. Grits
27. Sauerkraut
28. Chicken gizzard
29. Okra
30. Coleslaw
31. Hot dogs
33. Yogurt
34. Broccoli
35. Hominy (never had it so don't know)
36. Asparagus
37. Licorice (black)
38. Eggplant
39. Cottage cheese
40. Tofu
41. Onions raw
42. Cilantro
43. Raw tomato 🤮
44. Beets
45. Capers 🤮
46. Canned tuna
47. Bean sprouts
48. Cantaloupe
49. Baked Beans
50. Rice pudding 🤮
51. Avocado
52. Coconut
53. Eggs
54. Nutella
55. Peas
56. Marshmallow 🤮
57. Green bean casserole
58. Kimchi not sure what it is so can't say I won't
59. Frog Legs 🤮 so never had them but eeehh may never try either
60. Artichokes just cooked one today!!!

...your turn!


Little humor for Monday
Reminder to anyone attempting a fall wreath as long as you don't do this it's gonna look amazing


This is sooo hard to choose but if I had to I would go with E, 3, F
What about you?


Got earrings in the works stay tuned for more Halloween and of course Fall ones


Working on a few things for a fundraising to help a local school sports team!
What can I do for yours?

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Taking pre orders for Christmas bags until 9/26 don't wait get on the list today!!!
1/2 required deposit due at time of order 4.00 deposit for each small bag and 10 for large remainder plus shipping due at time of completion of order
Deposits are non refundable


Little custom side project I'm working on
Do you want or need key chains?


Haloween shirts in the making.
This was a blooper shirt so I kept it and found an image I liked


If we get the group to 100 members I will do a drawing for a t shirt or tumbler of choice!!! Invite your friends.
This shirt is L ready to ship 20+shipping


3 shirts ready to go out the door, order yours now to get before the 4th

Photos from Sarahndipitees Krafting Korner's post 06/10/2022

Some completed shirts ready to go most are size M firework expert size L

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Color changing mugs have arrived check em out Sarahndipitees Krafting Korner
Making a pumpkin 🎃
Fall wreath all from dollar tree!! .What are you making this year for home decor
Working on some fall/winter decor come craft with me!!!
Using part of April's club Couture transfer. This is exclusive for club members only. 19.99 includes 8x10 transfer of th...
Personalized Easter basket
Change your treat bags and add a WOW factor to them!!
Join my Team!
Ever make A GREAT mistake!?!?
A little late night something. Totally googling stalking and tracking my package!!


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