Bridgewater MA Animal Control

Bridgewater MA Animal Control


Our kitty, Callie, has been missing since Saturday💔💔Just wanted to ask everyone who lives in the area to do a double check in their sheds/garages just in case!! Last seen near Sandy Hill Drive, EB/East Street, WB/Oak Street, BW, area. We've had an orange tabby stray in the area recently and am wondering if she wandered off with him/her and went too far and is now lost. She is 2 years old, very friendly, is microchipped and she is spayed. My cell is 617-909-5637 if you do spot her🐈
Does this sweet pup belong to you? Found in Halifax off Walnut Street. No identification, only has a NYC search and Rescue collar.
Edit: Dog and owner reunited

Does this pup belong to you? Found in Halifax off of Walnut Street. Only has a collar that says NYPD Search and Rescue, no ID
Oreo went missing 9/28. There was a report he was seen on Hubbard Lane off High Street on Saturday, and at the intersection of Vinny and High this Tues AM (10/5). He may be trying to make his way home. Please contact me if you have seen him! 781-589-2432.
Please if anyone sees this guy call 508-209-4286 his name is crunchie❤
Anyone missing this dog? Please DM me or comment below.
Anyone know who to contact re: a feral cat colony that now seems to be growing... various ages with one that appears to be pregnant ... corner of Flagg & Flaggstone...the black one doesnt run one until I get within two feet there is one all black; a couple black with white chest/white boots; a couple of tabbys; two white with tabby markings/black patches various ages
Bridgewater 2 lost dogs. Please click on the link and share:
Bridgewater lost dog. Please click on the link and share:
a hound type dog medium 40-50lbs tan face with white speckles, white body, i believe he has tan on the rear side, green collar with tags, he was in the back side of the easton industrial park playing with a puppy and took off before i realized it wasnt that ladies dog, he headed towards the west bridgewater brockton line.. i took a ride and didnt see him, im worried because its a main rd.

Town of Bridgewater Ma., Animal Control and Animal Inspections


Update: Owner is on the way to pick him up!! 😊

Do you know me? Sorry not a great photo, appears to be male husky/cattle dog type dog. Friendly and excited boy. Found on South St Bridgewater, near Willow Ridge Drive, at 3am this morning. If you have any information please call Bridgewater Animal Control at 508-659-1290.

Photos from Bridgewater MA Animal Control's post 10/09/2022

If you get your line caught on the branches or weeds don't leave it there.

Innocent wildlife gets tangled and the outcome usually isn't good for these animals. It usually results in a slow painful death.

This beautiful owl was tangled in line today and if it wasn't for the actions of 2 teenage fishers he would have died a slow painful death.

This poor bird was tangled in line and hanging off a branch They managed to free him from the tree but line was still tangled around his left wing. They called the pd to get animal control out. We managed to free him of some more line and transported him to a facility where hopefully he can make a full recovery.

Thank you gentlemen for your assistance today. You guys are the heroes today for your efforts and actions when so many others would have just walked away.

Aco Bunker

Photos from Bridgewater MA Animal Control's post 10/08/2022

Reunited with owner!!! 😁

Do you know us?
Found on 3 Rivers Drive, white pitty type dog and brown mix breed, possibly pit mix also. Both male, no collars. White one very friendly, brown one very nervous, but did warm up after a few minutes. Good boys! If you have any info please call 508-659-1290.


This is Mufasa, he went outside on August 23rd and hasn’t returned. He lives on Sunset Drive in Bridgewater. If you’ve seen him or have any information please contact Bridgewater Animal Control, 508-659-1290. Thank you!!

Photos from Bridgewater MA Animal Control's post 09/28/2022

Update: Reunited with owner

Do you recognize this dog? Small mix breed dog, found at Bridgewater Ice Rink. Happy and friendly. Please call 508-659-1290

Photos from Bridgewater MA Animal Control's post 09/28/2022

Update: Reunited with owner!

Do you recognize this dog? Female mix breed, shy/nervous, but very sweet. Had a seresto collar on, no microchip found. Found on corner of Cherry St and Hartswood Way. Please call 508-659-1290.

Photos from Bridgewater MA Animal Control's post 09/28/2022

Update: Reggie came home early this morning!

This is Reggie. He has been missing since 9/24 around 5:30pm. He has a seresto collar on and is microchipped. He is missing from the Bramblewood St/Cherry St area. Please keep a lookout for him.

Photos from Bridgewater, MA - Lost & Found Pets's post 09/26/2022

Photos from Bridgewater, MA - Lost & Found Pets's post

Photos from Bridgewater MA Animal Control's post 09/22/2022

Update: Unfortunately, the cat they found turned out not to be Bailey. Please continue to keep an eye out and please reach out with any sightings.

This is Bailey and he is missing from the Raynham area, near the Bridgewater line. If you see him please reach out to myself or call the Raynham animal control so we can help try to get him home!! Thanks for your help!


Good morning! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself, my name is Megan and I am the new Animal Control Officer/Animal Inspector for Bridgewater. I know I have some big shoes to fill and I am going to give it my all! Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. Please make sure you use the email [email protected] or call the animal control number 508-659-1290 for any needs you may have. Please no Facebook messages. Looking forward to serving our community and helping pets and wildlife!


I want to take a moment to thank you all for you support during my years of being the ACO.
I will be hanging up my leashes as of Friday Aug. 5th. I appreciate you all for sharing all the lost animal posts and a special thanks to all who participated in getting animals home. It’s been a great 9+ years serving the Town of Bridgewater.
Please go easy on the new ACO, the job is not an easy one and our hearts break daily.
Thank you all and I wish everyone the best.

Photos from State Police Association of Massachusetts's post 07/27/2022

RIP Frankie. Thank you for your dedicated service to the state of MA.

Photos from Scituate Animal Shelter of Massachusetts's post 07/19/2022

Photos from Scituate Animal Shelter of Massachusetts's post

Photos from Bridgewater, MA - Lost & Found Pets's post 07/06/2022


Photos from Bridgewater MA Animal Control's post 07/05/2022


BOLO for Angel. Missing from Mary Lane, Main Street area. Please call 508-659-1290 if seen if her owner James at 508-807-6818



Found this morning please call 508-659-1290 proof of ownership required.

Photos from Bridgewater MA Animal Control's post 07/04/2022


BOLO for Remus- he ran off from Forest DR. last night due to fireworks. Home abuts Hanson Farm. Please call his mom if seen 508-837-7792


Hello all,

The Animal Control Officer will be on vacation. While she is away there will be an ACO on call but Only for urgent matters. Day to day matters such as barking issues, loose dogs, deceased wildlife, general concerns will be handle the week of the 27th. Please leave a voicemail at 508-659-1290 for non urgent issues and your call will be returned the week of 6/27. If there are matters such as dog bites, injured animals, or anything that can absolutely not wait please call the police department non emergency line at 508-697-6118 and they will determine urgency and will get in touch with on call ACO for you. Thank you and have a safe and happy weekend!



There is so much misinformation floating around about these guys, so we thought we would set the record straight!

Fishers belong to the weasel family. Technically, they are just called “Fishers” not “Fisher cats”. They are amazing hunters equipped with large paws, sharp claws and an impressive set of teeth.

They don’t get very large. Males tend to be between 8-16 pounds. Females are significantly smaller, weighing only 4-6 pounds. The largest fisher ever recorded weighed 20 lbs.

Many people will tell you they have blood curdling screams but, more likely than not, what they are hearing are foxes. Fishers are generally very quiet and, when they are vocal, it’s not quite as intense as the sounds foxes make.

We are often warned that they eat people’s cats. A study done in New Hampshire in 1979 tested the stomach contents of 1000 fishers. Only one tested positive for cat hair. Similar studies were done in New York and Massachusetts as well. Both of those studies did not find any trace of cats. That’s not to say they will not prey on cats. They certainly can but it’s not as common as many would think. Considering outdoor domestic cats have contributed to the extinction of over 60 songbird species, as well as some mammals and reptiles, the real concern when letting a cat outside should be the damage the cat will do to the wildlife - not the other way around. Cats are not indigenous to this area. What they do to our wildlife is not what nature intended.

Fishers are one of the only predators that hunt porcupines. They have developed techniques to avoid the quills. Though we LOVE porcupines here at the rescue, we respect Mother Nature and understand that every creature does what is necessary to survive out there.

Fishers can be very aggressive but attacks on humans are VERY RARE and generally only when provoked.

Fishers are hunted for their pelts (fur). In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, fishers were virtually eliminated from the United States due to over trapping and deforestation. Restrictions helped their numbers to bounce back.

It’s uncommon to see one. They are elusive creatures. Though sometimes they are out during the day, they are mostly active at dawn and dusk. Most of the pictures you will find online will show them looking very mean and aggressive. These photos obviously get lots of attention. Though, these guys can certainly be aggressive at times, there is a lot more to them. That’s why it was important to me to circulate this photo.

They are magnificent creatures and probably one of the most misunderstood ones.


Pet food is desperately needed! Supply chain issues and an ever-present need for support for pet owners in need have resulted in a shortage of dry and canned cat and dog food in our adoption centers and community outreach programs. Visit our Amazon Wishlists today at to help us keep bellies full – and pets and people together. Thank you!


Bolo for Clover!!
‼️FOUND ‼️



Do you recognize me?


Some Fast Facts on Fishers!

This family of 3 Fisher kits is recovering in our hospital after losing their mother last month. The kits were found running around near a busy roadway and were brought in to our hospital. Today the three siblings are bonded and really testing the limits of our indoor caging as they explore, climb, play, and practice their natural behaviors. Soon they will be moved to a more spacious outdoor enclosure where they will really get to put their newly learned skills to use. These little ones will quickly pack on the pounds over the next several months as they grow to their adult weights. As caretakers of these unique animals we have a difficult job. We need to make sure they develop appropriate social behaviors, provide constantly changing environments so they are challenged and learn both climbing and ground skills, ensure they do not imprint or habituate to humans, and most critically provide daily veterinary care to ensure they are healthy and vaccinated before they are released in the late Fall.

We get A LOT of calls about Fishers this time of year, mostly from folks who are looking to understand this elusive arboreal species. As mesopreditors they are very beneficial to our local ecosystem and deserve to be understood. Here are a few of the most common questions we get, along with some info to help you and your pets peacefully coexist with these amazing and important animals!

Q: Are a Fisher and a Fisher Cat the same thing?
A: Yes! Technically you don’t need the cat on there. They are actually members of the mustilidae family making them distant cousins to the otter, mink, and weasels in the state. This group would certainly make for a odd and smelly family reunion, but they tend to be solitary creatures most of the year.

Q: what do Fishers eat?
A: Fisher are mainly carnivorous enjoying meals of mice, rabbits, squirrels, and even porcupine, but on occasion dine on an array of fruits and veggies. Here on Cape Cod They also enjoy long walks on the beach ( but only when rodents and shorebirds are involved) They do not enjoy human children, however sadly house-cats occasionally make it on the menu. It is always a good idea to keep your cats indoors, especially in the pre-dusk - morning hours!

Q: where do the live?
A: These mustelids are excellent climbers and spend a lot of time in trees. However hunting and denning often take place on the ground. They are opportunists and like to make use of hollow logs, dense vegetation, and occasionally man made structures. Trust us these are not the house guests you want to host this season and a no vacancy sign usually does not cut it, so make sure to block up any crawl spaces under porches and sheds.

Q: When are they active?
A: Fishers can occasionally be spotted out during the day, but tend to be the most active from dusk-dawn. They are very stealthy creatures and use their incredible sense of smell to hunt and low light conditions provide some extra cover when hunting.

Q: How many live near me, am I surrounded?
A: probably not. They do not have a special conservation status in MA, but they are not living in every backyard either. They tend to have a large territory as compared to other members of the weasel family and can travel over 10 miles a day. Males have been shown to be very territorial and don’t tend to share areas with other males.

Q: Why do they scream like that???
A: Over the years Fishers have gotten a bad wrap for emitting a noise that sounds like a "baby Crying" or "person Screaming". The truth is they are relatively quiet animals and benefit from staying undetected by their prey. Believe it or not, The yelping that folks often refer to is most commonly from the Red Fox!

Q: what can I do to safely share my property with them?
A: Our favorite question! 1) Limit outdoor food sources to avoid drawing them close to the home. Limit access to fresh compost, secure trash, don’t feed pets outside, and make sure the areas under bird feeders are clear. 2) Weasel proof! Limit habitat opportunities by clearing dead logs and by closing up gaps under sheds, porches and house foundations! 3) keep pets leashed or indoors during active hours. Fishers tend to be scared of humans so if you need to take your small pet put at night make sure to accompany them - and if you do happen to see one you can make loud noises like clapping or yelling to scare them off.

Massachusetts Police: 'Follow an "If you care, leave it there." policy when finding baby animals' 06/04/2022

Massachusetts Police: 'Follow an "If you care, leave it there." policy when finding baby animals'

Massachusetts Police: 'Follow an "If you care, leave it there." policy when finding baby animals' "This sweet fawn was found waiting for her mother - who sadly never returned for her. She is just one day old. While based on the circumstances surrounding this particular fawn, she was truly orphaned, however, this case serves as a good opportunity to remind folks that more often than not, youn

Photos from Melrose Humane Society's post 06/02/2022

Photos from Melrose Humane Society's post

Photos from Wild Care Cape Cod's post 05/28/2022

Please do not remove eggs!!

Photos from Bridgewater MA Animal Control's post 05/25/2022

Owner found!!

Do you know me?? Found walking down Summer St. Bridgewater
508-659-1290 please leave message and your call will be returned.


On Monday, May 9th, 2022, an individual fishing on the Deerfield River observed two dogs chasing a deer through the river and recorded the encounter. The dogs eventually caught up to and killed the deer.

On Tuesday, May 10, 2022, a Massachusetts Environmental Police Officer contacted a nearby resident. The resident stated they were walking three dogs the day prior, two of which were off leash. When the group came upon the deer, the dogs began to chase it. The owner was subsequently cited for allowing the dogs to chase and kill deer.

Citizens of the Commonwealth are reminded to always have their dogs under control for their protection and to prevent negative encounters. Spring is an important time of year for many wild animals to have and raise young. Wildlife encounters with domestic animals have the potential to separate young animals from mothers or result in attacks that often prove fatal.


Free Legal Advice Friday No. 241

VIDEO: Yorkie stolen from grieving family more than decade ago reunited with owners 04/29/2022

VIDEO: Yorkie stolen from grieving family more than decade ago reunited with owners

Never lose hope!

VIDEO: Yorkie stolen from grieving family more than decade ago reunited with owners More than a decade after a little Yorkshire terrier was stolen from a grieving family, the pooch is back at home.



BOLO for Mr. Wendell. He has been missing since Saturday 4/23 from Fireworks Circle Bridgewater. If you know his whereabouts please contact Animal Control 508-659-1290
Thank you


We're having a Massachusetts Animal Fund voucher day in BROCKTON for cats on Saturday, April 9! If you are on state or federal assistance, live in the Brockton area and need your cat spayed or neutered, please give the Catmobile office a call at 978-465-1940 to request an appointment.

Appointments are limited and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that Catmobile safety rules apply, as always: cats must be age 3 or under and we are unable to accommodate purebred breeds due to health concerns.

Photos from Bridgewater MA Animal Control's post 03/13/2022


Please be on the lookout for Lola from Vera Dr vicinity. If seen or if you have any information please call 508-659-1290 leave a message and I’ll call you right back. Thank you!!


ATTENTION Pet Parents!

A chemical used in Milk-Bones, Ol’Roy, Kibbles’n Bits, Hill’s Pet Food and other pet foods should no longer be considered safe for consumption due to concerns about its ability to damage DNA according to a new animal-model study.

According to the Environmental Working Group: “A scientific panel created by the European Food Safety Authority found that titanium dioxide “can no longer be considered as safe when used as a food additive.” The panel, citing concerns about titanium dioxide’s genotoxicity, or its ability to damage DNA, based its conclusion on a review of hundreds of scientific studies. EWG called on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to quickly consider whether to ban titanium dioxide from use in food."

A chemical that may damage our pet's DNA should not be fed to pets.

Titanium dioxide is on The Forever Dog’s Dirty Dozen list of additives you need to avoid in your pet food.


Popcorn is an opossum rescued two nights ago in rough shape and really struggling to survive in this weather. Did you know it’s not uncommon for rehabbers to be able to handle and even hold a wild opossum? They are so peaceful and docile in nature and are some of the most amazing creatures we have worked with.

While we are not recommending you attempt to pick up any wild opossum you come across, we would love to spread the true facts about these awesome guys and put a stop to the common misconceptions about them that often result in unnecessary cruelty. Here are just ten amazing facts about opossums you all should know!

1. They're Not Aggressive
Even when confronted with a predator, they will use the infamous "playing possum" technique to appear dead and avoid an actual brawl.
They can stay zoned out for hours, emitting a foul odor in order to further keep any bad guys at bay, but they'll never outright attack, even if they're baring their teeth.

2. They Rarely Have Rabies
Unlike most other wild animals, possums are nearly completely immune to contracting rabies or passing it along. This is due to their natural body temperature being too low to maintain hosting the virus.

3. They Kill Thousands Of Ticks
According to stats reported by the National Wildlife Federation, a single possum can potentially eliminate 4,000 ticks in one week thanks to their extreme self-grooming methods (either crushing or consuming the ticks burrowing in their fur).
They also aren't susceptible to Lyme disease and therefore can protect humans from contracting it, as they rid an area of the real pests.

4. They Won't Destroy Your Lawn Or Property
Unlike other nocturnal animals creeping around neighborhoods, possums won't destroy your lawn or property. If you happen to see one wander into your garage (a popular spot to see them pop up), and don’t want to share your space, simply leave a door open and remove any food that might have drawn them in. They'll eventually mosey on out without making a fuss.

5. They're True Survivors
They've been around longer than any other mammal. Possums are often called "living fossils" because they've been able to survive on our planet for millions of years — over 70 million, to be exact, which really shows their ability to overcome adversity.

6. They Help With Waste Management
They are not picky eaters. If it's edible, they'll eat it. Including commonly dining on animals struck by vehicles on the road (bones and all), which scientists refer to as "carrion."
This basically makes them nature's most efficient waste-management team and cleanup crew.

7. They're The Only Marsupials Indigenous To North America
You have to admit, it would be a shame if Australia were the only home to marsupials! Plus, it makes possums even more of a unique part of our natural environment.

8. They Get Rid Of Garden Pests
They aren’t picky eaters when it comes to troublesome garden pests like slugs, beetles, and cockroaches, but they will leave the flowers or veggies you’re growing undisturbed.

9. They May Be The Key To Battling Venomous Snake Bites
The venom of rattlesnakes, cottonmouths, and other dangerous slithery snakes that might be hiding in your yard has no effect on possums.
Researchers have been looking into whether they can find the toxin-neutralizing strain in their blood, which could potentially be used to treat humans who have been struck by poisonous snakes.

10. They're Actually Quite Smart
Possums tested with a higher intelligence than more domestic animals like rabbits, dogs, and cats — particularly when it came to finding good food and remembering exactly where it was to go back for more.

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