Rebel Skirmishes

Rebel Skirmishes

Rebel Skirmishes is the event running portion of Revolt Airsoft. We work with local field to host gam Force on Force Fun!!

Rebel Skirmishes are 15-20 minute Run N Gun style airsoft battles. Each game will take place on a different part of the PnL field. Game hosts will lead the teams out to the field and run fun games like: Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, etc.....

Team Captains will be assigned to lead their teams through challenging objective based scenarios.

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Thanks for helping us reach the 200 milestone.
Stay tuned for what's happening in 2016!

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We have a 2 day event coming in August at UBG.
Stay tuned for details!

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No Walk On Airsoft this week. We are working on a bigger game for you folks. If you have a party that would like to play this week, please contact us to make arrangements.


Hey guy, E-man here just a quick update to tournament news. We didn't reach our minimum number of players for the grand prize. I'll be running the tournament with however many teams come. I'll still get a prize for the winning team. Just need to see what the final budget allows and check with Revolt Drew. So, I'll see you there in the morning. Rest up and prepare for battle.

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FYI. There is no Walk on Airsoft tomorrow as we are preparing for the 5v5 Tournament. If you are interested in playing this weekend and have a 10+ group, please PM us to make arrangements. Thanks - Drew


We'll have BBs on site tomorrow for a day full of pewpew. Come on down, pick em up and skirmish!

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Justin picking up his winnings.... Congrats.
Come join us every weekend for your chance to win some prizes!!!

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It's almost I am, still awake getting things together for tomorrows Skirmishes. The prizes for these lucky rebels were just dropped off to me by Lunchbox - Revolt Drew
I really wish I was sleeping. Gonna be up at 7am tomorrow. Lots of my guys from GrayArc Airsoft will be there. Possibly a new member might join us soon...or two?!

If anyone wants to be really really really awesome to bring on by some DD that be soooooo appreciated.
I mean...I could just keep these swag ass prizes (ooo baby girl, don't you doo that)
Nah I won't...
(Dat DD doh) me and WildE/Eman, Eric, would love it. :)

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Thanks again to Everyone the came out to the Kickoff!
Here are the results from the Raffle:

Thunder B – Justin Curran
Helmet – Matt Poire
Pistol – Anthony Vaccaro
Zulu Goggles – Jacob Hopkins
Echo Goggles – Matthew Canarelli

Winners can claim their prizes at this weekend's games.
(Sat or Sun. Just let us know which game you plan to be at)
**You must be 18+ to claim the Pistol or the Thunder Bs**
Shout out to Mike and Crew at PnL for furnishing some great swag!!

Photos from Rebel Skirmishes's post 08/04/2015

MA/PnL/Rebel Skirmishes (Revolt Airsoft) - AAR
Rebel Skirmishes:

August 1st 2015.
We arrived at PnL in Bridgewater, MA around 830am to begin getting ready for the games. To my delight, I found several players already there as well, waiting to get registered.
9:00am - Began setting up for the Skirmishes with Dave and Eric. Got situated with chrono and the field rotation that would be in use.
9-10am - By now most of the players were ready to get out there and as luck would have it, we were able to score Ghost Town as our first field.
I feel like chrono went well. I even took time away from my usual vending and helped tag a few guns myself.
Shortly after 10am, Dave and Eric rounded up the troops and took them out to begin the first battle of the day.
The game ran about 20 minutes. Perfect start to the Run N Gun style games they had planned.
The rest of the day consisted of raffles, bro time and more Fun N Gun airsoft.
Feedback from the crowd gave me an impression that this new venture was well received by the community.
We did note that there were some longer downtimes and have already discussed ways to keep "airsoft time" out of our games.
All in all we had 52 pioneering players join us for what I believe was a great start to a new series of Fun Airsoft.

Rebel Skirmishes will be held Weekends from 9am (Regi/Chrono) till 4pm (Subject to change).
If you enjoy the fast paced style of this type of game, I hope to see you join us in the upcoming weeks!!

Thanks for your support!
Lunchbox OUT!

Here's s few picks of the "Bro Time" before the games:


Just want to remind people we will be there Saturday and Sunday this weekend. So come on down and pew pew!!

Timeline photos 08/03/2015

Raffle winners will be announced tonight.
Stay tuned! (Pic for attention) -Drew


I'm already looking forward to next Saturday ;)


Hey guys there were some issues as far as barrel bags on guns and players under 18 not wearing a full face mask. There are no exception to these rules. They are for your safety and the safety of other player. Here is a copy of requirements that can also be found on the PNL Paintball website.Airsoft Rules
Field FPS Limits:

All airsoft rifle's will be Chrono’d
370 FPS Max with .25’s, .20’s or .12’s
400 FPS Max with .25’s for SAW’s & Sniper Rifles
Airsoft Safety Requirements:

Full-seal goggles only. No mesh, shop, shooting style, or ATV goggles.
Full face protection for anyone under 18 (Paintball Style Mask). No balaclava or shemagh exceptions.
Full-auto is not allowed in CQB areas. Semi-auto only.
Barrel Blockers are required for all weapons when in safe mode.
All magazines must be removed from weapons in safe zone.
No blind firing. You must be able to see with your own eyes where your gun is pointed. Gun mounted cameras are OK.
Age Restrictions:

10 - 17

Parent/Legal guardian must sign waiver.
Must wear full paintball styled mask.

You must sign waiver.
Must wear full-seal goggles or full paintball styled mask.

Thank you for your support.

Timeline photos 08/02/2015

Great group for the kickoff.

Photos from PNL Paintball's post 07/31/2015

Lots of amazing new things to see tomorrow!
It's a great chance to pewpew on it before many others so come on down!



Here's a link to PnL for information on times and such


We have the kickoff this Saturday, but don't forget, we will be running games Every Weekend!! Make plans now to join us this summer for Run n Gun Fun!!


Looks like it's gonna be a good time Saturday. I'm really happy about the response from the community. It's only possible cause of you guys,



Its getting closer and closer to day1...launch day!
Tell your friends. Help make this a success, you'll be glad you did and so will everyone else!


PNL 07/23/15 07/24/2015

Today, myself (Camera man Solace) as well as WildE/Eman-Eric and Revolt/Lunchbox-Drew
Had a meet and greet with PNL, got to see some amazing projects they have going on as well as all the current develping fields. We walked around and I took a few doz pix. Nothing too fansy but take a look :)

Mobile uploads 07/23/2015
Timeline photos 07/23/2015

Another Giveaway for the Raffle for our Kickoff on August 1st.


Meet and greet with more of PNL staff and the walk through went awesome!
Lots of amazing stuff going on, really good things that you guys will love to see. Should have some pix soon.



Doing a walk through on the field for a little brainstorming. Make some fun stuff to do


Just some safety stuff. I always think safety and proper representation of airsoft guns is key to us keeping are sport alive. And it will keep you alive too.


Pretty much 100 likes in less then a days time!
Love the support!

Keep it coming and hope to see you all soon at PNL

Mobile uploads 07/14/2015

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