Meade County Public Library, Brandenburg, KY Videos

Videos by Meade County Public Library in Brandenburg. We offer ongoing literacy initiatives, programming, and special events for all ages.

No registration is required for this fun event!

Other Meade County Public Library videos

No registration is required for this fun event!

Are you energetic and love to work with young adults and teens? You could be a perfect fit! We are looking for someone to join our team NOW! Look under Job Listings on for directions on how to apply!

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IT'S NATIONAL LIBRARY CARD SIGNUP MONTH!! No I'm not excited, why would you ask that? Stop by the Library with your Meade Co. Driver's License or Active Duty Military ID to get the greatest card you'll ever have. See you soon! #MeadeReads #LibraryCardMonth #CoolestCardYoullEverHave #SoMuchFreeStuff #AsLongAsYouBringItBack

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