Star Contracting Company, Inc.

Star Contracting Company, Inc.


Tune in as Jonathan Garland and Andres Bernal give an update on the passive house affordable housing project we’re working on at 239 Norwell St. in Dorchester.

✨General Contractor: Star Contracting Company, Inc.
Recent aerial shots of our passive house homeownership affordable housing project at 239 Norwell St. These 8 units will be available to the new owners in the next couple of months.

✨General Contractor: Star Contracting Company, Inc.

A General Contracting firm serving the Greater Boston area for over 40 years. We collaborate with Architects and Designers to deliver projects for Owners that emphasize Comfort, Durability, and Sustainability

Operating as usual

Photos from Star Contracting Company, Inc.'s post 05/20/2022

Framing is underway at our #LakeZNE build and we couldn’t be happier to see this home taking shape.

Designed and built to the Passivehouse standard, this all-electric, 2800sqft home aims to be Zero Net-Energy annually. We have been learning a ton about solar technology and the current net-metering production cap that removes the financial incentive for many owners to maximize the size of their PV system.

Despite a substantial shading factor, we’re optimistic we can hit our goal and leave room for the owners to expand their PV array if (when!) the net-metering cap gets raised.

Have questions about how or why we’re building the way we are? Drop your questions in the comments below ⬇️

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Architect: @placetailor

Photos from Star Contracting Company, Inc.'s post 03/17/2022

Milton renovation wrapping up nicely. Just waiting on some cabinets from 🇮🇹

Lots of hard work by our team to pull it all together!
@dogwood_dave @duke.of.boofas

Design/Build collaboration:

Photos from Star Contracting Company, Inc.'s post 03/04/2022

Little update on the #multifamilypassivehouse project…

- Siding complete, and loving the cedar rainscreen!
- Board & Plaster done in 2/4 townhouses
- Post drywall blower door score of 0.5 ACH50 (Big win!!)
- Now we dry the units out before bringing in flooring and doors.

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It’s the little things that seem to bring the most satisfaction these days.

White oak millwork in progress on a renovation project. Looking forward to the zoomed out shot.

#boston #renovation #custombuilder #millwork #moderndesign

Photos from Star Contracting Company, Inc.'s post 01/24/2022

Foundation work is getting underway on our #LakeNZE build. Here we are saving a section of the existing foundation to function as a form for our new foundation in order to protect the root systems of the large mature trees less than 8’ from the foundation.

We had to saw-cut the existing stem wall to allow insulation and our new foundation to cantilever over the old wall (see the plan section on pic 2).

We felt that we couldn’t adequately ensure the health of the trees if we had to over-dig for the new foundation on this side of the house, and losing them was not an option for the client. Dedicated teamwork brought us to the solution

Architect: @placetailor
Structural: @studionyl
GC: @starcontractingco

Photos from Star Contracting Company, Inc.'s post 12/24/2021

2021… what a year!!

It has been a challenge, and at times a struggle. But as I take a moment to look back on what we’ve built, I feel a great deal of pride and gratitude.

Thanks to all the clients who put their trust in us and give us the opportunity to continually grow and improve.

Thanks to my loyal team, who roll with the punches and always make the projects and me look good. I’m lucky to have you guys… and would love a couple more folks like them! I also need to recognize former owner John Molé @popalos for his support and guidance to keep me grounded and on the right track.

Lastly, a big thanks to all the subcontractors and vendors (many who aren’t on IG) who make it happen job after job, and rise to the challenges each project presents. I can’t deliver the high-quality, high-performance finished product that we strive for without your partnership. We see and appreciate your contributions.

We’re slowing down for the next week over the holidays and looking forward to kicking off 2022 with a clear head and fresh perspective.

Happy Holidays everyone!

- Milo Stella

Photos from Star Contracting Company, Inc.'s post 09/10/2021

Some beautiful moments coming together at the end of a long project. Looking forward to taking down the construction barrier in a couple weeks and making this view a part of the clients’ daily routine.

I’m ever-grateful to the folks who bring their creativity and talent to our projects - these things don’t happen effortlessly….

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Let’s normalize foam-free, vapor-open roof assemblies

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Join our Carpentry team performing framing through finish carpentry on a mix of renovations, additions, and new construction projects in a quality-oriented environment. We focus on high-performance building practices, so you will get to learn building science fundamentals and work with leading materials and assemblies, as well as execute beautiful custom designs.

Photos from Star Contracting Company, Inc.'s post 05/20/2021


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Photos from Star Contracting Company, Inc.'s post 05/18/2021

Framing is finally getting underway on the #NorwellTownhomes project. With a double-stud wall assembly, advanced framing design, and a tight budget I looked at conventional wall-panel companies to fabricate and erect the buildings.

So far there haven’t been any schedule benefits (shop drawings take time too!) but I have been able to control the precision of the framing and work out several kinks that would have been very stressful to catch and re-work in the field with a full team on site stick-framing.

#passivehouse #multifamilypassivehouse #affordablehousing #panelized #doublestudwall #boston #buildingbrighter

Star Contracting Company, Inc. updated their phone number. 04/25/2021

Star Contracting Company, Inc. updated their phone number.

Star Contracting Company, Inc. updated their phone number.

Photos from Star Contracting Company, Inc.'s post 04/24/2021

Can’t make up my mind about which elevation is my favorite... which one do you love?


@starcontractingco - Builder
Ulterior Mode - Architect
@aryaroofing - Roofing and Siding

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The exterior details are coming together at our #UplandADU build and we’re pretty stoked with the results!

This project is a real Design-Build collaboration between the architect, our team of carpenters, and some fantastic trade partners. It’s easy to draw this building in plan/elevation, but a whole other story to detail all the different layers and unique transitions in both functional and aesthetically pleasing ways - getting that right really does require everyone at the table.

Continuous exterior insulation, vented rainscreen, open-joint vertical cladding, and no overhangs. Simplicity and Complexity go hand-in-hand.

Architect: Ulterior Mode
Builder: @starcontractingco
Roofing & Cladding: @aryaroofing

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Photos from Star Contracting Company, Inc.'s post 02/12/2021

Checked in on our Woodland project this afternoon. Basement staircase was just completed and looks amazing. We’ll be sure to protect those solid bluestone treads when we come to demo the basement next month!

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If this roof looks unusual to you, that’s because it is! This assembly is how we’ll be achieving a super comfortable and durable home with superior indoor air quality. Does it cost a little more? Yes. Is it rocket science? Not at all.

The exterior detailing on our foam-free high-performance roof assembly is just about complete and we’re excited to see the the roof go on soon.

It was critical to coordinate roof penetrations with our plumber @darbmechanical and the solar company @newenglandcleanenergy so they could be sealed to the Siga Majcoat (our primary air barrier) before being covered up with insulation.

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Mineral wool board insulation for the exterior of the #UplandADU

Two layers of 2.5” on the roof, one layer of 2” on the walls. Gives us an R-40+20 roof.

My vendor stocked up on this stuff big time, so if you’re trying to source some in the area and facing long lead times - hit me up and I’ll put you in touch.

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Took a detour past this beauty we completed in 2013. I think I had just created a personal IG account and posted some pictures of this with the entire second floor ripped off. This home, and many others in the area, is sited on a massive pudding stone outcropping that flows through the lower level.

Some of the notable features of this project are: The biggest Marvin picture windows I’ve ever installed (7’x12?), a two-stop elevator, caretaker’s suite, Master suite with home office that I’m sure has been getting a lot of use lately, custom kitchen cabinets with multicolored Italian melamine, and a heated driveway.

One of the many great projects we have no photography of 🤦🏻‍♂️

Photos from Star Contracting Company, Inc.'s post 09/29/2020

Framing progress at the #UplandADU

Deck is down just in time for some much needed rain. Second floor steel goes in tomorrow then it’s up to the roof we go.

Timeline photos 08/26/2020

Slabs being placed at the #UplandADU build today

Timeline photos 07/31/2020

I knew this project would be challenging, but the whole team underestimated how complicated it would be to get out of the ground on this build.

So far we’ve met every obstacle with determination and professionalism, and there’s light at the end of the tunnel... I’ve run into an interesting first: 12’x24’x12’ tall steel shoring around a hairy corner of the site. Now pour a foundation around it... #noproblem

Timeline photos 07/11/2020

In a positive end to the week, I finally received my (digital) Certified Passive House Builder certificate from @passivehouseinstituteus - COVID hit just after I completed the course and exam and I almost forgot all about it. It was a great learning experience and hopefully a worthwhile investment in myself and our company... Now let’s get some PH certified projects on the books!

Timeline photos 06/15/2020

Come build with us...

We have some great projects lined up, a mix of substantial Renovations, Additions, and New Construction - all with a focus on building performance and quality ex*****on.

Shoot me (Milo) a DM, email, or text at 617-823-3154 if you’re interested.


Photos from Star Contracting Company, Inc.'s post 05/14/2020

A peek into the new powder room from our recent #highperformanceaddition project. The original layout called for a small pedestal sink next to the toilet, but counter space and storage were priorities for the client.
Solution: we got an 18” deep wall hung vanity and put it on the back wall instead of the side, and built some open shelves to match. This allowed the counter to span wall-to-wall.

How about those swimming salmon tiles on the floor? @ Boston, Massachusetts

Timeline photos 05/13/2020

More high performance assemblies, please! Diligent air sealing and water management, as well as exterior insulation is just like putting on a really good winter jacket - it keeps out cold air and water, it keeps your bones warm, and it lets your sweat and any water that does get in evaporate out

The main priorities here that building code doesn’t adequately address are: Health and Comfort, and Durability. The energy savings is just an added benefit

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