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Thanks to Gateway Tire Bossier City and YOU for partnering with us to keep our youth warm! If you have any new or gently used coats/jackets/sweatshirts or gloves, please drop them off at a Gateway location near you.
Thank you so much for taking care of me today. I thought it was the usual seasonal air fluctuation that caused the sensor light to come on. Your guy found the nail and repaired the tire and at no cost to me. (I bought the tires at the Haughton store). Thanks again. You are the best.
I love taking my vehicles to y'all. You're always reliable. I know when I bring my car in i will leave with the peace of mind knowing it's been done right. And when we are there for a while, your customer service exceeds expectations. Thanks for helping out with my little fussy bo**er. 💙💛

Gateway Tire and Service Center is a full automotive tire and service center. Gateway Tire & Service Center at 2134 Airline Dr. has served Bossier City and the surrounding areas since 1999.

We offer a complete line of name brand tires for everything from cars, trucks, and ATV/UTV, to lawn, garden, farm, tractors, and trailers just to name a few. We are also a full-service automotive center offering services like oil change, tire rotation, flat repair, cooling system service, steering and suspension, wheel alignment, brakes, computer diagnostics, and much more. As a family-owned compa

Operating as usual

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Okay, ...leave your best guess in the comments below.

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Horsepower is the capacity of a vehicle’s engine to do work, which can loosely mean the speed of a car. Horsepower does not mean the number of horses required to pull your car! On the contrary, the engine’s horsepower is measured with the help of a dynamometer which calculates this value with torque and RPM (revolutions per minute) of a vehicle. More horsepower, more speed. More torque = more strength.

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All your fluid levels are important no matter the season but especially the coolant in the winter. Have your entire coolant system checked, including the radiator, hoses, and belts.

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We promise to to provide honest services. That's a guarantee!

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Like other vehicle systems, the conditions of winter can be tough on your brakes, especially when you’re frequently trying to stop on snow and ice. Have them inspected to keep yourself as safe as possible.

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Blinkers save lives!

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If you've been craving a bagel lately, consider this your sign that you should get one.

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Completely satisfied and happy is the only way to be after a visit to Gateway Tire! We look forward to helping you!

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Its butt.

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This is brought to you by FUEL Off Road!

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When your car is out of alignment, it’s harder to control. It also won’t use fuel as efficiently as it could. The first of the year is a great time to get your alignment checked.

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Busted! The way automatic cars are made these days has eliminated the truth that they are less fuel-efficient than manual cars. Thanks to advancements in technology, automatic cars of today have more forward gears than cars with manual transmission. This helps in a balanced fuel economy in both versions. The extra gears can help with creating more power at lower engine speed, this saves fuel and creates the balance.

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Make your car nothing! Let us know if you give this a try!

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On average, we spend at least two weeks of our entire lives waiting for a traffic light to change. It may seem like a waste of time, but traffic lights also save lives.

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It is our goal to hear these words from every single customer. Thank you for sharing yours with us, Kristen!

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The drive belt connected to your engine runs the alternator, the air-con compressor plus any additional accessories connected to your engine. Some cars possess one drive belt only, whereas others have several. Over time, the drive belts wear out; if very worn or even cracked, the drive belt can break, which will disable your engine. A squeaking noise is often the first sign that your drive belt needs checking. Usually, the drive belt is examined when you get your oil changed.

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Lower temperatures bring lower tire pressure...which means it's a good idea to inflate your tires come wintertime.

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Are you driving the most popular type of car on the road? Let us know in the comments below and we'll tell you if you match up with the national answer!

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Happy New Year! Our store is closed today. We look forward to serving you on Monday!

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Here's to hoping the next time we see you...will be next year! But if you do happen to have car troubles, we are open today and are ready to serve you! All Gateway Tire locations will be closed tomorrow.

PS — If you're still looking for a ...perhaps you'll prioritize your oil changes this year? 🙏

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We'll let you know if you guess correctly!

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It may be wise to warm up your engine before driving it. To do this, you can install a remote car starter or allow your vehicle to idle for about 30 seconds before driving it. After this 30-second warm-up period, drive your car gently to allow the engine components to come up to temperature.

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Doors have a tendency to get stuck when temperatures drop. Hitting the kitchen and grabbing some cooking spray the night before a storm can help avoid a cold weather tug-of-war with your car doors. Coat the doors’ external rubber edges and wipe them clean!

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Popular Mechanics actually tested this theory and found that the truck had more drag with the tailgate down versus up. However, they did also find that replacing the tailgate with a mesh did prove to be fuel-efficient—equally on par with driving with no tailgate, or driving with the hardcover top and the tailgate up.

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Merry Christmas from your entire Gateway Tire & Service Center family! May God bless you and yours on this very special day!

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Merry Christmas Eve! Our stores are closed today and tomorrow so that we can spend this time with our families. We will be back open on Monday and look forward to serving you!

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A tire filled to 32 psi at 70 degrees will have only 28 psi at 30 degrees. Under-inflated tires offer less traction, reduce fuel mileage, wear out prematurely, and cause irreparable damage that compromises their durability. Check tire pressures monthly with a quality air pressure gauge, and if needed, fill them to vehicle manufacturer specifications.

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We partnered with Yokohama Tire to giveaway a set of four Yokohama Tires for our Independence Bowl giveaway! Congratulations to our winner, Mr. Robert Frealy!

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Show us how well you know your 12 Days Of Christmas in the comments below. No cheating!!

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112 million Americans are expected to hit the road to be home for Christmas this year. Who's ready for some reflective time behind the wheel?

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A brake pedal that feels mushy, soft and falls to the floor when pressed is a sign that there's a problem with your car's brake system. You likely have a problem with a brake fluid leak, or a problem with a component called the brake master cylinder. The brake master cylinder is what turns the motion of the pedal when you press it into hydraulic pressure that engages the brakes and slows you down.

When everything is working well, you should be able to press the brake gently for normal driving, with plenty of extra room in the pedal travel for quick emergency stops. If your pedal hits the floor, bring your vehicle to our service center STAT!

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Hometown friendly? We LOVE the sound of that. Thanks for the five-star , Mark!

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Which of the top two in the United States would you rather jam to in the car? Vote using the LIKE or LOVE Facebook reaction below!

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Are you dreaming of a white or a white ?

Our Story

Gateway Tire & Service Center at 2134 Airline Dr. has served Bossier City and the surrounding areas since 1999. We offer a complete line of name brand tires for everything from cars, trucks, and ATV/UTV, to lawn, garden, farm, tractors, and trailers… just to name a few. We are also a full-service automotive center offering services like oil change, tire rotation, flat repair, cooling system service, steering and suspension, wheel alignment, brakes, computer diagnostics and much more. As a family-owned company, we strive to treat our customs like family and friends. Many of our customers were young children when their parents and in some cases, grandparents, brought then a long while they had their vehicles serviced.

We support many local charities such as N.W. Louisiana Food Bank, American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, Shriners Hospital and many more. With Barksdale Airforce Base being a huge part of our community, we especially appreciate our service men and women and their families for their service to our country. We would like to thank all of our customers for eighteen years of great service to the Bossier City community!

We invite you to come to see us for all your automotive needs.

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