Boise High School - Class of 1992

Boise High School - Class of 1992

Where Boise High School 1992 alumni can post about reunions, plan gatherings, network, or update fellow alumni about their life. Be kind, be honest and be welcoming.

To assist former classmates in staying connected and plan future reunions.

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Photos from Boise High School - Class of 1992's post 03/18/2021

Robert Allan McKie Can’t wait for the 30 year reunion. Here’s hoping we can all safely meet in a year.

[03/10/21]   2022 = Big 30
Robert Allan McKie is looking for help in planning our 30th reunion. DM him if interested in helping.


It is with great sadness that we post about the passing of fellow Alumni, Chris McAdams. Please read the obituary below for upcoming funeral and celebration of life information.

[09/27/18]   Bob McKie and I just chatted today about planning for 2022 for our Big 30 Anniversary. So Stay tuned.

Wow, are we really old enough for 30?

[03/22/17]   So this summer marks 25yrs since we graduated. Anyone interested in getting together this summer?

If we had to pay to rent space (i.e. Building next to Bardenay) or something like that, would you pay for the location and food? Or do you want something in a park (would need to secure location ) and bring your own food etc..

I think it would be great to see people before 30th or 40th?


May 22, 2011

[05/22/11]   Thought this might be a great way to keep in touch since our 20 year anniversary is next year.



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