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Your concern quickly becomes our priority. With over four decades of experience and a leading edge on the latest pest control technology, our New York State Certified pest control technicians have the special skills to deal effectively with our area's most difficult pests, including termites, carpenter ants, bed bugs and rodents.



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Coptotermes gestroi dispersal flight 2016 South Florida 04/22/2020

Coptotermes gestroi dispersal flight 2016 South Florida

What does a Termite Swarm Look Like? You just may see one this year! We haven't seen this many swarmers in 10-years! Concerned about termite damage at your home? Call us for a no cost estimate, inspection, and tips on how to keep your house safe from a termite colony's damage!

Coptotermes gestroi dispersal flight 2016 South Florida University of Florida/IFAS This video shows a large swarming event of the Asian subterranean termite in Ft Lauderdale, FL on March 28th 2016. This termite sp...


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Argonaut Pest Control updated their phone number.

Argonaut Pest Control updated their phone number.


It's termite season. Call us for a free termite inspection.


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There is no place you can go in the U.S. where bed bugs are unlikely to at least present a risk. A national study found bed bug reports in almost equal amounts in the South, Midwest, Northeast and West, although you are more likely to run into bed bugs in a big city as opposed to a rural area.


Not all female spiders feed off their mates. Some species like the Australian Crab spider sacrifice their bodies to feed their offspring.


If you suspect you have an issue with carpenter ants in your home, it’s always best to call in a professional instead of trying to deal with it yourself. Since we have access to chemicals that the general public can’t get, our treatments will be more effective for killing the colony.


Honey bees, unlike carpenter bees, do not chew or eat wood and their colonies generally do not cause structural damage to a home as long as the colony is alive. If the bees die, the left over honey and wax combs can lead to interior damage.


Unlike bee stings, bites from bed bugs aren’t painful. Usually, the sleeping host won’t even know they’ve been bitten!


The German cockroach is one of the most common pests in the US. Attracted to warm, humid areas inside the home, the light brown cockroach is about one-half-inch long and can be found in the East, Northeast, Midwest, and Northwest regions.


Identifying bed-bug bites can be difficult in some cases, because it is easy to misidentify bites on your skin as bites from other insects.


Bed bugs travel from place to place very easily, hitching rides on clothes, backpacks, and even suitcases. This is one of the reasons it is so important to exterminate any bed bugs in your home as soon as possible.


Cold, wet weather can be challenging to humans as well as to rodents like rats and mice. During inclement weather, pests look for shelter indoors. If they can find access and a food source, they'll settle in for a nice, long stay.


When you have young children in the home, it’s natural to want to limit the number of strangers that come into your home to avoid confusion. Getting the supplies from us to handle pest control issues on your own could be a simpler option.


Some modern pest control tactics use primarily natural controls. By definition, natural controls are environmental factors that reduce and/or control a pest population, including changes in temperature, geographic barriers, and even the use of natural enemies, which can keep a pest population in check.


It’s important to remember that bed bugs can travel. If you’ve already been notified by one tenant in a multifamily property about an infestation, it’s wise to have other units inspected as well.


Did you know that an infestation of mice and rats has the potential to cause serious damage to the structure of buildings, like your house? Call an animal control specialist immediately, even if you think it's just a small problem.


It's very common for bees to choose an outside shed or find their way inside your home through a small crack to take up residence inside a wall. If you suspect bees on your property, we can help determine if you have a hive and remove the bees.


Did you know the fastest land moving insect is the cockroach? The tropical cockroach in particular can cover 50 body lengths in 1 second. That is on par with a sprinter being able to run 100 yards in 1 second.


Bees are very territorial, and when they build a nest, they often maintain this nest even if it is knocked down. In fact, merely knocking a bee hive to the ground is the end of the problem; on the contrary, bees will continue to build their nest until professionally removed.


Did you know that roaches with wings don’t develop those wings until adulthood? The common American roach multiplies at a fairly prolific rate. The average female is capable of giving birth to about 150 offspring in an average year.


For some of the best results on treating ant infestations in or around your home, ant kits can be an effective solution. They normally provide ant bait gel, ant bait, and bait stations for placements outdoors and indoors in kitchens, bathrooms, near pet feeding areas, and more.


Mice are dirty and can transmit some nasty diseases to humans. Avoid touching mice, their droppings or their nests with your bare hands. Call a professional. If you have to handle materials you suspect may be contaminated by mice or rats, wear gloves, and consider wearing a respirator.


Leaks in, under and around the home – including leaky faucets – create a moist environment that can attract a number of pests including ants, roaches and even termites. To avoid hanging out the “welcome” sign for pests, try to address water leaks as soon as they occur.


You probably already know mouse droppings are disgusting and can carry disease. Mice do more than contaminate food and the areas they inhabit, though. They build nests using scavenged materials. This can include clothing, carpeting, insulation, and even electrical wiring.


Did you know that adult bed bugs can live for as long as 18 months? From hatching to maturity, these bugs molt several times, requiring a blood meal every time they go through the process.

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