Old Glory Acres

Old Glory Acres is a new flower farm in Douglas, Alabama. OGA is intended to provide local flowers

Photos from Old Glory Acres's post 10/14/2022

Crafting with OGA dried blooms today 🍁🌻🌸

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Getting back at it this morning! Soaking Ranunculus corms today! These beauties will be blooming in March. We ordered the best of the best Ranunculus for this coming season. I’m excited to see the result 😎


We cannot thank you enough for making our first year flower farming a success 😊Thank you from the bottom of my heart to my community and all that have supported us! 📣We are officially closed for the season. 📣Next flowers at OGA will be Tulips in the spring and they are going to be so good 🤗🌷🌷🌷🤗

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Thanks MDEC for recognizing OGA in this month’s issue of Alabama Living. We were flattered when you asked us and still are 😊


Here is a picture to show you what is going on at OGA. (Bottom pic 6/14, middle 6/29, top pic is now). We are not out of flowers, actually the issue is we have too many. (yep that’s a problem 😎) We were hit on 2 different occasions in the last 2 weeks with high winds that tangled many stems and knocked many over. We are cleaning up as fast as we can. Some aisles you cannot even walk down right now. When people walk through our fields I want it to be a pleasant experience, not a messy one. You all know this is our first year and we are learning! Weather is just part of it. Like I said, we still have plenty. If you need bouquets or flowers call or message us!


OGA You picks CANCELLED until further notice. We are so sorry. No worries though, we still have plenty of flowers!! We will update on social media new hours and events within the next week.


Roadside Stand open today. 3000 Hwy 168 Boaz AL 35957 small wrapped bouquets for 15.00, and vase arrangements for 25.00 💐☀️🤗


Yep it’s hot ! It’s 1:00 and it’s a Sunny July day in Alabama. 🔥☀️BUT I want the flowers to keep growing so there’s work to do 😎 We have 3 scheduled you pick days left at OGA, I am considering moving the 2 saturdays left to evening hours 4-8:30pm instead all day for the heat. If you were planning on coming during the day and need me to keep it that way, let me know !

Saturday July 23rd
Monday July 25th 5-8:30 pm
Saturday July 30th


School Starts Back Soon 📚👩‍🏫 OGA will have small Zinnia wrapped bundles ready to meet your teacher at orientation or the first day of school. They will all be a mix of different colors, this is just an example of size. They are 10.00, prepay only. You choose the pickup date. Pickup will be in my flower coolers on my backporch at your convenience. Message me or text 256-738-5849 to order. Let’s soak up this little bit of Summer we have left !! ⛱☀️🌊


OGA You Pick until 4 today 🌼


It’s not all butterflies and pretty pictures here at the flower farm 😉 Its a whole lot of work, sooo much work and so many bugs 😳Y’all keep us motivated and we are thankful for that. 😊

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July Subscriptions going out this week 🤗 Huge thanks to all my subscribers 🥰 Yall believed in me before the flowers were even blooming and I’m so grateful that you did!!


OGA you pick tonight (Tues 7/12) 5-8:30. Come see us 💐✂️We have so many blooms waiting for you 🫵

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We rode up to my friend Laura’s flower farm on our off day. They have done a beautiful job and have the cutest gift shop 🤗The kids came home with African dwarf frogs 🐸


We are also set up with new inventory at Alabama Goods in Homewood today, come see us Birmingham 👋🏽💐🤗


Come pick some flowers today!! Open till 4

What happens at a You Pick?

*You purchase an OGA cup to fill with blooms

*We give you an OGA cup with water and snips to use to cut some blooms. 🍶✂️

*While you are strolling and cutting make sure to take pictures/selfies with the blooms 📷

*You can then take your cup put in cup holder of your car and ride to your destination or you can bring a vase/container from home and transfer and arrange your stems on the picnic tables under the pavilion. 💐

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Thank you Alabama Goods !! We are so excited to be there! 🎉👏💐

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So excited! OGA is now a vendor at Alabama Goods!! I just dropped off fresh bouquets from the farm at the Homewood location and Huntsville will have them tomorrow!

Old Glory Acres updated their address. 07/03/2022

Old Glory Acres updated their address.

Old Glory Acres updated their address.

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Road stand today! 3000 Hwy 168 Boaz 35957 25.00 in a jar, 20.00 wrapped. Ready for quick grab. 💐☀️🇺🇸


Cutting buckets of Celosia this morning. They get the award for the “coolest” 😎flower we have. I just love ‘em 👏


Stop by Lambert’s today or tomorrow for a fresh bouquet!! 💐💐💐

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Photos from Marshall County CattleWomen's Association's post


We are now offering private you-picks! Perfect for Girl’s Night , date night with your besties, a birthday celebration, etc. Bring a Picnic or takeout, and hangout while picking flowers 🌸 💐🍕🥤

Private you-picks events include the OGA pavilion for 2 hours and 6 you-pick cups to fill for $200.00. Each additional person picking will be $25.00 per cup.

We also have a “bouquet bar” option where flowers are already picked and ready for you to make a bouquet.

Call or text 256-738-5849 to book.

Old Glory Acres updated their phone number. 06/28/2022

Old Glory Acres updated their phone number.

Old Glory Acres updated their phone number.


You pick Friday July 1st!! Make it a date night, girls night or just get out of the house and come pick some flowers 🌸 🌼🌻You pick cups are $25.00 each. Make plans for OGA this Friday night 👏😊


Evening You-pick from 5 till dark tonight 😊 My favorite time to be at the farm is the evening, come see me !

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Orders going out today 🤗You don’t have to wait for me to post bouquets for sale, You can order an OGA bouquet wrapped or in a vase anytime for the ones you love or yourself! 😊Message me or text 256-738-5849 whenever you need/want one! 🌸🌼🌸🌼


Ashley Baker won! It was roses and lilies. I’m sorry, I feel bad for admitting it but I can’t like them 😎 Ashley you can pickup your bouquet Thursday!!

OGA Giveaway!! We haven’t done one lately and I want to so… Yes I’m a flower farmer and I love the flowers that I grow but I don’t love all flowers 🤓There are 2 types of flowers that are my absolute least favorite. I say I’ll never have them at the farm, but who knows maybe one day I’ll like them. Anyways the first person that can name the 2 flowers I think are losers wins a large wrapped bouquet to pickup Thursday! My mom, sisters and cousins cannot play 😄


Taking preorders for 🎇4th of July🎇market Bouquets. 25.00 in a vase or 20.00 wrapped. Pickup on Friday July 1st to have for all of your 4th of July gatherings! We love America, our flag and the values our country was founded upon, hence the name Old Glory Acres. No better way to show a little patriotism than some Red And White fresh flowers grown right here in America.
Place your order for pickup by message or text 256-738-5849. Bouquets will be similar but not exact.


Next OGA You-pick will be this Saturday June 25th. Morning session 7:00-10:00, and evening time 5:00 until dark. OGA you-pick cups are $25.00. Come pick some beautiful blooms 🌸🌼🌻🌹


If you don’t have time to pick today we also have wrapped bouquets available for a quick purchase to take to someone special or to keep for yourself! Come see us today at OGA 🤗


And that’s a wrap, Goodnight from the field. Come see us Saturday morning starting at 6:30 till 10:00 and pick you some! Thank you to everyone that came tonight!


We are ready for you to come pick some beautiful flowers! 😊you-pick till 8 tonight 🌼🌻🌸🌻🌼Come see us!

Photos from Old Glory Acres's post 06/16/2022

June subscription bouquets are ready 👏Lisianthus started blooming just in time 🤗

Photos from Old Glory Acres's post 06/15/2022

We just got back from our Road Trip out West to find the flower field has exploded with blooms!! Everything is not ready but there are too many flowers to not have a you-pick! 🌸🌻🌼🌸🌻

OGA will have our first you-picks of the season this week! Come see us!!

6/16 Thursday evening 5:30-8:00
6/18 Saturday morning 6:30-10:00

You-pick Cups will be 25.00 and you can fill with your fave blooms.

6842 Summerville Road Boaz AL 35957


The flowers are changing so fast, these are the newest blooms at OGA. Scabiosa is my new fave 👏

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OGA Gift Certificates are now available!! They can be applied to seasonal bouquets during the 2022 growing season and/or...





6842 Summerville Road
Boaz, AL

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