Oak Bluff Golden Retrievers

Oak Bluff Golden Retrievers


-left to right-
LEO (aka orange/Elmer Fudd) 8mo posing with his siblings Lulu 13yrs and Charlie 19mo

Leo is such a good boy, smart, sweet and always willing to give us an exfoliating face wash! Thanks Breeze and Oak Bluff! (Also, he is quite a LOOKER.)
Dollie girl all snuggled up after a little bath. 😍

AKC Golden Retriever Hobby Farm

Photos from Oak Bluff Golden Retrievers's post 12/16/2022

We are proud to announce the newest member of Oak Bluff, Maggie!

She is from the final litter of Breeze and she is a sweetheart!


More puppies going home today!

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We snapped some pictures of Blue Boy (Pugsley) as he waited for his family to pick him up last night!


Attack of the fluff!

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It’s go-home week for this cute bunch! It’s been a fun group and we will miss them but we know their new owners cannot wait any longer to bring them home!


7 weeks old already! Hard to believe they’re headed to their forever homes soon! ☺️

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**Update: Puppy is currently pending pickup**

Last puppy available!🚨

🎀 Pink Girl (Thing) from our Addams Family Litter!
She is such a cute and sweet girl! She will be ready to go next week ☺️. Send us a message if interested!


The puppies are tired out after their trip to the vet today! Everyone is healthy 🎉🎊. Puppies turn 6 weeks old tomorrow!

We have 1 male and 1 female spot remaining in this litter! Message us for info!


Aunt Pearl sure likes playtime with the pups!


The puppies have sure gotten active over the past week!

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Updated puppy pictures ✨ 5 WEEKS ✨



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Happy 2nd Birthday to the Peanuts Gang Litter!!! We hope your day is everything you wished for! 🎉🎊

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Updated pictures! I can’t believe they turn 4 weeks old in a couple days! 🥰


The puppies graduated to the large play area and they are getting their collars later tonight! Big milestones 🎉


Time to play!

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🎃👻The Addams Family Litter celebrated their 1st Halloween! They will be 3 weeks old tomorrow.

There are still a few of these guys looking for their fur-ever homes!


Milk Coma!

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Eyes are open! 👀
Both pics of yellow girl (Grandma Addams) 💛


Puppies turned 2 weeks yesterday! 🎉

We have puppies available in this litter, message us to give one of these cuties a home 💚


Green Boy (Lurch) sure loves to eat!


Blue Boy (Pugsley) showing off his cuteness!


Sweet dreams Purple Girl (Wednesday) 😴💤 These puppies are the cutest!


A little update video of Pearl! 😆



Photos from Oak Bluff Golden Retrievers's post 10/22/2022

First Individual pictures of the Addams Family crew!

So far we have 💛 yellow girl (Grandma Addams) and 💜 purple girl (Wednesday) as the largest in the bunch at just over 2 pounds

Sweet, ❤️ red girl (Cousin It), is the smallest of the bunch weighing in at just over 1 pound.


Black Boy (Gomez) is all about the snuggles! More individual pictures coming soon 🙂
We still have availability, send us a message!

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Puppies are 1 week old today and growing fast! Breeze is such a good mama 💜

Photos from Oak Bluff Golden Retrievers's post 10/18/2022

We are proud to announce, in honor of upcoming Halloween, The Addams Family Litter!

Breeze gave birth on Thursday, October 13th to:
4 boys (Gomez, Pugsley, Uncle Fester and Lurch)

5 girls (Morticia, Wednesday, Grandma Addams, Cousin It and Thing)

This is Breeze’s final litter. We have lots of availability, message us for details!


We have exciting news!

Breeze is expecting her FINAL litter of puppies in a couple weeks. These puppies will be ready for their forever homes mid December, just in time for Christmas!

Message us for details!

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5 years of loving this pup! Happy Birthday Mama Indie! 😍


Happy National Dog Day to our favorite pups! 💓

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Happy 1st Birthday to “The Muppets” Litter!

We will always remember today as the day that Mama Indie’s water broke at the same time as their human mama! After delivering puppies and heading to the hospital, 24 hours later their human sister arrived to join the bunch! Such a fun and special flashback! 🤍

🎉🎊 We hope all our sweet, muppet puppies are enjoying their day of extra belly rubs and treats!

Photos from Oak Bluff Golden Retrievers's post 07/23/2022

Happy 1st Birthday to the “Looney Tunes” Litter! May your day be filled with many treats and snuggles!! 🥰


It’s Big Treat Sunday!

Photos from Oak Bluff Golden Retrievers's post 05/27/2022

Enjoying the sunset tonight! 🌅🧡

Photos from Oak Bluff Golden Retrievers's post 05/23/2022

And last but not least, we have Green Boy/Kermit, now his name is Finley! He had his first plane ride and gets to spend some fun in the sun in Florida and in Minnesota as well. He will also get to see Indie’s daughter, Charlie, (Purple Girl/Emmylou) since she is in the family 💚💜

Photos from Oak Bluff Golden Retrievers's post 05/23/2022

Our other big boy, Blue Boy/Gonzo’s staying in Minnesota and his new name is Fives! He is already mastering some commands, smart pup 💙

Our Golden Girls

Indie and Breeze are our two golden retrievers and best friends. Their health, safety, and happiness is above all else most important to us. We would like to share the joy they bring to us through their puppies. As we consider their health and lives to be of utmost importance, we would never do anything to jeopardize their well-being by overbreeding or pushing them beyond their purpose of being our pets. It is also essential for us to know that their puppies will be going to the best homes, who can love them as much as we love Indie and Breeze.

Indie is our 2 1/2 year old light golden female. Her dad was an excellent hunter and qualified for 14, 15 Master National. Indie is an absolute sweetheart with a goofy personality. Her amazing speed, drive, and willingness to please are very admirable!


Breeze is our 2 year old dark golden female. She comes from parents with strong hunting drive. She is always getting compliments on the color of her beautiful coat and loves to show affection. She is a very smart and sly pup!

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Sweet dreams puppies! 😴 🌙🐾
Cleaning each other up after mush!
Happy New Year from Oak Bluff!We are planning for early spring 2022 puppies!  Please message us for more information. We...
All 20 puppies enjoying their time outside together! ☀️🥰
Play time together during pen and puppy clean up 🧽 🧼(Elmer Fudd pushing his way to the front for a close up 😂)
The Flintstones are 4 weeks old today!  Everyone is growing well and they are loving their mush meals!  Only 4 more week...
Breeze’s litter’s first mush-food meal!
Indie’s litter’s first mush-food meal!
Breeze’s litter is on the move!  First mush-meal tomorrow!  Sure to be some messy faces!





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