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Thanks and and huge shout out to Ron Bigrontattoos Lambert... for making and being a big part of my daughters big 18 you are awesome and keep being you
Small tumbled crystals now available!! 🌼✨
Can ship or pick up at Ironworx Body Arts
Joe Hinkle did an amazing job! The atmosphere here is unlike any other, everyone is so nice and down to earth. Can’t wait to finish her up!!
I can’t even express how much I recommend this place!!! I went in for the first time and was given excellent service and the most beautiful lip piercing and then went back the next night for more. The apprentice did my double nostril and conchs and they are GORGEOUS!! The environment is so light and fun, everyone is super sweet and explains everything to you from the process to the jewelry. 10/10 recommend. Will definitely keep returning here!!
It’s amazing! 😍 (done by Gunns)
I emailed a picture of something my husband is wanting to get. How much will y'all charge for this? Please let me know. Thanks😉
Thanks for reworking my tattoo..For all who knows I have one on my back, that at the time I got it I was living in Sin..Now I want it covered because I feel uncomfortable in church with it showing so I have decided to get it covered..So to do so I have to see if color is going to take good..These guys are great.. Before and after..
Come on in today and get yourself something new. Will be here to provide quality piercings til close today!
Looking good buddy

Caring, talented, and knowledgeable professionals providing top quality body art for the Appalachian region, from the heart of trail country in Bluewell, WV.

Operating as usual


Amethysts are known for their calming and protective energy! 🔮 This kite cut Amethyst set in 14kt yellow gold from @buddhajewelryorganics is very versatile and can be used in several different piercings!! Come grab this beauty today ✨


Jewelry upgrade ☠️ 14kt white gold skull from @junipurrjewelry for her healed nostril piercing! I’ll be in the shop all day tomorrow for piercings and jewelry changes ✨


Couple recent ones by Andrew!!


Personal favorite I’ve done lately! 🐙 This solid 14kt gold ‘Seawitch’ from @junipurrjewelry fit perfectly in this client’s fresh helix piercing!!


Had the pleasure of doing this double helix! Both with jewelry from @neometaljewelry , topped with these beautiful prong set cz tops!! 💎 I’ll be in the shop Friday!


Upgraded this healed navel to a Kiwi opal curve from @infinitebodyvancouver 🥝 Also anodized the titanium to a teal green in house!! ✨


Some moon magic by Michaela!! 🌙


Added this nostril piercing to pair with her other healed one! Using a fun blue opal, all titanium from @neometaljewelry 🦋

Ron 04/10/2022



Eye of the tiger! 🐅 Tigers eye threadless end from @neometaljewelry Such a cool piece and could be used for an array of piercings!!

Ron 04/09/2022


Photos from Ironworx Body Arts's post 04/07/2022

A couple newer pieces from Big Ron


Super cool red eyed tree frog by Darren!!!


Check out this little stunner 🤩 Pear opal double millgrain solid 14kt white gold threadless end from @junipurrjewelry Available at @ironworxbodyarts

Photos from Ironworx Body Arts's post 03/29/2022

Some new pieces by Michaela!!


Todays fun! New tattoo by Andrew


Would love to use this ‘Luna’ 14kt yellow gold threadless end from @junipurrjewelry this weekend!!🌙 Come by @ironworxbodyarts for a new piercing or jewelry change!


Fresh septum piercing! ASTM F-136 implant grade Ti, internally threaded jewelry.


Industrial piercing and we anodized the barbell teal green! Jewelry is ASTM F-136 internally threaded titanium 🦕 #piercing #piercings #industrial #industrialpiercing #internallythreaded #implantgradetitanium #anodizedtitanium #piercinglove #piercingsofinstagram #ironworx #ironworxbodyarts


Got our first order in from @infinitebodyvancouver !! Lots of new navel curves now in stock and in several different colors ✨ Here’s a few bezel set czs, implant grade ASTM f-136 Ti.

Photos from Ironworx Body Arts's post 03/19/2022

Some double lobe action with beautiful cz and aurora borealis prong sets from @neometaljewelry 🦄


Coverup by TK!!!


Looking for some jewelry that is out of this world? 🛸🚀 Come snag this super cool UFO threadless end!! It is solid 14kt white gold from @junipurrjewelry


Some recent tattoos by Andrew!!


Loving this lavender opal, bullet end from @peoples_jewelry in this healed rook!! (Original piercing not done by me) We also anodized the titanium to blurple 💜
Needing an upgrade on some healed piercings? Jewelry changes are free with any jewelry purchase! I will be in shop all day Saturday at @ironworxbodyarts


Black and grey piece by Michaela!!


Big coverup By Andrew last night!


Super fun Alice in Wonderland themed tattoos by Michaela!!


Watercolor work.. right is fresh left is healed. Both by Andrew!


Nostril piercing with a prong set aurora borealis end from @neometaljewelry also featuring a fresh septum piercing with internally threaded ASTM F-136 Ti anodized blue in house🦋


Fresh nostril with black onyx! All from @neometaljewelry 🖤


Tongue piercing back for a shorter bar after swelling, we also upgraded it to this darling white opal cabochon from @peoples_jewelry ☁️🤍


Flower forearm piece by Andrew the other night!!!


New piece by TK! Message us to set up your next appointment today!!!!


Was super pumped to use this 14kt gold plague doctor piece from @junipurrjewelry in a fresh conch! 🔥

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