Dave's Music and Guitar Instruction

Dave's Music and Guitar Instruction

I provide guitar lessons mixed with the music theory behind the instrument.


Daves Music and Guitar Instruction is closing. I have other pressing items and issues to take care of and feel this is in my best interest. Thank you for all who have visited my page, it has been a pleasure. Take care and keep on learning and playing music. Dave...


Reading Music. I remember when I first had to learn how to read music. One word comes to mind - Yuck! Years later I had to re-learn how to read music and this time it was fun. Why was it fun? My son was learning at the same time so it became a game to see who could learn to read the fastest! Lol, I had such an ego! As it turned out, it was fun even without the competition. So what is the secret to learning how to read music and why would you even care to read music?

To answer the second question first, reading music gives you everything you need to play a song, even if you don't have a copy to listen to. And the secret to reading music - study, study, study, and be diligent.

Musical scores are written out on what we call a Staff. The staff is made up of lines and spaces and each line and space represents a note.


So, there are five lines and four spaces. The Lines from bottom to top are EGBDF and the spaces, starting with the bottom space are F,A,C,E. The easiest way to learn them are by memorizing the following:

"The Spaces spell FACE".
To learn the lines say "(E)very (G)ood (B)oy (D)oes (F)ine". (Old school saying was "Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit"). Now if that offends anyone then don't blame me because it's been around for generations.

Remember those two things and you will be on your way to reading music. Now back to theory...

This post is still under construction. I need to get some images put together to finish this but for now, learn the lines and spaces above. I'll be back in a couple of days to finish this for you.




Free introductory Music Theory lesson


Hello! My name is Dave Morton and I think it's time to begin teaching again. I have been a guitarist for over 45 years and believe I need to start giving back my knowledge of music to other budding musicians. I believe in teaching music theory with emphasis on guitar playing. If you or someone you know would like to begin learning music and or guitar, please contact me and let's set up a meeting where we can talk and get to know each other before we commit. We will discuss your current level of musical experience and how much my lessons will cost at that time.




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