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To create a line of communication between me and my customers. I wish to share spot removing techniq Erich's Carpet Care serves the Greater Kansas City area.

Erich's Carpet Care, LLC is being established to give carpet, area rug, upholstery and tile cleaning to residential and commercial customers. Our business will grow by referrals, word of mouth and repeat business. We are family owned and operated with our main focus on quality professional workmanship. A truckmount cleaning system is used, and we are fully licensed and insured. Call 816-908-7426 and schedule your appointment today!




Hey everyone, hope the upcoming holidays treat you well. Anyone happen to need a dehumidifier or air mover? This past year we have stopped doing flood work. As a result, we have several very lightly used 70 pint dehumidifiers and air movers(fans) that are available for purchase at a discounted rate. The dehumidifiers are good for keeping in the basement during humid times of the year, they have a pump out function or auto shut off. We have been extremely pleased with their efficiency. If you are interested, please feel free to call, text or pm me.


Debbie and I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years!!

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Another “OOPS!” Moment taken care of:)


Hey everyone! Debbie and I just wanted to say hi and wish you well for all of the holidays coming up in the next few months. We wanted to offer a 10% discount for any services requested thru December 15th. We know how busy everyone will be preparing homes for their guests. If we can assist in carpet, upholstery or tile and grout cleaning, please don’t hesitate to let us know. To get the 10% discount please mention this Facebook post when you schedule an appointment, or if you forget, just remind us when we come to your home and clean for you. Be safe and may God bless you!!
Erich and Debbie
Erich’s Carpet Care


Hey everyone,
Hope all is well with you:). I am planning a trip to the Ozarks in the second or third week of July to clean some carpets for a few customers who have asked me about it. If anyone else needs some carpet or tile cleaned, or know someone who does, please get with me so I can add you to the list. I will be down there 2-3 days.

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Here are a few before and after pictures of cleaning and restoring a dining room chair. All six chairs had various stains and water marks. Great results:)


Hello everyone!
I have great news, so please read the entire post:)
I haven't written anything for quite some time... my page prompted me that 268 friends of Erich's Carpet Care haven't heard from me in awhile. Not sure that any of you are dying to hear from me, but thought I would throw something on here that is very important to me anyway! Lol!
Business has been very good since we decided to get back into it almost 3 years ago, time goes by fast:). Debbie has left her job and as of April 17th, 2017 we have starting working together. I am very excited and thankful that we are going to have that opportunity. The biggest hurdle we have had to overcome was healthcare! We have decided to take a leap of faith and we have joined a Christian health share group. If anyone has ever considered it, we will soon be able to give feedback on the entire process. I want to thank all of you for your support and would ask that you continue to share our page with friends and family. Debbie and I look forward to cleaning for you, and may God bless you! Have a great weekend:)


I want to thank all my friends and customers of Erich's Carpet Care! It has been a great year and I have thoroughly enjoyed taking care of everyone's cleaning needs. I am thankful to do what I do and interact with the people that come my way. Without all of you, this wouldn't be possible. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and may your New Year's Eve be a safe and fun!! Hope to see all of you in 2017! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

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Great day to work outside on some upholstery!!! 46 and sunny:)

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Before and after...... dog had gotten sick:(
Carpet is all better:). So is the dog!

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Cleaned up some tassels today:)

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Having fun with a couple of ink stains! Usually a 70% chance of improvement. This is a good day:)


Welcome to Spring everyone!! Time to do some "Spring Cleaning". Call and make an appointment during April and May an I will give you 10% off any cleaning service. Carpet, Upholstery or Tile & Grout cleaning. All you have to do to receive the discount is to mention this Facebook post. Please pass this on to your friends. Encourage them to read the reviews and look at the photos on my page. Hopefully they will like the page and pass it on as well. In case anyone wonders about how I price jobs for carpets and tile, I base pricing off of square footage. Typically if someone books an appointment, we set a day and time for the job. I arrive and measure the areas to be cleaned, go over the price with the customer and if they want to proceed, I start cleaning. Have a great Spring everyone and may God Bless You!

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Before and after, plant/soil stain.
A prayer and some patience made it all better:)

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Another stain gone!!:)

Photos from Erich's Carpet Care's post 11/03/2015


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Pictures of tile cleaning!!

Mobile uploads 09/21/2015

What a difference!

Photos from Erich's Carpet Care's post 09/21/2015

Another booth

Photos from Erich's Carpet Care's post 09/21/2015

Restaurant booth cleaning

Erich Hamdorf 09/06/2015

Erich Hamdorf

Hey Erich's Carpet Care customers,
Not only have I been working diligently on the care of your carpets and upholstery, I have been training for a half marathon! I am running with a group called Team World Vision and we are raising money to help provide water to kids and families in Africa. I am on pace to run in the Kansas City Marathon on Oct. 17th. I have already asked my personal Facebook Friends for help in reaching my fundraising goal and thought that my Customers that I care for might want to be included in this great opportunity to make a difference. (Some of you are getting this twice because you are on my personal friend list and the Erich's Carpet Care list!)
Please take the time to read my fundraising page, and if you are interested in helping me reach my goal, please make a donation.
I hope everyone's carpets are looking amazing, I appreciate your time and consideration! Thank You and God Bless!

Erich Hamdorf A fundraising page for Erich Hamdorf

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Posting some before and after pictures from a successful cleaning today, click on them for explanation. Have a great weekend!!


Hello everyone! Today is one year since Erich's Carpet Care was officially "re-started"!! I have cleaned carpets for over 10 years now and have met a lot of amazing people! I want to say "Thank You" to all of you who have either used my services or have taken the time to like the page and share it with your friends.
A fact that I learned while attending a carpet cleaning refresher course, is that within 5 years of starting a carpet cleaning business, 80% of them do not make it!!
With the amazing client list that I have, I don't think you will let that happen:). I get many referrals because of all of you and I hope to continue cleaning your carpets for a long time to come!
I am truly very blessed!!
THANK YOU, again!! Have a blessed day:)

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Another successful clean!!


Great time for spring cleaning!! Carpet cleaning is on the list:). Please pass this page to your friends, family and co-workers. I only grow through referrals and word of mouth, so I thank you in advance for sharing this Erich's Carpet Care page. I am offering 10% off on carpet, upholstery or tile & grout cleaning to everyone through May 15th. All you have to do is schedule the appointment and mention this message! Have a blessed day! 816-908-7426

Untitled album 03/22/2015

Untitled album


Hello everyone! May you and your carpets have a great 2015:). Happy New Year!


Hello everyone who is acquainted with Erich's Carpet Care!
I haven't written in awhile, but was inspired to send an important message after tackling a mustard stain over the weekend. Accidents happen and food gets spilled, there is no way around it. One of my customers called with a mustard stain and I am very proud of her!

1. She did not panic, she blotted the stain and used the spotter that I gave her when I cleaned her carpets a couple of months back. The spotter is great, but not a miracle cleaner. Most importantly it is safe and will not lock in stains.
2. After unsuccessfully trying to remove the stain with my product, she contacted me and allowed me to come work on the stain. What usually happens is a customer will go to the next product and the next one and scrub as hard as possible trying to get it out!

Mustard is probably one of the top 5 hardest stains to get out with everyday ordinary cleaners. Spot Shot, Resolve and Oxy Clean are usually the first products tried by the public and it is a gamble. If the stain is not completely removed, which in most cases it is not, the stain gets locked in and my chances are slim to get it out.
Thanks to my customer for not panicking and giving me the opportunity to take care of the problem, the mustard stain was successfully removed from the middle of her living room, saving the need for carpet replacement.

I can get most organic stains out if given the opportunity before they are attacked with an array of store boughten cleaners. Stains such as coffee, tea, mustard, curry, plant stains, urine, f***s, etc.

Pass this on to everyone you know and it might make a difference to someone and possibly save them a load of money. Carpet isn't cheap to replace!

If anyone needs to get cleaned up before or after the holidays, you know how to reach me. :)


A carpet cleaning tip from Erich..
Have you ever cleaned a spot on your carpet and then a week or so later the spot came back? Most of the time, the problem is with the cleaner you are using, and the spot is not actually coming back! There is a good chance that when you clean the spot initially, you are leaving residue from the spotter in the carpet and it is attracting dirt to it and creating a new spot. Spot Shot and Resolve are notorious for this! Not only do they leave a lot of residue, but they can "lock" the stain in. If using these spotters, you need to rinse the area thoroughly with water. When I clean for a customer, I leave a bottle of spotter with them that does not leave a residue. If you are shopping for a spotter, read the directions, if it says one of the steps is to rinse thoroughly, then it probably will leave a lot of residue. This problem is common in most homes, I hope my tip will help you in the future! Don't forget to share Erich's Carpet Care page with your friends and, as always, any referrals would be greatly appreciated:)


Okay everyone, here is the answer to yesterday's question and the reasons why....

SOCKS is the best answer and is the best thing to wear around the house! That being said, it is not recommended to wear the rubber bottom or grippy socks, they will pull on the carpet and create wear.

FAVORITE PAIR OF SHOES will grip the carpet and accelerate the wear patterns you see going into doorways, especially in the hallway and in front of your favorite place to sit in the TV room.

BARE FEET will leave body oils on the carpet and will attract dirt to the fibers. Imagine dirt and particles sticking to the oils on the fiber and then as you walk on it, GRINDING IT IN!! Lots of damage....

GOLF SHOES in the house, now that's just silly!! Who would do that?? Lol.

Hope this creates some thoughts with your habits on your carpet. I will send another tip or quiz again next week!
From your carpet expert, Erich.


Hello followers of Erich's Carpet Care!
Once every week or two, I want to send out a tip or a piece of trivia that might help you with your carpet care.
So, I am going to start with some trivia!
What is the best thing to wear on your feet as you walk on your carpet everyday? I will make it multiple choice and you have to give a reason for your answer:)
A) Your favorite pair of shoes.
B) A pair of socks.
C) Nothing, go barefoot!
D) Golf shoes
I will give you the answer tomorrow evening, I look forward to your answer and your reasoning! Pass it on to your friends as well, Good luck!



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