12 Months of October

12 Months of October

Dark holidays, horror, and home goods with a penchant for old school and retro nostalgia.


Wal-Mart, Christmas 1970 🎄

Photos from 12 Months of October's post 12/05/2023

Some more retro Christmas shots. I hope they all had great lives, whoever they are. 🎄🖤


Happy Krampusnacht! All orders placed today will receive a free Cookies for Krampus air freshener in their package, while supplies last. Get those holiday orders in before he gets YOU. Also, 20% off in the shop for the next 24 hours 👹link in bio👹


Do you need a spooky retro-style travel mug for your hot cocoa? Spiked eggnog? Spiked eggnog hot cocoa?! It may be the Christmas season, but it’s always Halloween in our hearts🎄Shop Link in Bio🎄


A plaque for the horror film addict in your life. She deserves it. 💀📼 shop link in bio 📼💀

Photos from 12 Months of October's post 12/01/2023

Some fine folks and their trees 🎄 60s-70s


Tis the season! This rustic solid wood plaque has been restocked in the shop! Available in red or black 🎄🖤 Link in Bio!🖤🎄

Photos from 12 Months of October's post 11/26/2023

Christmas in West Virginia, from my family album.

That’s me chauffeuring Teddy Ruxpin at my grandparents house. My fear of Teddy grew over the following days and so he spent a lot of time in my closet covered with blankets. (80s)

My brother in the school Xmas play. (80s)

My brothers and I hauling a fresh-cut tree to the car. I was supervising. (80s)

My grandfather getting a rifle for Christmas morning. The next photo is my dad (his son) 20 years later in the same house. (50s/70s)

That’s me in front of the tree with some requisite early 90s attire: headband, crop top, miniskirt, penguin.

Finally, my middle brother in the trunk with the tree because we were invincible back then. (80s)

Photos from 12 Months of October's post 11/21/2023

Each day is lived with a future that only exists in the imagination. Each person chooses how to imagine what lies ahead. We are all chained by our imaginative minds, creating terrifying scenarios of what may be around every bend. But there’s something about the simplicity of old photos that feels like a salve to a worried mind facing the unpredictable. They capture what was, in a vacuum, where happiness, nostalgia and comfort exist…even if only for the moment. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and take lots of pictures.


All 48 states! We’ve started the holiday week with near freezing temps and lots of rain. Stay warm out there! 🥶🎃 Texaco Ad (1958)


I made this custom wood sign for a customer and I love it so much that I added a couple of them to the shop. But when they’re gone, just like George Jones. 🖤Shop link in bio🖤


It’s Friday which means it’s time to fill your Mega Mug and head down to Spook Show Video to browse the shelves for tonight’s horror pick. Don’t forget to grab a pan pizza on the way home! 📼 🍕Shop Link to Mugs in Bio🍕📼

Photos from 12 Months of October's post 11/16/2023

I miss the days of film and catching shots that were genuinely candid. Enjoy some more from Thanksgiving past. 🥧🦃🍁


This ain’t Hobby Lobby, it’s the Holler. 💀🖤Unique solid wood wall decor in the shop. Link in bio!🖤💀

Photos from 12 Months of October's post 11/13/2023

All you needed for a quality vintage Thanksgiving was hot Dr Pepper, butter, and ci******es. Lots of ci******es.


Come on down to Spook Show Video this weekend and grab a sweet horror stack and one of our new retro-style Mega Mugs. Fill that puppy up with a tasty beverage from Trick or Treat Mart and pop some corn for a Saturday night full of fright! 💀📼 Shop Link in Bio 📼💀

Photos from 12 Months of October's post 11/08/2023

A warm and cozy collection of vintage family snapshots during Thanksgiving. I believe that’s Louis Armstrong in the last photo. 🦃🍁🥧


I’ve added a couple more “Shadow of Death” solid wood plaques in the shop. 💀link in bio💀

A favorite quote, found engraved into the Zippo lighter of a soldier who fought in Vietnam. But in Vietnam, Zippos were more than lighters. Like miniature versions of the crests of medieval knights, they bore the mottos that defined what many soldiers understood, deep down, to be an absurd mission.

In a way they were akin to tattoos, and often the engraving was done at small roadside parlors. Pure art without ambition, a real and honest venting of feelings: ‘We are the unwilling led by the unqualified doing the unnecessary for the ungrateful.’


Tim Burton was 9 years old on Halloween 1967. His mother made this costume 💀🖤


Don’t blame me, I voted for Candy! Retro-style John Candy for President bumper stickers back in the shop. Let’s heal the nation. 🖤Link in bio🖤


“She Herself is a Haunted House” on a solid wood plaque. Remember to buy from the little guys who create the designs and not from the faceless companies ripping off the little guys. 🖤👻Shop link in bio 👻🖤


Halloween is over for some but at Trick or Treat Mart, Larry will leave the light on for ya. Grab a mega mug for you or the All Hallows’ lover in your life before they’re gone! Shop link in bio 🖤🧡

Photos from 12 Months of October's post 10/30/2023

Happy Devils Night.

Who else considers The Crow to be required October viewing?


Woody with pumpkins, 1992


May the spooky spirits bless your haunted home, year-round. This vintage-style solid wood sign is available for a limited time in the shop! 🖤👻🖤 Shop the link in bio. ⬆️


My son is absolutely getting his moneys worth out of this costume.


It’s like those vintage “Bless Our Home” signs but haunted. A small run of these are in the shop for a limited time. Shop link in bio 👻🖤

Photos from 12 Months of October's post 10/20/2023

“And as far as my wife is concerned, I’m sure she’ll be absolutely fascinated when l tell her.” A small batch of these solid wood plaques have been restocked for the horror film addict in your life! 💀📼 Shop Link in Bio 📼💀

Photos from 12 Months of October's post 10/20/2023

What is it about a Jack o Lantern that brings out the best in people? Families and friends come together to carve them in autumn, strangers will smile at the sight of a flickering Jack on a porch stoop. Parents can’t wait to share the process with their children. It’s a totally immersive experience: the feel, the smell, the sight of the illuminated pumpkin face on a dark October night, wrapping all of those together into a warm memory we chase every year as we grow older.

I hope we’re all still carving Jack o Lanterns during World War III. 🎃

Photos from 12 Months of October's post 10/08/2023

I just noticed I’ve been advertising my buttons and had half of them inactive in the shop 🙄. Anyway, I made a bunch of them today and they’re ready to ship! Look at Spooky John Candy, waiting for you. 🎃🖤🎃

Photos from 12 Months of October's post 10/05/2023

We stopped by @10.31.365 ‘s place this evening to check out all his hard work this year. We were talking so I didn’t take a ton of photos but trust me when I say there’s so much fun stuff to look at along with a glorious blowmold collection. The whole family is so nice and welcoming, proving again that Halloween people are the best people.

Photos from 12 Months of October's post 10/02/2023

Happy October, everyone. Here are some cakes to celebrate.

Photos from 12 Months of October's post 10/01/2023

Outdoor decorations are going up, we scavenged some cornstalks from the harvested field next door, a date to a spooky Mexican restaurant and back road explorin’. Now popcorn and a scary movie.

Happy October eve, friends 🎃🖤


I went down to Trick or Treat Mart to get a refill from the cider fountain and Larry the station attendant sent me home with a small batch of mega mugs for you all. Nice guy, Larry. 🎃Use the link in my bio to grab yours!🎃


Title: October 31st, Artist: Matthew Paoletti, Year: 2022, Size: 36X36
Media: Oil on canvas.


James Belohovek working on his cabin miniature used in Evil Dead 2 (1987).


Watching it rain on this fine first day of Autumn. Due to supply shortages, I’ll only have a few more of these guys in the shop this season. He’s the perfect blend of rustic, vintage-inspired Halloween. Get him while you can! 🎃Link in bio🎃


Trick or Treat Marts first foray into cinema. With


We’re going thrifting and backroad driving and representing Trick or Treat Mart all day long. I’ve stocked a few mega mugs in the shop because I want you to be able to do the same. See how much I care? Love you.


Head over to the shop for some spooky provisions: Halloween air fresheners, bumper stickers, wall decor, and a small batch of mega mugs from Trick or Treat Mart ⛽️🎃link in bio🎃⛽️

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Cookin’ up a fresh batch of autumn air fresheners for you. 🎃📼 Shop Link in Bio 📼🎃



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