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How do I contact corporate Walmart to report a serious theft practice taking place at this store. Friends and family of people working customer service are lining up and returning endless amounts of non receipted merchandise.. I stood in line for 45 minutes this afternoon and watched them push their carts up to the counter telling them they didn't have receipts. I get to the counter and not only have my receipts, I had the card I made the purchase with and the shipping labels and the woman behind the counter didn't want to issue my refund. Then I see more Indian people coming through the door and waving their family in with the carts to bring up to the counter. No receipts. How is this possible, and how do I report it. They are getting ripped off left and right.
Just found out yesterday that the Wal-Mart in Bloomingdale now has grocery pick-up! Picked up my first order there today and was taken care of by Annika. She's very friendly and professional. Looking forward to going to Bloomingdale for grocery pick-up now instead of traveling the extra distance to Wal-Mart in Addison.
What good does it do to call when there is no answer? Are you accepting returns on clothing yet?
I've had really good experiences with Walmart pickup for grocery and very thankful for it now during this endemic. But went to Walmart pickup deals and I don't think I will be doing that again. The lady delivering my item decided that a lecture was needed that I should be picking up earlier, insisted that I would sign her phone instead of signing for me as Walmart pick up has been doing, and on top of it all she wants to give me a lecture while she is not wearing her mask correctly.
Please explain why it is ok to walk into your store and walk around WITHOUT a mask. I went to return something and 1st at the service desk the customer is with your employee with his mask COMPLETELY DOWN!! Then I go to grab my exchange and there’s an entire family talking to another associate with all their masks off. Head back to the service desk already upset but to find 2 MORE customers NO MASK eating chips as they wait in line. When me and another customer asked your greeter as to why they can’t ask them to put them on he said” we try but all they do is argue with us so we stopped asking”. I usually don’t come to Walmart but now for sure will not be ( how can u when your not keeping your customers safe!!)
That place need shut down always empty shelves and messy workers sucks attitudes lady won’t let me pay a paint cuz I am 18 year old which I am over 50!!! So she called other lady be ware of her PEROID she took paints away from e won’t let me pay and I want the brush and rollers return she refuse I order to remove it since other lady refuse let me pay paint cuz of my age be aware for her
I been calling the walmart to make a complain and to let them know what i found inside there product and 3 times i call all 3 time i had to wait 10 minute plus more and they hang up on me so i did not end up talking with no one because no one care so i had to come here and make my complain..on hamburger bread walmart brand i found lot of chopped plastic stuffed inside the hamburger disgusting so carless shame on you seriously this is wrrong and no excuse..i will post the pic this is from walmart store 2140 bloomingdale avenue valrico..3 times i called and waitted and got disconnect my call ..will post the pic soon
I was in your store today and was followed and harassed by 5 of your employees for not wearing a mask. They proceeded to follow me and threaten to call the police on me. My 9 year old son was with me and witnessed this! That is VERY UNPROFESSIONAL AND I HAVE TALKED TO COORPORATE! What you did is WRONG! Not wearing a mask is not illegal and some of us cannot/will not wear it! We are your customers and you have made a living by our money!!!!
For the people that will say, just wear a mask, NO! I will not, so save your comments!!! #BoycottWalmart
Just applied for a Community Grant through WalMart -Bloomingdale for DoodleBug Workshop that serves DuPage and beyond! It's for people with disabiities who are creating beautiful products from wood and other materials. Hope you will consider supporting so we can serve more participants and share their talents with members of the community. See DoodleBug Workshop on Facebook: or at their website:
When will walmart begin accepting returns or exchanges
I recently shopped at the Bloomingdale store and afterward I tried to fill out the survey mentioned on the back of the receipt. Unfortunately, something was wrong with the survey and I couldn't submit it. I'm sorry about that because I had a lot to say that I feel is very important. So I'm posting the comment here that would be on the survey. I hope Walmart will pay serious attention to these concerns.

“I heard or read that after Walmart lost 3 employees to the Covid-19 virus in the Chicago area, the corporate office planned to do a lot of things in their stores to slow the spread: encourage social distancing, limit the number of people in a store at one time, and limit the areas of the store selling items not considered essential. And be sure their employees had all the PPE they needed. At my visit I counted at least 5 employees not wearing masks. Three had their masks under their chin, and two had no masks at all. No employee I saw, especially the door greeter who was one without a mask, attempted to stay 6 feet away from customers. No employee tried to social distance at all. One said hi to me close up to my face as he brushed against me when trying to get by. At that distance, my mask was probably ineffective.

The most shocking thing was how crowded the store was. There was no limiting how many were in the store and no areas were indicated to be off limits. No employees said or did anything to encourage shoppers to not crowd, especially at checkout. I can't say if the floors were marked at 6 feet segments because I couldn't see the floor as the line of carts, butted right up against the ones in front and behind, covered that area. But I can say there was no difference from usual; long lines with no space between carts, and not enough registers open - there never are. Same in the self-checkout area even though there's an attendant. They did have these plastic shields between the checkout person and the customer at the area by the credit card machine, but it really could not prevent much as the checkout person is packing groceries and customers are taking bags to put in carts. Yet no checkout person that I saw had a mask, and it seems like this job should've had gloves. So much for Corporate's promises.

My last concern may or may not also be Walmart's. I don't know what might fall under the store's control or ability but I feel it's important to mention: So many shoppers had their whole families in the store; more than one adult and lots of kids. At least 60% wore no masks, and there were several infants and young children not protected at all. Parents weren't even trying to keep the kids away from other shoppers. Most other people were in groups of 2 or 3; few people were shopping alone. I was very surprised that more people wore gloves but no masks. I guess that means they care about themselves but not others. I spent the whole time I was there trying in vain to keep some distance between me at the other customers. Once at the register, that was impossible. I left the store discouraged and convinced that if this is representative, this pandemic will never be over.”

Please, Walmart, please keep your promises to the best that you are able. You are probably the most shopped at store in the Chicago area, and you have hundreds of stores. That means that you have influence over millions of residents, at lease why they are in your stores. If you put into practice and encourage your shoppers to practice the guidelines set up to slow the spread, you would probably make a huge dent in this struggle. And if you don't, well, I'm afraid we are going to be in this pandemic for a long long time.
Is closing off one entrance (which could be a serious safety hazard if there was an emergency) and allowing people to stand outside at the other door considered social distancing? You have numerous shoppers waiting to get in and they are hanging all around each other... THEY ARE MORE LIKELY TO GET COVID-19 WAITING IN A LINE OUTSIDE!!!!!

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When Sam Walton opened the doors to the first Walmart in 1962, his goal was to save people money so they can live better.

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Timeline photos 03/06/2022

Have a Spring celebration coming up? Carol is showing off their decorating skills with this Easter themed cake.

Timeline photos 03/05/2022

Have a Spring celebration coming up? Faiza is showing off their decorating skills with this Spring themed cake.

Timeline photos 03/05/2022

Have a Spring celebration coming up? Elisabeth is showing off their decorating skills with this Mother's Day themed cake.

Timeline photos 03/04/2022

Come check out our special promotion on sunglasses. Get 35% Off on a second pair of prescription sunglasses* and any additional pair of prescription glasses with a purchase of a regular pair of prescription glasses.

Timeline photos 02/05/2022

In store Job fair ! Saturday 10am-3pm. Apply and stop by to talk to our management team#MK264#store1553

Timeline photos 02/04/2022

Your local Bloomingdale Walmart hosting Job Fair this weekend! Saturday 10-3 and Sunday 11-2
Available positions full-time and part-time , weekends and evenings.
Stocking 1st,2nd &3rd shift
Front End all shifts
Food and grocery
Apply at Walmart and come to see us this weekend #M264

Timeline photos 01/21/2022

We're hiring here at Walmart 1553. As an associate, you receive 10% off fresh foods and general merchandise. Apply online and reference Store 1553 to work with us:

Timeline Photos 01/09/2022

We put your wellness at the heart of everything we do & we’re excited to announce our new YouTube series. Join us for our new series, Live Better, to learn tips that will help you live better in 2022!


Tomorrow is Three Kings Day & it’s the last Christmas holiday of the season! Need ingredients for your hot chocolate or Rosca de Reyes? 🙋🏽‍♀️ Don’t worry, we got you! Come on in & get it all—from the hot cocoa to the plastic baby doll for the cake. Rather stay home? Order online for pickup or delivery from your store.

Timeline Photos 01/05/2022

We’re grateful for our associate Mrs. Dot! 👏🏾 Celebrating 20 years with us, she’s worked many different positions & is now part of the front-end checkout team at Walmart Hazlehurst - E Jarman St. We appreciate her positivity, respectful attitude, & willingness to push up her sleeves & do more than required. We’ll never forget when she set up the registers in our new store back in 2006! 🤩 She says she loves her family, church, & working for us. Aww, we love having you here, Mrs. Dot! Thanks for all you do. 💙

Photos from Walmart's post 01/04/2022

2022 goals? You got this! 💛 Fuel your body with snacks, shakes, & all you need to hit that next milestone. Add to your 🛒 online for pickup or delivery!

Timeline Photos 01/03/2022

We’re shining the spotlight on Beckie, from Walmart Booneville - N College St, who has been with Walmart since 1979. 🎈🎉 Over the years, Beckie has worked in everything from accounting to customer service, wearing many hats, from cashier to department manager. For the past 20 years, she’s been a people lead. She makes it look easy, but we know she’s workin’ hard helping customers & associates—she’s affectionately known as the Mother Hen at this store. 🥰 Beckie, we appreciate you! So glad you’re here. 💙

Timeline Photos 01/01/2022

Huge round of 👏 for the whole team at Walmart Neighborhood Market Paragould - Linwood Drive for all that you do! Let’s show them some love by dropping a 💙 in the comments.

A huge thank you to our associates for going above and beyond this year! We are grateful for all you do.



Which self-care title are you taking into the new year!? 🧖🏽‍♀️✨🙋🏽

Timeline Photos 12/30/2021

It's Rob’s 30th Anniversary! 🥳 He’s a frontend coach at Walmart Morehead & brings so much value to the team. His passion & dedication to training associates to reach new heights is truly admirable. We’re so lucky to have you, Rob. Congrats! 💛

Photos from Walmart's post 12/29/2021

Eunice Chang shows us how to while skating & rockin' the exclusive Sunset frames from the Elton John Eyewear collection! 🔥

Timeline Photos 12/29/2021

Let’s celebrate our associate, Seth from Walmart Kosciusko, who recently left us to join the Navy! 🥳🎉 Seth spent 5 years here while also attending college full time. His politeness & courtesy made a big impression on us & many customers said they appreciated his helpfulness. Seth, we miss you already, but we’re super proud of you! Thank you for your service to our store & our country. 🇺🇸

Timeline Photos 12/28/2021

There’s nothing sweeter than the words “Congratulations” and “Promotion” on a cake! Way to go Marcela at Walmart San Luis for making it happen 👏 Leave a 💙 below to give it up for Marcela.

We’re so proud of Marcela ! They’re moving up and into Consumables Team Lead with their recent promotion!🎉🎉

Photos from Walmart's post 12/27/2021

Celebrate everything that makes you unique with Elton John Eyewear! Find your perfect frames from Elton John's collection that will help you ! Your new pair of 👓 are waiting for you at our Vision Centers.

Timeline Photos 12/26/2021

There should be a name for that strange stretch of time after Christmas and before New Year’s, when nobody knows what day it is, and you can save up to 50% off loads of items at our end-of-year clearance sale.

Timeline Photos 12/25/2021

Merry Christmas! We can’t thank our associates enough for all the joy they bring us.

Store Manager Corey missed the ugly sweater memo for today. So Team Lead Cassandra made him a little more festive.🎄🎅

Timeline Photos 12/24/2021

🌟 Feliz Nochebuena!🌟 Spanish for "the good night," Nochebuena is celebrated on Christmas Eve with a big feast. If you're celebrating, tell us: What unique dishes are you making this year? Need a few ingredients or the whole meal? Never fear, grocery pickup & delivery is here & available today!

Timeline Photos 12/24/2021

Forgot that one 🎁? Ran out of wrapping paper? Totally spaced on that one ingredient for your ✨ world-famous ✨ casserole? Relaaaaaax: our ⚡ super-fast ⚡ delivery has your back! Get all your last-minute holiday needs delivered to you in 2 hours or less.


Dr. Seuss

❤️❤️❤️ Your heart will grow three sizes when you listen to this musical retelling of this classic Dr. Seuss tale, written and performed by some of our 🔥 associates! Dr. Seuss

Timeline Photos 12/23/2021

🎅🏽 sent his elves to help us on important holiday strategy. We think they misunderstood the assignment...😂 Happy Christmas Eve Eve!


Spicy Glam Challenge| Beauty Fun Spicy Glam Challenge| Beauty Fun

The gorgeous Rock M. Sakura slayed the Beauty Fun challenge & redefined “spicy” drag forever. Full episode out now! 🔥

Timeline Photos 12/22/2021

To all our last-minute shoppers we see you, we’re here for you, & we’ll never judge. There’s still time to cross off your list with amazing gifts they’ll love. 😉 It's not too late to sign up for pickup & delivery slots through 12/24!


The incredible Walmart fleet made its annual trek to Arlington National Cemetery for Wreaths Across America - Official Page! 👏 💙 💛 Thank you to all our veterans! More info at

Timeline Photos 12/21/2021

'Tis the season for celebrating & we are toasting our optician, Juan! 👓 🎉 🎄 He’s been with us for almost seven years, & this is his first year at Walmart Secaucus. His professionalism, courtesy, & hard work have impressed us & the customers. We really appreciate that he aims to go above & beyond for the customer & his fellow associates. Grab a coconut water, his favorite drink, & let's give three cheers for Juan on his anniversary! 🥂 ✨

Timeline Photos 12/21/2021

Sound off in the comments: are you Team Grinch or Team Jack?

Photos from Walmart's post 12/20/2021

Check out associates at Walmart Nashville, Walmart Park Rapids & Walmart Hartford - Theil St going hard in their holiday sweaters! Leave a 🎄 in the comments to show them some holiday spirit.


Time for a surprise holiday shout-out!

Time for a surprise holiday shout-out! If your Walmart package has a QR code, scan it to see who’s in your video — it could be LeBron James, Priyanka Chopra, Patti LaBelle or another celebrity!🎄🎁🎶✨

Timeline Photos 12/19/2021

With 🎁🎁🎁 this wow-worthy, you'll effortlessly cross everyone off your list—even your hard-to-shop-for dad. 🙌🏾

Pickup & delivery times are available through 12/24! Check your local store for availability.


Episode 2 of The Value Report is here!

🎊 Episode 2 of The Value Report is here! 🎊 In this episode, home decor expert Kyla Herbes shows you how to splurge & save on a festive holiday table that’ll impress the guests. Watch the full video!

Timeline Photos 12/18/2021

Not to be dramatic, but these stocking stuffers basically say, “I am the greatest gift giver you ever have & ever will know.” 😉

Timeline Photos 12/17/2021

Check out Bobby, Becky, Linda, Angie, and Martin spreading the 🎄 joy at Walmart Lowville. Drop a 🎄 below if you’re feeling this kind of holiday spirit.

The market team stopped by to spread some Holiday Cheer and hand out some goodies! Thank you Bobby, Becky, Linda, & Angie!!


Check Out The Value Report on YouTube!

Ready to live your best high-low life this holiday season? Check out our new YouTube series The Value Report! In episode 1, high-low fashion expert Jenee’ Naylor shows you how to slay some chic holiday looks on a budget. Click the link for the full video.

Timeline Photos 12/16/2021

Looking to start a new holiday tradition the whole fam can take part in? These easy, fun baking kits are bound to create warm memories & deeee-licious 🍪🍪, & they’re perfect for all ages—yes, ALL ages!


NBA Holiday Giving

We had to jump to high five our new partners at the NBA! 😉 For this , we teamed up with the NBA & store manager Steve McCormick of Walmart Supercenter Dallas - Short Street to make sure the kids of Boys & Girls Club of America have the equipment needed to ball out on the court this year! We’re so grateful 💙

Timeline Photos 11/27/2021

Our pharmacy is administering Moderna COVID-19 booster vaccines and we currently have available appointments! Eligible patients can make their appointment through our online scheduler by visiting

Timeline photos 11/24/2021

🩺Hey Walmart Bloomingdale shoppers! Our friendly pharmacy team wants to let you know you can save up to 85% on your daily prescriptions with Walmart Plus! Some prescriptions are as little as $0 with an active account. 💊

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Walmart+ is here. It’s a different kind of membership designed to make your life easier with free unlimited deliveries, ...
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Thanks to you and our participating suppliers for joining us in helping our neighbors in need by donating nearly $18 mil...
Here at your local Walmart, we’re doing our part to help keep you and our associates safe. Because together, we can keep...



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