Leppert-Nutmeg, Inc.

We repair onsite and in-shop. Complete rewinds and refurbishments on all types of rotating equipment. Electrical testing, vibration & balancing services.

We provide onsite testing, and in-house repairs of electrical motors. We also provide Co2 cleaning, balancing, complete fabrication and welding services. We have a full service machine shop and provide services for new motor and pump sales.


To Our Valued Customers.

During this Pandemic, Leppert-Nutmeg wants to let our customers know that our prayers are with you as we weather this historic event together.

Leppert-Nutmeg is open for business and is considered an essential business under the Homeland Security Guidelines.
Our Vendors are also open which means we can still supply all your Electro-Mechanical Needs.

In our Facility we are practicing social distancing increased hand washing and the other guidelines published by the CDC and CT Public Health Department. The Safety of our Employees is paramount and so is the safety of our customers. Our outside Sales Team is working from home by phone and email. We are still available for service work and will coordinate each job to ensure the necessary precautions are taken to ensure the spread of the COVID19 Virus is prevented.

Be Safe!

Mike Marion
Office: 860-243-1737
Cell: 860-989-4163
Fax: 860-242-8283


Happy Birthday to the President of Leppert-Nutmeg, Mike Marion! I hope he is enjoying his birthday!


Leppert-Nutmeg, Inc. would like to wish everyone a Safe and Enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend. This weekend don't forget about what divides us and focus on what unites us.
For there is no other country in the world could air them out like we do.

Please take a moment to remember those who have gave their lives for this country so that we could have these lively discussions about where we are going as a country.

Also if you know a Gold Star Family give them your thanks and try and do something for them, they too have made a huge sacrifice. For those who don’t know a Gold Star Family, it started with the Gold Star Mothers which was created after World War I and the term has been expanded to cover families that have lost family members who were serving in the Armed Services during war time.Take an hour and attend the Memorial Service held in your local town after the Parade is over.

I littler something to think about below.

I first saw him on a park bench
I've seen him every day
Sitting in a shady grove
Where my children come to play
Sometimes he feeds the birds and squirrels
Or whittles little toys
Sometimes he just sits and smiles
At the laughing girls and boys
And I never paid him any mind
Till one day just this year
I noticed that he wore a frown
And on his cheek; a tear.
Well I asked him why he seemed so down
He looked up, began to say
I lost half my friends 50 years ago today
He told me of the terror
As he fought to reach dry land
By the time the beachhead was secure
Half his friends lay in the sand
That was just in one long day
He fought on for 4 years more
And the 50 years from then to now
Have not dimmed His sights of war
He said they have reunions
Just to keep in touch and share
And for each comrade who has gone on
They leave an empty chair
Well, His park bench has been empty now
About 6 months or so
And if I'd never took the time
Then I never would've known
That sitting on that simple bench
With bread crumbs and little toys
Was a man who gave his all
To guarantee my daily joys
So give thanks to all the men and women
Who are still here or have gone before
And made the highest sacrifice
In both Peace time and in War
Because they bought our freedom
Paid their own blood, sweat, and tears
Then endured the heartache of those empty chairs
For all these years
So please do not ignore them
Or speed by without a care
Cause you never know
When you might pass by
A hero, unaware

By Mark A. Wright
22 June, 2000


As we approach Memorial Day this coming weekend Leppert-Nutmeg wishes our customers and vendors a Happy and Safe Weekend.
As the unofficial start to the Summer I know we are all busy with graduations, work, picnics and our lives in general.
But please take a moment and reflect on those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and the Families they have left behind.
I had the opportunity to serve for short period of time with some of these Heroes shortly prior to these events during my last Deployment aboard the USS Philadelphia SSN 690.

"The story behind ITCS (SEAL/SW) Daniel Healy's anchors"

ALFA Platoon consisted of: LT Melendez, LT Murphy, Chief Healy, Chief Payne, POI Huntsinger, POI Hull, POI Westcott, POI Golden, P02 Axelson, P02 Suh, P02 Patton, P02 Luttrell, P02 Leathers, POI Hesket, P02 Mathis and P02 Newsom.
The I6 members of ALFA Platoon, from SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team ONE (SDVTl) located in Pearl City, Hawaii were in the final stages of moving and packing for CENTCOM deployment on or about March 2005.
While clearing out and cleaning up our platoon office space for the next platoon to occupy, the platoon Chief (Dan) presented Chief Payne (Doc) with an unopened box of 2 Senior Chief Petty Officer (SCPO) collar anchors. Dan
told Doc that these anchors were his motivation for Senior Chief, and that he thought Doc would make Senior before he would. Dan wrote with a sharpie on the back of the box: "Doc, wear these proudly! Hoo -Yahl"
Nearly half way through their deployment, ALFA Platoon was split into 3 elements: 6 men including Dan were augmenting SEAL Team IO in Bagram, Afghanistan; 8 men including Doc were augmenting SEAL Team 7 in Baghdad, Iraq; and 2 men remained in Bahrain. Senior Chief promotion results came out and Dan received the news that he had been promoted to SCPO. During regular administrative emails between the two platoon Chiefs (POI evaluation reviews), Doc promised to return the SCPO anchors to Dan back at the Team in Hawaii, so he could wear his motivation.

On 28 June 2005, as the Operation Red Wings tragedy on the mountain was unfolding, a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) was deployed to assist in combat operations. Before the 2 CH-47 Chinooks took off, it looked as if Senior Chief Healy and Petty Officers Sub and Patton were to be "bumped-off'' of the QRF due to manning and weight restrictions in high altitudes. Word is, that Dan stood up and told whoever was in charge, "THOSEARE MY GUYS OUT THERE, AND WE ARE GETTING ON THIS BIRD". Needless to say, Dan and bis 2 men boarded that helicopter (Turbine 33) with the full intention to meet violence with greater violence to rescue his guys. Turbine 33 was shot down by a Taliban RPG, and all personnel onboard were Killed In Action (KIA).

Approximately II months later, Doc Payne made Senior Chief. During morning quarters back at the Team, the Command Master Chief (CMC) pinned Dan's anchors onto Doc's u niform. As the CMC was pinning the new anchors on, Doc told him where these anchors came from; CMC quietly replied, "these are forever HEAVY METAL".
These SCPO anchors are donated to the Chief Petty Officers Mess onboard USS Michael Murphy (DDG-112) on behalf of Senior Chief Daniel Healy and the warriors of SDVTI ALFA Platoon (2003-2005).
James "Doc" Payne

Na Koa 0 Ke Kai – Warriors from the Sell


"Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends. "John 15:13


We're hiring! Apply now.


Happy Easter, from our family to yours.


We walked among the crosses
Where our fallen soldiers lay.
And listened to the bugle
As TAPS began to play.
The Chaplin led a prayer
We stood with heads bowed low.
And I thought of fallen comrades
I had known so long ago.
They came from every city
Across this fertile land.
That we might live in freedom.
They lie here 'neath the sand.
I felt a little guilty
My sacrifice was small.
I only lost a little time
But these men lost their all.
Now the services are over
For this Memorial Day.
To the names upon these crosses
I just want to say,
Thanks for what you've given
No one could ask for more.
May you rest with God in heaven
From now through evermore.
- C W Johnson


Happy Easter from our family to yours!


Stay tuned next week for the final shipment photos.


Congratulations to one of our Winders, Mike Elko! Celebrating 40 years at Leppert-Nutmeg! A job well done Mike!

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