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Mistaken Identity preview.pdf 08/23/2021

Mistaken Identity preview.pdf

Curious about this new book, Mistake(n) Identity? Check out this preview!!! Just click the link below:

Message me to get your full book now! They are a $20 donation to Change, or if you want the material, but can't afford it, our generous partners will get it to you.

Mistaken Identity preview.pdf


Mistake(n) Identity book preview #1!

Mistake(n) Identity book preview #1!


Pre-orders available for the next 7 days!! All pre-orders will have a personalized, signed copy. Shipping is available if you need it. Books are $20, FREE SHIPPING!

I have a nice size list already, but would LOVE to add to it!!!

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Don't glorify busy-ness.

I read that on someone else's post a few days ago, and it really struck me.

How many of us feel more accomplished, in direct relation to how busy we are? 🙋‍♀️ I was definitely guilty of this for most of my life, until I really began to study that life is not about the short game, but it's a long game.

Even God is all about that long game... it's faith and patience that inherit the promises of God (Hebrews 6:12).

So now that we know that there is no glory in busy-ness and glorifying our crammed schedule does not glorify our Father God, we must peel back the layers that we have piled on to ourselves and refocus our life around Jesus!

One life at a time. Step by step. Obedience after obedience.


Peace in our homes...

We should cultivate such an atmosphere of peace in our homes that our babies can just rest. No technology for entertainment... No distractions and chaos... but calm, content homes. There is no condemnation in this post. Just encouragement- for myself included! It's not everyday that we take this time to just relax... but it is so nice! And necessary...

Blessed are the peacemakers ❤ Matthew 5:9

My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest ❤ Isaiah 32:18

*plus we were listening to some worship music, so that helped 😂❤*


What kids don’t need:
1. Cell phones when they’re in grade school. Over the years, I cannot tell you one good thing that can come from this.
2. Unlimited access to social media. There is very little that is healthy on social media for children and it is getting worse.
3. So many toys that they can’t even think of something to want at birthday or holiday times. Too much of anything leaves children unable to be full. They become like buckets with holes in them.
4. Televisions in their rooms. Rooms are for sleeping. Good sleep hygiene is a dying art for too many children.
5. To be able to control the emotional climate of the home. Moody kids should not be allowed to hold the whole house hostage. If a child wants to be moody, he can go to his room and be moody by himself. Everyone else need not suffer.
6. Too much indoor time. Our kids have become hermits with social media and high tech games. It is ruining their social skills. It’s also taking a toll on their physical well-being.
7. Too many activities outside of school. No wonder this generation is so anxiety-ridden. They are overloaded. If we want to teach them to take care of themselves as they age, we must teach them to do that by our example and by limiting their extracurricular activities. Scripture even recognizes the need to rest.
8. To be able to disrespect any authority. Even authority that you as a parent dislike or the child dislikes should still be respected. There will always be an authority in your child’s life even when your child is 50.
9. To always call the shots. Children who get to always choose where to eat, where to play, and what the family does end up being brats.
10. Constant approval and pats on the back. You will not always be around to do this. Children need to learn to be proud of themselves when they do something good whether anyone tells them or not.

What children do need:
I. Rest. They play hard. Their bodies need rest to grow and develop.
2. Uninterrupted family time. The most important people to a child are those under the same roof. Make family time purposeful and protected.
3. Outdoor play time where they can explore and create. All kids need free time to imagine.
4. Rules and expectations. Be clear. Be concise. And don’t be afraid to give them.
5. Consistent discipline. If a rule is broken, a child needs to know what to expect. All fear is not a bad thing. There is a fear that can represent respect.
6. Parents who love them and love each other. Security begins here.
7. For you as a parent to say “no” sometimes. Your child does not need a lollipop or a new shirt every time you go to Walmart.
8. Hugs. Physical touch affects the development of children.
9. The ability to share their feelings about anything as long as they are respectful.
10. The most precious gift that a parent can give any child is to demonstrate a personal relationship with God and consistently teach that child through your actions what having faith in God really means. In the toughest times of their lives, they will learn in large part to rely on God by the example you display for them.



You know the scripture, "all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God..."? Read the whole thing you new creation! 💯💯👇👇


When I was a young girl, I used to sing this song I made up that went something like, "Make me more like you, Jesus. No matter what I'm going through, I want to be like you..."

Today, as I sit stroking my baby boys hair, I remembered that song and it struck me that if I really want to be like Jesus, Jesus was persecuted... to the point of death.

Many want to love like Jesus, but few want to be persecuted like Jesus. Jesus was more truth than what society calls love. Truth is what sets people free.

Persecution comes for Jesus in you. If you aren't being persecuted, how much Jesus is coming out through you?


This is a fight FOR our communities, not WITH our communities. It's time to see that it is the truth that sets people free. The church needs to grow a backbone and start preaching truth in love to see real change.

Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.
Psalms 119:165 KJV

And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.
John 8:32 AMPC

Rather, let our lives lovingly express truth [in all things, speaking truly, dealing truly, living truly]. Enfolded in love, let us grow up in every way and in all things into Him Who is the Head, [even] Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed One).
Ephesians 4:15 AMPC

Photos from Blairsville's Ice Cream and Mini Golf's post 02/15/2021

Photos from Blairsville's Ice Cream and Mini Golf's post


This video is by Rick Renner Ministries, but I felt it important to share with you!!

Put on the Armor of God

2020 Review for Change in our World 02/02/2021

2020 Review for Change in our World

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2020 Review for Change in our World Stay up to date with Change at


"Your salvation is not based on what you do in any manner. It's based on your reception of what Jesus did. However, your purpose is directly dependant on your obedience to God's word and his direction. Step by step you walk by faith into the plan of God for your life on Earth."

"Mistaken Identity"- Rebecca Brendle


I know there are a ton of people praying for our young people. Here is an amazing prayer example that is backed by scripture for you to insert your young persons name. ❤

Faith Basics 01/30/2021

Faith Basics

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Faith Basics This might be one of my favorite topics! I hope you enjoy this and maybe even learn something more about faith!!


Judgement of the believer

This is not what you think! This is likely something you haven't ever been taught, but I hope it blesses you!!!

Su***de and the Authority of the Believer 01/28/2021

Su***de and the Authority of the Believer

Su***de and the Authority of the Believer I hate su***de and what suicidal thoughts do to people. Can you believe that anyone would support su***de?? Su***de lies to people saying that their life is ...


"Building on the foundation of our salvation is all about following the instruction God gives through his word and his direction. Foundation must be established by God’s word first. God holds his word higher than his name; we must also revere the word with the same reverence." "Mistaken Identity" by Rebecca Brendle


Now hear me out.. you may be dealing with these things, and that is true. But the TRUTH of God says that it is not ok with Him that you are. He wants more for you. He has more for you. If Jesus was physically standing right in front of you, and you said, "Jesus, take this." His word says he responds with, "I already did. Don't ask me to go back to the cross for you. IT IS FINISHED."

Identity discovery is how you receive it!

Decide that the Bible is ultimate truth and pursue it like your life depends on it... Because it does!

My own personal daily pep talk! 01/23/2021

My own personal daily pep talk!

My own personal daily pep talk! This is a review of my own personal daily pep talk. I hope you are encouraged!!!


The Old vs. The New Covenant

There is a HUGE difference.... and you need to know the difference!


Mistake(n) Identity

Curious about my new book? Here is a short synopsis for you!!


2020 Review


Working on new stuff!!!! Can you guess what stuff?? ;)


I am excited about my new book!!! Like and share to enter for your own free copy!!!!


Join me at 12pm or 5pm eastern time!!!

BPN Radio 09/29/2020

BPN Radio

Going live on for prayer right now! Channel 2 :)

BPN Radio

Rebecca Lynae Brendle 09/17/2020

Rebecca Lynae Brendle

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Rebecca Lynae Brendle


Rebecca Lynae Brendle, Life Coach



Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Sometimes we forget about the gift each one of us already possess... we take them for granted! I'm not talking about you family, you clothes, your job... even though those are precious gifts! I'm talking about the God given gifts and talents that each one of us uniquely possess. Don't discount what makes you YOU. Share them the way only YOU can! We love you guys!

Never forget: You Matter. Your Life is Important. Someone Needs You.


Jay Shetty

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Rebecca Lynae Brendle, Life Coach


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Mistake(n) Identity book preview #1!
Peace in our homes...
This video is by Rick Renner Ministries, but I felt it important to share with you!!
Judgement of the believer
The Old vs. The New Covenant
You are a tree
Who you ARE!
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