What's I'm BlackVengeance (BV). I stream games on Ustream and Twitch. I also am a owner of Karven Ga

Friday the 13th: King of Swag? 06/22/2017

Friday the 13th: King of Swag?

Fun fact he isn't a king of swag!

Friday the 13th: King of Swag? SMH


What upcoming games are you most excited for?


Night everyone!

PS4 Neo Confirmed, Won't Be at E3 - IGN 06/10/2016

PS4 Neo Confirmed, Won't Be at E3 - IGN

Great move by Sony!

PS4 Neo Confirmed, Won't Be at E3 - IGN Sony Interactive president Andrew House has confirmed the existence of the heavily-rumoured upgraded PS4.


New Call of duty better not have jumping around booster pack crap. Only reason I'm even interested this year is the possible Cod 4 remaster.

Rainbow Six: Top Moments Episode 3 01/02/2016

Rainbow Six: Top Moments Episode 3

Episode 3 is up send yours in!

Rainbow Six: Top Moments Episode 3 Thanks to all for the submissions! Have a clip you want us to feature? Send them to us at [email protected]

BlackVengeance on Twitter 12/13/2015

BlackVengeance on Twitter


BlackVengeance on Twitter “F*ck you Lt. Dan”

BlackVengeance on Twitter 10/06/2015

BlackVengeance on Twitter


BlackVengeance on Twitter “Sometimes instead of hitting the ball”


Played my last Siege match.Wont be around tomorrow when BETA ends. Thankfully, is next week and ?

Also on a side note. Just watched Mission 51, which was supposed to be the final mission of . Would have been bad ass if they actually finished it. Loved MGS5, but the story was lacking so much.


Hardware: Rivals™ BETA First Match 09/30/2015

Hardware: Rivals™ BETA First Match

First gameplay. I really like this game.

Hardware: Rivals™ BETA First Match Hardware: Rivals Beta!/en-us/tid=CUSA02160_00


Nothing going on right now. Just doing some editing on videos and waiting for to come out next Tuesday!


PS4 Beta Starts tomorrow for I will be streaming on Ustream and uploading game plays to the YouTube channel! More info soon!


So after the big fallout of Konami and Kojima I was really worried about the future of Metal Gear (Without Kojima I hope they end it), and Silent Hills after playing P.T. I am very happy to see Kojima and Del Toro still planning somthing together.


It's been a good time off this week got some things rolling with some upcoming mini series we are doing. Best part my followers on twitter and my likes on facebook will get first dibs in the voice actors we are going to use! We will be doing new videos all week long starting tomorrow for our youtube channel (Karven Gaming). What games should we play this week?


Phew it's so hot today. I hear my calling me. Lol who's ready to play and do some recording with me when I'm home and ready!

Lets Play Rocket League Part 5 07/21/2015

Lets Play Rocket League Part 5

Lets Play Rocket League Part 5

Mobile uploads 07/20/2015

No games this week. Changing the scene. I'll be back full force Saturday!


tournament at 5 EDT today I'll be livestreaming on . More info soon!


Just got done watching now to go play some


I am sorry I haven't been as active lately, but that's gonna change. We have been working on videos for YouTube. We are now working on MLG teams for different games. My goal is to have many different teams running for different games. If you feel like you are up for the challenge then Message me on here and we will see what you got. In the message please have Name, Age, Location, and what game you want to try out for! Lets do this!

Lets Play Rocket League Part 4 07/15/2015

Lets Play Rocket League Part 4

Check us out

Lets Play Rocket League Part 4 With J Stevens and BlackVengeance


Platinumed Hardline today.


Thanks for viewing tonight!

About to start playing some COD AW who's in?


Another great night streaming!

Thanks for coming out and viewing!


Share the page with your friends!

We're close to 30 and going strong! At 50 I'll give away a free prize!


Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity Official Reveal 05/27/2015

Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity Official Reveal

Looks pretty good to me! I heard there is a nail gun you can use. Not sure if its true or not but that would be fun!

Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity Official Reveal First look at Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity. Find out more about this first expansion and how you can get two week early access with Battlefield Ha...


So what game systems do you all have? I don't have a Wii U but looks fun.


Thanks for all that viewed tonight.

I have some ambition about what i am doing here.

Karma and I have been working on this project for over a year. Hopefully he will have his page up soon and i can direct you over there as well. That way you can see what were working on all the time. We are very deep into a story for our first Mini Series. Hopefully we will have a trailer up and a few sneak peaks you can only see here first!

With that said some of the roles we will be looking to fill will come directly from our community here. So staying active commenting posting whatever you want here just come chat with us and talk about games entertainment whatever!

Ill be hosting some community plays on Fridays so if you want to get the chance to play with me ill be on and available all Fridays.

Were getting really pumped about what were doing and hope you are as well!


Lets Play Exo Zombies 05/26/2015

Lets Play Exo Zombies

Me and Playing Zombies.

Lets Play Exo Zombies With Karmaschaos and BlackVengeance. First time playing this just came out on PS4. Enjoy!


Advanced Warfare - Supremacy DLC 3 Gameplay Trailer

Cant wait to play some zombies. And map Highrise? Cant wait!


What games do you all play normally?

Lately I have been playing Hardline for the PS4.


E3 is just days away! What are you most excited to see? Let me know in the comments!




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