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I love LOVE dry shampoo. I wash my hair once a week.
So there ya have it, I get asked ask the time; “ how do you fix your hair? “ Ha!! I don’t wash it!



Finally!!! Dry Shampoo!!


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When you go on the mobile website from your phone; You’ll see this 1st page. It’s says “ Sign up” That is not working as a link to open.
But this second picture let’s you sign up. It’s at the very bottom of the page.
Just wanted to clarify this because some were having problems with it, I tried it and same issue.
Farmasi is a hobby for me; has been an income but it’s what you want it to be.
I’ve been in direct sales over 7 yrs and love it. I’ve watched people who were nearly homeless now living near Disney World. An online direct sales is whatever you make it.
Myself ~ I’ve kept it as a hobby for others and myself. And….
I get everything 50% off. Everything. I’ve not bought a drugstore foundation or mascara in 7 years, because I can buy from my own site and pay less for the best.
But if you’re looking for income or for residential income, this company is amazing, The incentives they have all month long. Sometimes for the customer and other times for the Beauty Influencer.
I started direct sales at a dark time in my life; and sometime I will share that with you. As humans we create escapes, and that was a healthy, mind altering experience that I’m thankful I took. I’ve paid for vacations with my residual income, I’ve paid bills also. So, it’s not a scam, it’s not a get rich quick, but I do love the products. And I stand behind them that it’s safe and chemical free with so many products.
I didn’t mean to write this much but if you’re interested just in the product, From RIGHT NOW UNTIL JUNE 19th, it’s $9.99 to sign up and FOREVER only pay 50%
Or, you can run with this and make as much money as you’re willing to go. And I can show you all the “ who did” and their techniques of where they started to where they are now.
If you have any questions I’m here to answer, I can respond to messages quicker so shout out and I’ll send one back. And sometimes it will be a voice recording ( just so you know)

Thank you to the ones who signed in and those in the process of signing up.
I’m here to help you.


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I'm asked often about your "shade" and skin tone. This is perfect for finding your undeertones, which determines your shaade of any of our foundation, beauty balms, color correcction.

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This I’ve been waiting for! As a Melanoma survivor, I don’t tan from Sun or Tanning beds but I do use a self tanner. And now, I can patronize my own company!!
A foam that’s clear, non transferring, and NO ORANGE!!! Smells like coconut. Mmm !!
And the mascara ( my favorite one) has colors!! Blue, Brown along with the already Black.
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Clean brushes, sponges with the antiseptic benefits of tea tree soap. (yes, I use a scrubby 🦄)

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Today only!!!
Let’s celebrate the 2’s Day!

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National Lash Day!

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Love 💕 These💕Colors


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Limited Edition


Christmas 🎄Bundle! #55 MakeupwithJillPassmore.com


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Early Release! Black Friday.
Some of our favorites and new things too.


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