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“Power always thinks it has a great soul and vast views beyond the comprehension of the weak; and that it is doing God’s service, when it is violating all his laws.” - John Adams

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foxnews.com 06/18/2020

Oklahoma father of 2 children found dead in hot truck released after authorities view new video

foxnews.com An Oklahoma father whose two children died after spending five hours locked inside a hot truck has been released from jail after new surveillance footage showed the kids got into the vehicle on their own, authorities said Monday.

mn.p-ebt.org 06/17/2020

Apply for P-EBT (Pandemic EBT)

If your struggling with all the extra mouths at home since March 2020 & your child(ren) received free lunch prior to March 2020 pandemic shutdown home school stampede, you probably qualify and you SHOULD follow the link and fill out the application - it's simple no financial questions! Take advantage of food for your family, these Covid benefits are meant for you!

Stay Strong!

Daniel York, Esq.

The Minnesota Department of Human Services is now offering additional funds for the families of children ages 5-18 who have been taking advantage of free and reduced benefits since March 1, 2020. This new program will provide $325 per child that families can use to purchase nutritious food for their household. The benefits will be back dated starting from March 18th 2020.


mn.p-ebt.org This program, called P-EBT, is for students who are normally able to get free or reduced price school meals. Apply and get up to $325 per child to spend on groceries.

startribune.com 06/17/2020

2nd night of violent unrest in St. Cloud after police officer was shot in the hand

They're a little slow in St. Cloud. I guess you don't really need a reason to loot a liquor store. Maybe they shot the officer in the hand to create a distraction. Dumb da da da dumb... I swear I read Wisconsin at first glance.

startribune.com Officers were pelted with rocks, and a liquor store was looted. Police reported 40 arrests.

foxnews.com 06/16/2020

Oklahoma father of 2 children found dead in hot truck released after authorities view new video

Those who work in the system know, the line between being charged with murder or being a grieving father is razor thin. The police will ALWAYS take the easiest answer. Thank God there was video.

foxnews.com An Oklahoma father whose two children died after spending five hours locked inside a hot truck has been released from jail after new surveillance footage showed the kids got into the vehicle on their own, authorities said Monday.

insider.com 04/15/2020

A Florida judge is begging lawyers to get out of bed and put on clothes while appearing in court via Zoom

So unreasonable, next thing they'll expect us to log in/show up on time. I draw the line at putting on pants.

insider.com Broward Circuit Judge Dennis Bailey issued a letter in which he asked lawyers to dress appropriately for hearings.

[03/16/20]   I hope everyone stays happy and healthy during what we hope is just a few weeks. Now that most court appearances have been canceled in MN for the next few weeks, I was thinking about having a bunch of extra time now to do something important. Most people have thought about doing estate planning (will, trust, power of attorney, health care directive) and based upon what we've been hearing is coming at us soon, I can't think of a better time to get things in order. It's not as expensive as you think and 99% of the process can be done while maintaining your proper social distancing through electronic means. Also it can be done quickly due to my schedule being clear for pretty much all of March now. Send me a message or call to talk about your specific situation. As we all work together to get through this don't forget to do something nice for someone less fortunate in your area and especially keep an eye on the elders of your neighborhood. Stay healthy! Daniel York, Esq. 763-245-3874


As laid out below, it can't hurt to reduce the opportunity for someone to scam you. I've been scammed by too many people who I thought were trustworthy over the past few years. I realized that some probably didn't plan specifically but were just d-bags in general and just exploited an opportunity left open by me along the way (or anyone else they cross path's with)..


Unfortunately I had to resign as vice chair of the Blaine Planning Commission because I moved out of Blaine. I want to thank Mayor Ryan for the kind words. Also I want to thank Chairman Ouellette, other commissioners, city staff and the citizens of Blaine and especially anyone who laughed at my attempts at humor while watching meetings on local access TV over the past 5-1/2 years.

[08/19/19]   Please do not call my old phone numbers, the only valid phone number for York Law Office is 763-245-3874.

[06/04/19]   There is just never a wrong time to have those important father/son talks. https://news.yahoo.com/deer-park-dad-shoots-son-204157406.html?hl=1&noRedirect=1


York Law Office's cover photo


York Law Office's cover photo


[01/21/18]   Drive safe! Go Vikings!
York Law Office

(Call me during the game and I'll charge you double)


City of Blaine, Minnesota, Government

Reappointed Planning Commissioners Daniel York and Maisa Olson took their Oath of Office at their April meeting.



Those tunnels the U.S is bombing in Afghanistan? They were built by the CIA http://www.nytimes.com/2005/09/11/magazine/lost-at-tora-bora.html (via @GabiElenaDohm)


Love What Matters

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Credit: Sean Whalen

nytimes.com 12/30/2016

Charged a Fee for Getting Arrested, Whether Guilty or Not

Not a real shock to read it was Ramsey County.

nytimes.com The Supreme Court will weigh hearing a challenge to a Minnesota county’s policy of charging “booking fees” — a growing trend in strapped municipalities.

twincities.com 10/21/2016

Felon’s air-powered BB gun is no ‘firearm,’ Minnesota Supreme Court rules

twincities.com Minnesota’s highest court decided Wednesday that a BB gun is not a firearm. “Today, we have clarified the plain meaning of ‘firearm,’ ” the court’s decision said…

diply.com 10/14/2016

He's About To R**e A Girl He Met On Facebook. But Watch What Happens When Her Parents Show Up

diply.com This is an eye opener. Online safety is no joke!



You gotta have room for the booze. Hey Chuck Ramsay wouldn't you think in MN they would probably find you in physical control of the bus and give a DWI

A Wisconsin deer hunter has had some big ideas - but this may top them all.

theweek.com 09/27/2016

Archaeologists discover 18th century pub full of untouched bottles of brandy


theweek.com Archaeologists have uncovered a forgotten 200-year-old pub beneath the city of Manchester, England. And the best part? It still has full, untouched bottles of brandy inside, The Independent reports. Archaeologists discovered the underground pub — once known as the Astley Arms — when they were brough...


York Law Office

pendletonupdates.com 08/29/2016

Judge Advises Defendant “You Have a Constitutional Right to be a Dumb-Ass.” Welcome to the Funniest and Filthiest Court Transcript of all time. The Following is an Excellent Example of a Judge Doing Almost Everything Wrong When Dealing with a...


Judge Advises Defendant “You Have a Constitutional Right to be a Dumb-Ass.”

Welcome to the Funniest and Filthiest Court Transcript of all time. The Following is an Excellent Example of a Judge Doing Almost Everything Wrong When Dealing with a Disruptive Defendant.
by Alan F. Pendleton (Former District Court Judge)
Thank God this happened in Georgia and not Minnesota.

On June 20, 20126, alleged murderer Denver Allen and the Honorable Judge Bryant Durham decided to act out a more profane version of that scene between Principal Vernon and John Bender from one of my all time favorite movies, “The Breakfast Club” in a Georgia Courtroom.
Defendant Allen, accused of committing a deadly jailhouse assault last year, appeared in court seeking to represent himself, claiming his public defender said he would only do “a good job” if he was allowed to give Defendant Allen oral s*x. Judge Durham advised him against it. Things quickly went downhill from there.

The prospect of spending significant time in contempt of court didn’t deter Defendant Allen from demanding that the judge suck his “donkey” dick. They say that the most dangerous man is one with nothing less to lose. Allen is already going on trial for killing a man, what’s contempt of court on top of a lengthy prison sentence?

pendletonupdates.com Thank God this happened in Georgia and not Minnesota. Although I have a great deal of empathy for judges that have to deal with disruptive defendants, the following exchange between Judge and defen…

startribune.com 07/10/2016

Man dies in fiery crash on Hwy. 95 in Isanti County

RIP Jameson Fjeldstad, a really good dude who was just trying to find his place in this world.

startribune.com The State Patrol says it “may take some time” to identify the man who was killed in a fiery head-on crash early Thursday on a two-lane highway in Isanti County.


Stopped 52 Times by Police: Was It Racial Profiling?


abcnews.go.com When Philando Castile saw the flashing lights in his rearview mirror, it wasn't unusual. He had been pulled over at least 52 times in recent years in and around the Twin Cities and given citations for minor offenses including speeding, driving without a muffler and not wearing a seat belt. ...

foxnews.com 07/06/2016

ISIS reportedly boils its fleeing fighters alive in Fallujah | Fox News

I don't think an order for protection would help you leave this psycho relationship! Maybe some croutons and salt (so bizarre how else do you rationalize except make fun of them)

foxnews.com ISIS reportedly boiled seven of its own soldiers alive after they apparently fled the battlefield in Fallujah, a former militant stronghold that was abandoned Sunday by militants after a faceoff with Iraqi forces aided by coalition airstrikes.

kstp.com 06/04/2016

Minnesota Trooper Previously Named DWI All-Star Accused of Drunk Driving

It can happen to anyone...

kstp.com The Minnesota State Patrol says a trooper suspected of driving while impaired has been put on leave pending the outcome of criminal and internal investigations. Lt. Tiffani Nielson says Sgt. Chris Daas was arrested by Fridley police at 3 a.m. Wednesday while off-duty and in his personal vehicle...


Judge sentences defendant, spends night in jail with him


yahoo.com FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (AP) — A North Carolina judge sent a retired Special Forces sergeant to jail for violating probation — then spent the night in the cell with him.

startribune.com 04/08/2016

Fatal shooting reported above St. Paul's W.A. Frost restaurant

At Rebecca M. Rhoda Fisher and Daniel Adkins office two very good friends of mine (they are ok but Becky's assistant is not). I am at a loss for words, except that all they do is criminal defense and all they do is help people. What a fu***ng horrible burden this stain has placed on their shoulders and the victims family. I'll stop there because this is no time to get on my soapbox and preach.

startribune.com The shooting happened in an office above the W.A. Frost restaurant. The business and the area around Selby Avenue were in lockdown as an investigation continued. A number of police vehicles are on the scene.




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