Pacific Union Financial, LLC NMLS #2221

Pacific Union Financial, LLC NMLS #2221

Pacific Union Financial LLC, NMLS #2221 Blaine, Minnesota Branch. Please read our Disclosures and Privacy Policy. Licensing Disclosures
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NMLS 06/04/2018

Buying a home? Sellers may use cameras, microphones to spy on house hunters

Buying a home? Beware: the seller is watching you. A growing number of sellers are using Wi-Fi cameras and mics to spy on buyers as they tour their houses, raising ethical and legal questions. 05/29/2018

Accessible Mortgage Equity at an All-Time High | The Mortgage Notes

Are you discovering that your home has more value available within them? Read how accessible equity is at an all-time high right now: According to the Mortgage Monitor report generated by Black Knight, the amount of accessible equity is at an all-time high. More and more Americans are discovering that their homes have more value available within them. One of the biggest drivers of this home equity trend are appreciating property v... 05/24/2018

When to Drop Your Asking Price | The Mortgage Notes

It’s not always beneficial to increase the price of your home listing. Here’s when you should consider dropping the price to gain more interest from buyers: There is no question that 2017 was a seller’s market. A recent study by the National Association of Realtors, revealed that 99% of listings received their asking price. However, sellers should be careful in having exorbitant expectations on what they can fetch for their home. While housing invento... 05/22/2018

5 things you should know when buying your first home

Are you on the market to buy a new home? Here are 5 helpful tips before you buy that home: The ‘American dream’ isn’t for everyone. 05/16/2018

Rates Are Rising -- And So Are Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Mortgage rates are rising. See what this means for you: With rates on fixed mortgages rising, demand for ARMs is up. Offering buyers hundreds, even thousands, in savings up front, they're becoming a tempting loan for today's home shoppers. But at what risk? 05/14/2018

Protect Your Equity with Pacific Union Financial | The Mortgage Notes

Are you looking to protect your down payments? See how we can help: When we started offering PacificPlus, we did it to address a simple question: How can buyers protect their down payments? As it turns out, people were interested in covering the largest portion of their home investment. Which makes sense. Having a little less uncertainty and a little more safety is.... 05/08/2018

5 Tips for Getting a Mortgage Loan with a Partner Who Has Challenged Credit | The Mortgage Notes

Do you have a higher credit score than your spouse or partner but want apply for a mortgage home loan jointly? Here are 5 tips for getting that loan: Most married couples apply for a mortgage home loan jointly, meaning that they each put their name on the application. The biggest benefit to this is that the couple can pool their financial resources together. A joint application will assess both incomes. This affects a number of important metrics.... 05/02/2018

Millennial's are leading the growth in new home buyers and it may be connected to ongoing economic growth and rising wages. Read more in this DWM article: 01/30/2018

Is a Buyer’s Market Coming Soon? | The Mortgage Notes

There are signs that the mortgage market is about to make a switch. Read more on the Pacific Union blog. Many regions in the United States have been a seller’s mortgage market for years. There are a number of reasons that the market has been so favorable to the seller, but factors are pointing to a switch. Those sellers that missed the wave that crested to its height over the summer may have some reg... 01/17/2018

How Smart is a Smart Home? | The Mortgage Notes

Is home automation and smart technology going to improve your property value? Home improvement has several guidelines that pop up everywhere. One of the most popular is that the best place to earn your money back on a renovation project in the home is in the kitchen and the bathrooms. Kitchen and bathrooms seem to be one of the biggest features in selling a house. The opposit... 01/10/2018

5 Ways to Cut Energy Costs | The Mortgage Notes

Don't let your money fly out the window! Energy bills can be high. There are steps you can take right now to cut down those costs. Most of the energy bill is made up of keeping your home a comfortable temperature during the seasons, either warm in winter or cool in the summer. The key is to prevent cool air from escaping in... Read More 01/04/2018

Four Ways To Make The Most Of Your Mortgage

With just your mortgage you can improve your credit, free up some savings and even make some additional income. With just your mortgage you can improve your credit, free up some savings, and even make some additional income. 12/29/2017

Delinquency Rates Lowest in a Decade | The Mortgage Notes

Fewer delinquencies mean that more borrowers are successfully maintaining their mortgage repayments. According to a recent study released by CoreLogic called the Loan Performance Insight Report, delinquency on mortgage payments is at the lowest rate in nearly a decade. The report shows that this trend is true across a number of different metrics. For instance, the current rate of delinquency, defin... 12/19/2017

How to Sell Your Home During the Holidays

"If buyers are truly squeezing in home showings between shopping trips and holiday recitals, you know they must be serious." Wondering how to sell your home during the holidays? While it might seem like a bad time to list your home, serious sellers could actually benefit. 12/14/2017

Facebook launches massive push into real estate listings

It appears that Facebook has big plans for real estate listings through its own platform. Zillow. Trulia. Redfin. All household names in the real estate listings world, right? Well, those companies now have some serious comp... 12/13/2017

5 Tips to Make a New House Feel Like Home | The Mortgage Notes

New and old traditions make your home feel special and add unique memories. You’ve signed on the dotted line and now the new property is yours. Making that new house feel like a home can take some time. For some of us, we’v... 12/12/2017

FHFA increases conforming loan limits for 2nd straight year

With home prices on the rise, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) is increasing the conforming loan limits for Fannie and Freddie in 2018. Last year, the Federal Housing Finance Agency increased the maximum conforming loan limits for mortgages to be acquired by Fannie Mae and Freddie M... 12/06/2017

Is a new home on your holiday shopping list?

"Starter home inventory increases by 7 percent in the fall compared to the spring, and prices are almost 5 percent lower in the winter." Most people aren't giving that a thought, but if you're in the market for new digs, this is a good time to look 11/22/2017

What Realtors Need To Know About Mortgages Today

"When you’re able to help buyers get qualified, you are greasing the wheels for a much smoother transaction." Never let mortgage concerns limit how you work with your buyers. 11/22/2017

Who's excited to see their siblings this holiday season? 11/17/2017

Misconceptions About VA Loans

Home sellers and their agents may be limiting their potential base of buyers by ignoring a growing pool of veterans. This is the second article in our series commemorating Veterans Day, which is this Saturday, November 11.
Home sellers and their agents may ... 11/08/2017

5 Tips for Millennials Investing in Real Estate

Even though Millennials as a group are still relatively early in their professional careers, it doesn’t stop them from making a splash in the property market as potential investors. If you’re a millennial looking to enter the real estate market for the first time, here are five tips you should be aware of before investing.




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Pacific Union Financial, LLC is a full-service mortgage lender providing loan originations and loan servicing throughout the United States. We are a privately held direct lender with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae approval. We take pride in the level of customer service we provide. Whether you are looking to refinance or purchase a new home, we are your complete mortgage solution. We know that you have specific needs and we strive to find the refinance or home purchase loan product that best meets your criteria.

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