3647th Maintenance Company

3647th Maintenance Company


Virginia National Guard leaders participate in an Army Combat Fitness Test Challenge hosted by Command Sgt. Maj. Ronald Smith, the Virginia Army National Guard’s state command sergeant major, April 6, 2019, at Fort Pickett, Virginia. More than 20 leaders participated in the event from units including the 29th Infantry Division; the 229th Brigade Engineer Battalion, 116th IBCT; the 124th Cyber Protection Battalion, 91st Cyber Brigade; 2nd Battalion, 224th Aviation Regiment; 116th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, Joint Force Headquarters personnel from the G1, G4 and detachment headquarters; the 34th Civil Support Team; the 3647th Maintenance Company; and Fort Pickett Maneuver Training Center. (U.S. Army National Guard photo by Sgt. 1st Class Terra C. Gatti)
3647th Family, CSM Coleman and I want to extend our thoughts and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you all enjoy some down time with friends and family. Please know that if you need anything your command team is here for you.
LTC Dennis Rohler and CSM Brian Coleman
Cavalier 6 and 7
529th, Hot off the presses; new legislation that has changed the GI Bill for the better. Check out the link below.
HOOAH 529!! Let me express the Command Teams Dennis Rohler sincere gratitude for your efforts during this Annual Training! Your performance was excellent and gave me HOOAH CHILLS at the level of professionalism and pride you all have! Keep your mind in the fight and be sure to hug on those friends, family, and loved ones when you get home.
Cavalier 9 out!
3647th family members. If you haven't heard from your Soldiers a lot this last week it's because they've been training from sun up to sun down. The Battalion Command team is incredibly proud of them and for you holding down the home front so they can train. They love you and will see you soon.

MAJ Dennis Rohler
CSM Brian Coleman
Chaplain Oxendine

Slay the Beast!
Great visit with you all today. True professionals. From the attention you paid to our talk, the capabilities brief and the time the Soldiers took to educate myself and CSM Coleman we were truly impressed. Keep driving on with your dedication to each other, the unit, Commonwealth and nation.

See you soon.


Slay the Beast!
Day before the beginning of AT. Put on your right mindset to hit the ground running. Make sure your families are set and know you love them. Be ready to work hard, overcome your obstacles, grow physically/mentally/spiritually and be safe so you come out of this two weeks stronger than you are today.

Slay the Beast!
Team 529!
How many of you are facing the “You can’t” voice in your head lately? I know I certainly have! Life has a funny way of challenging us all differently. The “you can’t” loves to accompany us on those challenging moments and test our resolve. Lately for me it has been PT. I have suffered a calamity of injuries over the years, two back surgeries, shoulder surgery, ankle fracture, and recently a nagging IT band issue. “You can’t” likes to remind me of such all the time…” you can’t go running, you can’t do push ups, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t…” It is a constant battle; can you relate? Here is one thing I have realized in my short time-battles are fast and wars are long. Prepare yourself mentally and physically to win the war, knowing that you will loose some battles. Focus on the war! Crush that “you can’t” and own it, whatever it is; school, work, PT, etc. What “you can’t” are you dealing with?

As a former member of this great unit I am sad to hear about the passing of 2 of our teammates!!!
Congratulations to CPT and Mrs Michael Terry Jr. on a job well done! Great to see many of you again today.

Welcome to the official Virginia Army National Guard 3647th Maintenance Company page! Posted comments are personal opinions and may not reflect the views of the Virginia Army National Guard.


3647th Maintenance Company Holiday meal.


Congratulations to MSG Ferguson on his retirement after 40 years of service.


This drill weekend the soldiers of the 3647th had their annual physical health assessment. This is one of the many tools used to keep all the soldiers ready and prepared. The best supports the rest, Go Hard!


This drill weekend, the soldiers of the 3647th had their annual rifle qualifications. Also, We bid farewell to Staff Sergeant Lightfoot; he served with the 3647th for 11 years and will truly be missed!


Today the soldiers of the 3647th was introduced to the Army Combat Fitness Test! Motivation was high and everyone had a moral boost...Hooah!!!


On September 13th, the NCO’s and Officers of the 3647th attended a NCODP at “The Motor Pool”, located in Chester, Va. A special Thanks to Mr. Lee Holland for leading the soldiers through his site and teaching us about early World War 1 & 2 origins of mechanical wheeled and tracked warfare vehicles; from the transition of mule and carriage to Pre-Vietnam motorized vehicles.


Today we say farewell to SGT Rodak. After 7 years in the 3647th, SGT Rodak has accepted the position of admin NCO at A Troop 2/183 CAV. Good luck SGT Rodak !!!


2019 Annual Training


MSG Ferguson and PFC Harris, 3647th SMC use a saber to cut the ceremonial cake in observance of the Army's 244th birthday during a celebration earlier today at Fort Pickett, VA. The 20 year-old Harris and 58 year-old Ferguson represented the youngest and oldest Soldiers for the traditional cake-cutting. The occasion featured a historical presentation of Army History by SPC’s Winslow, Crews, Beale and Vance and the re-enlistment of SSG Robinson.


MG Timothy P. Williams, the Adjutant General of Virginia, and Command Chief Master Sgt. James J. Profita, the Virginia National Guard command senior enlisted leader, visit with Soldiers assigned to the Fort Pickett -based 3647th Support Maintenance Company, 329th Regional Support Group during their annual training June 11, 2019, at Fort Pickett, Virginia. Williams and Profita received briefs on a number of the unit’s ongoing operations; including radio repair, wheeled vehicle maintenance, generator service, and area based Maintenance to support external units. The senior leaders observed the maintainers conducting real world maintenance during their visit, and also recognized select Soldiers for outstanding service.


3647th Support Maintenance Company Ordnance Corps Dinning in (Richmond VA). Soldiers from the 3647th participated in the unit’s first regimental dinning in at Richmond Virginia on 13 April 2019. The Dinning in, which served as a leadership development event was highlighted by the event’s guest speaker COL James Becker Deputy Commandant for the Ordnance Schools. COL Becker spoke to Soldiers about how important it is to remain ready at the individual, squad and platoon level. “It does not matter what it is that you are bringing to the fight, just make sure that whatever that skillset is you are the best at it. If you are forklift driver, strive to be the best forklift driver in the Army” COL Becker said. In addition to COL Becker, the event Master of ceremonies W01 Paarfus spoke about the history of the Ordnance Corps and CPT Isaac Rivera spoke about the history of the 3647th.


Range Day at 3647th! Go Hard!


SSG Amanda Redmond, Recruiter Virginia Army National Guard

Meet the newest member of the Virginia Army National Guard! CONGRATS PV1 Dustin Stein!


Maintenance Soldier goes Airborne, Fort Benning, GA. On 22 March 2019, SGG Jamie Ligthfoot, Ground Support Equipment, Platoon Sergeant (Acting) graduated Airborne School. Airborne Soldiers must pass an APFT, complete Ground, Tower and Jump week with a total of five successful jumps in order to graduate Airborne school. Congratulations SSG Ligthfoot. “Hunters from the Sky!!!!”. Go Hard!!!


SSG Amanda Redmond, Recruiter Virginia Army National Guard

Area 2.... best recruiters in the State of Virginia right here!!!


During March IDT, soldiers with the 3647th Maintenance Company performed field operations, established a Forward Operating Base, executed vehicle recovery and maintenance, organized range operations including firing and qualifying with assigned weapons, ran night operations to maintain and recover vehicles, and took a stroll through the NBC chamber. And Chief Azeez was promoted from Chief Warrant Officer 2, to Chief Warrant Officer 3!


SSG Amanda Redmond, Recruiter Virginia Army National Guard

Congrats to Stephen Green, newest member of the Virginia Army National Guard! Thanks for making My 2nd enlistment so easy! You’re gonna do great things in your career bud! Good Luck!!


During February IDT, Soldiers with the 3647th Maintenance Company prepared for field exercises taking place next month, conducted physical training, and performed maintenance and checks on company vehicles and equipment. In honor of Sgt. Myers’ retirement, he was presented with the NCO’s creed, a folded American flag, and an Army Commendation Medal signed by Donald J. Trump!


Army National Guard Education Services

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During January IDT soldiers with the 3647th Maintenance Company performed maintenance and services on company vehicles and equipment. Soldiers are preparing for upcoming training and field exercises. 3647th’s Change of Patch Ceremony also took place during January drill.


SSG Amanda Redmond, Recruiter Virginia Army National Guard

Please follow/share SSG Redmond's recruiter page. She is our new recuiter assigned to the Blackstone armory. In her page she will share information about the latest enlistment bonuses, Guard benefits and recruiting events across the Commonwealth.

Are you between the ages of 17-34? Want college money? Want to learn a skill? Join us and for the rest of your life you’ll be able to look back and say you raised your hand to serve! Serve your community and your country with the National Guard.


Virginia Army National Guard Recruiting

Wondering what it takes to be a in the Virginia National Guard? Step one is attending a Pre-Warrant Officer Candidate Course.


Virginia National Guard Association

The more you know...


During November IDT soldiers with the 3647th maintenance company had their PHA, performed preventative maintenance and services on vehicles and equipment and practiced vehicle recovery and towing. Sergeant Robinson was promoted from Sergeant to Staff Sergeant and Warrant Officer Hall received his promotion from WO-1 to CWO-2!


During October IDT soldiers with the 3647th Maintenance Company performed range operations, zeroing and qualifying with their assigned weapons and performed a night fire. Platoon Leaders inspected their soldiers’ Service Uniforms for December drill. Soldiers were fitted for gas masks for a future training exercise and performed PMCS on their assigned vehicles.


Congrats to 2LT Mccartney, AUTO PLT Platoon Leader on graduating from OD BOLC today.


During September IDT, soldiers from the 3647th Maintenance Company attended the 329th RSG Change of Command ceremony, performed PMCS on company equipment, and received a class on antiterrorism.


During August IDT Soldiers from the 3647th SMC supported the 1173rd CTC and the 529th CSSB. In addition, Soldiers received classroom instruction on how to properly load vehicles.


329th Regional Support Group

November seems far away, but its not! The tuition deadline to secure Virginia Education Benefits for the spring semester is 1 November. See photo for more information!


Army National Guard Education Services

NEW FLYER: Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA). The new policy changes go into effect on 05 August 2018. National Guard


On 21st JUN 2018, The 2/183 CAV Squadron Commander recognized six 3647th Soldiers for the maintenance support the company provided to their Squadron during their Annual Training. 3647th Soldiers were crucial on returning critical equipment to Full mission capabilities.


For June’s drill, 3647th conducted COMMEX prep by providing vehicle maintenance as well as attending a SINCGARS class learning how to load frequencies into a radio and mounting it into a military vehicle and executing radio checks.


Soldiers assigned to the 3647th Support Maintenance Company conducted Annual Training at the Sustainment Training Center in Camp Dodge, Iowa from 05 May-18 May 2018


329th Regional Support Group

Soldiers assigned to the Blackstone-based 3647th Maintenance Company, 529th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion conduct a submerged vehicle recovery on May 15, 2018 at Camp Dodge, Iowa. Col. K. Weedon Gallagher, 329th Regional Support Group Commander, observed the Soldiers training as part of his commander’s battle field circulation. Col. Gallagher begun his battle field circulation with a concept of support brief from the 529th CSSB staff, followed by a simulation exercise. (U.S. National Guard photos by Sgt. Twany C. Schmit, Iowa Army National Guard).


529th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion

Soldiers assigned to the Blackstone-based 3647th Maintenance Company, 529th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, are conducting maintenance on tactical vehicles, 14 May, 2018, at the Sustainment Training Center located at Camp Dodge Joint Maneuver Training Center, Iowa. (Photos by Maj. Timothy D. Mills, Public Affairs, Iowa National Guard).

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Range Day at 3647th! Go Hard!
Post NBC chamber reactions
Post NBC Chamber reactions
Our Battalion Commander (MAJ(P) Dennis Rohler)and CSM Brian Coleman challenge you to get out there and slay something to...


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