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Thanks Roger Man for keeping us going, even in November!
Such a rip off. He messed up my scooter. Over charged for doing nothing. Said I got ur scooter running and lemon it up so it would make it home. Haven't seen anything he did yet. Scooter runs worse now and he's a thief. DO NOT TRUST THIS PLACE.
I saw an earlier post where you had hooked up an audio system, will you hook up/look at/fix an audio system in a vehicle?
Hope you don't mine to spend to word ty

We are your one stop shop for all of your powersports needs. We do repairs and accessory installs on all your powersports and small engine equipment!

I have over 30 years experience in the Powersports industry. I do restorations, repairs, service and custom parts on motorcycles, ATV, Dirt Bikes, Side by Side. I have a direct link with powder coating as well as airbrushing. I do all types of repairs including internal engine, external, electrical, fuel injections, carburetor, and more. I do restorations on old bikes as well. If it is in pieces I

Operating as usual


This would explain why this 2012 Kawasaki Teryx was spitting oil and smoke out the exhaust and not running properly.


This head is from a 2004 Honda CRF450R. It had low compression due to worn valves but the major issue I am seeing is the exhaust gasses leaking into the head. This is a sure sign of over-reving an engine and causing the valves to stress and elongate the guides which allows exhaust to pass through into the top of the head. The black exhaust carbon stain is a tell tale sign of this issue.

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All this for one small little shift shaft. The threads broke off that hold the shift lever on and it's a job to replace. Not too bad but time consuming. Polaris problems.


Gave this Arctic Cat TRV1000 a new fuel tank and fuel pump. The bolts for the pump all broke off in the tank as usual. It's back in business ready for the trails!


This little Shadow got some fresh fork seals and fluid! I love the paint scheme on this one!


We will be closed June 1, 2022 through June 7, 2022. Thank you all for your patronage and we look forward to working with you in the near future!

Photos from City Limit Powersports's post 05/21/2022

Today I worked on my own bike! Got the 14" apes pretty much done. UPS lost my cables so I made the OEM cables work for now. Also got the Backyard Air Suspension air ride on. What a difference! I have fallen in love with this machine all over again! More pics to follow.


I got this Prairie 700 back on the trails. This is the one that some knucklehead slathered red silicone on the rear head gasket mixed with blue silicone on other parts I am assuming to make it stop leaking long enough to sell and make someone else pay for the repair. I found a bad tensioner guide as well so I fixed that along with new rings.

Photos from City Limit Powersports's post 05/20/2022

This TRX250EX had low compression and I found the reason why! Now to get the parts and get it back on the trails.

Photos from City Limit Powersports's post 05/20/2022

Before and After! KFX700 Carb cleaning and rebuild. I sure do love my ultrasonic machine. With my new cleaning solution I created it does an even better job of keeping the sheen and making the brass look like brass again. Waiting for the jets and a few other parts and this quad will be back in service.

Photos from City Limit Powersports's post 05/20/2022

Well.....I believe this Honda TRX300EX has seen better days. I can't say that I have ever seen a Honda do this.

Photos from City Limit Powersports's post 05/20/2022

This KFX700 came in pretty rough. Flat tires, dirty plastics, messed up carbs, and a leak in the rear diff. I got it all fixed and Gabe it a good bath. New tires, a good set of carbs I rebuilt and tuned, extensive service, and fixed the rear differential. Man I love these quads.


I got this VStar 650 for a good price and fixed all the problem a with it. Runs like a brand new machine now. Debating on keeping it for my son to learn to ride or selling it.


Got this Rancher 400 some new tread, a clean carb, new backrest, and serviced! Back in business!

Photos from City Limit Powersports's post 05/15/2022

I feel like I found the issue here. Whoever did the engine build the last time is a knucklehead and should never touch another engine. Over torqued bolts, silicone galore, silicone in the head gasket 🤷. The exhaust is slap full of antifreeze so I'll have to clean that out it it'll steam forever.

Photos from City Limit Powersports's post 05/06/2022

2022 Honda TRX420 Rancher got a Reduction Boss Machining 40% reduction. I love these machines and with the reduction they are unstoppable in the mud!

Photos from City Limit Powersports's post 05/01/2022

Got this RZR 900XP engine all back together. Brand new cylinder, rods, pistons, bearings Seals, orings, etc. It is going to be back on the trails and ready to rock.

Photos from City Limit Powersports's post 04/28/2022

I got the Fat Boy back together, wired up, and going strong. It got a whole new rear fender with lights and proper wiring, a complete service, new clutch cable, slip on pipes, handlebar bushings, pulley cover, and some other cosmetics and maintainance issues worked out. This thing has very low miles and it had nasty oil, primary, and gearbox fluid. The gearbox was solid white from water contamination. I still can't figure that out. Only thing that makes sense is water traveled down the clutch cable sheathing into the gearbox or it was a flood bike at some point. Either way it's beautiful, runs fantastic, and is ready to pound some pavement.


This Sportster came in really dirty and in need of se love. We got it shining, serviced, new tires and ready for the streets.


We gave this ZX1400 some new shoes and brakes! Back on the road for another season of fun!


I got this Suzuki King Quad 700axi back on the trails! It was flipped and bent the steering system. The stem, bars, grips, headlight assembly, and gauge cluster is all new 💪🏻!

Photos from City Limit Powersports's post 04/22/2022

I got the King Quad 400 finished! Runs strong and better than new. It got a new top end, rebuilt the head, new rotors and brake line, new caliper, new steering bushing, and new clutches! 💪🏻

Photos from City Limit Powersports's post 04/21/2022

Working on this King Quad 400. Brand new top end including a refresh on the head including new valves and valve springs, new clutch plates, new centrifugal clutch, new clutch springs, and more to come tomorrow.

Photos from City Limit Powersports's post 04/16/2022

I got the VTX1800C done. It was in a small fender bender (hence the shifted rear fender) but it got new 14" bars , grips, cables, brake lines, fender eliminator light kit to clean up the rear fender, led brake bulb, diode kit to fix the indicator on the dash, and a few other minor things. It'll be back for a ground issue fix and a couple other minor mods!

Photos from City Limit Powersports's post 04/16/2022

This Fat Boy is undergoing some TLC. Some did a bang up job on the rear fender and wiring so we're putting on a new fender and all new lights and wiring. I got the fender assembled I just have to make a good harness for it. Also doing tires and polishing wheels, some chrome accessories, clutch maintenance, service inspection and a few other things it needs. Shouldn't be long and it will be back on the road!

Photos from City Limit Powersports's post 04/02/2022

2022 Grizzly 700 got a new Clutch sheave and purple EPI spring to bring some performance back to it. Soich better than the under-performing stock setup.

Photos from City Limit Powersports's post 03/31/2022

KTM 525XC! The boss of sport quads. This has been a project but finally it is done. Motoworks exhaust, 41mm jet labs carb, 8/06 cam, new cam chain, Dynatek CDI, bar mounted LED lamp, HID headlight, spiegler stainless orange brake lines, fuel customs intake, steering stabilizer, orange renthal bars, high flow water pump, and more. This thing is out to collect souls! 💪🏻💀😱💨


I believe it was time for a new filter 🤷


Another Brute Force back in business. She wasn't charging so I did a new regulator and stator! It charges great again!


Got some stuff done on this Brute! New front grill and frame installed to fix some damage. New HD skid plate. New radiator and hoses from a botched install another guy did. It's back ready for the trails now!


I gave this shadow 750 some love. Services the engine and gave the carb a once over to remove some of the OEM lean condition these bikes have.


I always love working on this machine. It is truly a work of art that I put a ton of time and effort into! It was in for a simple service and a new battery!


If anyone is interested let me know! We can make those Honda 420's perform even better. Add this in top of a Reduction Boss Machining gear reduction and you'll be showing those big twins whose boss in the muck!


Gave this Arctic Cat 400 a new centrifugal clutch and a EBC Dirt Digger driven clutch. Also cleaned and rebuilt the carb. It is running like a scalded cat now.

Photos from City Limit Powersports's post 03/06/2022

Got my wheels, calipers, rotors, brackets, and switches/controls back from powder. Man it looks AMAZING! I cannot wait to ride. Just waiting on my master cylinder rebuild kit to come in and it's complete!


Gave this ZX14 a new battery and charger plug installed. Got the stuff coming for new tires and a service! It's heating up and bikes are starting to come out to play!


Carb rebuild and service. These old 600 Grizzlies are 💪🏼


Got some Accent lights going on this GSX-R600!

Photos from City Limit Powersports's post 03/02/2022

Gave the Maverick a new rear winch, some extra flares on the rear fenders, a service, and some lights on the inside of the cab. More to come I'm sure.


The video says enough! This is a mean ride!


Throwback to the good old days! Popping wheelies and breaking shins!


Got the Arctic Cat back up ang going. Had to put a new plug and plug wire in it also. Clean clutches, new bearings, and a seal that doesn't leak makes a huge difference! Also removed the one way engine brake bearing. That's a notorious problem with Arctic Cats including this one.

Photos from City Limit Powersports's post 02/25/2022

Before and after. Amazing what a good ultrasonic eaner, scotchbrite, brake cleaner and elbow grease will do! Putting the Arctic Cat prowler back together. New bearings, seals, gaskets, clean clutches, new belt. More to follow!

Photos from City Limit Powersports's post 02/23/2022

This Grizzly 660 has an overheat issue. Upon diagnosis I noticed no antifreeze. Well antifreeze doesn't just disappear so I poured some in and found the issue. The nipple on the water neck broke off and all the antifreeze leaked out. I have fixed some of these same issues in the past on 660 Yamaha and will fix this one also. Hoping it didn't crack a head/cylinder or blow a head gasket.


Finished up this Polaris Predator 500. The valves needed to be adjusted but I am certain that it will need some head work soon as the shims were down to 1.50mm and when they get below 2.0mm it's always an issue with worn valves and valve seats.


I got this Honda TRX420FA Rancher done! Reduction Boss Machining 42% secondary reduction is in and it's turning the meaty tires like they aren't even there. Definitely the best gear reductions on the market.

Photos from City Limit Powersports's post 02/22/2022

We did a secondary gear reduction on this Honda TRX420FA Rancher today. It's a process but we got it done. These mud bikes always give us a fit with getting plugs apart and such. It'll be finished tomorrow and ready for the trails!


The Sportsman 850 Highlifter is finished. 2018 with a complete fresh engine from the top down. Hotrods crank, Vertex pistons, new crankcase and head. Runs like a smooth criminal!


I wanted to share this for you Honda fans! 15,526 miles and 3,235 hours on this 680 Honda Rincon. I did replace the cam in this one last year and fuel pump. Now the idle air control valve went bad. But honestly this really shows Hondas reliability.

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The video says enough!  This is a mean ride!
Got this TRX400 running perfect. New kibblewhite valves, top end rebuilt, timing chain, and stage 1 hot cam.
Finished this '79 Shovelhead. Whole new wiring harness, new ignition, new neck bearings, new starter solenoid and cleane...
I got the Custom Softail all buttoned up.  She rumbles and the lights are working very well.  Love this bike.
I got my front LED switchback bulbs installed now.  They run white which creates a driving light and then turn amber for...
I installed some switchback LED lights on my bike.  Just so everyone knows these bulbs are not made to the public, I had...
Got some strobes and LED love on Fred Bias 2013 Brute Force!



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