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The Feather Dusters 01/15/2020

Hello people! It's been exactly a year. It's been a long year. I'm still cleaning houses and businesses. Sorry for not being in here. Hope all of you are well. It's the beginning of the year, Time to get things started. Time to change things around in your house... Let the spring cleaning start. You need someone to come over and deep clean a room or your house... Here I am!! Just give me a call! 804-317-6073 01/15/2019

Hello everyone.. it's been a long time since I've been on here. Hope y'all had a great Christmas and New year's. Now that we are halfway in January time to start thinking about goals for the year. I know mine is too down size on my junk in the house lol. Anyone need your house cleaned give me a ring. Spring cleaning is around the corner. Well I hope you all have a great night.. 08/24/2016

5 Big Mistakes You Make Cleaning Windows

Now that the kids are back in school, there's time to tackle one of our least favorite things to clean. Here are some tips so you'll only have to do them once (until they get dirty again). 1. Asking your kids to help. (Just kidding. Toss them a microfiber cloth!)


Hello everyone out there. . It's been a long time since I've been on here. It's spring cleaning season. Anyone need your home or business spring cleaned. Please call. .


Here is fall getting closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas. With that getting closer you might not have the time to get to your chores. Just call us and we can help you with that. Your home or business. We got it!


Vacations will be over soon. School will be starting soon. Don't have time to get to normal cleaning. Call me. I can get it for you. 804-317-6073


You tired wore out. . Don't have enough time to get caught up on your cleaning.
Call me.. I will come clean your home or business.


Hello spring. .. Y'all know what that means. Spring cleaning time. So anyone out there need your home or business cleaned. Give me a call 804-317-6073...


Is this happening to you. .. call me and I could pick up where the fairy left off. 804-317-6073
Spring cleaning is right around the corner. Let me do it for you. Call to make appointment. :)


Hope everyone is enjoying the snow and keeping warm! Here are a few fun activities to do in this cold weather!

Boil some water and put it in a mug. Go outside and throw the water away from you. Instant snow!

Got bubble mix sitting around from summer? Blow a bubble and catch it on your wand. Wait about a minute. Break it and watch it shatter!


We're sure most of you use fabric softener in your wash. Ever notice those greasy stains on your clothes and wonder where they came from? Could be the softener. Softener can also gunk up your machine, especially these newer concentrated versions. If you do use softener, you can dilute it with water.
The other alternative? White vinegar. Vinegar is very good for your wash and you wont smell it after it comes out of the machine (unless you use way too much). Its super cheap to buy the large jugs of store brand vinegar. Save money and do your wash and machine a favor! 02/09/2015

How to Make Wool Dryer Balls – $ave Money and Control Static

Did you know that fabric softener sheets in your dryer can make your dryer less efficient? The sheets put a coating on your filter and the air can no longer flow freely through the lint filter. Not only will this cause longer drying time, but will overheat and possibly damage your dryer. Also, if you have a stainless interior, you should *not* be using dryer sheets at all!
So, what's a person to do? Control static and decrease drying time with felted wool dryer balls. Print out coupons for your favorite craft store and make them yourself. I have 7 balls in my dryer and I can tell you they work! Learn how to make felted wool dryer balls, then save time, money, and energy by tossing four to six balls in with each dryer load. They also reduce static.


Good afternoon everyone... here is a tip on how and how many times to clean pillows.
Have a good day :)


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Problems trying to get stains out of your clothes. Well this sheet should you. ;) have a great day.


Good morning. .. some positive thinking.
Y'all have a good day! !!


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Here is a little cheat sheet for your laundry. ....


It's that time of the year. It's the time to get the house cleaned but don't have time cause you have to shop. Well I'm here to clean your house. Just call me and we'll give you a price. That way you can shop for Christmas and have time for baking too.


Happy Thanksgiving!
Have a safe and enjoyable day with your family and friends.

The Feather Dusters


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It's getting close to the holidays. You need help with cleaning of your house or business. Just call The Feather Dusters. Here to help you with this.


Are you stressed and can't get to your house cleaning.... well let me do your house cleaning for you. Just give me a call.


Are you busy and can't get to your house work? Or you have a business that needs attention. Call The Feather Duster. 804-317-6073 your home or business will be sparkle clean.


Wishing everyone a safe and Happy 4th of July!


The official start of Summer is tomorrow at 6:51am. Time to spend most of your days outdoors enjoying the sun and fun, not being stuck indoors cleaning! Give us a call today! 804-317-6073


Its Memorial Day weekend, marking the first unofficial weekend of summer! Call us today to get your house ready for summer entertaining! 804-317-6073


Dont spend your day off cleaning! Give us a call, and we'll do it for you! 804-317-6073


Dont move! Let us do the cleaning for you! Call us today!


It's that time of the year.. spring cleaning time.
You don't have the time to get to it, call us we will do it for you.


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