Anthos acupuncture & herbal clinic

Anthos acupuncture & herbal clinic


I have trigeminal nerve neuropathy causing my teeth to hurt. Can you treat that? Trying to get off medications that are causing me other problems.
This was my time trying acupunture. 😒The ambiance of the office is clean and serene. Foti has a calming, genuine and patient demeanor, which help with my nervousness. He is very knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions. Such an amazing experience. I bought more sessions!😉

Free Consultation - gentle therapies that encourage resilience and longevity with personal attention. Pain | Stress | Insomnia | Fatigue | Fertility

Operating as usual

Common dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) efficiently blocks the interaction between ACE2 cell surface receptor and SARS-CoV-2 spike protein D614, mutants D614G, N501Y, K417N and E484K in vitro 07/03/2021

Common dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) efficiently blocks the interaction between ACE2 cell surface receptor and SARS-CoV-2 spike protein D614, mutants D614G, N501Y, K417N and E484K in vitro

Common Dandelion efficiently blocks SARS-CoV-2 spike protein from attaching to human lung and kidney cells in vitro. Please don’t spray roundup herbicide on them, or anything else for that matter 🥲

Common dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) efficiently blocks the interaction between ACE2 cell surface receptor and SARS-CoV-2 spike protein D614, mutants D614G, N501Y, K417N and E484K in vitro On 11th March 2020, coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, was declared as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). To date, there are rapidly spreading new “variants of concern” of SARS-CoV-2, the United Kingdom (B.1.1.7), the South African (B.1.35...


an astounding perspective

The universe of a human cell.

Courtesy @astrovia1 @brainmappingfnd @worldbrainmapping



Health is your responsibility. Creating health is about revitalizing your body, mind, emotions, and life energies to a higher level of functioning. #sadhguruquotes

[03/26/20]   Good morning everyone! I want to share a message concerning Advil/ibuprofen. It seems that it may disable the body’s ability to fight the Covid19 virus so if you must take a pain reliever use Tylenol.

Also, We are still open.

Acupuncture helps regulate biological stress, reducing pain and anxiety, improving sleep quality and natural immunity, by inducing a parasympathetic nervous system response.

I am personally cleaning the office thoroughly every night and wiping down all surfaces between patients as well as placing gaps in the schedule to allow for only one patient at a time to check in or out and no one in the waiting area. The office is also ionized with hydrogen peroxide ions which clears all dust particles out of the air by donating electrons which neutralize static electricity and keeps dust particles from floating in the air and has anti-septic activity.

All family members are asked to please wait in the car while patients are being treated.

Please air out your house. Fresh air is your best antiseptic. Maintain social distances and engage in fun outdoor activities to manage stress and boost immunity.

Be well.


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Looking forward to this event

Grab your yoga mats, Birmingham! 🧘

Fearless Fest, a wellness festival created by The Fearless Om is happening Feb. 29-March 1 at Practice Works! Get all the deets here. 👏🤩 02/28/2019

Living Well with Michelle: Military veteran uses acupuncture to treat health conditions

I love Acupuncture for all of the reasons mentioned. One reason is efficiency and doing more with less or streamlining what you’re already doing. We can talk about ways to keep inflammation and pain down using just food, physical and mental exercises. :) Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years. In this week's Living Well with Michelle, Michelle dives into why the ancient medicine practice has lasted the test of time. 01/26/2019

CMS Looking at Acupuncture for Back Pain

Should Medicare cover acupuncture for chronic low back pain? The centers for Medicare & Medicaid services (CMS) announced it is considering adding coverage. The notice states that HHS is focusing on providing more evidence-based non-drug treatment options for chronic pain in response to what the agency calls “the opioid crisis“ in the US. The link to make a public comment is in the article comments are due before February 14. By Ed Coghlan, The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced it is considering adding coverage of acupuncture for chronic low back pain. The notice states that HHS is focusing on… 01/13/2019

The Acupuncture Photography Project

some beautiful pictures A photography project on the healing art of acupuncture


Advancement of Oriental Medicine in Alabama

A positive movement for healthcare! As acupuncture continues to gain recognition for it’s safety and effectiveness, it becomes more broadly available to those who need it most. 12/04/2018

Acupuncture Beats Injected Morphine for Pain: Groundbreaking Study

Effective as a non-pharmacological approach to pain management and compounded by a holistic approach to comorbidity care, tens of thousands of licensed acupuncturists effectively treat patients with acute and chronic pain across the nation while now thousands of hospitals and clinics employ acupuncturists to improve outcomes and reduce costs. In contrast to acupuncture’s safety record, deaths related to opioid misuse have reached epidemic levels, the financial impact of the epidemic is at crisis levels, and incurred expenses rise from general pharmacological-care side effects, medical errors, and failed surgical procedures. In fact, two Alabama citizens die daily from opioid overdose according to the Center for Disease Control. The national epidemic is costing public and private insurers more than $72 billion annually. Additionally 30% of patients with chronic pain conditions also suffer from clinical depression, and nearly 50% of patients who suffer from both anxiety and depression disorders have a co-morbid pain diagnosis, which shows the compounding concerns of opioid use for pain. The impact of the epidemic is far reaching, including but not limited to families, incarcerated persons, children, and disabled. Acupuncture Beats Injected Morphine for Pain: Groundbreaking Study 12/04/2018

Acupuncture Beats Injected Morphine for Pain: Groundbreaking Study

Opioid overdose takes the lives of two Alabama citizens each day and abusers of opioids have healthcare costs eight times that of non-abusers. The national epidemic is costing public and private insurers more than $72 billion annually.13 Additionally 30% of patients with chronic pain conditions also suffer from clinical depression, and nearly 50% of patients who suffer from both anxiety and depression disorders have a co-morbid pain diagnosis, which shows the compounding concerns of opioid use for pain.13 The impact of the epidemic is far reaching, including but not limited to families, incarcerated persons, children, and disabled. See Appendix C, D, F.

Emergency room misuse. The percentage of emergency department (ED) visits associated with pharmaceutical misuse or abuse increased 114% between 2004 and 2011. Opioid overuse not only increases ED visits but leads to increased avoidable services and costs that may actually harm beneficiaries. In fact, Medicaid recipients have a higher rate of ED visits and hospitalization for poisoning by opioids and related narcotics than individuals with other forms of insurance or the uninsured.13 Acupuncture Beats Injected Morphine for Pain: Groundbreaking Study 11/29/2018

Living Well with Michelle: Natural cold remedies

I’m constantly surrounded by people with colds and flu so it’s really important to beat it before symptoms manifest. Some things I like to use personally are oregano oil capsules after a meal, cod liver oil, elderberry, apple cider vinegar, ubiquinol and ALA. When preparing food, plenty of garlic and ginger can help keep the immune system strong. In this midst of cold and flu season, many of use head straight to the drugstore at the first sign of a cough or sniffle. Oftentimes, however, there are cheap and effective cold remedies found right in your kitchen. In this week's Living Well with Michelle, Michelle looked into how you can alleviate... 11/12/2018

British Doctors May Soon Prescribe Art, Music, Dance, Singing Lessons Campaign is expected to launch across the entire U.K. by 2023 10/18/2018

FDA suggests doctors learn about acupuncture for pain management Chiropractors and acupuncturists who have lobbied for a bigger role in treating pain have won a preliminary endorsement from federal health officials.


#kudzu covers everything. It’s s good thing the leaves are edible and the root is used in traditional Chinese medicine to help alleviate symptoms of hypertension, diarrhea, fever, stiff upper back and neck and even measles. More recently, a 2005 study by Harvard Medical School and New England Research Institutes found that properties of the kudzu plant may cause alcohol to reach the brain more quickly. Drinkers feel the effects sooner and will likely drink less and more slowly. #drinkless 06/12/2018

Celery Juice

Never underestimate the power of simplicity Medical Medium Blog: read Celery Juice now at 06/10/2018

Is Dirt the New Prozac? |

Get your hands dirty! Mycobacterium vaccae is the substance under study and has indeed been found to mirror the effect on neurons that drugs like Prozac provide. The bacterium is found in soil and may stimulate serotonin production, which makes you relaxed and happier Injections of soil bacteria produce serotonin—and happiness—in mice. 04/25/2018

Mum with dementia who couldn't recognise son gets memory back after diet change

Alzheimer's Society in the U.K. Started promoting this diet after this case. Most of these ingredients make great snacks and can go in a smoothie! High in potassium/magnesium, C-complex, and B-Complex and Omega-3 fats. Blueberry, walnut, spinach, and I'd add a lemon. Minus the bread of course. Nutritional yeast makes for a great natural source of B-Complex instead. At one point Sylvia accused the nurses caring for her of kidnap 03/27/2018

Fotios Sardelis-03 21 18 Acupuncture

A cool interview with Rick Delgado going over some basics Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. 01/25/2018

A Lifestyle Approach to your Body, Mind and Spirit with Foti Sardelis

It was great talking with Terri. She's amazing and I appreciate the opportunity. We go over the importance of staying connected with the seasons, the elements, and the way it relates to the body in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Here we are at the beginning of the year and many people are looking for ways to improve their overall health and well being including mind, body and spirit. I think they all go together offering a more holistic approach to our healing. My experience shows its not just about one thing. We need to in 12/13/2017

12 little-known strategies that help prevent cancer from growing inside your body

Prevention is the best intervention. Being diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme, a type of brain tumor, is considered a death sentence by modern medicine. Despite a decades-long war on cancer, and the “most advanced” treatments known to 21st century oncologists, people who develop this aggressive, fast-growing cancer are given a ... 11/26/2017

FDA Clears First Device to Help Curb Opioid Cravings Placed behind the patient's ear, the NSS-2 Bridge stimulates branches of certain cranial nerves, which may provide relief from opioid withdrawal symptoms, the FDA said. 10/24/2017

What Eating a Banana and an Avocado Every Day Can Do to Your Body 10/06/2017

Does acupuncture work by re-mapping the brain? – Vitaly Napadow | Aeon Ideas

Some fascinating findings on the effects of acupuncture on the brain Acupuncture is a form of traditional medical therapy that originated in China several thousand years ago. It was developed at a time bereft of tools such as genetic testing or even a modern understanding of anatomy, so medical philosophers did the... 09/07/2017

Demystifying Flaxseed and Estrogen

These plant estrogens block excess estrogen and estrogen mimicking pesticides/chemicals. Flaxseed, the tiny plant with powerful anticancer properties—why are people so afraid of it? Breast cancer is thought to be a hormonal disease. This means that a hormone may cause cancer to devel… 07/12/2017

THIS is The Real Reason Wheat is Toxic (And It’s NOT the Gluten!) Here's why you need to stop eating toxic wheat even if you do not have a gluten... 06/20/2017

Study: Manuka honey kills more bacteria than all available antibiotics Not all honey is created equal. While the benefits of raw, unprocessed honey have been well-documented over the centuries, Australian researchers have found one type of honey, called Manuka honey, to be better than all known antibiotics. Manuka honey is produced by bees that forage on the nectar of…



Who knew that just thinking about practicing an activity may actually make you better at it. I should think about practicing yoga and tai chi more, I'll be an expert in no time, Lol!

How to practice effectively ... for just about anything: 04/17/2017

The health hazards of sitting

Proper posture supports easy and fluid body processes. Little things can make a big difference when practiced regularly. We know sitting too much is bad, and most of us intuitively feel a little guilty after a long TV binge. But what exactly goes wrong in our bodies when we park ourselves for nearly eight hours per day, the average for a U.S. adult? Many things, say four experts, who detailed a chain of problems from…


Morphogenetic Fields: The Face of a Frog

Currents of "Qi" or Life Force in action, organizing the the face and body of a frog embryo. Cells accumulating negative charges organizing in areas that subsequently become parts of the face. If Bioelectrical signals are controlling the patterns of gene expression, and as acupuncture points are indeed located at embryological organizing centers, could the beneficial effects of acupuncture be partially due to the stimulation of the normal expression of cells through the transmission of chemicals/morphogens/biophotons/electricity along the semi-conductive fascial planes?

“The question of biological development, of morphogenesis, is actually quite open and is the subject of much debate within biology itself. An alternative to ... 01/24/2017

If you eat garlic and honey on an empty stomach for 7 days, this is what happens to your body.

This is one of the fastest acting remedies for chronic cough and flu symptoms and more. No joke. The Hearty Soul is pleased to offer our readers a FREE 16 oz jar of Raw Honey through Thrive Market, an online grocery store that delivers organic, healthy, non-GMO foods right to your doorstep! Take advantage of this great offer today.  Garlic is an undeniably popular food nowadays. If you walk int... 12/29/2016

Acupuncture believed to help fight cancer by enhancing the immune system and supporting remission! More and more people are seeking alternative cancer treatments.  Studies completed by the Survey Sampling International and The Research Intelligence Group report that two-thirds of people across the world feel disrespected by their physicians.  They also report that unclear communication is a major... 12/05/2016

Top 30 Healthiest Foods of All Time

I'm getting hungry Here are the healthiest foods that will supercharge your diet, so remember to spend 90 percent of your food budget on whole foods to protect your health. 12/02/2016

Finally, Acupuncture Proven To Reduce Pain

"This level of meticulous review establishes acupuncture as a standard and effective tool for the treatment of pain. This research has been published just after a recent discovery by investigators at Rutgers University Medical School, New Jersey that acupuncture reduces inflammation. The surgery department researchers proved that electroacupuncture fights infections including polymicrobial peritonitis and reduces severe systemic inflammation due to infections, sepsis." Acupuncture beat placebo controls for pain reduction in this high quality study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association.



This man proves cannabis can be a miracle drug.

recover, maintain, thrive

Can we be more passionate about health? The human body, its afflictions, and its requirements, can be understood in simple ways. Traditional Chinese medicine is a time tested approach to healthcare emphasizing prevention and informing us about a better way to live. We facilitate the development of a lifestyle that leads to better overall health. Through acupuncture, herbs, nutritional and lifestyle adjustment, and other treatments, the body recovers gracefully. Our bodies have an incredibly powerful regenerative capacity and when conditions are in harmony we enjoy health.
We all intuitively know through our own experience as well as our collective ancestry that what we put into our bodies will affect our health. The Greeks said “let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” and today we say “you are what you eat”. Based on the foundations of traditional Chinese medicine we can eat according to principles of wisdom that guide us on our journey of health maintenance and optimization.

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Now it's my turn to chill. Nothing like a little facial rejuvenation to brighten up the day, and clear congestion!  #ant...



Acupuncture and herbal medicine with an emphasis on nutritional and lifestyle counseling.

Therapies: Acupuncture, Herbal prescriptions, Cupping therapy, Tui na, Moxibustion, Gua Sha.



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