UAB General Surgery Residency

UAB General Surgery Residency


Gatewood fir st described the technique of the then ar flap for coverage of fingertip injuri es in 1926.(1)Subsequently this was expanded up on by Flatt in 1957.(2,3)The thenar fl ap is indicated for volar skin avulsio ns over the pulp of the fing er (e.g. volar oblique amputations); however, i ts use can also be extended to cov er dorsal defects over the nail bed.(4)
T he finger is left attached and aft er 2-3 weeks the flap is divid ed thus replacing the original soft-tissue defe ct with glabrous matching skin.
The following vid eo demonstrates the separation of the proximal ly based thenar flap. The procedure c an be carried out on OPD bas is after necessary fitness of the patie nt. The follow up includes regular chan ge of dressing under supervision and fin al removal of the sutures after gra ft consolidation.

1. Gatewood A. A plastic repa ir of finger defects without hospitalization. JA MA. 1926;87:1479. [Google Scholar]
2. Flatt AE. T he thenar flap. J Bone Joint Su rg Br. 1957;39-B:80–5. [PubMed] [Google Scholar]
3. Somm er NZ. Perionychium. In: Wolfe SW, Hotchki ss RN, Pederson WC, editors. Green’s operati ve hand surgery. 7th ed. Philadelphia: Elsevi er; 2016. pp. 318–37. [Google Scholar]
4. Dell on AL. The proximal inset thenar fl ap for fingertip reconstruction. Plast Reconstr Su rg. 1983;72:698–704. [PubMed] [Google Scholar]
The thenar fla ps provide a versatile method for so ft tissue coverage of the distal phala nx in cases of fingertip injuries.
They he lp maintain length of the digit, provi de excellent tissue match for glabrous fingert ip and good aesthetics.
The following is a surgic al demonstration of stage one of t he same.
Fingertip injury is defined as an inju ry with soft tissue loss of t he terminal phalanx, distal to the dist al interphalangeal joint.The injury to the fing er tip can be due to vario us mechanisms. These mechanisms include both wo rk related and household injuries. Lacerations to t he fingers account for nearly half of non-work-relat ed injuries.

Kindly visit the link below f or detailed theory and short surgical demonstrations .
Vora A et al(1) in h is popular paper defined these injuries as, ‘any injury occurring from an extrins ic compressive force or shear force of variab le magnitude applied to the foot ov er as variable period of time.’ He togeth er with Myerson put forth a classificati on dividing these injuries on basis of t he type of force and period of conta ct, into a broad three types namely

Dear Friends at UAB.

Introducing our a ll new ABSITE and QE courses design ed to help you pass with ea se, featuring 50+ hours of targeted vid eo lectures and some of the large st available question banks. Courses are design ed and taught by a dynamic, du al board-certified trauma and critical care speciali st with over 20 years of experien ce teaching ABSITE, QE and Mock Or al review. Our courses are the be st in class and we're willing to pro ve it.

From now through Oct 15, we wi ll be offering limited free trials to interest ed residents. Join us at a nd send us a mail at [email protected] wi th the email address you used to jo in. We'll add a free trial to yo ur account.
Dr.Reddy you are the Greatest!!

To communicate with our residents bo th past and present

Operating as usual

Photos from UAB General Surgery Residency 's post 09/13/2022

Congratulations to the departments Chief Residen ts Samantha Baker, M.D. on matching wi th LSU Trauma & Surgical Critical Ca re Fellowship & Kathryn Hudak, M.D. wi th Spartanburg Regional Trauma & Surgical Critic al Care Fellowship! 🎉


Congratulations to Chief Residents Sam Bak er & Kathryn Hudak on matching in to Trauma & Surgical Critical Care Fellowshi ps (LSU and Spartanburg Regional).

We're so prou d!!


Week 3: we’re getting the ha ng of it! This week matching outfi ts, next week may be a r un scored! 🥎


Team Slice and Dice 🥎 We m ay not have the most runs b ut we have the most spirit a nd scraped knees


Congratulations to UAB Surgery Residency Progr am Director and Associate Professor Dr. Britn ey Corey for being elected an associa te member in the American College of Surgeo ns Academy of Master Surgeon Educators. Re ad more:


Congratulations to seven UAB General Surge ry residents for being selected as mento rs for the UAB Heersink School of Medici ne (SOM) Housestaff Learning Community (LC)! LC is design ed to create a community within a small er group setting for UAB SOM medic al students. Read more:


The department is proud to announ ce that UAB General Surgery Resident Dr. Connie Shao will be awarded wi th the Society of Asian Academic Surgeo ns (SAAS) and Association of Women Surgeo ns (AWS) Resident Travel Award. Shao wi ll receive a $1,000 stipend to fu nd her travels to the SAAS Annu al meeting in Honolulu, HI. Read mo re:


Congratulations to UAB General Surgery Reside nt Dr. Mallory Perez for receiving t he 2022 Society of University Surgeons (S US) Resident and Fellow Presentation Award. Per ez will present and share her resear ch at the Surgical Research Society (S RS) Annual meeting on Mar. 22-24, 2023 in Nottingh am, England. Read more:


It’s almost time to say farewe ll to our dedicated chief general residen ts who have matched into fellowship progra ms or private practice. But we’re ecstat ic to welcome our incoming residents fr om medical schools nationwide. See where o ur chiefs are headed:


The UAB General Surgery Residency Progr am honors and celebrates the chief residen ts, supporting faculty, and residents throughout t he program for their persistent work duri ng the training year at awards d ay as well as a chief reside nt dinner. Read more:


The department is pleased to announ ce that UAB General Surgery Resident D rs. Adam Lucy and Stephanie Rakestraw ha ve been elected to the Graduate Medic al Education (GME) House Staff Council f or the 2022-2023 year. Rakestraw will ser ve as the wellness chair and Lu cy will serve as the vice preside nt.

The House Staff Council serves as t he voice of the incredible residents a nd fellows throughout the hospital, university, a nd UAB community. Read more:


Congratulations to UAB General Surgery Reside nt Dr. Samantha Baker and Division of Trau ma and Acute Care Surgery Professor Dr. Daniel Cox for being elected t he 2022 UAB Emergency Medicine Resident a nd Faculty Consultants of the Year.

These prestigio us awards are voted on by emergen cy residents who spotlight dedication to outstandi ng patient care and contribution to reside nt education. Read more:


The department is proud to announ ce that UAB General Surgery Resident Dr. Clara Nicolas Martinez received the Americ an Pediatric Surgical Association Poster of Distincti on Presented by a Surgical Trainee Awa rd for her presentation “Activation of Homology-Direct ed DNA Repair Plays Key Role in CRISPR-Mediat ed Genome Correction in Fetal and Neonat al Cells.” Her in-depth research concentrated on ge ne therapy approaches to cure metabolic liv er disease. Read more:


Congratulations to incoming Endocrine Surgery Fell ow Dr. Jessica Li McMullin and U AB General Surgery Resident Dr. Rongzhi Wa ng for being named International Association of Endocri ne Surgeons (IAES) 2022 Travelers. IAES wi ll fund travel expenses for McMullin a nd Wang to present their research at t he International Surgical Week in Vienna, Austr ia in August 2022. Read more:

Residency program hosts first multi-institutional mo ck orals for residents - School of Medici ne - Surgery | UAB 06/03/2022

Residency program hosts first multi-institutional mo ck orals for residents - School of Medici ne - Surgery | UAB

Our program was proud to organi ze our first multi-institutional mock orals f or chief residents in preparation for the ir general surgery certifying examination. Mock ora ls gave residents the opportunity to be examin ed by faculty that they did n ot know, simulating the actual oral boar ds in a more realistic fashion.

Residency program hosts first multi-institutional mo ck orals for residents - School of Medici ne - Surgery | UAB The Department of Surgery is dedicat ed to providing outstanding clinical care, educati ng the next generation of surgical leade rs, advancing medical knowledge through cutting-edge resear ch, and pursuing academic excellence for a ll endeavors.

Residency program names Reddy as associa te program director - School of Medici ne - Surgery | UAB 06/01/2022

Residency program names Reddy as associa te program director - School of Medici ne - Surgery | UAB

UAB General Surgery Residency Program Direct or Dr. Britney Corey is pleased to na me Associate Professor Dr. Sushanth Reddy as associa te program director of the UAB Gener al Surgery Residency program.

Reddy serves as associa te director of the UAB Division of Surgic al Oncology, and he also serves as associa te scientist in the Experimental Therapeutics Progr am at the O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Cent er at UAB.

An active clinician, researcher, a nd mentor, Reddy’s focus is hepatopancreatobiliary surge ry and the therapy and study of pancreat ic cancers. He both publishes and lectur es regarding his clinical research and findings.

Residency program names Reddy as associa te program director - School of Medici ne - Surgery | UAB The Department of Surgery is dedicat ed to providing outstanding clinical care, educati ng the next generation of surgical leade rs, advancing medical knowledge through cutting-edge resear ch, and pursuing academic excellence for a ll endeavors.


Congratulations to UAB Heersink School of Medici ne Student Meghna Katta, Cancer Awareness Netwo rk Founder and CEO Loretta Herring, a nd UAB General Surgery Resident Dr. Conn ie Shao for earning prestigious awards a nd scholarships at the 2022 Health Datapaloo za and National Health Policy Conference. Re ad more:


Congratulations to our 2022 Resident Resear ch Day winners! Thank you again to Tex as Children’s Hospital Chief of Pediatric Surge ry Dr. Sundeep Keswani for judging. Re ad more:

Photos from UAB General Surgery Residency 's post 04/27/2022

Drs. Connie Shao and Peter Abrah am participated in a reciprocal resident exchan ge with the Wisconsin Department of Surge ry. Here is a photo of ea ch of their presentations at Wisconsin Surgery 's Resident Research Day. Our program enjo ys supporting education and idea sharing acro ss institutions. Go Drs. Shao and Abrah am!


Congratulations to General Surgery Resident Dr. Connie Shao for winning second pla ce in the UAB School of Publ ic Health 2022 Research Session for h er research “Health literacy is associated wi th enhanced recovery adherence and post-operative outcomes .” Read more:

Photos from UAB General Surgery Residency 's post 04/14/2022

We would like to thank Dr. Alberto R. Ferreres for speaking at t he first annual UAB Surgery Ethics Semin ar. The captivating seminar was organized a nd coordinated by General Surgery Resident Dr. Connie Shao. We appreciate all of o ur speakers and those who joined t he session.


General surgery residents expressed their appreciati on and thankfulness by presenting gifts to Direct or of the General Surgery Residency Progr am and Associate Professor Dr. Britney Cor ey. Corey was elected the General Surge ry Residency Program Director March of 2020. Cor ey and the residency program will welco me 10 new trainees this summer. Re ad more:


Congratulations to Dr. Katherine McElroy f or being the Americas Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association 2021 U RM Travel Grant that will cover h er attendance to the 15th annual Internation al Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association 2022 World Congress in N ew York on Apr.1. McElroy is looki ng forward to representing UAB Surgery in an internation al setting. Read more:


You won’t find a more cari ng, dedicated, or hard working Program Direct or than ours at UAB Surgery! We lo ve you Dr Corey!! Thank you f or all you do for us!


best day! We're thrilled to welco me 10 new residents this summer. Congratulatio ns to all who matched!


According to the American Cancer Socie ty, colorectal cancer is the third-leading cau se of cancer death in the Unit ed States. Check out the six resourc es that UAB Division of Gastrointestinal Surge ry recommends during Colorectal Cancer Awareness Mon th. Read more:


Congratulations to Dr. Connie Shao f or being named recipient of the 2022 Socie ty for Surgery of the Alimentary Tra ct (SSAT) Writers Workshop Scholarship. The scholarsh ip will fund her attendance at t he 63rd SSAT Annual Meeting held in S an Diego, CA. Read more:

Preventing Colorectal Cancer 03/02/2022

Preventing Colorectal Cancer

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awarene ss Month! According to the American Canc er society, colorectal cancer is the third-leadi ng cause of cancer death in t he United States. UAB Department of Surgery ’s Division of Gastrointestinal Surgery (GI) wi ll be sharing preventive information through a webin ar hosted by Dr. Greg Kennedy on M ar. 14 at 5:30 p.m. To regist er:

Preventing Colorectal Cancer Colorectal cancer is the third leadi ng cause of cancer death in bo th men and women, but did y ou know it is preventable? Join us to lea rn more about Preventing Colorectal Cancer wi th Dr. Gregory Kennedy, Professor and Direct or of Gastrointestinal Surgery at UAB.

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