Lakeview Personal Fitness

Lakeview Personal Fitness


Hi, I am in the process of restoring a property in rural Spain (an old Water Mill) as a centre for outdoor enthusiasts to use. I’ve got a number of mountain bikes on site, there are vast mountain ranges nearby and it’s very rural and great for walking, cycling, running, lake sports and all sorts of other outdoor pursuits! Is this the sort of place you’d like to bring your groups to? If you ‘like’ the page I’ve set up: I’ll keep you informed of progress. Thanks, Bernie Genge
Hope to see you at the Gumbo Gala this Saturday at Sloss Furnaces. Info at
How do these goobers get to be the top picture? Yeah I think bribery took place...
Ree "Mad Dog" Sherer is an early morning fixture at LPF. He is the epitome of "Can Do!" attitude!

Lakeview Personal Fitness is a personal training center with massage therapy services and group fitn At Lakeview Personal Fitness we are all about Sustainable Exercise!

Many clubs and groups want to do Exercises against the clock, try to compare themselves to others. Peer pressure can work against the greater goal of long term fitness. You should train with consistency, and tune in to your own body. It is hard for one workout style to contain every variable a person needs to focus on.


Cottrell Haas hitting the running man! Happy Wednesday everyone!


Yakov Lyublinskiy is feeling his inner Yoga!


The picture of the day. Thanks to Alex Martin!


Don't even ask who this guy is.


Cottrell Haas and the superman punch for Friday!


Happy 19th anniversary to Andrew and Morgane! Total Lakeview regulars!


Weezy is the queen of Lakeview Personal Fitness today!


Detailed 3 position flexion

Ok. So someone wanted more elaboration on 3 position biceps. Technically it would be better called 3 position flexion. This video shows in a bit better detail how it is done.
The first motion is with the back of the hand toward the ceiling as you flex the arm. Second is with the thumb toward the ceiling in a hammer curl type grip. Third is with the palm toward the ceiling or a dominated biceps curl. Not only do you get the biceps but also the brachialis.. brachioradialis, extensors. Really big bang for the arm buck.


Beasley Tire Flipping action!

Quade Beasley is upping his game. A bit of tire and hopping around and having fun!


Sun's out guns out!

Quade Beasley doing one of my favorite Beasley exercises. 3 position flexion. Going to the beach type muscle!


Liam started boxing and training not too long ago. He loves it and it shows. Small steps and great strides.

So I used to teach this stuff a lot. Once in a while I put on the focus mits and a young person gets to hop around and whatnot. Good times.


It has been a long time since I posted anything. Obviously.

This is a Rodney Jefferson update. His progress after open heart surgery is amazing! Thanks for all of the support for him.

Ok fun Monday workout.

10 sets all the way through.

10 reps on the bench press.
10 parallel grip pullups
10 200 yard jog at a medium pace.


Good morning to everyone! As we open this week after the Covid hiatus I want to thank everyone who has helped us along the way. We will not be up to full capacity due to social distancing issues. Our trainers will be sanitizing as they go whenever they are working with people. Some of our cardio equipment will be shut down also due to distancing concerns. As we launch ourselves into a new way of doing things safety is our number one priority. Look forward to getting everyone back on shape!


Well just getting around to this post. We are not open at the moment due to the Covid 19 outbreak. We will comply with guidelines set forth by state and local government as to when we may again open. Thanks for everyone's support during this tough time. Trey


Hey everybody! Yes we are open! Here are the parameters.
The recommendations now are no more than 10 people in an area. Mandatory is 25 or less. We are staying right at 10 or less. Our building is so big and the people coming in so few we have no problem keeping distance requirements. All of our trainers are following behind clients in a sanitize as you go protocol. We totally understand those of our trainers and members who wish to stay at home. For everyone else we will abide by all State and county mandates. Thanks for your support and we will make it through this tough time! Trey


We are open everybody! I know I haven't posted in a long time but just letting everyone know. We are following a sanitize as you go protocol and asking those people who are symptomatic for pretty much any virus or cold to stay away.


Ralph is killing it! B***y poppin!


Barkley the gym mascot is a attempting an 8 lb lift!!


Coach Peggy Keebler and Barkley the new gym mascot!


Happy New Year to Brett and Grant! The poster children for Lakeview Personal Fitness! No lie, they are here almost every day!


Good morning from Lakeview everyone! Wake up and work out!


Alex Wilson is crushing his workout today!


Coach Peggy Keebler and Daniel "Dano" Johnson hitting an awesome outdoor workout!

Timeline photos 08/21/2017

Thanks to all of our members and friends. We got your back.


Capn Mike

This is Army Ranger, Captain Mike Aday(Ret), Viet Nam Vet and regular here at LPF. I challenged him to the 22 pushups for 22 days to raise awareness for vets with ptsd who have taken their own lives. We are honored to have him take up this challenge!


Push ups for vets!


Capn Mike Aday is doing his best impression of the Michelin Man. As a personal trainer you can't ask for much more than a 70 year old former Army Ranger who rarely asks questions. Tell him to pick up a couple of tires and walk a quarter mile? Okay. No problem good show Capn.


I have been so busy with the new year I have neglected our Facebook. A recent visitor let me know she was following but noticed a lack of content. Here you go Danielle. Given your profession it is appropriate.


This motion is for advanced performance and I use it as a part of a set. Generally I would put this together with a jump rope set and a 2X100 yard medium speed run. Not for people with bad knees or bad backs. I have been showing slow motions mainly, but I do use some higher speed and intensity movements as well. I will stress that this is an advanced technique.

Mobile uploads 11/17/2014

This is a good monday restorative.
1. Get a cup.
2. Put spinach in the cup.
3. Eat the spinach.
4. Wash down with a lot of water.
Try it. You may feel better

Timeline photos 11/14/2014

Yakov Lyublinskiy, trainer, martial artist, and Physical Therapy assistant shows off his kettlebell skills. This Ukrainian powerhouse has been a friend for many years!


Happy Birthday to my wife of 12 years Jean Beasley!

Timeline photos 09/02/2014

Mark Elwood Shows off his word record attempt iron cross. 22 minutes and counting. Way to go Mark! (These statements have not been verified by any ruling body)

Mobile uploads 05/19/2014

Capn Mike shows his form! Nice guns Capn!

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Cottrell Haas hitting the running man! Happy Wednesday everyone!
Cottrell Haas and the superman punch for Friday!
Detailed 3 position flexion
Beasley Tire Flipping action!
Sun's out guns out!
Liam started boxing and training not too long ago. He loves it and it shows. Small steps and great strides.



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