Birmingham Al. area massage therapists

Birmingham Al. area massage therapists

This page is for massage therapist to share Ideas, ask questions, advertise for available space, job openings or anything else that can help other therapist with their business.

We are a family. Let's start looking out for each other. :) Do you have a tough client that you need help with? Are you trying to decide which CE class to go to next? Are you looking to expand and are looking for other people (not necessarily massage therapist) to rent space from you? Are you looking for space to rent? Here is where we can go to talk shop or talk about whatever is on your mind.

[04/05/21]   Good morning everybody. I have two ladies that will be in town Friday and are looking for massages. Preferably at the same location at the same time. If you can accommodate them please contact me

[09/20/20]   Space for rent in Mountain Brook (Officer Patk). Approx 13x14. Large lobby. Utilities and WiFi included. Possible overflow from other therapist

[04/03/20]   Know any therapist who might want a Living Earth Crafts Spa Treatment (massage table). $500-600 1200 new plus tax/shipping


two new massage tables, used at one event. 250.00 each

[06/27/19]   Looking for a myofascial release therapist loose. Anyone??? 04/12/2019

Functional Health Solutions

Don’t miss this one Providing simple, effective, drug free solutions for health care practitioners to help their clients reduce inflammation and keep it away.

[10/19/18]   Looking for massage therapist in Great Lakes IL.


Strolling under the Skin

Here is some yummy afternoon watching for yall

Basic Science Dr. Jean-Claude Guimberteau 03/18/2018

Subscapularis: Why It’s Important For Massage Therapists

Great article “Are you really going to put your hand in my armpit?” “Its a little sweaty in there. I’m sorry!”. “…but I’m ticklish!” These are a couple of th…


American Posture Institute

This is gonna be good

Want to hear 25+ Neurology World Leaders discuss their Brain Based Strategies to helping patients with Chronic Pain? Then you will want to attend the VIRTUAL NEUROLOGY SUMMIT.

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3. Using Neurology To Assess For Chronic Pain
4. Nutritional Applications to improving neurology of chronic pain.

This is the FIRST TIME EVER that these experts have been brought together to give away some of their best insights, tips, and strategies on helping patients with Chronic Pain.

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[01/07/18]   3 years ago I moved my office to Office park in Mountain Brook. Right now I have three rooms and am Looking at moving into a bigger space within the year. It will have a total of 6 therapy rooms, one exercise room and one 500 sq foot Yoga/ movement/ classroom area. Will be looking for 3 therapist to rent out the 3 rooms to round out our team. Office park is at the Homewood end of Hwy 280. It is very easy to get into and out of and is convenient to everyone. If you are interested please let me know ASAP


Anyone need this?


Birmingham, AL MLT Lower Body 16 CEu's Instructor: Ricky RayL.M.T., M.M.L.T.-i16 CEs Using the proprioceptive sensory qualities of ligaments, MLT reduces hypertonicity in muscles and fascia and can immediately activate those muscles that aren't doing their job with very little effort on the part of the practitioner. Best of all, 09/12/2017

Download Your FREE 63-page How-To Ebook Today!

This is a friend of mine who is a D.C. Good info for us. For a limited time you can download your FREE ebook version of this book. Click Here To Download Your Free PDF > All Massage Therapists need to refer clients 08/23/2017

Treatment Fundamentals: a simple framework to reconceptualize pain and injury treatment The following article was also published at Medbridge Education. During our roundtable discussion on Pain: Where Does Biomechanics Fit on MedBridge, a good question came up: “How do you keep up with the literature to guide your practice?” The daily volume of publications can make it difficult. 06/06/2017

Massage therapist murdered after going to massage client in Denham Springs

To all my friends who have a mobile business both male or female. Please be careful!! Police say they have arrested a man in the murder of a massage therapist on the Northshore.The probe began when 24-year-old Kayla Ann Denham (above and right) was reported as a missing person to the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office Monday.


Ong Lip Qin Physiotherapist - Precise Rehab

Dermatomes make so much more sense when you bend over !

#Dermatomes #humananatomy

The dermatome is a fundamental concept in human anatomy and of major importance in clinical practice. There are significant variations in current dermatome maps in standard anatomy texts.

A dermatome is an area of skin that is mainly supplied by a single spinal nerve. There are 8 cervical nerves (C1 being an exception with no dermatome), 12 thoracic nerves, 5 lumbar nerves and 5 sacral nerves. Each of these nerves relays sensation (including pain) from a particular region of skin to the brain.

A dermatome also refers to the part of an embryonic somite.

Along the thorax and abdomen the dermatomes are like a stack of discs forming a human, each supplied by a different spinal nerve. Along the arms and the legs, the pattern is different: the dermatomes run longitudinally along the limbs. Although the general pattern is similar in all people, the precise areas of innervation are as unique to an individual as fingerprints.



Manual Ligament Therapy

Road trip next weekend!!! Lets gage some good training. I had one 4 minute session and signed up for this class. Its gone be a good one. Ricky Ray

Days are passing and you haven't register yet to the Manual Ligament Therapy Upper Body 16 CE's? What are you waiting?!
An Evolution in Manual Therapy! Manual Ligament Therapy is a new system that utilizes the proprioceptive functions of the ligaments allowing the practitioner to go directly to the source of common musculoskeletal dysfunction. The Upper Body seminar will cover individual tissues of the neck, chest, shoulders, and arms. MLT as a therapy tool fits into virtually any therapy / practice style or can be used on it's own to create quick, gentle, and lasting change to the soft tissues of the body. #physicaltherapy #massagetherapist #personaltrainer #chiropractor #manualtherapy
-Info: March 4 & 5
Gainesville Fl
-Cost: $347 w/early registration savings
$397 thereafter
These seminars are an incredible value and they fill up fast. Find out more at:

[02/14/17]   looking for a therapist for Wednesday the 15th from 3 to 8 in Tuscaloosa. Not that you have to be from there but that is where the work is. Let me know asap please


This is a GREAT idea from Lynne Parker Schopf of WindyWoods Massage Therapy!
(used with Lynne's permission)

[12/28/16]   Looking for a Lymph drainage therapist birmingham or Anniston


Don't miss this class!!!! Please share with your friends


A must for the office!!

We are pleased to announce that the anatomy poster series, The Five Primary Kinetic Chains are ready for preorder.
These visually stunning art/educational posters are formatted in small poster size, 11x17 inches, and are laminated for longevity so that you may enjoy them for many years to come.
Get them now for 20% off the regular price!
This preorder promotion is good through October 31, 2016.
Please click this link to go to the order page:…/pre-order-applied-anatomy-set/
Thank you!

[10/03/16]   Need a lymphatic drainage massage therapist in Pell city or Birmingham. And go 08/28/2016


Massage Practice Builder

Tax time! Written specifically FOR massage therapists


Engaging Muscles

Leigh Hatten Nick Ellis

Five out of the six deep lateral rotators can be palpated. If your goal was to palpate the obturator internus's attachment on the pelvic bone, how would you position your client?

The answer to this week's #KinesiologyQuestionTuesday is, (a) Side-lying with the top thigh flexed to 90-100 degrees at the hip joint.


Pillowcase as a face cradle cover

How to wrap a pillowcase around the face cradle.

[02/18/16]   This Saturday we are having an NKT study group at my office. If you have never seen NKT and would like to see it in action and how you can implement it in your practice, or would like to have any issues addressed, let me know. Cost is $20 and will run from 10 to 1

[02/13/16]   I am looking for an LMT with Scar tissue training in Birmingham Al for a client with Crohns and excessive scaring in the abdominal area. 02/05/2016

Benny Vaughn: 40 Years of Sports Massage After 40 years in practice -- a time in life when many people are considering retirement -- Benny Vaughn is still very much in the sports massage game.


For sale Oakworks Nova massage table, portal pro 3 chair and a "best massage" multi position Deluxe bodychoice massage table. Over 1200.00 new. Selling for 750 or best offer.

[01/24/16]   For sale. Two Portable massage tables and one massage chair. Let me know if interested and I will post some pics and prices. All are in like new condition 12/12/2015

Useful and important exercises to counteract the work that we do with our hands on a daily basis.
There is no substitute for hand strength. Today what we're going to look at are three quick strength-training exercises for the hands that deal with under used areas that you can do anywhere.


Z-Health Performance

Great info for us to incorporate in our daily routine. I will add also that we need to make sure that we are doing enough back exercises to counter all of the forward flexing motion that we do all day. How many of our friends have had to stop doing what they love because of injury? I will say that 90% of those could still be in practice if they had worked on the extensors enough to balance the dynamic tension in their bodies. Take care of your body just as much as you take care of your clients bodies.

- The hands have "a lot" of brain space.
- Four different exercises for the hands and fingers.
- Rebuild coordination and control.



15 Office Park Cir, Ste 150
Birmingham, AL
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