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April the 3rd was our Warriors 2nd year of being diagnosed with Type One. Mama is late😔 The first few pictures shows how she would just fall asleep after each meal right before she was diagnosed. We was blessed that God lead us to a special doctor ( our Angel) that even though she thought she didn’t have diabetes being 13 months old she went ahead and checked since it was a concern to us . That’s when it was confirmed that our Angel had elevated blood glucose and she sent us straight to the hospital to do a complete A1C. We was instructed to check her sugar twice a week to keep an eye on it . We check one morning and she was 236 so we took her straight to children’s. By the time we got to children’s it already came back down some and explained how her glucose would spike up so they decided to keep her over night even though her A1C was a 5.7 . The next morning the doctor came in the room sat down to talk to us and said we see exactly what y’all are talking about. We was blessed that it was caught very early and not when our Angel was in DKA. When Her first pediatrician kept refusing by all means God led us to a doctor that cared and listen at our concerns. Through this journey God has placed so many special people in our lives and we are blessed to have many prayer Warriors . From many many shots a day( we can finally say no shots no more since we have been using the omnipod which is a struggle putting it on cause I believe it may hurt a little bit more than the dexcom sensor, than after that she’s good for three days ), from dealing with highs to dealing with lows chugging down juice boxes, many scary nights of her going into lows this is what Our Type One Warrior looks like she’s strong , she’s happy , she’s fearless and she’s full of life she’s mommys hero .
Jesus you are the Healer ❤️
HeavenlyFaith was diagnosed with Type One when she was 13 months old now she’s 3 . She likes her Omnipod rather than 5-7 shots a day . We just recently on April 6th of this year started using the Insulin Pump .
She’s mommys Warrior
Is there anywhere to donate supplies you no longer need?
We are looking for JDRF advocates to attend a virtual Promise to Remember Me Meeting with Congresswoman Roby next week. Please reach out to me or Lori Adcock Kirkpatrick if you are interested in participating. Congresswoman Roby has been a champion for JDRF research and funding and we want to wish her well as she leaves office.
The JDRF Alabama Chapter is offering access to numerous virtual educational events about type 1 diabetes. To see a list of these events visit, https://www.jdrf.org/community/virtual-connections.
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What other animals can you suggest?
We had to do something today to keep these critters occupied! Feel free to share this and use our animal ideas in your own neighborhood. Grasshopper’s blood sugar levels are better when he gets some exercise so we are trying to get out of the house while still keeping our distance. I can’t wait for our neighbors to “Squawk and Flap Like a Parrot” in front of our window! 🤣 🦜
JDRF Alabama Chapter Beyond Type 1 T1D Mod Squad OPEN
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Happy Valentine's Day! We like corny jokes around here. So we shared some with friends to give them a giggle today! Grasshopper couldn't wait to tell these jokes. Click the link for a free printable of this project.
#ValentinesDay #GrasshoppersGotJokes #HomeMadeValentines #LastMinuteValentines #ShinyHappyPeople #FoodAllergyFriendly #NonFoodTreats #WeLikeCandyButQuartersAreGoodToo #MoreThanSurviving #T1DThriving #SugarRushSurvivors
Camp Seale Harris Beyond Type 1 JDRF Alabama Chapter Food Allergy Research & Education
JDRF Gulf States Chapter: Same Mission, New Name, Stronger Together!
Your local chapter in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi serves as the hub of #JDRF information and events in your area. We’re here to help. Connect with us to find support, community and ways to join the fight to end #T1D @ https://www.jdrf.org/gulfstates/. You can also reach us through our existing local phone numbers and staff email addresses or our new mailing address 2630 Southerland Street Jackson, MS 39216. #strongertogether JDRF Alabama Chapter JDRF Louisiana
Our blue circle cornucopia now holds 8 days worth of Grasshopper’s used life support supplies.
Yes, we are quite aware of type 1 diabetes, even when it isn’t November.
EVERYONE needs insulin. You, me, Grasshopper. No insulin = death. The majority of the people reading this make their own, without having to think about it. For people whose bodies don’t make insulin anymore, they have to get it via injection or insulin pump. Homemade vs store bought.
If your body makes your own insulin, say a little thank you right now to your pancreas and its beta cells in your islets of langerhans.
If your body doesn’t, say a thank you for being able to get that needed insulin into your body.
Dexcom Novonordisk GrifGrips Medtronic Contour Diabetes Solutions Beyond Type 1 JDRF Alabama Chapter JDRF T1D Mod Squad OPEN Camp Seale Harris International Diabetes Federation American Diabetes Association
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Thank you to WSFA-TV and Bethany Davis for having me on Alabama Live today along with Charlene Rabren of the Pike Road Lions Club! We shared the symptoms of type 1 diabetes and invited the Alabama River Region to come to our Type 1 Fun event at Pike Road Elementary on Saturday, November 16! See the event link below.
Also many thanks to the Pike Road Lions for sponsoring the printing of this flyer. One of the pillars of the Lions Clubs International is education about diabetes and support for those who have it. One flyer will be going home with each PRES elementary student.
Pike Road Elementary School PTSA Pike Road Ladies Auxiliary Town of Pike Road, Alabama Camp Seale Harris JDRF Alabama Chapter Beyond Type 1 T1D Mod Squad OPEN
#ProjectBlueNovember #WorldDiabetesDay #Type1Diabetes #T1D #T1DLooksLikeMe #KnowTheSigns #MoreThanSurviving #T1DThriving #SugarRushSurvivors
November is #DiabetesAwarenessMonth! Our counselors serve many children living with Type 1 diabetes and help them feel confident about living independently and safely.

Check out our local JDRF Alabama Chapter to learn more about how you can be an advocate for childhood type 1 diabetes. You can learn more about Children's Harbor's no-cost, illness-specific counselors, here:http://bit.ly/2WJOHRU
We’re at Railroad Park for the JDRF One Walk! Ryan Brown is getting the crowd ready for the walk. This event is dedicated to fighting Type One Diabetes.

JDRF Alabama Chapter

JDRF is the leading global organization focused on type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. For more information on JDRF in Alabama visit www.alabama.jdrf.org

Operating as usual

Apply Now - Diabetes Scholars 03/15/2022

Apply Now - Diabetes Scholars

If you are a high school senior heading to college this fall, don't miss the chance to apply to Diabetes Scholars!
Last year the program awarded over 60 scholarships to students living with type 1 diabetes!
Applications are being accepted until March 27.


Apply Now - Diabetes Scholars Diabetes Scholars offers a set of general and specific scholarships to high school seniors living with Type 1 diabetes who are headed to college/university in 2022. There is one application to be considered for any and all of the scholarships – all students who fill out the application will be con...

Helping the Diabetes Community in Ukraine - 3/14 Update - JDRF 03/14/2022

Helping the Diabetes Community in Ukraine - 3/14 Update - JDRF

Helping the Diabetes Community in Ukraine - 3/14 Update - JDRF Resource guide from JDRF and Beyond Type 1 on how you can help the diabetes community in the Ukraine in the aftermath of the Russian invasion.


You are invited to the JDRF ONE Party in the Magic City

Join us on April 23rd at The Grand Bohemian Hotel as we celebrate together again at the JDRF ONE Party in the Magic City Gala! Visit https://tinyurl.com/ALOneParty2022 for more details.


The JDRF 2023 Children’s Congress application will officially launch this September! Know someone actively engaged in JDRF’s mission who is passionate about sharing their story about life as a youth with #T1D? If so, encourage them to apply for this unique opportunity to travel to DC in June 2023 to share their T1D story with Members of Congress! All T1D youth ages 4 - 17 (at the time of the event) are eligible to apply. Visit cc.jdrf.org to learn more. #JDRFCC23


Dr. Aaron Kowalski: Civica Announcement

Helping the Diabetes Community in Ukraine - JDRF 03/02/2022

Helping the Diabetes Community in Ukraine - JDRF

Helping the Diabetes Community in Ukraine - JDRF Resource guide from JDRF and Beyond Type 1 on how you can help the diabetes community in the Ukraine in the aftermath of the Russian invasion.


JDRF is glad President Biden used the State of the Union to address the insulin affordability crisis, which has had devastating consequences in the diabetes community for far too long.

Joshua Davis, the young man with #T1D who joined the First Lady in the gallery, was one of the JDRF Children’s Congress delegates who called for action on this issue in 2017.

It is long past time for Congress to act on a bipartisan basis to make this life-saving drug affordable for all – read our full statement and take action in support of the Affordable Insulin Now Act here: http://ow.ly/aRrH50I7Gp3


Only F I F T Y T H R E E days until the ONE PARTY! Are you as excited as we are??

Want more information? Scan the QR code or click the link in our bio!


The situation in Ukraine is constantly evolving. We are working with our global partners to understand how we can provide support to people with #T1D. We will continue to keep our community posted as we learn more.


Join us next week, March 3rd, as we kick off the JDRF Virtual TypeOneNation Summit with Inspiring Women Breaking Barriers with T1D!
Register here ➡️ https://web.cvent.com/event/bc2d7dc5-3ce9-43dc-8fcc-d9c4c343f7b1/summary?_ga=2.243992581.1685159753.1644941084-1201644538.1615319747

Our Panel discussion will feature:
Cristina Alesci, former CNN Broadcast Journalist and Chobani’s Chief Corporate Affairs Officer
Madison Carter, Broadcast Journalist and Reporter for 11Alive, WXIA in Atlanta
Anissa Gamble, the First Professional T1D Women's Ice Hockey Player, Diabetes Clinical Researcher and Dental Student
Padmaja Kumari Parmar, Hotelier, Philanthropist, and Daughter of the House of Mewar -- the Former Royal House of Udaipur, Rajasthan, India


During #NationalEatingDisorderAwarenessWeek we want to highlight that anyone who has struggled with disordered eating and #T1D is NOT alone, and that there are resources available if you or someone you love is struggling. Today, we're sharing Lawrence's story, which he shared with our friends at JDRF UK.

Lawrence has been living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) for 25 years. Lawrence’s mum noticed the signs as her father lived with #T1D. Early on in his diagnosis Lawrence’s mum came into his primary school to educate his classmates about diabetes and what to do if anything goes wrong. Roughly thirteen years ago Lawrence also started a rocky relationship with eating disorders.

“As the responsibility to manage my diabetes passed from my parents on to me, I found that the only aspect of my life I felt I was in control of was my diabetes; as a result, it was what I could most readily abuse.

My relationship with my body took a tumble around this time. I want to make it clear that, although it’s indisputably part of the equation, my eating disorder wasn’t fully fuelled by the desire to be ‘thin’; the visibly physical effects were almost by-products. I was so numbed by a depression that had soaked its way into my bones, I just desperately wanted to feel something. By shedding weight and self-perceived undesirable physical attributes, I convinced myself that I was ridding myself of unnecessary barriers to my ‘true self’. Once I discovered that skipping injections and mismanaging my blood sugar levels would lead to weight loss, along with restricting my dietary intake and excessive exercise, an insidious neural pathway was established.

I didn’t have the words to ask for help, so I made my body do the talking for me."

To read Lawrence's full story, visit the link below.



February 24, 2022 - 7:00 pm (Central Time)
Join JDRF Staff and Volunteers on the last Thursday of every month as we host an informal call for all those impacted by type 1 diabetes. All are welcome to join this call and ask questions, connect with others, and help each other learn the "art" of living with and managing T1D every day. Register here


Omnipod Bay is open for visitors! This charming family-friendly island brings diabetes representation to the popular Nintendo Switch game Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Download 15 outfits with pumps and trendy diabetes supply bags built in, walk the runway, sing in a concert, complete an obstacle maze, and more. Don’t forget to snap some selfies while you’re there!

Learn more here: http://ow.ly/RHEQ50HXIs0

#GameOverT1D #OmnipodBay #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons



Critical research advancements that continue to benefit the #T1D community are a direct result of the tremendous efforts of our JDRF Advocates! Lend your voice, share your story – become a JDRF Advocate today at jdrf.org/join!


We are excited to welcome everyone back to the ballroom April 23, 2022, for the JDRF ONE Party in the Magic City Gala, presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama!
We've missed you and have lots in store to make this a night to remember! Spread the word and stay tuned for more details!
To sponsor, purchase tickets or give to Fund A Cure, click here ➡️ https://tinyurl.com/ALOneParty2022


Join the Southern States Chapter tonight at 7:00 pm CT for our Virtual Connection Hours. Are you new to type 1 diabetes and looking to meet others living with T1D? Are you a veteran to T1D, but want to connect with others who “get it”? Join us TONIGHT ON ZOOM for an informal conversation to share tips, tricks, and the “art” of living with T1D every day. Register here to join us ➡️ https://jdrf.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJUofuCsqzgrHdONFlm8EN5N-QkCBZQQWZxE


Whether your resolution for the new year is to get more exercise or you want to make sure you’re staying on top of your type 1 diabetes (T1D) while staying physically active, we’ve got the right exercise education for you! Our exercise resources are scientifically created to help you get a better understanding of how insulin and blood sugar affects physical activity and how to exercise safely when you have T1D. Learn more here: https://bit.ly/3Gh06Mu


Join JDRF and The American Diabetes Association tonight at 5pm (central) for a Facebook Live discussion around the current & future state of insulin research. You won't want to miss it!

JDRF Alabama updated their address. 01/20/2022

JDRF Alabama updated their address.

JDRF Alabama updated their address.


Registration is officially open for the 2022 JDRF Ride! Head over to ride.jdrf.org to register and join us for a Ride season full of opportunities. Once you've registered, help spread the word! Share where you're riding and tag #JDRFRide.


Set your alarms: it's Ride registration eve! Be ready tomorrow at 12 PM ET (11 AM ET for early-bird access) at ride.jdrf.org. We expect some locations to sell out fast and don't want you to miss out! Tell us where you're riding this year and share your favorite Ride memories and photos with us below!

Photos from JDRF Alabama's post 01/12/2022

We're excited to reveal this year's JDRF Ride jersey by Hincapie Sportswear!

After a two-year hiatus from the JDRF Destination Rides and in the spirit of being back together in-person this year, we're bringing it back to where it all began. This year's Ride jersey features the Death Valley course map, representing where the Ride program started more than 20 years ago when a group of passionate volunteers from Ohio decided to ride Death Valley by moonlight and raise money for JDRF. That volunteer driven fundraiser turned into what we know today as the JDRF Ride Program – thousands of passionate riders from all over the country, riding hundreds of thousands of miles and raising more than $60 million to end T1D.

As part of the JDRF Ride family, you represent the legacy that these riders started all those years ago, and no matter where or how you choose to ride this year, we can't wait to see you represent the JDRF Ride in this one-of-a-kind jersey.

Guess what? You can earn this year’s Ride jersey earlier than ever before! As soon as you register for the JDRF Ride (starting on January 19), all you need to do is raise $500 and you’ll be emailed instructions and a promo code to order your jersey right away! So mark your calendars for January 19 at 12 PM ET (11 AM ET if you earned early-bird access) so you don't miss out! #JDRFRide


In 1922 fourteen-year-old Leonard Thompson was gravely ill, slipping in and out of a coma at Toronto General Hospital. Diagnosed with diabetes three years earlier, Leonard’s condition steadily worsened despite receiving the best treatment available at the time. Doctors offered a risky proposition; a promising, but experimental drug they’d been developing but hadn’t yet used in people.

One od the doctors was Sir Frederick Grant Banting, and the drug, of course, was insulin. The first dose of insulin caused an allergic reaction, which sent doctors back to the lab, where they worked around the clock to improve the formulation. Two weeks later, they returned to Leonard with a new syringe, and with this version, Leonard’s symptoms began to disappear and he regained his health.

Insulin was a true breakthrough in diabetes care, and the reworking that made it an initial success set the stage for innovation that would continue for the next century. #LeonardThompsonDay


Are you new to T1D and looking to meet others living with T1D? Join us on Zoom for an informal conversation to share tips, tricks, and the “art” of living with T1D every day.
The Southern States Connection Hour meets the last Thursday of every month, starting January 27th at 7:00 pm!
For the Zoom link register here ➡️ https://jdrf.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJUofuCsqzgrHdONFlm8EN5N-QkCBZQQWZxE


Dear Past, Current & Prospective JDRF Riders,

We want you to get excited about the 2022 JDRF Ride program. We have done a quick straw poll with last year’s riders and Amelia Island appears to be the favorite choice for the team ride! If you do not want to ride as a group, please know that you can choose the “ride of your dreams” from the list below!

We will have a Q&A call on Thursday, January 13th at 6 pm if you have any questions. If you are interested in attending the call, please email Sue @ [email protected] for the link!

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You are invited to the JDRF ONE Party in the Magic City
Sign up to be a JDRF Advocate today!
Gala Auction
Need for Speed
Golden Paddle Tickets


Birmingham, AL

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