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Meet us tonight 7PM at Greater Works Church | 961 Gadsden Hwy, Birmingham, Alabama 35235.
Today is the day!!
Greater Works Church| 961 Gadsden Hwy | Birmingham, Alabama 35235
If you are in or anywhere near Birmingham, Alabama. I feel in the spirit that you do not want to miss tomorrow’s service. There is no agenda, I just feel a move of God stirring already!! Greater Works Church | 961 Gadsden Hwy | Birmingham, Alabama 35234. 11 AM Sunday
Meet us 10PM tonight at Greater Works Church| 961 Gadsden Hwy | Birmingham, Alabama 35235
Starting 5:00 pm Friday support Greater Works Church by stopping by our Friday Fish Fries&Fellowship. We will also be selling cake slices too!! We are working on the vision of our new building. You don’t have to be in Birmingham to support. You can help us reach our goal by giving via CashApp @greaterworksbham from anywhere in the USA. See you tomorrow and thanks in advance for your support. Those of you that have supported us, once again. Pastor DeWayne Morris thanks you!!
Nothing like dinner and a good iced cafe carmel after a wonderful Sunday service and wonderful fellowship with the Saints of Greater Works Church!!
Join us at 11AM Greater Works Church | 961 Gadsden Hwy | Birmingham, Alabama 35235
Greater Works…. Y’all showed up and showed out for ya girl!!!! Good to know there is still good people in the world… I truly appreciate you all staying and waiting with me in the danger zone. God continue to bless MY Pastor and his family.
“Greater Works Church was started over 12 years ago out of obedience to God. Greater Works Church had its first service and services in the Hampton inns ballroom. God moved on me,Pastor DeWayne Morris to move from there to our current location, 961 Gadsden Hwy, Birmingham, AL. God has let me know it’s time to move again. He’s enlarging our territory and footprint here in Birmingham and globally through our digital platforms. You can be a part of what God is doing in this portion of the kingdom. Be a part of history in the making!
Become a part of Greater Work’s Gideon Army and help us by sowing into our Jabazz Building Fund Project via Zelle (2053050728 DeWayne Morris)and CashApp ($greaterworksbham). There is an appointed time but the vision will come to pass! Thanks in advance for your support. Thanks and God Bless all of you that have already supported Greater Works Church!!”Pastor DeWayne Morris
Congratulations to Jayla!! She was baptized in Jesus name and received the Holy Ghost with evidence of speaking in another language before she stepped out of the baptism pool. What an awesome day that was of the greatest miracle!! Greater Works Church
I throughly enjoyed the Powerful Bible Study tonight. Pastor Morris subject was, “What Are You Producing?”
I am so full after tonight’s bible study. I have been reassured that I ain’t got nothing to prove to nobody, God will prove to them who I am. My God! I’m looking forward to Sunday!! Great word this evening Pastor. God is using you mightily to preach the word. 🙌🏿

Greater Works Church is a group of believers that have been changed by the Word and Power of God. Our objective is to be lights in a dark world.

Our objective is to be lights in a dark world by exemplifying the love of God and be examples by the life we live. When the ordinary church experience want do then you are ready for greater; Greater Works Church.

Operating as usual


Join us TOMORROW for MidWeek Bible Study at 7PM.

961 Gadsden Highway
Birmingham, Alabama

Be our guest! :)


God’s will is for us ALL to make it to Heaven. Don’t let the past keep you bound. Shake off that “hurt”. Press to get to God’s House and build a relationship with Him.

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We all know someone or have personally experienced "Church Hurt". It is not God's will that we remain "hurt" and stay away from His House. Check out this video from the Greater Works Church Young Adults Ministry discussing this popular topic.

Be Blessed!

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Tune in to hear Greater Works Young Adults Ministry discuss Church Hurt.

Meet us at 7PM on Greater Works Church Facebook and YouTube LIVE.



Less than 24 HOURS...

Tune in Sunday, April 3rd at 7PM CT to hear Greater Works Young Adults Ministry discuss Church Hurt.

This is a conversation you don't want to miss! Tell a friend, phone a friend, tag a friend! Meet us at 7PM on Facebook and YouTube LIVE.

cc: Nicholas Bass Alyah Nicole AbramsMariah MorrisKaTericka Hall


Tomorrow could be the beginning of a new
life for you. Join us tomorrow 11AM at Greater Works Church/961 Gadsden Hwy/ Birmingham, Alabama 35235



Mistrust water colored memories of days gone by


Have You Been Born Again? - Greater Works Young Adults Ministry

Have you been Born Again since the time you believed in Jesus? Secure your spot in the Lambs Book of Life.

Join us Sunday at 11 AM at Greater Works Church to hear a Word of Faith to increase your knowledge and faith in regards to being Born Again and experiencing the New Birth that Jesus spoke of in John 3:3.

"Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God."

Visit us:
Greater Works Church | 961 Gadsden Hwy | Birmingham, Alabama 35235

cc: Sister KaTericka Hall Alyah Nicole AbramsMariah Morris Brother Nicholas Bass

Pastor DeWayne Morris


Midweek Bible Study 7pm at Greater Works Church tonight!! 961 Gadsden Hwy | Birmingham, Alabama 35235


"Many don't believe it but some answers and deliverance will come through your prayer life: they don't believe it because they never had a real prayer life: so they search for answers on the creator has through his creation and their cycles of the same issues continue" Pastor DeWayne Morris


Have you been Born Again since the time you believed in Jesus? Secure your spot in the Lambs Book of Life, Join me Sunday 11 AM at Greater Works Church to hear a Word of Faith to increase your knowledge and faith in regards to being Born Again and experiencing the New Birth that Jesus spoke of in John 3:3
3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

Greater Works Church | 961 Gadsden Hwy | Birmingham, Alabama 35235


“It looks like WW3 has begun. The endgame as I see it, is this. Russia and China actually desire war with the USA. I believe China is really behind it all. They know Biden wants to prove that he’s a great, tough leader. Threaten him and he’ll take the bait, he’s got to be a GOAT worthy president in his mind. Rather than putting these solders to war how about these leaders fight it out? We’d definitely lose that type of fight.
The signs of the times we are living in have been prophesied 1,000s of years ago and we are seeing it play out before our eyes. Corona has shown us what the government can do and if we are attacked., life as we have known it is over.
Due to the time and season we are living in now would be a good time to evaluate your soul status. The coming of the Lord is near my friend.” Pastor DeWayne Morris

baptismholyghost.mp4 02/09/2022


This is a promo from Greater Work's Holy Ghost Classes. Souls were baptized in Jesus name and filled with the Holy Ghost due to these classes.



If you are born again we most definitely would love for you to join us as we touch and agree concerning some things in the world, city and personally. If you are a part of the Body of Christ you are invited to join us. If you aren't born again this would be a great time and desire baptism in Jesus name, and or the infilling of the Holy Ghost or maybe you desire more teaching on being born again this would be an excellent week to come by Greater Works Church | 961 Gadsden Hwy | Birmingham, Alabama 35235


Last year in June, I woke up one Sunday morning to get ready for church as I have done for
the last thirty some odd years. But this Sunday something felt different. I got out of bed but didn't have my balance I had to let the wall catch me. As I went through the doorways I kept bumping my shoulders. I had to catch the rail as I went downstairs because my balance was off, as I went down the stairs catching the rails for support, it was at that moment I realized something had happened while I was sleeping, I had a STROKE!! I didn't panic.
I told my family what was happening they suggested I stay in but I pressed on to church to teach Sunday School and Preach. I'm from the school of faith that believes, let me change that to, I am one that knows healing is in the House of God and around God's people. My speech wasn't slurred or anything but my timing was off. My body wasn't responding to my thoughts as fast as it should have. The rhythm of my body was out of synch.
My Greater Works Family recognized something was off while I was teaching Sunday School and they prayed for me. I asked them not to mention this to anyone and guest what? They didn't. This is my first time saying anything about this publicly like this. I've casually mentioned it in preaching. If I recollect correctly I had a preaching assignment in Jackson, Mississippi at The Church of The Bibleway( Bishop Ira McCloud; Apostle Clayton Cowart) a week following the incident. You wouldn't have known anything had happened to me if I didn't tell you but one person, Ashley Walker, my Sister-in-law was walking in while I was preaching at the service and after service she said, something has happened to you. I don't know how she knew because there was no physical evidence left of what happened. She notices everything)
I thank GOD Everyday!! It could have went so many other ways but God!! God has a lot more work for me to do!! I'm not twisted or stiff in any kind of way. Initially I was challenged with a level of exhaustion like I have NEVER felt before and I suffer from a little, oh yes almost forgot, lol, short term memory loss.
I thank God for my Morris family and my Greater Works Family!! God has my back and so do my clans.
You wonder why I preach and teach on faith and believe in the power of God the way I do. It's because I not only preach and teach what I believe, I come from a perspective of actually knowing what God can do. I have so many stories to tell and will share as God unctions me to.
Faith for physical healing is a totally different type of faith than that which is needed for material things but you will not have that type faith if you aren't hearing a Word of Faith in you ears. As a pastor I can say God has helped my faith to be elevated because I have to speak a Word of Faith into others (Romans 10:8)( Romans 10:17) I pray this has encouraged and empowered someone for something you are currently facing or elevates your faith for what's to come in 2022.
Challenging days wait us!! whatever you face don't loose your faith in God, build your faith immune system before your faith is challenged
This is my testimony" Pastor DeWayne Morris

It Didn’t Work- Pastor DeWayne Morris 8-30-20 01/02/2022

It Didn’t Work- Pastor DeWayne Morris 8-30-20

Life and hell tried to stop you last year but look back at 2021 and tell all opposition if it’s, “The Truth,” that it didn’t work.

It Didn’t Work- Pastor DeWayne Morris 8-30-20

Photos from Greater Works Church's post 12/28/2021

Some of the sisters of Greater Works!! I love my family!! #greaterworks #greaterworkschurch #greaterworksbirmingham #pastordewaynemorris #apostolic #onelordonefaithonebaptism #saints #saintsofgod


"The spirit of deception is everywhere and some will go along to get along( the go along to get along : spirit is plentiful too) and for a favorable perception of others, people that know better will remain silent and be an accomplice to deception and deceivers. The Spirit of Fear has a hold on such individuals." Pastor DeWayne Morris


Join us in the morning beginning at 10AM. Greater Works Church | 961 Gadsden Hwy | Birmingham, Alabama 35235.

Photos from Greater Works Church's post 11/22/2021

Young Adult Day 11.21.21
God moved in a MIGHTY WAY TODAY!!!!
WE had guest all the way from Gadsden, Alabama


10AM Sunday the place to be in Birmingham, Alabama is Greater Works Church| 961 Gadsden Hwy, Birmingham, AL 35235. 11/21/21 would be a great Sunday to join us for prayer, praise, worship & fellowship. Join us and our guest preacher Elder Benjamin D. Bivins for Young Adult Sunday.


Tomorrow night 7pm join us in person at Greater Works Church | 961 Gadsden Hwy | Birmingham, Alabama 35235 for Midweek Bible Study.
I will see you there

Photos from Greater Works Church's post 09/28/2021

‎Sunday, ‎September ‎12, ‎2021, ‏‎


Do you feel the push to be baptized in Jesus name(obeying Acts 2:38) Bring clothing for baptism and meet me tomorrow at Greater Works Church to be born of the water and if you repent God will immediately feel you with his spirit. Sunday could be your day of Pentecost and upper room experience 11 AM Greater Works Church | 961 Gadsden Hwy, Birmingham, Alabama 35235


“Lately Someone has been thinking about being baptized! That my friend God touching your heart and your sign from heaven that it’s your time to turn to God. Let this Sunday be the Sunday that you are born of the water by baptism in Jesus name. Message me or any member of Greater Works Church or even call me and we will make arrangements for your baptism on Sunday. Even if you must drive across state lines. It’ll most definitely be worth the extra effort. I’ll see you Sunday. If you don’t make that call or arrangements , don’t let that stop you from coming to be baptized. Come on to the House of God and be baptized”
Pastor DeWayne Morris


Help the Greater Works Church vision of a new building manifest by sowing tonight or whenever you see this. Sow via CashApp @ $greaterworksbham Thanks to those that have already sown and thanks in advance to those of you that will sow via this post.


“The questions are no longer are you save or are you a “Christian” Everyone has given their heart to God and still live like Burger King is their God. They have and live life their way for God. The question is have you been born again since you believed? Born of the water and the spirit! You can’t be half born or half save. Doing half is as good as doing nothing.
You must be born again. There is tangible proof of the spirit of God dwelling within you and if you don’t have the proof, you don’t have the spirit and Romans 8:9 tells you what you are without the spirit of God, turn there right quick. Don’t be fooled by your profession and confession of faith if you haven’t been born of the water and spirit. Turn to Matthew 7:21-23 and see what Jesus said. Don’t reject truth. Receive God through faith by believing and obeying through faith in God’s Word.
Meet me Wednesday night 7pm for MidWeek Bible Study at Greater Works Church | 961 Gadsden Hwy |Birmingham, Alabama 35235. I’ll see you there!!!” Pastor DeWayne Morris


“When you are ready for a spiritual transformation, whether you are born again or not, it doesn’t matter that’s when you are ready for Greater Works Church. I can almost guarantee you that you will face all kinds of opposition and challenges to get there, but remember this, if you have a will to get and be there, God will make a way, yes he will. To become what God sees you becoming you must hear the right word, faith comes through what you hear. If you hear it your spirit starts living through what it believes. Don’t let the enemy assault your faith. He has so many methods but thanks be to God we aren’t, ignorant to his schemes and attacks.” Pastor DeWayne Morris


7pm Wednesday meet us at Greater Works Church | 061 Gadsden Hwy | Birmingham, Alabama 35235. MidWeek Bible Study!! I look forward to seeing someone from Facebook tomorrow night!!


Holiness and sanctification has too actually be taught or you will be a person sinning Dailey talking about God was or is patient with you and irresponsibly and erroneously talking about the grace of God. The Holy Ghost doesn’t teach you holiness and sanctification it gives you power to implement and remember what you have been taught. Did you know we don’t sin everyday as some people would have people to believe. I believe and know the Word of God is true. Keep your opinion and experience too yourself.
If you don’t believe what I just said, have an argument with God and afterwards repent and pray to be filled with the Holy Ghost to actually experience 1 John 3:9. You can’t cherry pick scriptures to fit your need. I believe the Word of God. What about you?” Pastor DeWayne Morris


I’ve heard a lot of preachers and pastors including some that know the truth of salvation in regards to being born again, say we didn’t do this and that before COVID hit the world in regards to preaching truth and other things they say about what we as pastors should have been doing and my thoughts are who is the we you are talking about? , speak for yourself sir, I’ve never compromised, I’ve never been with the motivation and inspiration preaching preachers and will not because i know this passage to be true; ROMANS 1:16

16For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek.

It’s the preached gospel that saves people not a funny story, inspiration or motivation and antidotes. The power is in and through the preached word, which will cut and offend the hearer. Jesus’ preaching and teaching did that as well. The gospel isn’t sinner and carnal minded friendly. You may spill some coffee in the dark while listening to an authentic preacher of the unadulterated Word of God.

But when people really desire to be save they have the mindset of the onlookers on the Day of Pentecost; What Must I Do? When you really want salvation you don’t tell or come to God with your own denominational way of what you want to do. The preacher is there to tell you what the unadulterated word says According to Acts 2:38 Baptism and Acts 2:4 infilling of the HolyGhost. That’s how a person is born again of the water and scripture according to the scripture.

Do you believe what the Apostles preached or what your denomination has told you.

All denominations even nondenominational churches were founded upon the belief system or spiritual interpretation of a man. If you look close at your “non denomination church it will have the same scriptural interpretation of some mainstream denomination.

Ephesians 4:5 clearly states that there a one Lord, one Faith and one baptism

I preach and teach what the Apostles of Jesus preached and taught. I’m really nondenominational because I & many others Faith is based on what the Apostles of Jesus preached and taught. What we preach and teach can literally be traced back to The Apostles and directly to Jesus. It’s not based on someone’s personal interpretation of the scripture but by Holy Ghost revelation.
That’s were the one Faith comes in. I’m not finished but I’m going to stop for now, maybe I’ll do a video soon on this subject of Ephesians 4:5

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Have You Been Born Again? - Greater Works Young Adults Ministry
Be my Guest at 11 AM at Greater Works Church



961 Gadsden Hwy
Birmingham, AL

Opening Hours

Wednesday 7pm - 8pm
Sunday 11am - 2pm

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