Sheri Bagwell Merging heaven and earth in the body

Sheri Bagwell  Merging heaven and earth in the body


So grateful for this fun and expansive conversation with Sheri today. I get to talk about my love of plants, stars, and archetypes.
Blog up on my website about the New Moon energy through the rising/sun signs - link:

Also included is information on the series Mastering the Shift that I am excited to be teaching with Sheri Bagwell Embody your divinity - check it out! If you haven’t already, sign up for my mailing list on my website - - to receive updates on astrological happenings!
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I have a series coming up with Sheri Bagwell Sheri Bagwell Embody your divinity

It starts next Saturday and I am so looking forward to this.
2020 feels so dark but so necessary when looking back at it. And yes, we will do a little bit of looking back in order to look forward.
Aquarius is the sign of freedom and innovation and it also heralds the return of the sun as each day begins to get longer. I am equating it to what the renaissance must have felt like, uncomfortable yet exhilarating. This is why we felt this series would be valuable, to help focus on the places in life that we are experiencing the major shifts. I will share general info on the astrology of the times and also each person will get personal attention and explanations of your astrology charts so we can really work with it and Sheri will help us integrate all of it energetically.

We are very Covid-19 aware. This will be an in person series at , but distanced and outdoors weather permitting and limited to 10 people. If the weather is bad, we can go inside to the very large sanctuary, still keeping our distance, using essential oils in the air, an air purifier, sage and masks.
January 16, 30 and Feb 13. From 1:00 - 4:00 all three Saturdays. Online option available if you can't be in person every week.

It is going to be so wonderful.
It is $180 for the series.
3 classes, 3 hours each.
The link to pay in full is below and in Insta bio. Contact me if you need to split the payments and we can work something out.

To Embody your divine nature is to develop a relationship with your body, discover how energy moves


The quality of the air is different
My dad died last night
I feel him everywhere
He is this perfect light on this fall morning
This is how much we loved each other
This ease of closeness
This softness and strength
All classes and sessions cancelled this week


Have you ever lied to yourself about some thing to make yourself feel better? To get through the day? Have you then built your life around that delusion? Monday meditation brought some stern talk about taking off our rose colored glasses in order to create our lives what they want to be. I have 3-4 spaces available tonight in Wednesday evening meditation 6:15-7:30. You can’t sign up online but you can text, email or just show up if you want to come.

There is so much supportive energy available to restructure our lives, bodies, and relationships right now. Let’s use it to make us healthier, more fulfilled, productive and/or more joyful.


Wednesday evening meditation link is fixed! Join me Wednesday evening 6:15pm in my space at to meditate on balance. My work lately is also focused on waking up deep wisdom in our minds and bringing that down into our bodies. I’m learning more about human design, which gives us greater acceptance of our energy blueprint, which is unique to us. It’s so much fun to open to the newness of what has always been inside us.


Link to register in comments

Come join us for grounding and clarifying experience. is leading a meditation in our taproom this Sunday (September 18th) from 10:30-11:30.

We always leave meditations with Sheri feeling as if something has shifted. These meditations serve as a collective energy healing.

As we move closer to the fall equinox, this feels like a great moment to carve out some intentional time to check in and dive deep.

You can register for this class through the link in her bio! $20.00 reserves a space for you and a complimentary kombucha.


Nobody wanted to leave class today. I create a beautiful and safe space for people. It made me realize how important this is. We meditated on intimacy, and how being honest helps to create intimacy. When everyone started talking about how they received the messages, how personal they were to them, how safe and seen they felt, I marveled at the fact that this is my life. I’m saddened by the fact this is lacking in so many people’s lives. I’m truly grateful my schedule is opening to create a weekly Wednesday evening class. Sept 21 at 6:15. Then we will skip a week and the first Wednesday in October we will go every week. Building community, connection, intimacy is the theme. 75 minute class $22 including a beverage that will change weekly. Or $17 online.

Photos from Sheri Bagwell  Merging heaven and earth in the body's post 09/05/2022

I woke up this morning with intimacy in my mind. Feeling very lucky that I have so many people in my life that feel comfortable enough with me to be fully present, 100% themself, people who I can laugh with or cry with, tell stories with or just sit in silence. Most of my people meditate or have a practice of some sort that they regularly spend time with themselves. It’s my favorite thing I’ve ever done for myself, gotten super comfortable with me. Today’s meditation will include balance, but I’m guessing we will work with intimacy as well.


Labor Day Monday meditation is ON. 10am central online or in person. I always love when I’m in town on a holiday Monday. We get such a fun crowd. The energy lately has been so grounding and supportive while also being expansive and freeing. Link to sign up.


Monday meditation was about balance again and soul regeneration. I love this piece so much. Bringing back the parts and pieces of ourselves that have been scattered along the way. Making ourselves feel more whole. Taking balance deeper and more broad at the same time. That is the theme until equinox for sure. Finding our center. Maintaining our center.


and I are going to collaborate again. Sunday September 18 at 10:30am. We will be having a group energy healing and meditation class. We will work with the energy of the earth and the cosmos to bring expansion, balance and stability as we get closer to the equinox. $20 to attend including a kombucha link in bio to register


This is the best way to start an early morning. We get up at 5 on Thursdays because my son has cross country training. I came home and had a dance party while I prepared some self care that I sometimes feel tedious about. Funk helps. Spotify, thank you


Yesterday I posted about contentment. As I’ve talked to people about contentment, usually the word or idea that comes is illusive. This modern word is constantly throwing things at us that foster discontent and the desire for more, more physical things, more adventure, just more. Today I wrote an email about my journey of being able to embody contentment. It’s taken weeks (of conscious work) if not years to be able to hold it for this long. If you would like to read the email, hop into my bio to click the link that takes you to my website. Bottom right is a space where you can leave your email address and then tomorrow you’ll receive the email.

Photos from Sheri Bagwell  Merging heaven and earth in the body's post 08/16/2022

Contentment. I kind of had a love affair with moss this weekend. And the ferns, waterfalls and especially the mushroom kingdom.

I’m not certain how it happened, but contentment found a home deep in my bones and body. I’ve held the frequency of so many things kin to content, like peace, acceptance, presence as well as happiness, joy and things like that, but contentment was never really a frequency that stabilized in me fully before. I’m so grateful!

When I have talked to people about contentment there is fear, that complacency will follow, or boredom or some other thing like that. I’m not afraid of that. There is a fullness I did not expect to come from embodying contentment

I was so happy to share the frequency of contentment with those that showed up for Monday meditation today


Happy spiritual new year! Today is called the Lion’s gate. It’s when Sirius, the brightest star, syncs with the sun to impart wisdom, clarity, new direction or something special for you into your spiritual life. Something that echoes deep in me for the last several years is “ the most spiritual thing we can do, is create a beautiful human life”. So, today, I hope you do something that helps you create that. A beautiful human life.


Happy spiritual new year! Today is called the Lion’s gate. It’s when Sirius, the brightest star, syncs with the sun to impart wisdom, clarity, new direction or something special for you into your spiritual life. Something that echoes deep in me for the last several years is “ the most spiritual thing we can do, is create a beautiful human life”. So, today, I hope you do something that helps you create that. A beautiful human life.


Mushrooms eat dead matter and turn it into life. My earth loving friends, please sit with that for just a moment. I had Covid very early in July. For the whole month my energy level and my brain waxed and waned. It looked like I was going to have long Covid. As I meditated on this, my body told me to bring the mushrooms back. I know we have had a conjunction in the sky that’s powerful. I know we have entered Leo season which is wonderful and bringing in very vibrant energy. But these mushrooms have gone to work in my body and brought me life again from what felt like death. The mushrooms connect us to the earth in a way nothing else can. They are Pluto’s helper in that they can bring enlightenment deeper into your body as they consume what is old and does not serve you any longer.


I’ve got a synopsis of todays meditation going out to my email list tomorrow. It was so powerful and grounding. If you want to receive that, go to
Once on my site, go down to bottom right and sign up.
We talked about what is going on with the planets, but more importantly, how to integrate that into your life with more ease.
That’s always my focus, what do we do with the information? How do we use it?


I went to a few days ago to see Fire of Love. A film about volcanoes and these two volcanologists who trotted the globe to see them erupt. So magical! Watching the elements and energy of it all changed me. I love the earth so much. Thanks Birmingham for supporting the theatre that brings these obscure films for us to watch. And thanks .shindo.street for suggesting we go.


I’ve been thinking today about language and love.
I watched a Ted talk about language and how it shapes your perception.

I’ve worked tirelessly to open my mind to new and different ways of thinking. I’ve traveled and experienced lands and cultures. That helps, but i was like this long before i became a traveler.

Did you know that in the Hawaiian language there are over a dozen ways to speak of love, using different words and phrases, because there are at least that many ways to love. Life and love are fun y’all. When you are willing to see things in a myriad of ways.

I’m posting this today because since I started all these thoughts, I’ve had 3 people text me about the meaning of love, or being unreceptive to love and such things.

So maybe you need to think and feel on it as well. How can you experience more love? How can you BE more love? From and for people, the earth, the planets and especially yourself.

And if you’re interested google that Ted talk. It’s fascinating.


Sorry to report there is no Monday meditation this morning. I’ll be back next week!


Life, it’s a joyous thing. For the most part anyway. It’s constant. We can live in seriousness or in lightness. Most of us, some combination of the two. Let’s come together in flow. When we ride the waves together, it’s easier and more fun. There are many influences asking for our attention. When we get together, I’ll offer support for whatever you’re dealing with in the moment. $20 including a kombucha. Link to register in the comments. I’ll bring a few bolsters and mats. Feel free to bring your own or sit in one of their chairs.

My Remembering

I was lying in bed one night, 9 years old, thinking about my unusual experiences. I had only told a few family members about them. I was met with strange looks when I asked what it sounded like when god talked to them. I couldn’t explain the sensations of lightness that I would feel in my arms and my head. Or how I understood complex emotional situations in adults.

While lying there, still, I wondered if I could induce those sensations. I realized I could. I then figured that if I could turn them on, I could turn them off and I did.

Right then and there. I decided to be “normal”.

It was also about that time that I started to throw up a lot. Then as a teenager I developed worse conditions. In my 20’s resorting to surgeries and taking medications, to try to bring my body back in balance. Finally, I decided to have a hysterectomy in my early 30’s.

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Labor Day Monday meditation is ON. 10am central online or in person. I always love when I’m in town on a holiday Monday....
I am bringing sound to meditation tomorrow morning. We have 2 spaces available if you are interested in joining us @unit...
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