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The twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks is coming up this weekend which brings up many thoughts and feelings. This year, we will be having a commemorative Music on the Ridge with two food trucks and live music with Orange Crush opening for Chris Turner.

Chris Turner is a US Marine turned Nashville recording artist from Ninety Six, SC. Chris has always used his platform to help raise awareness and be a voice for the veteran community.

All donations to benefit Warriors on Mission

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Tina Hargett and Tom Anderson co-host the The Take it Back Show on the IQ Podcasts Network. She talked with me about the military and why she is supporting Chris Turner, The Department of Tennessee, Veterans of Foreign Wars, VFW and Crosswinds Foundation for Faith and Culture for the launch of The Freedom Tour.

Tina is an award winnig, talented artist ,singer, and podcaster, and is using her gifts to support The Freedom Tour launch at Bold Patriot Brewing Company. The Freedom Tour is going to be a way to engage with Veterans and the people who support us by offering fellowship, comradery, and a means to help those dealing with PTSD and Moral Injury.

Tina heard about The Freedom Tour and along with Tom Anderson wanted to support the work. This has been amazing to see people like Tina want to come and support something from the ground up. Thank you for talking with me.

I am thankful for my sponsors Joyce Asack of Asack Real Estate ( and Mark Holmes of Reaper Detailing and Powerwashing ( for their support of America's Military and Veterans. Shaun Shubert who owns Red Seal Martial Arts ( supports Veterans and can get you into fighting shape. If you watch the video and like the new logo check out Vet Unite on Facebook ( Mike Damon is doing great things! Get your Oscar Mike Radio merch now! Go to and click "Shop" in the upper right hand corner of the store! All proceeds go to benefit Veterans Service Organization
The question I asked myself is what hasn’t Tom Anderson done? US Army, US Air National Guard, firefighter, writer, actor, movies, books, podcasts, there does not seem to be anything else he can do. Or is there?

I met Tommy through Danielle Datilio Rocco who does Devoted to Soldier. Coach Dani told me that Tommy was coming to the launch of the Freedom Tour on April 30th at Bold Patriot Brewing Company in Nashville, TN.

Tommy was also going to use the profits of his newest book Two Million Steps to support the Tennessee VFW, Crosswinds Foundation for Faith and Culture, and the VFW’s Freedom Tour. Set in the Civil War, it is story about a unit from Wisconsin as they go through that time in our history.

The Freedom Tour comprises Marine Veteran Chris Turner( performing at VFWs in Tennessee. During the concert, the Crosswinds Foundation ( going to present their Warrior Hope curriculum. I have taken this class, and it is proving to be an effective way to help someone without hope. This is all being done with the support from the Department of Tennessee, Veterans of Foreign Wars, VFW.

Tommy wanted to get involved. He is going to be at the Bold Patriot Event April 30th and wants to talk with people who are coming to listen to Chris and his band. He believes everyone can do something to help Veterans and each other.

Two Million Steps is available on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. I look forward to meeting you Tommy, thank you all that you do. What’s next😉
Do you know a veteran in need of help? There are great resources and organizations in our state to support veterans. The Crosswinds Foundation for Faith and Culture's Centers of Hope and United Way of Central Alabama's Priority Veteran programs are ready to help. Click the links below for more information.

#HonoringAllWhoServed #supportveterans
I met with Alen Meric at Serra Chevrolet yesterday to talk about what we are doing to help warriors through our Centers of Hope project. It was great to find out how passionate Alen and the staff at Serra is about our veterans. In fact, I am glad to report that the Serra Automotive Group is now a sponsor of Songs of Hope. Thanks to all the Serra dealerships who are part of Serra Automotive. Serra Volkswagen, Serra Chev, Serra Honda of Sylacauga, Tony Serra Ford- Sylacauga, Tony Serra Nissan, Serra Gardendale Kia
Big shout out to ABC 33/40 for partnering with us again to bring you Songs of Hope, a special Veterans' Day celebration of those who have served. We hope you will come out and support this event. More details and ticket info at

Connecting People Where Faith and Culture Intersect Using research of current trends and cultural shifts, Crosswinds provides information and training to stimulate a responsive and engaging dialogue that is respectful and reasonable; particularly, as relates to matters of faith.

Our nation has discovered that cultural shifts can impede, and in some cases dramatically alter the traditional beliefs and moral principles that were foundational to the fabric of our society. The impact is felt in many arenas, including: the family, education, government, and matters of faith and spirituality. They can also create wonderful conversations among those who hold diverse beliefs, especially regarding matters of faith and/or spirituality.

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Timeline photos 03/26/2022

When a storm comes, ancient mariners knew they had two options. First, they could find a safe port and WAIT. Or, second, they could endure the storm, hoping for the best (well aware they may face the worst).

But what do you do when the storm isn’t external, when it’s inside of you?

Sometimes, the biggest battle the rages takes place in the heart… or the mind… the soul… the emotions… somewhere we can’t quite pin down.

And we know is, like that phrase says, “Everywhere you go… there you are.”

Makes it tough to manage, right?

Especially for warriors- for those who fought a battle. And left it.

Sometimes they learn that they left the battle, but the battle never left them.

The objective of Warriors on Mission is two-fold…

👉 First, empower veterans to find healing from that battle, that storm, that continues raging inside. Get it out. Find hope. Walk in healing.

👉 Second, find the next mission.

Both are important.


Timeline photos 03/25/2022

In Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, Peter Scazzero quotes Gerald Sitter’s book A Grace Disguised:

“The quickest way to reach the sun and the light of day is not to run west chasing after it, but to head east into the darkness until you finally reach the sunrise.”

You see, if you move towards the sun, towards the warmth, you’ll find yourself forever chasing the very thing that’s moving away from you. The sun will remain just out of reach. It’s only when we turn and move straight into the darkness, that cold bleakness that can seem so scary, that we find ourselves-

👉 No longer chasing the sun, nor

👉 No longer trying to outrun the hurts + pains of the past, but also

👉 Moving into the precise direction that will take us into the light most quickly and assuredly.

That said, the dark night often comes…

And it comes (many times) as you begin moving back in order to step forward.

Keep walking… the sun always rises… right when it seems darkest.

Photos from Crosswinds Foundation for Faith and Culture's post 03/24/2022

The top takeaways from this week's Warrior Hope podcast talk on PTSD (Season 2, episode 4)...

... because a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link.

... and because soul health is part of total health.

... and because you're valuable and worth the time + effort it takes to heal...

... because there are great things ahead for you-- a mark to make on this world, and people who need the hope + healing you carry...

... and, yes, because emotional wholeness is often about what's RIGHT with you, not about what's wrong...



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Timeline photos 03/23/2022

I learned this from the “raw talk” during one of our Centers of Hope meetings…

What does it mean to be “triggered” by your emotions?

Here’s our unofficial (read: real world, working through it, definition):

“To find yourself hijacked by your mind or emotions, your thoughts and feelings being uncontrollably fired in a particular direction, based on soul wounds of the past. We often mis-read events in the present in light of the past. Triggers often create a response which would be appropriate only in a different time and place.”

Think about it—

I think it’s a good one.

Often, our emotions send us in a different direction than we want to go, because we respond (wrongly) in the present AS IF the present was/is the past…

If we can identify it, and realize what’s happening… we can adjust…


Timeline photos 03/22/2022

You likely hear the term “PTSD” a lot, but have you stepped back to see what it actually means…?

In episode 4 of the Warrior Hope podcast, we break it down and define it, using the info from lesson 2 of the Warrior Hope curriculum.

Here are a few things you’ll learn—

⭐️ PTSD isn’t new. In fact, it’s been around as long as people have been around. Though we’re just now using the term “PTSD,” it’s existed under different names for a long, long time.

⭐️ PTSD is a natural response to external threats. It often elicits a “fight or flight” response based on where we are, who we’re with, and what the threat is (some people say “freeze” is another response, but we interpret that as a subset of “flight”).

⭐️ PTSD alerts us to something we actually need to deal with— in our soul. And, in the same way we shouldn’t ignore physical symptoms, we don’t want to overlook “soul symptoms,” either. Those emotional responses are highlighting something we need to learn, an area we need to explore so we can find healing…

And that leads me to this final observation…

⭐️ When you sense something “wrong” with you— and it elicits an emotional reaction, most often that highlights what’s RIGHT about you rather than what’s WRONG…

Think about it…

War is a traumatizing event.

So is abuse.

So is an accident, a natural disaster, and so many of the other triggering events which cause PTSD.

To endure ANY of those an not be affected wouldn’t show that we’re healthy— it would highlight the opposite, that we’re not.

So, when we feel an emotional reaction (like PTSD), we shouldn’t feel any more shamed than we would for feeling winded after running 5 miles, feeling hot after walking through a desert in the middle of the day, or feeling physically exhausted after staying up all night…

Those responses show that we’re normal.


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Experts generally agree there are four broad categories of symptoms that help them to recognize and diagnose PTSD properly. Note: you can experience multiple symptoms concurrently.
#1- Hyper-vigilance— can’t relax and has difficulty concentrating and sleeping. Everyday sounds, such as a car backfire or fireworks may cause anxiousness or even elicit a trained response, such as duck and roll. They may tend to sit with their back to the wall in public places in order to be aware of the environment before them.
#2- Re-experiencing symptoms— nightmares or flash backs where they feel like they are back in that traumatic situation. Certain sights or sounds may trigger these memories of that danger or stress.
#3- Avoidance symptoms— does whatever they can to avoid anything that reminds them of that trauma. They may want to avoid riding in a car, watching certain movies, or being around certain people— and avoid talking and even thinking about the hurtful memories.
#4- Negative feelings— may be extremely depressed, have angry outbursts, or just can’t control their emotions. They may be fearful of others or are not able to trust other people.
You might read those four points and think, “Those responses seem fairly common.”.
Turns out, they are. Depending on this situation, you may have experienced each of these symptoms before. You might not hit the level of being diagnosable, but you can still be affected- and still see the need to walk in total health.
This is one of the reasons I advocate walking in health far more than I encourage seeking a diagnosis. Besides, a diagnosis means nothing if you don’t follow through with the intention to live healthy and whole.

Photos from Crosswinds Foundation for Faith and Culture's post 03/15/2022

Chris Turner headlines The Freedom Tour— a project Crosswinds uses to take the message of hope + healing to veterans. The tour is the vehicle; healing from the past and launching into your next mission is the message…

In this episode of the Warrior Hope podcast Chris talks about the unique strategy— and why it works.

And, of course, I offer my three takeaways—

⭐️ We all carry a weight no on talks about

Yet everyone knows it’s there. So, maybe we should just own the fact that— for each of us— life is BOTH tough and beautiful.

⭐️ We can connect in those common areas…

… the common areas of the struggle.

No one is immune from it. And, we’re better together…

⭐️ Pace your healing…

It’s a journey, not just a destination.

That sounds cliche, I know. But, it’s better when you recognize that the pain didn’t come in an instant, so it probably won’t just vanish in an instant either.

Walk it out… or your favorite podcast provider

Photos from Crosswinds Foundation for Faith and Culture's post 03/08/2022

This week we talk with Eugene Cuevas about the conversations we need to have regarding PTSD and more…

(Eugene is the mega-talented director of the Invisible Scars and Honoring the Code documentaries, as well as the upcoming title to be released about warrior families.)

Back in the day, people gathered on the front porch— and talked about the real things of life. Now, well… we don’t have many front porches, and we don’t dive too deep.

My top 3 takeaways this week =

⭐️ Create a front porch.

Wherever it is, however it is, connect with people…

⭐️ One of the big topics we need to discuss… PTSD.

That’s right, let’s go deep. A lot of people are hurting— no need to chit chat about the latest TV show, a cat meme, or who wore what to some awards show no one really cares about.

⭐️ Those conversations open us up to a whole new world.

Sure, we find HURTS there…

But we also find HOPES…

We need to work on both. Heal from the past, and launch into your next mission…


Watch the talk on YouTube:

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Timeline photos 11/20/2021

In his book Untangling the Mind, Dr. Theodore George reminds us that most people have an automatic “fight or flight” response to danger. He says this occurs naturally, as our brains shift from the neocortex (the rational, logical part of the mind, located at the front o your brain) to the amygdala (the emotional center, in the inner brain). We shift from rational thought to “primal instinct.” That is, according to the graphic below we shift from responding in a 4A way to reacting in a 4B manner.
During their training, soldiers and first responders are taught how to set their survival instincts to the side, over-ride the amygdala, and allow their rational mind to remain in control. In effect, they create a new natural response that sends them into hyper-arousal whenever they perceive danger.
They do this so that they can run towards the danger and protect others, rather than fending for themselves. This is “normal” for soldiers and first responders, and it is precisely what makes them effective at their craft. You probably recall having this training.
Dr. George explains that we want soldiers to react in this way. We want them to be sensitive to danger. That’s normal.
He continues, though, “What’s not normal is when survival emotions erupt when there is no danger.”.
When that happens, it may be time to dig deeper, grab some hope and seek healing.

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This week's Warrior Hope = Overcoming the Past
Monday update = here's what's coming up... Freedom Tour
What if we treated emotional wounds the same way we treat physical wounds?
What's happening this week...
Monday = let's chat about a few things coming up this week...
Thank you veterans! And thank you Boeing for partnering wiht us to help our warrior community.
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