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Dr.Cash is awesome !
I was very disappointed today when I went to visit my dermatologist Janet Cash. When I called on yesterday to get an appointment everyone was very nice and helpful, even told me the last time I was seen was 2016. I was extremely thankful rk get an appointment for today. When I arrived at my appointment this morning I was greeted and given forms to update. Soon after I was called to the back to see the doctor. I was placed in a room and asked by the assistant what was my problem today. I gave her the same info I had given the receptionist yesterday when I made the appointment, and put on the forms that I updated which was I had a couple of bumps which was swollen and very painful to the touch. When Dr. Cash came in the room she was very pleasant as always. She asked me a few questions and instructed the assistant to draw fluid from one of the bumps. Informed me that she would send this to the lab, but the results would not be back until next week. No clue of what was going on. However she would start me on some Antibiotics . The end of visit.

I think what upset me was when I checked out and had to pay 50.00 co-pay and looked at my summary sheet it had my weight, height, blood pressure and even a weight loss plan. Which no one bothered to take eithe; or talk with me about either. You would think after two years maybe the doctor would want my vitala to be current. Actual time with the doctor was maybe 3 minutes. I did not feel that there was a geninuine concern for me or my problem. I definitely felt as though I was just a dollar sign today.
hi, I have medicare but willing to pay for doctors visit to try a prescription of tretinoin. Can you tell me the cost of a visit, if you do not accept this type of insurance.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality patient care, offering the best in medical, surgical, and aesthetic dermatologic care. At Southview Dermatology, we are committed to quality patient care while advocating healthy skin throught the prevention and treatment of dermatologic conditions.

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FAQs About Seborrheic Dermatitis - 11/10/2021

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FAQs About Seborrheic Dermatitis - Seborrheic dermatitis is one of the most common skin conditions that dermatologists diagnose and treat here in the US. If you notice any weird skin rashes or lesions on the skin, you may naturally be concerned about what’s going on. Whether you suspect that you might have seborrheic dermatitis




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How Lupus Affects the Skin - Lupus is an autoimmune disorder that leads to widespread inflammation and pain. Lupus can affect multiple systems and organs in the body, but the skin tends to be one of the most common organs affected by this chronic disease. According to the Lupus Foundation of America, around two-thirds of people

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What Is Molluscum Contagiosum? - Molluscum contagiosum is a viral infection that most commonly affects children under 10 years old, that causes hard, raised red bumps known as papules to develop on the skin. These papules usually develop in clusters on the armpits, groins, or back of the knees, but can develop just about anywhere o 12/07/2020

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Treating Shingles - Birmingham, AL Dermatologist

Check out this blog by Blog As kids, we dealt with that notoriously itchy rash caused by chickenpox. Unfortunately, as we get older, the same virus that caused our childhood chickenpox can also cause shingles. If you’ve had chickenpox in the past, then that same virus is lying dormant within the body. This means that at 09/24/2020

Scalp Psoriasis: Symptoms and Treatment - Birmingham, AL Dermatologist

Check out this blog by Blog Dealing with an itchy, flaky scalp? It could be dandruff or it could be a sign that you’re dealing with a common condition known as scalp psoriasis. Scalp psoriasis isn’t just the result of a dry scalp, it’s an autoimmune disorder. Of course, it’s important to be able to pinp 09/01/2020

Preventing Hair Dandruff -

Check out this blog by Blog Dandruff is a common problem and one that you may not worry too much about if you deal with minor flaking every once in a while; however, severe dandruff can be embarrassing. First, it’s important to know whether you’re dealing with dandruff or a dry scalp, as these are two different pro 08/04/2020

Healing Your Acne Scars -

Check out this blog by Blog If your teen years brought about painful, cystic acne then you may have the scarring to prove it. These scars, particularly on the face, can not only affect a person’s appearance but also their self-confidence. While treating the acne is the best way to prevent scarring from occurring, if you& 07/02/2020

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Check out this blog by Blog Wondering what’s causing those itchy red spots and whether you should see a dermatologist about your rash? Most rashes are harmless and usually go away on their own; however, some rashes may require further treatment. Here are some of the different kinds of rashes and how they are treated, Ec 04/28/2020

Skin Cancer Prevention -

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Removal Unwanted Hair -

Check out this blog by Blog Tired of having to pluck, wax, and shave every few days? Dealing with thick, dark and unsightly hair in visible areas such as the chin or shoulders? If so, a dermatologist can provide you with a more effective solution for getting rid of unwanted body hair faster and easier. The answer lies in laser 02/25/2020

Removing Tattoos -

Check out this blog by Blog Tattoo removal has become one of aesthetic and medical dermatology's most sought-after services. Read on to learn about how this treatment works. The procedure Dermatologists mostly use Q-switched, or quality-switched, laser instruments for tattoo removal. Short, focused bursts of light break 01/29/2020

When is a Mole Dangerous? -

Check out this blog by Blog Do you have a mole? Chances are good that you have few of them, actually. The average person has around 30-40 moles, and while moles are usually nothing to worry about it is important to be able to spot any changes that could be warning signs of skin cancer. That’s why you should perform self- 12/12/2019

Dealing With Eczema -

Check out this blog by Blog Do you have itchy, scaly rashes? If so, you could have eczema, a common skin condition that could be effectively treated by your dermatologist. Eczema is also called atopic dermatitis, and it can be caused by environmental factors, such as exposure to harsh chemicals. Dry skin can also affect your s 11/20/2019

How Botox Can Help You -

Check out this blog by Blog We all would like to find that magical solution that would keep us looking young forever. Of course, while we certainly haven’t found the Fountain of Youth just yet, advancements in cosmetic dermatology are coming impressively close. If you are looking for a fast, simple, and non-invasive way 10/28/2019

Detecting Melanoma -

Check out this blog by Blog Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer. Fortunately, it rarely develops without warning, and the number of fatalities caused by melanoma could be greatly reduced if people were aware of the early signs and took time to examine their skin. With early diagnosis and treatment, your chance of rec


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Keeping Your Nails Healthy -

Check out our website to read our latest blog! The nails take a lot of abuse. From gardening and dishes to regular wear and tear, harsh chemicals and hard work can really take a toll on the condition of fingernails and toenails. Many nail problems can be avoided with proper care, but others may actually indicate a serious health condition that r 08/30/2019

Preventing Wrinkles -

null The telltale signs of aging skin—wrinkles, puffy eyes, age spots—may start to appear as we grow older. We can’t fight the aging process, but we can take steps now to help reduce and prevent wrinkles from appearing prematurely.   Many factors can contribute to the onset of wri 07/31/2019

Are Fillers Right for You? -

null Are Fillers Right for You? Thinking about fillers? Dermal filler injections can give you a more youthful look for a fraction of what a facelift costs. Dermal fillers are soft tissue fillers injected into the skin to improve your facial appearance or reverse the signs of aging. Dermatologists offer 06/28/2019

Treating Your Warts -

null Warts are small, harmless growths that develop on the skin. You may notice only one or they may grow in clusters. While they are usually painless, sometimes they can develop in places like the soles of the feet (known as plantar warts), which can be uncomfortable. Common warts often appear on the ha 05/31/2019

Treating Shingles -

null The effects of chickenpox may last beyond your childhood infection. Shingles, a widespread, itchy, painful rash, can break out at any time in adulthood because the causative agent, the Varicella Zoster virus, lies dormant within the body for life. Your dermatologist can help you control the awful pa 04/29/2019

Mole Removal - Birmingham, AL Dermatologist

null Mole Removal: What to Expect Worried about that mole? A mole is a dark spot or irregularity in the skin. Everyone is at risk of skin cancer and should keep an eye on their skin and moles. Simply thinking about having a skin mole removed might send shivers down your spine, but sometimes it’s n 04/04/2019

Are You Dealing With Acne? - Birmingham, AL Dermatologist

Check out this blog by Blog Discover helpful acne-fighting tips and trick to achieve clearer skin. You’re trying to find the right way to get your acne under control, right? Well, there are certainly so many options out there that it can be a bit daunting. First and foremost, if you are just starting to deal with acne




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