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Baggett Services offers a nationwide freight-hauling network to keep you moving. With the combined reliability and heritage of Baggett Transportation,

Third-party Logistics Provider offering a variety of shipping services for customers and carriers

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Recent move for Lockheed Martin handled by Baggett!


It has come to our attention that an individual is impersonating Baggett Services as a sales agent. This person is booking fake loads using our credentials with no intention of paying the carrier! Please call us at 800-533-6529 to verify that you are working directly with us.


Great company outing today at TopGolf! Please Tag others...Cal Darnell Eric King Justin L Posey Valerie Rowell White 12/26/2017

‘Tis the season: Trucks decked with Christmas lights, decoration

Baggett Services Inc wishes you the happiest and healthiest of holidays. Please drive safely. Are you ready for Christmas? These photos should help, if not. 12/19/2017

Ask A Trooper: What Lanes Are Semi Trucks Allowed to Use on the Freeway?

All drivers at Baggett Services Inc obey the rules of the road to deliver your property quickly and safely. Washington State Patrol District 1 spokesperson and recruiter Guy Gill answers your questions about the rules of the road. 12/15/2017

Trucking Safety Tips for Car Drivers | Edmunds

Baggett Services Inc encourages you to pay attention and stay safe when driving around or near our trucks. In 1986, I learned how to drive a car. It wasn't until this year, though, that I learned how to drive a car safely around 18-wheelers. Where did I gain such knowledge? I earned my commercial driver's license and became an over-the-road trucker. In nine months behind the wheel of a Freightliner Casca... 12/10/2017

How You Drive Safely with a Trailer: 9 Proficient Tips

These trailers aren't nearly as big as ours, but they still need to be driven safely. Contact Baggett Services Inc for shipping. The ability to haul a trailer is a driving skill that is extremely useful in a variety of situations. Check here for the complete guide to drive with a trailer. 12/04/2017

Run-Flat Tires: Pros and Cons | U.S. News & World Report

Baggett Services Inc helps you figure out of run-flat tires are worth the cost. Contact us to get low-cost shipping. Ask car buyers how they feel about run-flat tires and the answers are likely to be polarizing. Some appreciate the idea of never having to stop on the side of the road to change a flat. Others imagine horror stories ... 11/30/2017

Top 10 Green Driving Tips

Baggett Services Inc has suggestions to get better gas mileage. It's how we keep our delivery prices lower for you! Let's face it: Gas will never go on sale, but there are ways to save. What 10 things can you do to make your driving (and lifestyle) a little greener? 11/24/2017

Why Self-Driving Trucks Will Still Need Drivers |

Baggett Services Inc wants you to know humans will always be carefully handling your deliveries with us. Call today. Automated trucks may drive themselves, but what about the loading dock and other tasks? Truck drivers will still be needed. 11/17/2017

Propane Fuel Market Share Increases as Fleet Operators See Advantages

Baggett Services Inc is on the cutting edge of the trucking and delivery industry. Call us today. More commercial fleet operators are converting their vehicles to propane because of its affordability and fueling-infrastructure simplicity.


Amazing Trucks Driving Skills - Awesome Semi Trucks Drivers - Extreme Lorry Drivers WIN

Baggett Services Inc salutes some outstanding truck drivers. Call us today to schedule your next delivery.

Amazing Trucks Driving Skills - Awesome Semi Trucks Drivers - Extreme Lorry Drivers WIN - Enjoy watching, be careful on the road! Subscribe! 11/08/2017

The lesser-known contributors in truck accidents

Knowing what causes accidents can help you avoid them in the future. Call Baggett Services Inc for your next delivery. For example, Thursday turns out to be the deadliest day of the week for highway fatalities involving a big rig.


Samsung Argentina - Samsung Safety Truck (English Version)

Baggett Services Inc reminds you that trucking is safer than ever. Contact us for your delivery needs.

An idea that instead of changing people's lives, saves them. What do you think about it? Facebook: Twitter: https:/...


HOW TO: Wrap a package to mail through USPS, UPS, DHL, OnTrac, or any other US service

You can easily track your package when you work with Baggett Services Inc.

How to wrap a package in brown paper to mail or ship through the post office, UPS, DHL, OnTrac, or any other US courier shipping & delivery service


How I Ship Fragile Items - My Process for Shipping Plates for Ebay and Etsy

Place your load of items in the hands of our transport specialists.

My Website - My page - International League of Thrifters - https://www.facebook.c... 10/16/2017

How to ship glassware and other fragile items

Breathe easy knowing your valuables are safe in our hands. Many people who sell on eBay have beautiful items for sale. They get a successful purchase from a buyer and then the buyer gives them a negative feedback because the item they shipped arrived broken. This... 10/11/2017

A Brief History of U.S. Mail Delivery

No one can get your packages where they need to be like Baggett Services Inc. U.S. Mail Delivery 10/04/2017

Trucking: Why big rig drivers sign up for tough job with swiftly shifting future

It's not just a job. It's a dedication. It's Baggett Services Inc. Trucking can be tough. And the view on the road ahead for truckers appears increasingly murky.Still, truckers keep climbing behind the wheel. And with the demand for goods movement booming, the ind… 09/29/2017

The History of Mail and the Postal System

Take a look into the past and the history of mail and postal companies. The history of humans using a mail system has been in place since humans learned how to write. Learn about the evolution of the postal service then to now. 09/28/2017

Access to big data would help trucking companies improve safety and productivity

Information rules the road at Baggett Services Inc. The trucking industry loses billions of dollars and wastes millions of hours each year sitting idle in traffic. Helping drivers avoid congestion would increase productivity and improve safety, says a team of Iowa State University and industry researchers. 09/24/2017

Automated trucking’s rapid rise overlooks the need for skilled labor

The downside of automated driving, from Baggett Services Inc. Autonomous vehicles are one of the hottest developments in technology. Meanwhile, truckers hold the most common occupation in 29 different states. Unsurprisingly, analysts expect automated trucks to proliferate in the next five to ten years, leading to significant job losses in the process. 09/19/2017

DOT limits hours truck drivers can work per week, but not per day

How long can drivers for Baggett Services Inc be behind the wheel? Here are some facts. Federal transportation officials on Thursday announced new scheduling rules for truck drivers that put a cap on how many hours they could work per week, but not on the number of hours per day, which safety advocates had been pushing for. The changes, announced by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Ass... 09/13/2017

8 Facts About the Truck Driver Way of Life

Truckers are people too, and the best are driving for Baggett Services Inc. Truck drivers march to the beat of a different engine. Could this demanding occupation be right for you? Learn facts about truck driving, at 09/07/2017

15 Interesting Trucking Facts - Planet Freight Inc

It's nice to learn something new, and it's nice to trust Baggett Services Inc for over-the-road transportation. Trucking is an interesting industry. We've compiled a list of 15 fun trucking facts you may not know from various trusted sources. We hope you enjoy! 08/29/2017

In 32 years, mail carrier left impression with dog treats, old-fashioned approach

No matter how large of a load you need transported, our freight trucks can get the job done. Kathy Bland, a Yorktown mail carrier of 32 years, isn't giving up on the relationships she has built over 32 years along her route. 08/23/2017

Bucyrus Schools to host touch a truck Friday

Turn to Baggett Services Inc. for all types of freight shipping services. The event is designed to provide an educational event for families, allowing children to explore and touch trucks, heavy construction and farm equipment, emergency response vehicles and other equipment. 08/19/2017

Doing the math on the ELD mandate

Nothing can get in the way of our trucks making our delivery on time. Talking about the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate these days is like opening up Pandora’s Box – a lot of negatives come screaming out, with the lid slammed shut before “hope” gets a chance to escape. In the eyes of many within trucking, the ELD mandate is nothing but… 08/14/2017

Louis Ramos and Maryellen Pagano talk cultural changes

Put your faith in our professionals to transport any load. Louis Ramos and Maryellen Pagano have been delivering mail to Ridgefielders for more than three decades. — Ben Shaw photo Over the past three decades, Ridg 08/08/2017

Carriers’ on-time performance improves, but lags last year

Rest easy knowing you chose the right company for deliveries and backhauls. The most reliable carrier in the quarter was Wan Hai. 08/02/2017

OMB orders agencies to consolidate shipping services under new DoD contract

Baggett Services Inc. is your source for shipping services. A new OMB mandate gives agencies until Sept. 1 to come up with plans to transition their own package shipping contracts to a new contracts negotiated by DoD


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